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250 Whimsical Baby Girl Names With Meanings

Selecting a name for your baby is so difficult. Will you go for a traditional name or a wild and wacky one? Unique names can have a deep and powerful meaning too.

If you’re expecting a little girl, I think the choice is even harder as girls seem to be allowed to get away with the more unique names that are available while boys are expected to have steadfast traditional names.

Due to this many girls’ names are very whimsical. We’re going to offer our list of 250 whimsical baby girl names, including their meanings for you to see if anything takes your fancy.

What’s In a Whimsical Name?

Firstly, you may be thinking what the heck does ‘whimsical’ even mean? Well, let’s clear that one up first! The definition of ‘whimsical’ is playfully quaint or fanciful, this is especially so in an appealing and amusing way.

If this makes you think of mischievous pups, flowers, and fairytales, then you’re on the right path. Whimsical names make you stop and think, “That’s a pretty name. I would never have thought of that!”

Even if your little one is not cute and playfully quaint enough to carry it off, you may find it perfect for their next doll or teddy bear!

Whimsical Baby Girl Names


Adeline – This name means ‘noble’ or ‘nobility.’

Adebelle – This name’s meaning is ‘noble kind or adornment.’

Adrina – This name’s meaning is ‘happiness.’

Aine – This name means ‘slender’, ‘radiance’, or ‘brilliance.’

Alouette – This name is melodic and strange in just the right way.

Allegra – A name of Italian origin. It means ‘merry.’

Alessa – A name that means the ‘noble one.’

Alvina – A name that means ‘friend of the elves’ or ‘wise friend.’

Amira – A feminized version of the Hebrew name Amir. It means ‘treetop.’

Anastasia – A name that means ‘resurrection.’

Annystyn – A name that means ‘famous ruler.’

Anya – A Russian name that means ‘gracious.’

Apollonia – This beautiful name of Latin origin means ‘strength.’

Apple – This name will either make you cringe or coo with delight. Either way, it’s whimsical.

Arabella – Romantic yet still eccentric. This is a good option if you want an uncommon name while still being a little whimsical.

Arden – A name of English origin and means ‘eagle valley.’

Ariel – A name that means ‘lion of God.’ It’s usually associated with Disney’s little mermaid film.

Arista – A Greek name meaning ‘harvest.’

Arrietty – This is a literary name form the children’s book The Borrowers.

Arwen – A Welsh name that means ‘royal maiden.’ How very fairytale-like. It’s also the name of a character in Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.

Audelia – This is an elaboration of the Old English name Audrey. It means ‘noble strength.’

Aurora – It’s of Latin origin and means ‘dawn.’ It’s the name of sleeping beauty.

Avalon – A name of Welsh origin, and it means ‘island of apples.’

young girl


Bambalina – It’s of Italian origin, and it means ‘little girl.’

Bambi – A name of Italian origin, meaning ‘baby girl.’

Bea – Short for the clunkier “Beatrice.” This is a quaint one-syllable name.

Belle – It means ‘fair’ or ‘lovely one,’ like the fictional character from Beauty and the Beast.

Bellatrix – A Latin name that means ‘female warrior.’

Birdie – A cute and safe nickname but a very bold choice for a first name.

Bitsy – Quaint, curious, and definitely odd. This is a fun nickname.

Brianna – A name that means ‘strong,’ ‘noble,’ and ‘honorable.’ It’s similar to the Game of Thrones character Brienne of Tarth.


Cairo – The same as the city.

Calista – This is a name of Latin and Greek in origin. It means ‘fairest, most beautiful.’

Calixta – A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘most beautiful.’

Calla – This name is of Greek origin. It means ‘beauty.’

Calliope – This name is of Greek origin. It means ‘beautiful voice.’

Callista – A name that means ‘most beautiful.’ She was a mythological Arcadian who transformed into a she-bear.

Canary – This is the same as the name of the bird. These kinds of names appear to be much easier for girls to carry off.

Cassandra – This name is of Greek origin. It means ‘prophetess.’

Celestia – A name of Latin origin that means ‘heavenly.’

Cersei – A name that means ‘bird’ in Greek mythology. She is a goddess of magic.

Charis – A name of Greek origin and meaning ‘grace.’

China – A name of English origin the same as the place name.

Chrysanthemum – A name meaning ‘gold flower’.

Circe – This name is of Greek origin. It means ‘bird’ in Greek mythology. Circe was a sorceress.

Claudie – A name of French origin meaning ‘lame, enclosure.’

Cordelia –  This is a Latin girl’s name and means ‘heart.’ It’s also a Celtic name meaning ‘jewel of the sea.’

Cosette – This is a French literary nickname and means ‘little thing.’

Cressida – A name of Greek origin meaning ‘gold.’


Daenerys – A literary name invented by Game of Thrones author George R R Martin.

Daphne – Greek origin meaning ‘laurel tree, bay tree.’

Daria – A name that means ‘kindly’ or ‘possess well.’

Delphine – A name that means ‘dolphin.’

Dinah – Hebrew name meaning ‘God will judge.’

young girl


Eila – A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘oak tree.’

Eilidh – A name of Gaelic origin and means ‘sun, radiant one.’

Eira – This is a Welsh name that means ‘snow.’

Ellaria – A name that means ‘beautiful.’

Elendra – This is a name that has been invented and so has no real meaning.

Ella – This has both German and English origins and means ‘completely fair maiden.’

Elodie – A French name that means ‘foreign riches.’

Elowen – This is a Cornish name meaning ‘elm.’

Elsa – A name that means ‘joyful’ or ‘noble.’ Also the name of another Disney princess.

Elula – This name is the Hebrew female form of Elul.

Elva – A name of Irish origin that means ‘leader of the elves.’

Elvina – This is a name of English origin that means ‘elf friend.’

Enid – A Welsh name that means ‘life, spirit.’

Erlina – A name that means ‘noblewoman’, ‘princess’, or ‘warrior.’

Esme – A name that means ‘beloved’ or ‘esteemed.’

Esmerelda – A name that’s meaning is ’emerald.’

Evadne – A name of Greek origin that means ‘pleasing one.’

Evathia – A name of Hebrew origin and means ‘life.’

Evangeline – A name that’s meaning is ‘gospel.’

Evening – Using day names such as morning or afternoon is not a new invention and has been happening for centuries.

Everleigh – An English name meaning ‘boar meadow.’


Fantine – A name of Latin origin and means ‘infant.’

Fauna – She is the goddess of earth and fertility and has Latin origins.

Ferelith – This is an Irish, Gaelic, and Scottish name for ‘sovereign.’

Ffion – A name of Welsh origins and means ‘foxglove.’

Fflur – A name of Welsh origin and means ‘flower.’

Fifer – This is a Scottish occupational name.

Fionnuala – Irish Gaelic origin and means ‘white shoulders.’

Flora – Latin in origin and means ‘flower.’

Freya – A name of Norse origins that means ‘the lady.’

Fritzi – A name that means ‘peaceful ruler.’

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Galadriel – Meaning ‘maiden crowned with a radiant garland.’

Gaia – Meaning ‘earth mother.’

Galilea – With its origins in both Italian and Hebrew and means ‘Galilee.’

Genevieve – This is a Celtic name meaning ‘race of women.’

Gidget – Another one of those modern invented names.

Giselle – German in origin and means ‘pledge/hostage.’

Grania – Meaning ‘love.’

Greta – Meaning ‘pearl.’

Gretchen – Meaning ‘pearl.’

Gretel – Meaning ‘pearl’ and yes I mean in the sense of Hansel & Gretel.

Griselda – German origin meaning ‘grey battle.’

Guinevere – A Welsh name meaning ‘fair, white and smooth.’


Hattie – Meaning ‘estate ruler.’

Harbor – Use of another word name.

Helaine – Meaning ‘light.’

Hedwig – German origin meaning ‘war.’

Henrietta – Meaning ‘keeper of the hearth.’

Hermione – Meaning ‘well borne’ or ‘earthy.’ Before this name was made popular by the Harry Potter series, it was better known as the name of the daughter of King Menelaus of Sparta and Helen of Troy.

Hestia –  A Greek name meaning ‘hearth, fireside.’

Hydra – Meaning ‘water serpent.’


Ianthe – Greek origin meaning ‘purple flowers.’

Idony – Norse origin meaning ‘renewal.’

Ilena – This is a Greek variation of Helen and means ‘bright, shining light.’

Imperia – Latin origins and means ‘imperial.’

Inara – Meaning ‘ray of light’ or ‘heaven-sent.’

Ingrid – With origins in Norse and means ‘beautiful.’

Iolanthe – Greek origin meaning ‘violet flower.’

Ione – Greek origin meaning ‘a violet-colored stone.’

Ionia – Greek place name.

Iridessa – Another of those great invented names.

Isadora –  Greek origin and means ‘gift of Isis.’

Ivorie – A word name that means the hard, white material from the tusks and teeth of animals. It can also mean ‘pale, white.’

young girl


Jacinda – Meaning ‘hyacinth.’

Jenna – Meaning ‘white shadow’ or ‘white wave.’

Jemima – Hebrew origin and means ‘dove.’

Jovita – Meaning ‘happy’ ‘joyful’ or ‘lively.’

Juniper – Meaning ‘young’ or ‘youthful.’


Kaia – Meaning ‘from the earth.’

Kaja – Meaning ‘pure’ or ‘echo.’

Kallie – Meaning ‘fairest or most beautiful.’

Kamala – Menaing ‘lotus’ or ‘pale red.’

Karissa – Meaning ‘dear one, kindness or grace.’

Katniss – Meaning ‘Sagittaria’ or ‘arrowhead’ plant.

Khaleesi – Meaning ‘queen’, again it’s popularity has grown due to the Game of Thrones series.

Kindle – English origin and means ‘valley of the River Kent.’

Kore – Meaning ‘maiden.’


Lanet – Meaning ‘idol’ or ‘shape.’

Leia – Meaning ‘child of heaven.’

Liesl – German diminutive form of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God.’

Lira – ‘Balance.’

Lorien – A name that comes from literature.

Lorelei – Meaning ‘alluring tempest.’ This was the name of a beautiful siren whose voice would lure sailors to their death.

Lourdes – Originates in Basque and means ‘craggy slope.’

Lucinda – A Spanish and Italian name meaning ‘light.’

Luda – Diminutive form of Ludmila.

Luna – Latin in origin and means ‘moon.’

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Maeby – Diminutive form of Mae.

Maia – Meaning ‘mother earth or goddess of spring’.

Magdalena – Greek origin meaning ‘from Magdala’.

Magnolia – Its origins is a flower name, from a French surname meaning ‘magnol’s flower.’

Malika – Meaning ‘queen.’

Manuela – Spanish origin, feminine version of Emmanuel, and means ‘God is with us.’

Marisol – Meaning ‘sea and sun’ but is often another name for the Virgin Mary in Spanish.

Matilda –  This is a German name meaning ‘Strength in battle.’

Melisande – A French and German name meaning ‘work, labor.’

Minty – Diminutive of Aminta and Araminta of Greek origin and means ‘defender.’

Mirielle – French origin meaning ‘to admire.’

Miranda – This is a Latin name meaning ‘admirable.’

Morgana – A Welsh name meaning ‘sea circle.’

Muirgen – A Welsh name meaning ‘born of the sea.’

Myrcella – Meaning ‘young warrior.’ This is another Game of Thrones name.


Nala – Meaning ‘queen’ and ‘lion.’

Nareena – Meaning ‘sea princess.’

Narelle – Meaning ‘songbird’ or ‘lady of the river.’

Nebula – Meaning ‘mist’. It often refers to the hazy mass around stars.

Nephele – Greek origin meaning ‘cloudy.’

Neptune – Roman mythology name.

Nessa – Meaning ‘holy’ ‘pure’ or ‘butterfly.’

Nixie –  A German name meaning ‘water sprite.’

Nora –  An Irish name meaning ‘light.’

Nouvel –  This is a French name meaning ‘new.’

Nuria –  This is a Catalan name taken from the Virgin of Nuria.


Octavia – A Latin name meaning ‘eighth.’

Odessa – Russian place name.

Olenna – Meaning ‘sunray’ or ‘shining light.’ This is a variation of Helen.

Oona – An Irish name meaning ‘lamb.’

Ophelia – A Greek name meaning ‘help.’

Orchid – Greek origin meaning ‘orchid flower.’

Ottilie – Feminine variation of German Otto means ‘prosperous in battle.’

Ottoline – French and English origin meaning ‘prospers in battle.’

Ovidia – Feminine variation of Roman family name meaning ‘shepherd or sheep.’

young girl


Paetyn – Meaning ‘perfect child’ or ‘very calming.’

Patrina – Meaning ‘noble’ or ‘patrician.’

Peony – Latin origin means ‘healing.’

Peridot – Arabic origin and means ‘a green gemstone.’

Persephone – Meaning ‘bringer of destruction.’

Persis – Greek origin and means ‘Persian woman.’

Petal – An English word for the brightly colored leaves of a flower.

Pheonix – Meaning ‘dark red.’ But most people will associate this name with the mythical bird that rises from the ashes.

Pixie – Swedish or Cornish origin and means ‘fairy.’

Posy – English origin and means ‘a bunch of flowers.’

Portia – It has French origins and sounds lovely and sophisticated but yet means ‘pig.’

Prairie – A place name with wonderfully wide open spaces with a western feel.

Praxis – Greek origin and means ‘practical.’

Primrose – Origin is from an English flower of the same name and means ‘first rose.’

Prunella – An old fashioned name that means ‘plum.’


Quenna – Meaning ‘queen.’

Quiana – Meaning ‘queen’ or ‘star.’

Quintessa – A Latin name meaning ‘essence.’

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Reagan – Meaning ‘little ruler.’

Reverie – This is a word name and means a strong sounding word for a dreamlike state.

Rhiannon – A Welsh name meaning ‘divine queen.’

Rhoswen – Another Welsh name meaning ‘white rose.’

Romany – Latin name meaning ‘a Roman.’

Romina – This has Arabic origins and means ‘from the land of Christians.’

Rosalie – This is a French variation of Latin Rosalia and means ‘rose.’

Rowan – This is a name that has many meanings but we are going with the Irish origin that means ‘red-haired.’


Sansa – Meaning ‘praise’ or ‘charm.’

Sapphira – Of Greek origin and means ‘sapphire.’

Seraphina – Hebrew origin and means ‘burning ones.’

Shalie – Meaning ‘sky’ ‘heaven’ or ‘high.’

Sidonie – Is a Latin name that means ‘man from Sidon.’

Sigourney – A French name meaning ‘daring knight.’

Signe – Scandanavian origin meaning ‘new victory.’

Soleil – Meaning ‘sun.’

Sonnet – English origin from Italian and means ‘little song.’

Starling – It is an English bird name.

Story – Word name.

Suri – Meaning ‘princess’ or ‘goddess.’

Swanhild – Saxon origin and means ‘battle swan.’

Sybyll – Meaning ‘prophets.’

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Tallulah – Meaning ‘leaping water.’

Tatiana – Of Russian origin but with an unknown meaning.

Teddy – Diminutive of Theodora.

Thalia – Meaning ‘to blossom.’

Thessaly – Greek in origin and is actually a place name.

Thisbe – Greek mythological name with unknown meaning.

Thora – Norse origin meaning ‘thunder goddess.’

Tindra – This is a Swedish name that means ‘sparkle.’

Trisa – Meaning ‘noble.’

Tuliana – This is a combination of the names Tulia and Ana. The name Tulia comes from the Roman family name of Tullius.

Tulip – Flower name from Persian and means ‘urban.’

Tupelo – Native American place-name and tree name.

Twyla – Meaning ‘strength’ or ‘woven with double threads.’


Ula – Meaning ‘gem of the sea.’

Uma – Meaning ‘tranquility, splendor, night or fame.’

Ursula – Meaning ‘little bear’ or ‘she-bear.’


Vesper – Is a Latin name meaning ‘evening star.’

Venus – Meaning ‘the loved one or beloved’ associated with the goddess Aphrodite.


Waverly – English in origin and means ‘quivering aspens.’

Whimsy – Of English origin but no definable meaning.

Winifred – Of Welsh origin and means ‘blessed peacemaking.’

Winsome – Of English origin and means ‘agreeable, lighthearted.’

Winola – A name of German origin and means ‘charming friend.’

Wisteria – This means ‘wister’s flower.’

Wilhelmina – A German name meaning ‘will-helmet.’

Willow – English in origin and is the name of a tree.

Winsome – An English name meaning ‘lighthearted.’

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Yara – Meaning ‘water lady’ or ‘small butterfly.’

Yvaine – Of Scottish origin and means ‘evening star.’

Yves – Meaning ‘archer.’


Zarina – Menaing ‘a golden vessel.’

Zosia – Of Polish origin and means ‘wisdom.’

Zephyrine – Of Greek origin and means ‘west wind.’

Zuri – Meaning ‘beautiful.’

The Final Thought

This is quite an extensive list of names, some you may have heard of, others have been made popular by movies and TV series. Many of the names are centuries old but have fallen out of fashion.

So whether you want something more traditional or a name that is completely unique and unusual, there is a good mix in our list – have fun.