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75 Names That Mean Beast For Males and Females

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When you start your search for the perfect name for your baby you do not expect to be considering names that mean ‘beast’. After all, it is not the most flattering of descriptions.

But many names that mean beast do in fact have meanings associated with powerful, noble, determined, and wise animals – all traits we hope our children will have.

There are of course some names that do literally mean ‘beast’ as well and you may want to think carefully about using one of those.

We have put together some of our favorite names that mean not only beast but also other strong and courageous animals. Take a look and see if any of them inspire your baby name choices.

Girls Names That Mean Beast

Adolpha – A name of German origin meaning ‘noble wolf’.

Agrafena – Variant of the Russian ‘Agripena’ meaning ‘wild horse’.

Agripina – Another variant of the Russian ‘Agripena’ which means ‘wild horse’.

Ariel – Of Hebrew origin and means ‘lion of God’.

Ayala – This is a name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘gazelle’.

Behemoth – A name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘beast’.

Dhureena – Of Sanskrit origin and means ‘beats of burden’.

Dhurina – Means ‘beast of burabden’ and is of Sanskrit origin.

Eva – Latin origin and means ‘animal’.

Garcia – This is a name of Spanish and Portuguese origin meaning ‘bear’.

Grusha – Pet form of the Russian name ‘Agrafena’ which means ‘wild horse’.

Leona – Of Latin origin and means ‘lioness’.

Leonie – A name of Latin origin meaning ‘lion’.

Lynx – The English name for a lynx.

Rachel – Means ‘ewe’ and is of Hebrew origin.

Tabitha – This is a name of Aramaic origin meaning ‘gazelle’.

Tala – Of Native American origin and means ‘wolf’.

Tora – A name of Japanese origin meaning ‘tiger’.

Ursula – Latin-based name meaning ‘little bear’.

Boys Names That Mean Beast

Abooksigun – Means ‘wildcat’ and is of Native American origin.

Agripin – This is the Russian form of the Greek name ‘Agrippas’ which means ‘wild horse’.

Agrippa – Latin form of the Greek ‘Agrippas’ meaning ‘wild horse’.

Ari – Of Hebrew origin and means ‘lion’.

Arne – This is a name of Old Norse origin meaning ‘eagle’.

Arthur – A name of Celtic origin meaning ‘bear’.

Averett – Means ‘strong boar’ and is of Old English origin.

Bear – Of English origin and refers to the animal of the same name.

Beiste – Scottish origin and means ‘beast’.

Benno – This is a name of German origin meaning ‘bear’.

Bernard – A name of French and West Germanic origin that is a short form of the large dog breed ‘Saint Bernard’.

Biast – Of Scottish origin and means ‘beast’.

Bjorn – Finnish origin and means ‘bear’.

Buck – A name of Anglo-Saxon origin that refers to a male deer.

Channing – This is a name of English or Irish origin meaning ‘wolf cub’.

Colt – Of Old English origin and refers to a young male horse.

Conan – A name of Irish origin meaning ‘little wolf’.

Connor – Irish origin and means ‘lover of hounds’.

Dhureen – Means ‘beast of burden’ and is of Hindi origin.

Dhurin – A name of Hindi origin meaning ‘beast of burden’.

Dillon – This is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘like a lion’.

Drake – Of Old English and Norse origin and means ‘dragon’ or ‘snake’‘.

Dov – Means ‘bear’ and is of Hebrew origin.

Fox – An English name referring to the animal of the same name.

Gavin – Celtic origin and means ‘white hawk’.

Griffin – The name of a mythical creature that is both lion and eagle.

Griffith – A name of Welsh origin referring to a mythological beast.

Gunju – Means ‘wild cat’ and is of African origin.

Hector – Gaelic origin and means ‘horse’.

Jaguar – This is a name of English origin referring to the animal of the same name.

Leander – Of Greek origin and means ‘lion-man’.            

Leo – Latin origin and means ‘lion’.

Leonard – A name of Latin and Germanic origin meaning ‘lion-hearted’.

Lev – Of Hebrew and Russian origin and means ‘lion’.

Lowell – This is a name of French origin meaning ‘young wolf’.

Lyall – Means ‘wolf’ and is of Old Norse origin.

Marlon – Of Old French origin and means ‘little hawk’.

Orson – A name of Latin and English origin meaning ‘bear cub’.

Rafe – This is a name of English and Scandinavian origin that means ‘wolf-counsel’.

Ralph – Old Norse and Old English origin and means ‘wolf counsel’.

Roscoe – A name of Norse origin meaning ‘deer forest’.

Rudolph – Means ‘famous wolf’ and is of Old German origin.

Rudy – This is a name of German origin meaning ‘famous wolf’.

Shepherd – Of Anglo-Saxon origin and refers to the large dog breed ‘German Shepherd. 

Sverre –  Scandinavian form of the Old Norse name ‘Sverrir’ which means ‘wild’.

Tiger – This is the English name of a large cat.

Tipu – Hindi origin and means ‘tiger’.

Tod – A name of English origin meaning ‘fox’.

Tohopka – Of Native American origin and means ‘wild beast’.

Wilber – An English surname that was transferred in order to be used as a forename. Means ‘wild boar’.

Wolf – The English name for a wild beast.

Wolfgang – A name of German origin meaning ‘traveling wolf’.

Zev – Hebrew origin and means ‘wolf’.

Gender Neutral Names That Mean Beast

Darby – This is a name of Old Norse origin meaning ‘place of deer’.

Gryphon – Refers to a mythological beast and is of Greek origin.

Phoenix – Of Greek origin and refers to the mythical bird that rises from its own ashes.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our names that mean beast. Hopefully, we have shown you that the word beast can have many different meanings and often depicts a majestic and powerful animal.

If you are still looking for that perfect name for your little one why not check out some of our other baby names such as names that mean sacrifice or maybe those that mean dusk, sunset, or night.

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