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45 Best Owl Names with Meanings

You have gone one step further with “The parent of the year award!” Usually, children ask for traditional pets like dogs, cats, etc. But not this time! This time you have exceeded your child’s expectations and given them the experience of having a pet owl!

You have probably done your research up to this point and found that you are becoming quite the expert in what to do and expect as an owl momma. The only thing left for you to do would be to choose the most spectacular name for a spectacular pet.

We have put together an extensive list for you to choose the perfect name for your Owl baby. Choosing a name can be a fun way of getting your children or other family members involved as well.

Names For Your Owl

Albie – This name means ‘Noble and Bright’. The perfect fitting for an owl, don’t your think?

Alp – A name of Turkish origin and means ‘hero’.

Archimedes – Meaning ‘master planner’ this name may be as perfect for your Owl as it was the name of the once-famous wizard Merlin.

Avery – This name has an English origin and is known for its meaning’ ruler of elves.’ Pretty magical for a majestic animal.

Birch – A well-known tree maybe there are a few in your backyard where your pet owl could hang out?

Blizzard – Torrential downpour of snow, this name is popular for animals as their coat/fur may have a similar pattern.

Buho – A Spanish word that means ‘owl.’

Caesar – This name has a wonderful warrior feel to it. Used many years ago by Roman Emperors, it depicts strength in those who carry this name. 

Cliff – A steep rock face where you usually find a variety of different breeds of birds.

Coco – Derived from the chocolate bean this name could be perfect for a brown owl.

Dazzle – This name evokes the promise of luck but also has a close bond with ‘bright and light.’

Duke Owlington – A funny take on the name ‘Duke Ellington’  adds some royal elegance to your family.

Echo – Not as majestic but the name Echo has a brilliant meaning, ‘the repetition of sound waves.’ Now if you hear an owl hoot you usually find that another hoots back, hence the echo of the sound.

Errol – If you are a Harry Potter fan then you will identify this name as the Weasley’s family owl. Meaning ‘ noble man’ it could be the perfect choice for your feathery friend. 

Frostine – This name has several meanings with the obvious being ‘frozen/cold.’ It is also believed to be a lucky name. 

Glimfeather – A majestic name to match the Owl in the story of Narnia. 

Hedwig – Another Harry Potter name, Hedwig was Harry’s personal owl, name meaning ‘warrior in war.’ 

Hermes – This name means ‘interpreter’ famous for being an owl in Harry Potter.

Hoo-Dini – A play on the famous magician Houdini a great escape artist.

Hootin – A name created by the sound of an owl is thought to bring luck.

Hoots – Play on the noise an owl makes this name could be perfect if you find your feathery friend has a fairly grumpy character. This name means ‘impatience.’

Luna – Meaning ‘ moon’ a perfect name for a nocturnal mate.

Marsh – Name your owl after where it has come from. Using this name allows for you to inherit the meaning ‘flooded land.’

Maverick – Whilst this is famous from an iconic film ‘ Top gun’ it also symbolizes ‘independence.’ 

Mazikeen – If looking on the darker side is more your thing then this name speaks volumes. Meaning ‘Dark Spirits’ it could be perfect for your woodland creature. 

Moonlight – Nothing more peaceful than the moonlight on a clear sky. Nocturnal animals fly by moonlight so this could be a perfect fit.

Night wing – Fancy a bit of an action-based name. This is after a DC Superhero. 

Odus – A strong name meaning ‘Wealth and Fortune.’ 

Owlbert – A classic play on the name Albert, meaning noble and bright it is generally used in males.

Owlbear – This name is given to a creature in the famous Dungeons and Dragons series. Adding mystery to your beloved pet.

Owlette – A wonderful name if you have a ‘young owl.’ This is the exact meaning of Owlette. A pretty name too don’t you think?

Ozzy – Meaning ‘divine power’ this name could be perfect for your pet. Owls are powerful at the end of the day, right? 

Remy – From a French background, this name has a close connection to Saint Remi.

Skye – ‘Adventurous’ in many ways than one, this name could pinpoint your bird’s personality.

Snowy – A great name for a bird who may be white, the word snowy can be translated to ‘crystalized rain.’ 

Sparkles – Meaning ‘shine brightly’ this name could be perfect for such a wondrous pet. 

Sundance –  This name means ‘ inspirational’ and is too cute to ignore. Just saying it brings a smile to anyone’s face.

Toby – A biblical connection with this name meaning ‘God is good.’

Twinkie– I love these! If you are a Twinkie lover why not allow your pet to share the same name. 

Ulga – Another word translating to ‘owl’  from a Norse origin.

Weebles – A weeble may bring back many fond memories of your own childhood. A famous toy brought joy to many.

Winky – Looking for a fun name, use this as a character-based description of ‘winking one’s eye.’

Yoyo – Yet another childhood toy, the yoyo can create feelings of optimism and positivity. 

Zeus – A warrior of a name meaning ‘Supreme God’. 

Zibby – If you want your owl baby to have the expectation of being ‘Courageous’ then this is the name for you. 

The Final Thought

Overall deciding on the final name can prove to be a tricky task. There are so many cute and cool names available it could take you several weeks for all the family to agree! 

You could start by thinking about your pet’s personality, are they laid back or crazy? Maybe a name that works for their characteristics would be perfect.

A few names incorporated the color of their feathers, if you have a spotted owl maybe a blizzard would work?

It is time for you to consider would a long or short name be best? The best advice would be to take the time and make a fun family task out of it! Try a few of the names above and see how they fit?