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100+ Magical Girl Names

The huge success of series such as Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Lord of the Rings, has shown us that people love magic and mythical creatures.

So there’s no surprise that new parents are looking to these series for inspiration for their baby names.

Khaleesi which was the name of one of the main characters in Game of Thrones made it to the top 1000 Social Security Administration list along with names such as Ron and Harry became super popular after the release of Harry Potter.

Here are some of our favorite magic inspired baby names.

Magical Baby Girl Names


Alisa – A name of Scottish origin and means elf victory. 

Aislinn – with Irish origins meaning to dream. The name has taken on various forms such as Ashlyn or Ashlynn.

Althea – Of Greek origin and means with healing power.

Arabella – With Latin heritage and means yielding to prayer. It was a common name given to girls in the 12th century, following the broth of William the Lion’s granddaughter. The name has also made an appearance in the Harry Potter series.


Calliope – A Greek name that means beautiful voice. From Greek mythology, she was a muse who presided over epic poetry and eloquence.

Calista – Greek in origin and means most beautiful. The name is common in both movies and video games, for example, the Japanese game, The Last Story.

Calypso – The name means she who hides and is of Greek origin. According to Greek mythology, Calypso was an island nymph who stalled Odysseus when returning home.

Celestia – The name comes from the word for heavenly and is of Latin origin. The name was quite common in the late 19th century and also featured as the middle name of the main character in Little House on the Prarie.

girl outdoors in a dress

Circe – Comes from the Greek word for bird. According to ancient Greek myth, Circe was the daughter of Helios, the sun god. She was a sorceress who inhabited the island of Aeaea and was renowned for turning men into animals. More recently the name was brought to fame through the hit TV series Game of Thrones, where it was the name of the main protagonist.


Daphne – A Greek name for laurel tree or bay tree. Daphne was a nymph and daughter of Peneus, a river god. The legend goes that Peneus saved her from Apollo by turning her into a laurel tree. The name also appears in Harry Potter and of course Scooby-Doo.

Delilah – Hebrew in origin and means delight or to flirt. Due to its biblical association as the seductress of Samson, the name has some less than positive images.


Eira – Of Welsh beginnings and means snow. It does have a few different pronunciations some say ay-ra while others say i-ra.

Elysia – Meaning from Elysium and of Latin origins. A name with a beautiful meaning as Elysium is the home for the blessed after death. Essentially it is a paradise according to traditional mythology.

Esme – The name means beloved, esteemed, or emerald and comes from both French and Persian origins. It gained popularity after it was featured as a character in the Twilight Saga, Esme Cullen.

Eulalie – A beautiful name of French origin and means sweetly speaking. Eulalie has appeared in a variety of books and movies such as Gone With the Wind and The Music Man.

Evadne – Translates to pleasing one and is of Greek origin. In ancient Greek myths, Evadne was one of Poseidon’s daughters.


Faye – Of English origin and means fairy. The name can work as a last name as well as a first name, such as Morgan le Fay who was a sorceress in Arthurian legends.

Fenella – A Celtic name that means white shouldered one. The name was first heard outside of its Celtic heritage when it was used in Sir Walter Scott’s novel Peveril of the Peak.

fairy girl1


Galatea – Translates to she who is milk-white and originates from ancient Greece. The name comes from the material that the sculptor Pygmalion used to carve his ideal woman, ivory. Pygmalion fell in love with his creation and Aphrodite took pity on him and brought Galatea to life.

Gwendolyn – A name of Welsh origin and means white ring. According to Arthurian legend, it was the name of Merlin’s wife.


Hestia – The name comes from ancient Greece and means hearth or fireside. She was the Greek goddess of the home, chastity, and hearth.


Ingrid – An Old Norse name that means fair or beautiful. The name comes from Scandanavia where it is still very popular. The first three letters refer to the Norse god of peace, prosperity, and fertility who is the ancestor of the Swedish kings.

Iris – The name comes from Greece where it represented a rainbow. It is a name with a long history, originating in ancient Greece where it was the name of the goddess of the rainbow.


Kerensa – A name of Cornish origin and means love. The name is not widely used and finding references to it was difficult, but one example is The Legend of the Seventh Virgin, which tells the tale of women who broke their vows and got turned into stone.

Keziah – Hebrew in origin and means cassia tree. This is an old testament name, which belonged to one of Job’s three daughters. The name has featured in some supernatural movies and literature, such as I, Frankenstein, and The Dreams in the Witch House.


Lavinia – The name dates back to classical mythology, Lavinia was the wife of Aeneas, a Trojan hero. It is of Latin origin and has appeared in literature and movies, such as The Hunger Games, Downton Abbey, and Androcles and the Lion.

Lilith – An Assyrian name meaning ghost or night monster. The name has appeared in films, tv-series, and novels, such as True Blood and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. It is not really any surprise considering its supernatural and dark meaning.

Luna – An Italian name that means moon. Luna was the moon goddess according to Roman legend and was often depicted as driving a chariot.

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Maia – A name of Greek origin and means mother. In ancient Greece, she was the fair-haired daughter of Atlas, who became the mother of Zeus’s son, Hermes. In ancient Rome, Maia represented Earth’s mother and the goddess of spring.


Noelani – A name of Hawaiian origin and means heavenly mist. 


Persephone – A Greek name pronounced per-sef-o-nee. She was the daughter of Zeus who Hades kidnapped to become his queen. She was also the goddess of spring growth.


Reina – Of Spanish origin and it means queen.


Saga – This is a Swedish word for story, but it can also mean journey.


Zelda – A name of German origin that translates to gray fighting maid. It is a common name used in supernatural TV series and video games.

Magical Girls Names Inspired By Literature

Literature is a place filled with wonder where you can be anything you want to be and escape the trappings of the real world. So it is understandable that it also a place where even traditional names can hold a magical aura.

Arwen – Of English origin and is the name used in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. Arwen is the daughter of Elrond and marries Aragorn to become the queen of elves and men. She is called Evening Star.

Beth – A name of Hebrew origin and means daughter of God. The name is featured in the classic novel Little Women.

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Cleo – Greek in origin and means pride or glory. It appears in Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra.

Celia – Another name that appears in Shakespeare’s work, this time in As You Like It, meaning heavenly.

Elphaba – American in origin and appears in Wicked as the name of the witch.

Enid – Welsh in origin and means spirit. It is also the name of the famous author Enid Blyton.

Hermione – We could never get through this list without at least one reference to Harry Potter. Of Greek origin and means messenger.

Juliet – Appear’s in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Of English origin and means youthful.

Lorelai – This name appears in a classic German fable and with German origin meaning alluring.

Nixie – A name of German origin and appears in old German legends, it means water sprite.

Ophelia – The name appears in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and means helper.

Paris – Featured in Romeo and Juliet and means noble. But these days it is more commonly associated with Paris Hilton.

Rapunzel – German in origin and appears in the classic fable and of course the Disney film. The name means lamb’s lettuce.

Rozalind – Another name that features in Romeo and Juliet meaning beautiful rose.

Titania – A name of Greek origin and means great one. The name appears in Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Viola – Of Italian origin and means violet. Appears in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Magical Girls Names Inspired By Mythology

Mythology is a fantastic place to look for names that are not only rare but also have unique meanings and an interesting story behind them.

Amalthea – Of Ancient Greek origin and means tender goddess. In Greek mythology, Amalthea was a nymph who nursed the infant Zeus.

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Andarta – Celtic origin and she was the Gallic goddess of fertility. Andarta was the patron goddess of the Vocantii tribe.

Andromeda – A name of Greek origin and was the name of the daughter of the King of Aethiopia. When Cassiopeia boasts that her daughter is more beautiful than the Nereids, Poseidon sends the sea monster Cetus to ravage the coast. Andromeda is chained to the rocks as a sacrifice to sate the monster. But she is saved by Perseus who her ad takes her to Greece to reign as his queen.

Aphrodite – Of Ancient Greek mythology she was the goddess of love and beauty. It is believed that Aphrodite was born from the white foam produced by the severed genitals of Uranus, after his son Cronus threw them into the sea.

Astarte – Of Egyptian origin, she was the goddess of love, fertility, and war.

Aveta – Celtic origin and goddess of birth. She was also the patron goddess of midwifery. At Toulon-sur-Allier, the clay figures are the main source of information to Aveta. She was depicted with infants suckling her breast.

Bellona – Of Latin origin and she was the goddess of war.

Branwen – A name of Welsh origin. The name is associated with an epic tale of betrayal and jealousy which began with the arrival of the King of Ireland in Harlech seeking the hand of Branwen in marriage.

Chloe – Greek origin and means an epithet for the goddess Demeter.

Dalia – A name of Lithuanian origin and is the goddess of weaving, fate, and childbirth.

Maeve – Of Irish origin and derived from the warrior Queen Medb. It means she who intoxicated.

Nausicaa – A name of Greek origin, she was a mythological princess and the name means burner of ships.

Penelope – Greek in origin and means weaver. She was the wife of the Greek hero Odysseus.

Rhiannon – Celtic origin and goddess of the moon.

girl wearing a witch uniform

Magical Girl Names Inspired by Movies

Movies have produced some strong powerful female characters with names that are inspired by magic. Have a look through our list and see if any take your fancy.

Alice – Of German origin and means noble, exalted. The name appears in Alice in Wonderland.

Anna – A Latin name meaning favor or grace, appears in Disney’s Frozen.

Belle – French in origin and means beautiful. It appears in Beauty and the Beast.

Clarion – A name of English origin and means name of a king, it appears in Tinkerbell.

Elsa – German in origin and means God’s promise and appears in Frozen.

Giselle – French in origin and means bright pledge, it features in Enchanted.

Iridessa – English in origin and means sunlight, features in Tinkerbell.

Melody – The name appears in The Little Mermaid 2 and is of Greek origin meaning song, music.

Moana – A Polynesian name meaning sea and appears in Moana.

Rosetta – Appears in Tinkerbell, is of Italian origin and means little rose.

Tiana – This name has both Latin and Russian origins and means princess, it appears in The Princess and the Frog.

Girls Names That Mean Magic

Aine – Pronounced ON-ya and is a traditional Irish name. It is the name of the fairy queen in Celtic mythology and is considered the Irish equivalent of Anne.

Aubrey – The name comes from the Germanic name Alberic, which means elfin king.

Draupnir – Of Norse origin and is the name of Odin’s magic ring.

witch girl brewing a potion

Isis – A name of Egyptian origin and a mythical goddess of magic. Isis is the most powerful of all-female goddesses and sister to Osiris.

Pixie – It comes from the word for the sprite-like creature. Its true origins are unknown as it features in many fairy tales that over the years have been shared between cultures.

Witchy Names For Girls

Amethyst – A beautiful name that is a little more unusual than other gemstone names such as Jade. The name is of Greek origin and means purple quartz gemstone. It comes from the Greek word amActhystos which means not intoxicated and it was believed that the stone prevented one from being drunk.

Allegra – A name of Latin origin and means joy.

Aradia – This is an Italian name of unknown meaning. According to the 19th century work The Gospel of Aradia she was the daughter of the goddess Diana.

Beatrix – Of English origin and means bringer of joy.

Blaise – This is a unisex name of French origin and means lisps, or speech impediment.

Cassandra – Greek in origin and means she who entangles men. Cassandra was a Trojan princess, the daughter of Priam and Hecuba. She was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo, but when she turned down his advances he cursed her so nobody would believe her prophecies.

Cordelia – A name of English origin but with an unknown meaning. Cordelia is the daughter of Shakespeare’s King Lear.

Evanora – Of Greek and Latin origin and means a gift of God.

girl dressed as a witch

Gullveig – From Norse origins and means a witch.

Fiona – Scottish in origin and means white, fair.

Margery – Of English origin and means pearl. It is also a form of Margaret.

Minerva – A name of Latin origin and is of unknown meaning. Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom and war.

Sukie – A diminutive of Susan. Sukie is Hebrew and means a lily, a rose.

Theodora – Of Greek origin and means divine gift. It is the feminine form of the name Theodore.

Famous Real Life Witches

Ursula Southeil – Also known as Mother Shipton, in the 1500s she was believed to be the child of another witch.

Marie Laveau – She was deemed the Voodoo queen of New Orleans and was rumored to possess magical healing capabilities.

Agnes Sampson – In the late 16th century, Agnes’ ties with witchcraft lead to her untimely death during the trials in North Berwick Scotland.

Sybil Leek – Her autobiography Diary of a Witch, Sybil became known as The World’s Most Famous Witch in 1969.

Laurie Cabot – A current psychic, witch, author, and community activist. Laurie goes by The Official Witch of Salem.

Alice Kyteler – This Irish woman who was accused by her stepchildren of performing witchcraft in 1324 was the first in the country to be tried for sorcery as a heretic.

Isobel Gowdie – There is not a lot known about this 17th-century Scottish woman except for the fact that she offered an incredibly detailed account at her witchcraft trial of encounters with a Queen of the Fairies and shapeshifting.

The Final Thought

Naming a baby is never an easy task – maybe you have a name in mind that your partner hates. Or maybe you just have absolutely no clue about what you like and don’t like.

Narrowing your search down is the best way to find a name that you like and if you can do this then it is a great start.