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30+ Irish Unisex Names – Gender Neutral Celtic Names

Finding a great name for your little one is a tricky business. But if you have some Irish ancestry or connections, you may be looking at some great gender-neutral Celtic names for your little one. 

Whatever you decide to go with, there are a whole host of options for you to choose from.

If you have decided to go with a gender-neutral Irish name, then here we have a list of great names for you to choose from, and whether you’re having a boy or a girl, these names will be great. 

30+ Gender Neutral Irish Names 

Ailbe – A sweet name that is an Old Irish word for white and is an adorable option for a little boy or girl. 

Barra – Means fair-haired, and is a great choice for a blonde little one.

Banba – From Irish mythology and a unique pick. This name refers to one of the goddess sisters who founded Ireland. 

Branna – A gorgeous name means raven and is a great pick for a dark-haired little one. 

Callen – Gaelic name is growing in popularity and means rock, which is perfect for a strong little one. 

Caoilainn – Pronounced kay-lin, comes from Gaelic words caol meaning slender, and Fionn meaning pure. 

Carey – This name means dark, black, or from the fort and is a great option for your little one. 

Casey – A name that means brave in battle and has been a popular pick for decades. 

Cory – Means from the hollow and is a popular pick for your little one. Variants include Corey, as well as the similar Torey and Lori. 

Darcie – Comes from a surname meaning dark one, and is a pretty pick for your little one.

Daire – Pronounced Dara and means fruitful and fertile. 

Daireann – This name is pronounced dar-awn means fruitful and bountiful.

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Darra – Mainly a girls’ name, but this name has become a popular option for boys and means oak, fertile, or wise. 

Dillon – A name that comes from the Irish word meaning flash of lightning, and is a variant of Dylan, a popular pick for boys and girls. 

Devan –  Variation in the spelling as Devin, and means poet. This is a perfect choice for a literary family. 

Dublin – Dublin refers to the capital city of Ireland and comes from the Gaelic words meaning dark pool, referring to a tidal pool behind Dublin Castle. This is a great city name pick but is a little more unique than the more popular Brooklyn or Paris. 

Enda – This sweet name means bird and is a great pick for a nature lover. 

Eire – Name comes from the Gaelic goddess Eriu, and is the name for the island of Ireland. 

Fianna – Means ancient warrior army of Ireland, and is a strong name for your little one. 

Faolan – Comes from the word faol meaning wolf. 

Gael – This name means a Gaelic person, and is a sweet name for a girl or a boy. 

Keir – Keir means black and can usually be seen as a surname, however, it is becoming a trendy pick for a first name and makes an excellent gender-neutral pick. 

Kellen – An Irish name that means descendent of the bright-headed one, and is similar to other popular picks like Kieran, Kian, and Ellen. 

Kennedy – A lovely gender-neutral option that is also sometimes seen as a surname and means mishappen head. However, it is a popular pick for first names too, especially in the US. 

Kieran – While predominantly a boys’ name, this name meaning little dark one can be given to a little girl. It can also be adapted to a girlier alternative, such as Karen or Kiera. 

Kiley – Variants of this sweet name include Kiley, Kilea, Kileigh, Kili, among others. This name means gracious and narrow spit of land and is a great option for your little one. 

Miach – This sweet name means honorable and makes a lovely option for boys and girls. 

Murtagh – Popularised by the character from Outlander, it is a sweet name meaning skills of the sea. 

Niall – Made popular by Niall Horan of One Direction, this sweet pick means cloud and was a popular name in Irish mythology. While traditionally a name given to boys, it is a great option for a little girl. 

Nollaig – A sweet name that means Christmas and is great for a little one born in the festive period. 

Odhran – Means dark-haired, and while it is traditionally a boys’ name, it is becoming a more popular option for girls. 

QuinnThis name comes from a descendent of Conn, and can mean intellect or chief. It is a great gender-neutral option and is seen on several popular shows such as Glee.

Radha – Comes from the Irish word radharc and means view or vision.

Regan – A sweet name that means little king, but has been widely used as a unisex name. For example, in Shakespeare’s King Lear Regan is one of the king’s cruel daughters. 

Rionnach – From the Irish word ri meaning royal and is the perfect regal name for your little one. 

Rory – Rory means red king, and while usually a popular boy’s pick, it has become a more popular pick for girls in recent years. 

Ryan – Another name was usually seen as a surname, this name means little King, and is an adorable option for your baby. 

Rylie – This name can be interpreted to mean a descendant of Roghallach and also courageous. 

Shea – A gender-neutral name that means admirable and has a variety of spellings, such as Shai and Shay.

Sheridan – An adorable pick that means to seek or searcher and is a lovely option for your little one.

Tierney – This name means descendant of a lord, and while sometimes used as a surname it makes a sweet first name. 

Tyran – Variant of Tyrone and means from the land of Owen. It is softer than Tyrone, making it suitable for girls as well as boys.

The Final Thought

That is the end of our list of great gender-neutral Irish names. Hopefully, you have found some great names that are perfect for your little one. But if not there is still plenty of other options out there.

If you are still searching for the perfect name, there’s no need to worry. And if you think your little one’s name should have a particular meaning, check out 100+ Names That Mean Dreams or Sweet names that mean heart.