100+ Strong Boy Names – Male Names Meaning Warrior Strength

100+ Strong Boy Names - Male Names Meaning Warrior Strength

As parents, we want our son to grow up into a strong and brave man. Though it will take many years of nurturing for that to happen, what you can do for now as a start is giving them a name fitting to your boy.

If you’re searching for a strong boy name that literally means brave or strength or a popular figure known for their superhuman strength, we’ve got just the list for you.

Boy Names That Mean Powerful, Warrior, Strength

AaronIt is of Hebrew origin, and the meaning is "mountain of strength."
AbbotA Hebrew name, which means powerful, capable, and strong.
AbelardoIt is a Latino name which means strong and noble.
AdalhardAn Old German name, which means "noble strength."
AgustinIt means majestic dignity and mountain thrower.
AjayA name that means "unconquered", from Sanskrit अ (a) meaning "not" and जय (jaya) meaning "victory, conquest."
AlaricA German name meaning all-powerful ruler.
AlbernA name that has Old German origin, and the meaning is "noble courage."
AlcinderA name of Greek derivation and the meaning is "strong; man's defender, warrior."
AlgerAn English origin name which means clever warrior.
AllardA name of Old English origin that means "noble and brave."
AmramA Hebrew name that means "mighty nation". It is the name of the father of Moses.
AndrewA name that means masculine, warrior, and manly.
AnsalOne who is mighty and with strong shoulders.
ApolloDerived from the Greek name Apollon, which is of unknown meaning. It may be related to Indo-European *apelo meaning "strength." Apollo is the Greek god of the sun, music, prophecy, and medicine.
ArchardA name with an Anglo German origin that means "holy, powerful."
Archibald A name with Old French and Old German origin that means "genuine, bold, brave."
AriAn Armenian name that means "brave."
ArmstrongSomeone who is a strong fighter.
ArnoldA patriotic name with a German origin, with a powerful meaning strong as an eagle.
ArsenioA name that originated from Spain meaning strong and virile.
ArthurWho else doesn't know about King Arthur of Avalon, the wielder of Excalibur? It is a Celtic name that comes from two words, "bear" and "viros" meaning the one who is as fearless as a bear and strong.
AsvathAn alternate name for the god Vishnu. It means strong.
AtlasA Greek that means "to carry." He is a mythical Titan who carried the world on his shoulders, so the name has connotations of great strength.
AvadhA name with Hindi origins that means powerful, strong, firm, and invincible.
AviramA Hebrew name that means "my father is mighty."
AzizA name with Arabic origin that means "the All-Powerful."
BalavanOne who possesses courage and great strength.
BaldemarA name with Old German origin that means "bold and renowned; famous ruler."
BaldevA name with that means "strong and Godlike in power."
BaldricAn Old German name and the meaning is "brave ruler."
BaliA name of Old English variation that means "city fortification."
BallardA name that originated from Scandinavia. It means a round-shaped strong and brave man.
BaronA name with Hebrew origin which means young warrior.
BasilA name of Greek origin that means "royal, kingly." In Arabic, it means "brave."
BernardA German origin which means as brave as bear and much strong.
BernisA name with a German origin meaning brave, bear, and strong.
BhishamA name that generally means strong or mighty.
BolivarA name with Spanish and Polish origins. It's meaning is "mighty, warlike."
BrianIt has Celtic, Irish, and Gaelic origins. The name means "high, noble". It could also mean "strength."
BroderickAn Old German name that means "famous power."
ConallThe name has Irish, Scottish, Gaelic and Celtic origin, and the meaning is "strong wolf". It can possibly from a Gaelic phrase meaning "high and mighty."
DanteIt has Spanish, Italian, and Latin origins. The meaning is "lasting, enduring"
DenzelAn old Cornish origin name that means from the higher stronghold.
DevlinAn Irish and Gaelic name that means "fierce courage."
DhirenA name of Indian origin that means "the Strong One."
DieterA German name that means "warrior of the people."
EarlAn aristocratic title, and a beautiful name meaning warrior or nobleman.
EdricA name with an Old English origin that means "rich and powerful."
EllardAn Old German name that means "noble and courageous."
EmeryAn Old German name that means "brave power."
EmmetAn Old German name that means "entire, universal". It can also be derived from Old German meaning "energetic, powerful."
EthanGet something unique and mellow name for your son, which means firm or strong.
EzekielA biblical name of Hebrew origin which means God strengthens.
FaroldAn Old English name that means "mighty voyager."
FarrellA name with an Irish and Gaelic origin that means "hero, a man of courage."
FarrisAn English name that means "brave man."
FerdinandAn old Spanish form of a Germanic name composed of the elements fardi "journey" and nand "daring, brave."
FinleyA name that belonged to Macbeth’s father. It is Scottish, meaning white warrior.
FlintAn Old English name that means "hard rock". A name used to denote strength, endurance, and determination.
GabrielA biblical name meaning God is my strength.
GarrettIt is an Irish name which means spear strength.
GiborA name that means "the strong one."
GoddardA name with an Old English origin that means "God-hard," It is from the name Godeheard, derived from god "god" and heard "brave, hardy".
GuntherA German name that means "war" and "army, warrior."
HaiderA name that means "brave, lion."
HardyAn Old German name that means "bold, brave."
HarmonA name with a harmonic feel. It is Irish, which means warrior or soldier.
HaroldA name with Old English origin that means "army" and "power, leader, ruler."
HartAn Old English name that means "strong, brave; stag."
HartwigA German name derived from Germanic elements hard "brave, hardy" and wig "battle."
HerculesA name with a Greek origin and the meaning is "Hera's glory." It's the Roman name of Herakles, divine hero and demigod son of Zeus who possessed extraordinary strength.
HerodA Greek name that means "song of the hero or warrior."
HumphreyAn English name that means "peaceful warrior."
IryaIn Sanskrit, it means "powerful, energetic."
IvorA name with Old English origins that means "bow warrior."
KaiA name with a host of meanings like unbreakable, a harbor, as well as someone strong.
KenA Japanese origin name meaning healthy, physically, and strong.
KendrickAn English origin name which means bold power.
LeanderA name that means mighty courageous as a lion.
LouisA French name meaning "famous warrior."
LunnA name with Irish and Gaelic origins. It means "strong, warlike."
MalinA name with Old English origin and the meaning is "little strong warrior."
MallanA Hindu boy's name. It has multiple meanings such as strong; little warrior; and virtuous man.
ManfredA name with German, Dutch, and Polish origins. It is derived from the Germanic elements magan "strength" and frid "peace."
NardoIt is of Italian origin, and means "strong, hardy."
NeroAn Ancient Roman name that has probably Sabine origin that means meaning "strong, vigorous."
OlisA name with a German origin which means strong and powerful.
OrvalAn name of Old English origin that means "spear strength."
OswaldA name with a Germany origin meaning God’s power.
OthnielA name with a Hebrew origin that means "God's strength, God's lion."
OzzyIt means God’s power and spear of the gods.
ReynardIt has Old German and Old French origin, and the meaning is "strong decision; fox."
RichardAn Old German name that means "powerful leader."
RickerAn English name meaning a strong army.
RyderAn Old English name that means "mounter warrior."
SamsonA Hebrew name that means "sun." A name of a judge of ancient Israel, endowed by God with superhuman strength.
SashaThis name may not be so popular with baby names in the US, but in Europe, it is used widely for boys meaning defender of men or warrior.
SewellAn English name which means sea strong.
StarkA name of German origin and the meaning is "strong."
TakeoA Japanese origin name which means strong like a bamboo.
TheobaldA name with an Old German origin that means "brave people."
ValentinoIt is a classic Italian name which means health and strength.
ValerianA name with a Latin origin that means "strong, healthy."
VidarA Danish name that means "wide warrior."
VincentIt is a Roman name delivered from Latin vincere, meaning someone can win the battle or conquer/warrior.
WarrickAn English name which means a strong leader who defends.
WillThe name means "desiring peace; determined protector."
ZuberyA name with an African origin meaning strong.

Now you have read our long list; it is up to you to narrow it down by choosing your favorites. Any of them can be powerful with the correct association.

When choosing strong boy names, there are so many things to consider:

  • Does your partner like it?
  • Do you like it personally?
  • Does it match their surname?
  • What is the meaning?
  • Does it fit your new bouncing baby boy?

Eventually, put all the necessary aspects into consideration when choosing a powerful male name.

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