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Fun Numeric Baby Names Meaning One, Two, Three, Four, & More!

Families were bigger and it was quite common to have several children. It was a common custom to name children in the order that they were born.

English numbers are not exactly the most inspiring name choices but luckily Latin numbers are a little cooler. We have put together some great numeric baby names to see if there is one to inspire your little ones’ perfect name.

Baby Names Inspired By Number One

Ilkin – A name that means first in Turkish and Azerbaijani.

Primo – Italian in origin and means first. It can also mean excellent in Italian.

Kensa – Means first in Cornish.

Mosi – First child in Swahili.

Una – Comes from Latin and means one. It also is of Irish origin and the name means lamb.

Hana – Although this name does have multiple origins and meanings, it does mean one in Korean.

Unity – This could be a great alternative virtue name as it refers to the state of being one and togetherness. Even though it is a beautiful name it does have some unfortunate bearers in the form of Unity Mitford who is best known for being a member of Hitler’s inner circle.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Two

Deuce – A gaming term for the number two.

Nessa – Means second in Cornish.

Segundo – Second in Spanish.

Jiro – Of Japanese origin and means second son.

Malachy – Not an obvious number link but the name comes from the Latin word for second.

Twain – Taken from an archaic term meaning two and also the pen name used by Mark Twain.

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Baby Names Inspired By Number Three

Terza – Means third in Italian. 

Trace – Traditionally used as a nickname for a III.

Tripp – Nickname for a third and comes from the term triple.

Tressa – Originates from a Cornish word meaning third.

Trinity – A Christian term used to describe God. The word comes from the Latin trinus meaning threefold.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Four

Rabia – From Arabic Raabi’a fourth – the Muslim saint Rabia or Basra was the fourth daughter.

Clover – There is nothing luckier than a four-leaf clover and this is why it makes it into the numeric baby name lists.

Quade – It is possible that it comes from the prefix quad? But really it is a form of MacQuaid – an Irish surname.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Five

Cinca – Nickname for a fifth namesake.

Quentin – This is one of several names from the Latin for fifth.

Cinco – If you know your Spanish numbers you will know that this is Spanish for five.

Finn – Did you know that a five-dollar bill was once called a fin.

Nick – A nickel is worth five cents, although a stretch it does seem like it could work.

Quinn – Quintus means five in Latin so Quinn could be a sensible stretch.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Six

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June – The sixth month of the year and so associated with the number six.

Juno – Her name was given to the month of June so again associated with the number six.

Sia – This is the Scottish Gaelic word for the number six.

Sixten – Of Scandinavian origins and although does not mean six it does have the number in the name.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Seven

Soraya – Another name for the Pleiades which is a cluster in the constellation Taurus – they are the seven sisters and daughters of Pleione from Greek mythology.

Septima – Seventh in Latin.

Septimus – Of Latin origin and means seventh.

September – Of Latin origin and means seventh.

Seven – Of Latin origin and means seventh.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Eight

August – Associated with the number eight but the word actually means venerable.

Octavia – The name comes from the Latin word octo meaning eighth. The name was given greater credibility when used by the sci-fi series The 100.

Octavio – Derived from the Latin word octavus which means eight.

Octavius – Eighth in Latin.

Octavian – Derivative of the word for Eighth in Latin.

Otto – A Germanic name that means eight in Italian.

Valo – Means eight in Malagasy which is a language spoken in Madagascar.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Nine

Nona – Nine in Latin and the Roman goddess of pregnancy.

Nova – Comes from the Latin word for new. But it does also bring to mind the Latin word novem meaning nine.

Tara – Means nine in Hausa which is a language spoken mainly in Nigeria.

Baby Names Inspired By Number Ten

Decima – In a similar way that Octavia comes from eight Decima means tenth.

Decker – Associated with the Greek word deka which means ten, so any names that include the sound would be a good choice.

Dex – Refers to a factor of ten.

Dixie – Comes from the Latin dix meaning ten. But due to its association with the civil war, it could be a problematic choice.

Decimus – Meaning tenth in Latin.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our numeric baby names. There are some great options for some truly unique names – hopefully, they have given you a great place to start if considering a numeric name for your baby. 

But if you are still looking for a name that has a particular meaning why not take a look at our chemistry-inspired baby names or space and galaxy baby names.