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50+ Names That Mean Dusk, Sunset or Night

Choosing a name for your baby can be a scary and stressful experience. There is a great deal of expectation on a baby’s name for what they will become and what their future holds.

But beautiful names that are inspired by the time of day are some of the most expressive. They capture a single point in time whether that be the birth of a new day or the peaceful last moments of a day.

Names That Mean Dusk, Sunset or Night

As day and night are universal, it is easy to understand why they exist in all cultures. We have put together some of our favorite names that mean dusk, sunset, or night and there are some amazing possibilities.

Girls Names

Aferdita – This is a name of Albanian origin meaning ‘a sunset’.

Ajambo – Of African origin and means ‘born at night.’

Amaya – A name of Japanese origin meaning ‘night rain’.

Ankareeda – Means ‘night star’ and is of Indian origin’.

Anniki – Finnish origin and is the name of the goddess of night in Finnish mythology. 

Asra – This is a name of Arabic origin meaning ‘travels at night’.

Bibigul – Of Kazakh origin and means ‘nightingale’.

Chausiku – A name of Swahili origin that means ‘born at night.’

Cynthia – Another name for the moon goddess, Artemis.       

Cyra – Persian origin and means ‘fierce and wrathful sunset’.

Helia – Means ‘shining sunset’ and is of Greek origin’.

Idalia – Of Greek origin and means ‘radiant sunset’.

Ilta – A name of Finnish origin meaning ‘night’.

Layla – Means ‘night’ and is of Arabic origin.

Luna – Of Latin origin and means ‘moon’.

Malina – This is a name taken from Inuit mythology and means ‘shinning sunset’.

Miyako – A name of Japanese origin meaning ‘beautiful night child’.

Nisha – Means ‘night’ and is of Sanskrit origin.

Nyx – Greek origin and means ‘night’.

Ratree – Of Thai origin and means ‘night jasmine’.

Rhiannon – The name of the Welsh mythological goddess of the moon.

Selena – This is a name of Greek origin and it is a variant for the moon goddess Artemis.

Shirina – A name of Hindi origin meaning ‘night’.

Siria – Spanish origin and means ‘gloomy sunset’.

Twyla – Means ‘twilight’ and is of American origin.

Yvaine – Of Scottish origin and means ‘evening star’.

Boys Names 

Aibek – This is a name of Turkish origin meaning ‘master of the moon’.

Budde – Of Ganda origin and means ‘night’.

Chandra – This is the name of the moon goddess in Hindu mythology.

Ciaran – Means ‘dark’ and is of Irish origin.

Cyrus – Persian origin and means ‘splendid sunset, glooming twilight’.

Darcel – Of French origin and means ‘dark’.

Dimas – A name of Portuguese and Spanish version of the Greek name ‘Dismas’ which means ‘sunset’.

Dismas – This is not actually found in the bible but was given to the thief who was crucified beside Jesus. The name itself means ‘sunset’.

Eleodoro – Means ‘gloomy sunset’ and is of Spanish origin.

Erebos – Of Greek origin and is derived from the Hebrew ‘erebh’ which means ‘sunset, evening’. In mythology, this is the name of the personification of primordial darkness and later became the name of a place in the underworld.          

Gau – A name of Basque origin meaning ‘night’.

Imoo – African origin and means ‘darkness, dusk’.

Nishant – This is a name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘end of night’.     

Orpheus – Means ‘the darkness of night’ and is of Ancient Greek origin.

Otieno – Of Luo origin and means ‘born at night’.       

Ponui – A name of Tahitian origin that means ‘the great night’.

Rajnish – Sanskrit origin and means ‘lord of the night’.

Tynan – This is a name of Irish origin meaning ‘dark’.

Gender-Neutral Names

Alba – A name of Italian and Spanish origin meaning ‘twilight’ or ‘and evening sunset’.

Arrats – This is a name of Basque origin meaning ‘early evening, dusk’.

Blake – Of Old English origin and means ‘dark’.

Cymbeline – Greek origin and means ‘a radiant sunset’ or ‘a shining burning sunset’.

Hunapo – Means ‘hidden darkness’ and is of Maori origin.

Indigo – This is the English word for the color of the night sky, a very dark blue.

Marisol – Of Spanish origin and means ‘a gloomy sunset’.

Nox – A name of Latin origin meaning ‘night’.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our list of baby names inspired by the time of day.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your precious bundle. But if not, do not stress there are still plenty of other options out there for you to choose from.