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150 Fantastic Bird Names For Girls

If you are struggling to find that perfect name for your little princess, maybe a name that is associated with birds may offer you a great option. We have put together some fantastic bird names for girls from cool to cute and everything in between.

Check out our list and see if anything makes your heart soar!

Cute Bird Names For Girls

Aderyn – A name of Welsh origin and means bird.

Aibhlin – Means shining; brilliant; little bird and is of Irish origin.

Ainara – Of Basque origin and means swallow. The name is among the Top 100 girls names in Spain but has been used for a handful of baby girls in the US.

Aiya – Hebrew in origin and means bird.

Arden – Of English origin and means valley of the eagle

Arnelle – Means eagle power and is of English origin. It is a feminine version of Arnold and did enjoy some brief popularity in the early 1900s.

Astor – Icelandic in origin and means hawk; thunder god.

Ava – A name from a range of different origins including Hebrew, Latin, and Germanic. It means life; bird; water, island.

Avalyn – English in origin and means beautiful bird.

Avelot – Means bird and is of Old English origin.

Avis – Of Latin origin and means bird. Although not a very popular name in recent years probably due to it also being the name of a car rental association. But with Baldwin brother Daniel choosing it for his daughter it could be set for a return.

Aya – Means colorful, bird, sign, and is of Japanese origin. It first hit the name charts in 2012.

Bird – A nature name that means bright, glorious. It is of Swedish origin.

Birdie – English in origin and means bird.

Blanaid – Means bird like and is of Irish origin.

Blyth – Taken from the Blyth’s tragopan bird, the name actually means carefree.

Carolina – Comes from the Carolina wren which is a tiny sweet bird native to the US.

Chelidon – The Greek name that is a type of bird. The name comes from Greek mythology and was the name of the loving sister of Philomela.

Chick – Diminutive form of Charles and is of English origin.

Chickie – Spanish in origin and means little gift.

Columba – Means dove and is of Latin origin. It was an early saint’s name and although the original St. Columba was male I think it lends itself better as a girl’s name in the modern world.

Corvus – Latin word which means crow and would make an unusual baby name.

Daya – Of Hindi origin and means compassionate. There is some debate over both the origin and meaning of this name.

Derora – Feminine version of the Hebrew name Dror which means sparrow.

Evelyn – English in origin and translates to little bird in German.

Faigel – A name of Yiddish origin and means bird.

Faigy – Means bird and is of Yiddish origin.

Fechine – Of Irish origin and is derived from the Gaelic word ‘fiach’ that means raven.

Gannet – German in origin and means goose. 

Grey – Taken from the grey plover which is a quiet and graceful arctic bird.

Gull – Of Celtic origin and means long-winged swimming birds.

Gwennol – Welsh in origin and the ‘Gwen’ part means fair.

Halcyon – A name of Greek origin and means kingfisher bird. The Halycyone was a mythic bord who could calm the seas.

Hen – Feminine variation of Henry and means estate ruler. It is also a variation of Henrietta.

Hula – The Native American name for eagle.

Ibis – A long-necked elegant bird associated with the Egyptian god Toth.

Iya – Of Irish origin and means bird; violet.

Jarita – Hindi-Sanskrit in origin and means mother or legendary bird. A delicate name that places less emphasis on the ‘jar’ syllable.

Jedda – Means wren and is of Australian Aboriginal origin.

Jemima – Of Hebrew origin and means dove. Although an extremely popular choice amongst aristocratic 

Kanara – A name of Hebrew origin and means little bird, canary.

Kew – Cornish in origin and means chick. 

Laraline – Means gull and is of Latin origin.

Lark – A name of English origin and is a word name referring to the bird of the same name. The name was first recorded as a name in the 1830s and it has never reappeared on the Social Security list.

Linnet – Type of finch and possibly a form of Lynette.

Loa – In English, the bird is called a golden plover. Loa is the bird’s name in Icelandic

Luscinia – This Latin name translated means nightingale.

Maroochy – Of Aboriginal Australian origin and means black swan.

Mavie – Irish in origin and means singing bird.

Mavis – Means songbird and is of French origin.

Meena – Hindi in origin and means blue semiprecious stone, bird.

Merel – A name of Dutch origin and means blackbird.

Namas – Of Native American origin and means little sturgeon bird.

Nightingale – This may feel a little more appropriate as a middle name. But it is an amazing name and most definitely is soaring high.

Palila – Hawaiian in origin and means a bird.

Parastoo – Girl’s name of Persian, Iranian origin, and means swallow bird. The ending of this name is rare in traditional English names and so makes it sound unusual.

Patzi – Of Native American origin and means yellow bird.

Philomela – From Greek mythology, Philomela was turned into a nightingale. The name comes from the Greek words for love and song.

Phoebe – Greek mythology refers to Phoebe as a moon goddess but in American, there is a bird of the same name.

Rhea – In Greek mythology it means a flowing stream. But it is also the name of pretty and rare bird.

Robin – An English diminutive of the name Robert and means bright fame. Though most would associate it with the name of the bird of the same name.

Robyn – German in origin and means bright fame. 

Rylee – Means blackbird and is of Irish origin.

Sacagawea – Of Native American origin and means bird woman. Sacagawea traveled with the Lewis and Clark expedition across the western part of the US helping them to make contact with local indigenous populations.

Sarika – From the Sanskrit for myna bird.

Sasa – Means goose and is of Cherokee origin. It is a variation of the name Sarah.

Sephora – Hebrew in origin and means bird. The name is a softened version of Tzipora, the name of Moses’ wife.

Sparrow – Nature name that refers to the bird of the same name. With many parents choosing names such as Lark, Wren, and Phoenix, why not Sparrow? 

Swan – A name of English origin and means swan. The name joins the ranks of the more popular bird names such as Wren and Lark.

Tori – This name is often believed to be a nickname for regal Victoria but in Japanese it means bird.

Usoa – African in origin and means dove.

Walela – Of Cherokee origin and means hummingbird. According to Cherokee legend, hummingbirds were healers and helped those in a medical crisis.

Woya – Cherokee in origin and means dove. A peaceful name for a baby girl.

Yona – The Cherokee version of Jonah, Hebrew in origin and means bear; dove.

Yonina – Of Hebrew origin and means dove.

Cool Bird Names For Girls

Aghavni – A name of Armenian origin and means dove. A beautiful name that could definitely work for a Western girl.

Alouette – French in origin and means lark. It is a twist on the charming French children’s song Alouette, gentile alouette.

Altaira – Of Arabic origin and means bird.

Aquila – A name of Latin origin and means eagle. Used as a first name in the New Testament and is also the name of an eagle-shaped constellation.

Aquilina – Feminine variation of Aquilo, Latin in origin and means eagle.

Aviana – This name is a variation of Avis and is of Latin origin. It means bird. The name is not widely used but that may change now that Actress Amy Adams chose it for her daughter.

Avila – German in origin and means bird.

Branwen – Of Celtic origin and means blessed raven. The name comes from Welsh mythology called the Mabinogion.

Bridey – Means little bird; power; strength and is of Irish origin.

Byrd – A variation on the traditional spelling of the word and means bird.

Canary – English in origin and means small bird.

Celandine – Although this name is that of a flower, it derives from the Greek word for a swallow.

Chenoa – Of Native American origin and means white dove.

Circe – A name of Greek origin and means bird. Circe was a sorceress who got himself tangled with Odysseus.

Colm – Irish in origin and means dove. A great alternative for your little girl.

Corvina – Means like a raven and is of Latin origin.

Deryn – Of Welsh origin and means bird. It does sound cooler than the name Robin.

Dove – Fantastic nature name that symbolizes peace and love. Often released at weddings as a sign of the couple’s love.

Drora – Hebrew in origin and means a bird, a swallow.

Dyveke – A name of Frisian origin and means dove.

Eagle – Nature name that refers to the bird of the same name. This is a unisex name that does lend itself better to a little boy.

Einin – Of Irish origin and means little; bird.

Falcon – Means falcon, a bird and is of both French and English origin.

Fana – A very simple name that means jungle.

Finch – English in origin and means to swindle. It is also a name of a bird.

Gwylan – Means seagull and is of Welsh origin.

Hansika – A name of Sinhalese origin and means swan. 

Iolana – Means soaring like a hawk and is of Hawaiian origin.

Iolani – Of Hawaiian origin and means hawk of royalty. This name very much feels as though it encompasses all the beauty and grace of the country.

Jalin – Latin in origin and means blue crested bird.

Jay – A variation of Jalin and means blue crested bird.

Jaylah – Another variation of Jalin and means blue crested bird.

Jaylene – Means blue crested bird and is of Latin origin.

Joelyn – Feminine form of Joel and means bird of light. Joelyn is of Irish origin.

Kestrel – This is an uncommon baby name. The bird of the same name resembles a type of falcon.

Koko – Japanese and Native American in origin and means stork; night.

Larko – A play on the name Lark. Songbirds are a very popular species to use as baby names.

Lihini – A name of Sinhalese origin and means bird. This is a word name from Sri Lanka but when used as a name the meaning is free as a bird.

Mavelle – Of Irish origin and means bird that sings.

Mayuri – Sanskrit in origin and means peahen. It is the feminine version of Mayur which means peacock.

Merle – Means blackbird and is of French origin. This name is in the Top 100 girl names in Germany but has yet to break into the US charts.

Merlen – Derived from the name Muriel which is an old French word for blackbird.

Merope – Of Greek origin and means bee-eater bird. The name comes from Greek mythology but is better known from the Harry Potter series by J.K.Rowling.

Merryl – Means blackbird; falcon and is of Irish origin.

Morrigan – The name of the Goddess of war in Irish mythology.

Myna – The golden myna is native to South Asia but it could make a big hit in the US too.

Myrleen – French in origin and means blackbird.

Nascha – A name of Navajo origin and means owl.

Nesta – This name symbolizes the highly detailed nests that birds make.

Nydia – Means nest and is of Latin origin.

Oriole – Latin in origin and means golden.

Paloma – Of Spanish origin and means dove. This is a name that symbolizes peace and is one of the most striking.

Pavonine – This describes peacocks as the word feline describes cats. Another unusual and rare name.

Phoenix – Means dark red and is of Greek origin. Although this name is a new age symbol of rebirth and immortality, it is symbolized as a fiery bird rising from the ashes.

Piaf – A name of French origin and means sparrow.

Quetzal – Of Nahuatl origin and means large beautiful tail feather. The name is rarely used but is a beautiful and intriguing one.

Raicho – Japanese in origin and means thunderbird. 

Raleigh – Means field of birds; blessing to Earth and is of Irish origin.

Raven – This name has been made even cooler by characters in both comics. movies and Tv series. Although the name was once a symbol for both African American and Wiccan parents.

Rosella – The name of one of the six species of Australian parrots. It is also the name of an Australian flower.

Rosy – A classic name that can be associated with the rosy starling bird.

Sequoia – A name of Native American, Cherokee origin and means sparrow. 

Shahaf – Of Hebrew origin and means seagull.

Starling – This name does bring to mind the movie Silence of The Lambs and the unforgettable FBI agent Clarice Starling played by Jodie Foster.

Suzume – Japanese in origin and means sparrow.

Svala – Of Nordic origin and means swallow, bird. The name is derived from the Old Norse name for a swallow.

Swanhild – Saxon in origin and means battle swan. From Germanic mythology, the name belonged to the most beautiful woman in the world.

Swift – One of the fastest and swift flying birds. This would make a great name for your little mover.

Tazu – Means rice field stork and is of Japanese origin.

Teal – Incorporating both the name of a bird and a color name.

Tzipora – Hebrew in origin and means bird. A biblical name, being the name of Moses’ wife in Exodus.

Vega – A name of Arabic origin and means swooping eagle. This name is popular in Scandinavia and Spain where it ranks in the Top 50 girls names but it has not made the same impact in the US.

Vireo – Beautiful green-colored songbird with a gentle soothing song.

Wren – Of English origin and means small bird.

Zipporah – This is a variation of the Hebrew name Tziporah and means bird. In the Bible, she was the wife of Moses.

Famous Bird Names

There are of course some very famous birds from movies and animation. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Zazu – The Lion King
  • Iago – Aladdin
  • Daffy – Looney Tunes
  • Tweety – Looney Tunes
  • Woodstock – Peanuts
  • Hedwig – Harry Potter
  • Jewel – Rio
  • Daisy – Looney Tunes
  • Becky – Finding Dory
  • Diablo – Sleeping Beauty
  • Nigel – Finding Nemo

The Final Thought

that brings us to the end of our bird-inspired baby names. Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your little princess but if not then there is no need to worry. 

If you are still looking for a baby name inspired by nature why not check out our list of plant names for boys and girls. If you are still a little confused about how to choose the right name for your baby then check out our ultimate guide to choosing a name for your baby here.