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250 Space and Galaxy Baby Names With Meanings

Finding a name for a baby can be a very strenuous task and as a parent to be you are willing to take all ideas and advice offered.

For generations, we have looked to the sky for inspiration and guidance, so there is no great surprise that we have some fantastic baby names that are inspired by it.

We have put together some of our favorite baby names that are inspired by space and the galaxy. 

There is a vast universe that is full of stars, galaxies, and planets so you have plenty of choice for names that also have some amazing meanings behind them.

Choosing a name that is inspired by space can help you to provide your little one with a name that is both powerful and full of strength.

Star And Constellation Baby Names For Girls


Acella – It is the name of a star system in Sagittarius.

Adhara – Derived from Arabic roots and means virgins. One of the brightest stars in the sky is called Adhara.

Alcyone – Pronounced Al-cy-o-ne and is a name from Greek mythology. Alcyone was the daughter of Aeolus and married to Cyex. The couple was happy but they enraged the ancient gods by calling each other Hera and Zeus. One day when Ceyx was at sea, his ship sunk and while overwhelmed with grief she threw herself into the ocean. Alcyone is now known for being the brightest star in the Pleiades.

Alpha – The name stems from Greek and it’s the first letter of their alphabet. In astronomy, Alpha is the name used for the most radiant star in every constellation.

Altair – Of Arabic origin and it means ‘bird or poultry.’ It is also the name of the main star in the constellation Aquila, which is known as Orion in the Western world.

Alula – A name of Arabic descent and translates to the first leap. Alula is the palindromic name of a rare binary star system, this is when two stars appear as one because of their proximity.

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Alya – This is a name with multiply origins such as Russia, Turkey, and Arabic-speaking countries. It relates to the heavens, exalted, and highborn. We know this name from the star system, Theta Serpentis.

Amalthea – A name from Greek mythology that means tender goddess. Amalthea is believed to be the name of a goat or a goat keeping nymph. In Greek legend, she nursed Zeus while he was an infant and kept him safe from his dangerous father, Cronus.

Andromeda – Greek origin and it means advising like a man. In Greek legends, Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia, who Athena made into a constellation. The star cluster is called The Bohemian Andromeda.

Aquarius – This is another Greek name and is known as the constellation between Pisces and Capricorn. The cluster resembles a person pouring water and is also the 11th sign of the zodiac.

Ariel – A name of Hebrew origin and means lion of god. It is a biblical name and is seen as the messenger of Ezra and is symbolic of Jerusalem city. For many people, Ariel is better known as the Disney character from the movie of the same name. Ariel is also one of Uranus’ moons and is the fourth largest to orbit this distant planet.

Ascella – This is the name of a star system in the sign of Sagittarius.

Asterope – This is the name of an asteroid and is a very unique and uncommon name.

Astra – Of Greek origins and means of the stars. 

Atria – This is the name of a star in the Triangulum Australe.

Aurora – From the Latin and means the dawn. The name comes from the Roman goddess of sunrise, who created dew with her tears. According to legend, she traveled from East to West, renewing herself each dawn. The name also relates to the scientific phenomenon that causes the Aurora Borealis which is better known as the Northern Lights and the Aurora Australis or the Southern lights near the magnetic northern and southern poles.


Belinda – A name that has both German and Spanish roots and means pretty one or serpent. In Babylonian mythology, Belinda was a goddess who ruled over heaven and earth. The name was also used by Alexander Pope for the heroine in his poem, The Rape of the Lock.  It is also the name of one of the moons orbiting Uranus.

Bellatrix – Of Latin origin and means female warrior. In astronomy, Bellatrix is the name of a star in the Orion constellation. This is another name that has been used in the Harry Potter series.

Bianca – A name with Italian roots and means white. The name was given to one of Uranus’ moons when it was discovered by Voyager 2. 

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Calypso – Derived from the Greek and is a name for she who hides. In Greek mythology, Calypso was an island nymph who imprisoned Odysseus for seven years. It is also the name of a moon discovered in 1980 orbiting Saturn.

Capella – Comes from Latin and means little she-goat. It is also the name of the 11th brightest star and carries both astrological and mythological importance. In astrology, the name symbolizes wealth and military honor. In Roman mythology, it was the goat that nursed Jupiter. Capella is featured in several legends, including Persian and Aboriginal.

Carina – A constellation containing Canopus the second brightest star in the sky.

Cassiopeia – A queen of great vanity in Greek mythology. Pronounced kass-ee-oh-pie-ah it was the name of the legendary mother of Andromeda. Cassiopeia was transformed by Zeus into a constellation alongside her daughter for offending Poseidon.

Celeste – From the Latin and means of the heavens. 

Celestia – Of American origins and means of the skies, heavens.

Celestial – A name that means of the planets, stars or heaven.

Celestine – Derived from celestial and means heavenly.

Chandra – In Hinduism, Chandra is the moon goddess. The name did peak in the western world around the 1960s when incense and meditation were the hot new thing. 

Charon – A mythological name that means of keen gaze. The name does have two different pronunciations. In Greek mythology, Charon is pronounced as kare-on and she was the ferryman of dead souls, dwelling in the underworld. But in astronomy, Charon is pronounced share-on, which is Pluto’s moon.

Cordelia – With both Latin and Celtic origins it represents heart or daughter of the sea. Cordelia was also one of King Lear’s daughters, she was known for her sympathetic nature. Astrologers gave her name to the innermost moon of Uranus. 

Corona – A Spanish word for crown. Corona is also the name for an aura of plasma floating around the sun. It may not be the most popular name at the moment due to the recent corona outbreak.

Cressida – Of Greek origin and translates to gold. It is also the name of one of the smaller moons orbiting Uranus. The name has been featured in both Greek mythology and Shakespearean literature. 

Cybele – Pronounced Cyb-e-le and means mother of all gods. In Greek mythology, Cybele was the goddess of health, nature, and fertility. Astronomers named the largest asteroid in our solar system Cybele.

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Danica – A name of Slavic origin and means morning star. It is believed that it is a representation of the sun.

Despina – Comes from Greek and means lady. The name is best known from Mozart’s opera Cosi fan Tutte. But the name is actually derived from the Greek mythological name Despiona. She was the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon. Despina is also the name of one of Neptune’s moons.

Dione – Derived from Greek and means divine queen. In Greek legends, she was the mother of Aphrodite. It is pronounced dy-OH-ne. The name was also given to a moon near Saturn.


Elara – With Greek origins, Elara was a mythological lover of Zeus, who had to give birth to a giant baby. In astronomy, it is the name given to one of Jupiter’s moons.

Electra – Yet another Greek name on our list, this one means bright or shining. Astronomers gave the name to a giant star found in the Taurus constellation.

Eris – A mythological name for the goddess of discord and strife. In 2005 it became the name of a dwarf planet, which is sometimes referred to as the 10th planet.

Estella – Of Spanish origin and means star. 

Esther – The name means star and was one of the significant figures in the Old Testament.

Etoile – Of French origin and means star.

Europa – This was the name of a Phoenician princess who was abducted and taken to Crete by Zeus. It is also the name of the sixth moon of Jupiter.


Faye – A name of English origin and means fairy. It is the name of the famous astronomer Herve Faye. 

Flora – Of Scottish and Latin origin and means flower. Flora is also the name of an asteroid orbiting the sun. The name is believed to come from the Roman goddess of spring and flowers. She was blessed with eternal youth.

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Galatea – This name comes from the legendary sculptor Pygmalion. He created his ideal woman from carved ivory, which gave her an incredibly pale appearance. When he fell in love with his creation, Aphrodite brought her to life naming her Galatea due to her skin. It is also the given name of a moon circling Neptune.

Galaxy – This is the name given to a gravitational bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas, dust, and dark matter.

Gemini – A name with Latin roots and means twin. It is best known as the astrological sign represented by the twins. 

Gomeisa – A very rare name with Arabic origins and means bleary-eyed one. it is also the name of the second brightest star in the constellation Canis Minor.


Halley – This is the name of a short-period comet. The comet is visible with the naked eye from Earth and appears only twice in a human’s lifetime.

Helene – A French name meaning bright or shining one. It is also the name of a moon belonging to Saturn that was discovered in 1980.

Hilda – The name comes from Germany and it means battle woman. It is a variant of Brunhilda, who was a Valkyrie of Teutonic legend. It is also the name of a group of asteroids.

Hoshi – A Japanese name that means star. 


Ida – A name of German origin and means industrious one. It was also the name given to an asteroid in the Kronis family by Austrian astronomer Johann Palisa.

Indu – Originating from Hindi for the moon.

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Juliet – With both English and French origins and meaning youthful. In astronomy, Juliet is the name of a moon near Uranus.

Juno – A unique Latin name that means queen of heaven. It is also a star of the Venus constellation.


Kailani – A name of Hawaiian origin and means sea and sky.

Kamaria – This is a Swahili word which means moonlight. 

Kiana – With both Irish and Hawaiian origins and is an ancient variant of Kian.


Larissa – With both Greek and Russian origins meaning citadel. In mythology, Larissa was a nymph, while today it is the name of a moon in  Neptune.

Leilani – Of Hawaiian origin and means child of heaven, hevenly flowers.

Libra – This name means one who is tactful, fair, and well balanced. But for most, it is best known as a sign of the Zodiac.

Luna – An Italian name that was the Roman goddess of the moon. The word is derived from Latin and is associated with the phases of the moon.

Lyra – Derived from the word Lyre which is featured in the Greek mythology of Orpheus. It is also the name of the harp looking constellation in the northern hemisphere.


Nashira – An uncommon name and is the name of a giant star found in Capricorn.

Navi – A Hebrew name that means to name. It is also the nickname for the star Gamma Cassiopeiae.

Nikini – Of Sri Lankan origin and means full moon in August.

Noelani – Hawaiian in origin and means mist of heaven.

Norma – A name of English origin and means from the north. It is also the name given to a small constellation in the southern hemisphere.

Nova – A name of Latin roots and means new. In astronomical terms, nova is a star that suddenly grows in brightness before fading.

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Nuray – Of Turkish origin and means bright moon. It is one of the most popular names in the Middle East.


Pallas – A name of Greek origin and means wisdom.

Perdita – Latin in origin and means lost. The name was originally invented by Shakespear for an abandoned baby in The Winter’s Tale.

Polaris – This is the name given to a bright star that appears over the North pole. It is also known as the Pole Star or North Star.

Portia – This is the name given to a large moon of Uranus that was named after a character from Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice.


Rana – A name of Arabic origin and means queenly.

Rhea – Of Greek origin and means a flowing stream. Rhea was originally the name of the earth mother of all gods, it is also the name of the second-largest moon orbiting Saturn.

Roxana – A name of Persian origin and means dawn or little star.


Sasi – Of Thai origin and means moon.

Selena – A name of Latin origin and means moon goddess. It is a favorite name within the Latino community.

Seren – Of Welsh origin and means star.

Shaula – A star in Scorpio but its Arabic origins meaning raised tail.

Sidra – Of Latin origin and means like a star.

Starla – Of English origin and means star.

Starling – A creature that is found in every corner of the earth. The name is most famously associated with FBI agent Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs film and book.

Stella – Derived from Latin and translates to star. Sir Philip Sidney first used the name in his work Astrophel and Stella.

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Talitha – The name of two stars in Ursa Major.

Tarabai – Of Indian origin and means feminine star.

Thalassa – A name of Greek origin and means the sea. It is the name of one of the moons of Neptune that was discovered in 1989.

Themis – A name of Greek origin and means law of nature, divine law. Themis was the goddess of justice and order.


Undomiel – A literary name that means evening star.

Urania – This is the name of Zeus’s daughter, a Greek muse in charge of astronomy.

Ursa – A name of Latin origin and is the short form of Ursula and means little female bear.


Vega – Is the fifth brightest star in our solar system and is often referred to as the Harp Star. 

Vela – A name of Sanskrit origin and means shore or coast. But it is also a Southern sky constellation whose name in Latin means sail.

Vesper – Of Latin origin and means evening star. 


Yvaine – Female variation of Yvain or Scottish and means evening star.


Zaniah – An Arabic name that means corner. This is a triple star system in the constellation of Virgo.

Star And Constellation Baby Names For Boys

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Aerglo – This name is a simple variation of the word airglow which refers to the night sky’s natural glow resulting from the various reactions that occur in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Alioth – This name comes from Arabic roots and means fat tail of the sheep. Alioth is the brightest star in the Great Bear constellation, Ursa Major. It is famed for being a navigational star used by sailors in years gone by.

Altair – It can mean the flying one, soar, or bird. It is of Arabic origins but also has some Greek parts. Altair is in the Aquila constellation and is the 11h brightest star in the galaxy. 

Apollo – He was the son of Zeus and a principal deity in Greek mythology. In the U.S. Apollo is associated with the NASA space program between 1961 – 1972.

Archer – It is the name of the Sagittarius group of stars depicting a half man and half horse figure. The archer symbolizes strength and power.

Aries – The name comes from Latin and is pronounced as AYR-eez. It is a constellation of stars located in the northern hemisphere and is best known as the first sign of the zodiac – the Ram. In Greek mythology, the golden ram was a sacrifice to Zeus.

Aster – A name of Greek origin and means star.

Astrophel – This is a literary name meaning star lover. English poet Sir Phillip Sidney invented the name during the 16th century when he used the name for his work Astrophel and Stella.

Atlas – A name of Greek origin. He was a Greek Titan, condemned to hold up the heavens for eternity. In astronomy, Atlas is a triple star system belonging to Taurus.


Badar – Of Arabic origin and translates in English to full moon.


Castor – It comes from Greek and means pious one. Castor is one of the twins in the Gemini constellation and is a mythological name with a kick.

Cielo – An Italian name that translates to sky. This is not a common name in the U.S but does have some light fresh tones.

Columba – This constellation is named after the dove that warned and saved Noah from the flood.

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Comet – This is an English word for a cosmic body of ice and gas that travels through the galaxy. As it gets closer to the sun it begins to melt, releasing gas which sometimes causes a tail. It was also the name of one of Santas reindeer so it might be best kept as a name for a pet.

Cosmos – The name given to the whole universe as a whole and is also one of the more favored universe baby names.

Cupid – Comes from Latin and means to desire. Cupid is the famous Roman god of love, known for shooting arrows of love. It is also the name of one of Santas reindeer. It is also the name given to one of Uranus’ moons, which was first sighted in 2003.


Danica – A name of Slavic origin and means morning star.

Donati – A name of Latin origin and means given by God. Donati is the name of a long-period comet that was named after Italian astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati. It was first seen in 1858 and was the first comet ever photographed.

Draco – Of Greek origin and means dragon. It is the name of a constellation in the northern sky. But is probably better known as Harry Potters nemesis.


Elio – The name is derived from Spanish and Italian origins and is pronounced EH-lyoh. It is their version of the Greek sun god.


Finlay – A name of Irish roots and means fair-haired hero. It is also the name of the famous South African astronomer William Henry Finlay.


Galileo – An authentic Italian name that means from Galilee. Galileo is the name of the well known Renaissance astronomer and mathematician.

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Halcyon – Is of Greek origin and is from Greek mythology, Halcyone threw herself into the sea after the death of her husband and out of pity the gods turned them both into kingfishers or halycons. 

Hamal – This is an Arabic word that means lamb. Hamal is the brightest star in the Aries constellation.

Hercules – The name means warrior or hero but it is also the name of a star constellation. But for many people, the name is associated with the hit Disney film of the same name.

Hesperos – A name of Greek origin and is the personification of Venus. The name became well known following the poem by Longfellow.

Hoku – An Hawaiian word for star. 

Holmes – An English name meaning from the island in the river. The name is most recognizable as that of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. It is also the name of a periodic comet, traveling through our solar system.

Hunter – The constellation of Orion was personified as a brave and adventurous hunter in the famous epic Odyssey.

Hyperion – A name of Greek origin and means he who goes before the sun. The mythological Hyperion is the titan son of Uranus and Gais and the father of Helios, Selene and Eos.


Infinity – An American word name that means infinity.

Izar – A name of Basque origin and translates to star. The name was given to a binary star in the northern constellation of Bootes.


Janus – Of Greek origin and means gateway. Janus was an ancient Roman god who represented transitions and new beginnings. It is also the name of a moon belonging to Saturn.

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Kalani – Of Hawaiian origin and means sky.

Kepler – German in origin and is a favored surname in Germany. Kepler is pronounced as kep-luhr and was the name of a 17th-century polymath, Johannes Kepler unearthed the laws of planetary motion.

Kuiper – Means cooper and is of Dutch origin. It is pronounced ky-per and is often translated to Cooper in English speaking countries. Kuiper is the name of a small band of space rocks floating near Neptune and it is also the name of a famous astronomer called Gerald Kuiper. He founded the Lunar and Planetary Lab in Arizona.


Leo – A name of both Latin and German roots meaning lion. Most people associate Leo with an astrological star sign, and a northern constellation depicting a lion.

Lintang – This is a name of Indonesian origin and means star. 


Meteor – An English name that astronomers give to small metallic or rocky bodies that pass through the galaxy at great speed. Meteors are slightly smaller than asteroids.


Namid – A name of Native American roots and means star dancer. 

Nanna – Is the name of the moon god and the son of Enlil in Sumerian mythology.

Nash – The name of the well known Gamma Sagittari star located in the constellation of Sagittarius.

Neil – This name peaked in the 1950s. It became popular after Neil Armstrong the first man to walk on the surface of the moon.

Nova – Nova is the name of a bright star that keeps appearing and fading over a few months.

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Oberon – Of English origin and means noble or bearlike. Oberon is a character in Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The name also refers to a moon belonging to Uranus.

Orion – With Greek roots, Orion is famous for being the rising star. In Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter who pursued the daughters of Atlas and who was later slain by Artemis. Zeus placed him as the brightest constellation in the sky.


Perseus – Was a godly hero in Greek legends and is a prominent name in Greek mythology. Perseus was one of Zeus’s sons, one of his most famous victories was beheading the gorgon Medusa and then giving her head to Athena as a gift. In astronomy, Perseus is a constellation in the northern sky.

Phoenix – A name that comes from Greek mythology and means dark red. Phoenix is a minor constellation in the southern sky. But most people will associate the name with the mythical bird that rises from the ashes. It is a symbol of immortality.

Pollux – This is a Greek word that means crown. In Greek mythology Pollux was the name of Cator’s twin brother, making him the other twin in the Gemini constellation.


Qamar – An Arabic word for moon. Qamar is pronounced kah-mar.


Rasalas – A name with Arabic roots that translates as the northern star of the lion’s head.

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Regulus – With Latin origins and means prince. It is also the name of the brightest star in the Leo constellation and was used for a character in the Harry Potter series.

Rigel – An Arabic word that means foot. It is also the name of one of the brightest stars in the constellation of Orion.


Sabik – This name is derived from Arabic for one who comes first and it represents new beginnings. Sabik is also a star in Ophiuchus

Samson – Comes from Hebrew and means sun. According to Hebrew legends, Samson was a strong champion in Israel, who fought against the Philistines.

Sirius – The name is of Latin origin and signifies burning. This is another name that has featured in the Harry Potter series. But it is also the name of the brightest star in the galaxy.

Sol – Of Spanish origin and is the Spanish word for the sun and is pronounced sahl.


Taurus – A name of Latin origin and means bull. Taurus is a constellation found in the northern hemisphere and is also the sign of the zodiac.

Titan – A Greek mythology name that means leader. The name comes from the Titans and is a band of powerful, immortal giants. It is also the name of the largest moon of Saturn.


West – This is an English word name. It is a common surname but is still rare as a first name.

Wolf – A common Native American name. In astronomy, Wolf is a type of rare star that emits scorching gasses.


Zenith – An English word for the highest or crowning point. Zenith represents the point of the celestial sphere that’s directly above an observer on earth.

Galaxy, Planet And Celestial Bodies Baby Names For Girls

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Aina – A name of the Irish goddess associated with the sun. The name belonged to the queen of the Munster fairies. You can also find it throughout Irish folklore as the Celtic goddess of prosperity and summer.

Alcmene – A Latin form of the Greek name Alkmene and means might of the moon.

Amaris – A name with origins in Old Irish and Hebrew. Meaning child of the moon in Old Irish and given by God in Hebrew.

Arianrhod – A name with Welsh origin and is popular in Welsh mythology. It is associated with the moon.

Arpina – The name means the rising of the sun.

Astrid – Of Scandinavian origin and means gorgeous goddess. It is used by the Swedish microsatellites for studying various features in space.

Aylin – With Turkish origin and means moon halo. It would make a great choice for those parents with Turkish heritage.

Aysu – Another name with Turkish origin and means moon water.

Aysun – Turkish origin and means beautiful as the moon. The variation is Aisun.


Callisto – The third-largest moon in the universe. The name is inspired by a nymph who fell in love with Zeus in Greek mythology.

Carina – Is the name of the constellation that contains Canopus, which is the second brightest star in the sky.

Cassini – The name refers to the gap in Saturn’s rings which is known as Cassini’s division. This is one of the favored space inspired baby names.

Chara – Meaning joy, Chara is also the name of one of the stars in a constellation that is known to represent the hunting dogs. It is also believed that the star Chara hosts extraterrestrial life.

Crescent – This is an English word that refers to the shape of the moon.

Cynthia – A name of Greek origin and means from Kinthos. Cynthia is also the title of the moon goddess.


Diana – A name of Greek origin and means divine. Originally it was a contraction of ‘Diviana’. Diana is a Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt.

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Gaia – The name means mother earth and it was named after our earth. It would be the perfect baby name for any green parents.


Hala – Of Arabic origin and means moon halo.

Helia – A name of Greek origin and means sun.


Indu – The name originates from Hindi and means moon.


Jaci – A name of Native American origin meaning moon.


Leda – The name of the moon of Jupiter and it was also the name of one of Zeus’s lovers.

Lucine – A name of Armenian origin and means moon. 


Maha – An Arabic name that means moon. It is also considered a nickname for Mahdokht which is a Persian name meaning daughter of the moon.

Mahina – A Hawaiian name meaning moonlight.

Mahtab – Of Arabic origin and means moonlight.

Maia – The name of a blue giant star in the Taurus constellation.

Meissa – Is a star in Orion.

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Miranda – This is the name of the smallest of all the major moons of the planet Uranus.

Mona – A name with origins in both Arabic and English. In Arabic, it means desires, wishes and in English it means moon.

Moon – A word name that refers to the moon, Earth’s only natural satellite.


Neoma – A rare variant of Noami and means new moon. 

Nevaeh – This name was created by spelling Heaven backward and was extremely popular but is not so anymore.

Nokomis – A Native American name meaning daughter of the moon.


Ophelia – This is the name given to a tiny moon in Uranus. The moon was named after a character in William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet.


Pandora – The name of the moon of Saturn. It is named after the first woman endowed with gifts of gods in Greek mythology. Pandora’s box contained all the evils of the world.

Phoebe – A name with many different associations. It was the name of the outermost moon of Saturn for nearly 100 years. It was also the name of the Goddess of the moon and the mother of Leto in Greek mythology. The name means bright, radiant, and prophetic. Of course, it is best known as the name of the eccentric character Phoebe from one of the most famous sitcoms Friends.

Portia – This is the name of one of the moons of Uranus. The name came from the female protagonist in the play The Merchant of Venice, who disguises herself as a man to defend her husband Antonio in court.


Rosalind – In Spanish it means beautiful rose. But it is also the name given to one of the moons of Uranus which was discovered in 1986.

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Soleil – A name of French origin and means sun.

Solstice – Of English origin and means the position of the sun. Solstice is the name given to the two times of the year when the sun’s apparent position in the sky is at the northernmost or southernmost extremes.

Solveig – With Scandinavian origins and meaning daughter of the sun. This is a name that has rarely crossed the shores into the US.


Thebe – An uncommon and unique name, it refers to the red colored inner satellite that is seen on the planet Jupiter.

Titania – This name refers to the largest moon of the planet Uranus.


Venus – Stems from Latin. Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty. The Roman equivalent of Aphrodite. It is also the second planet from the sun.

Vesta – There is a Temple of Vesta in Rome and Vesta was also the Roman goddess of the hearth.


Zelenia – A variation of the name Selena.  It has Greek origins and means the moon.

Galaxy, Planet And Celestial Bodies Baby Names For Boys


Aelius – Derived from the Greek word meaning sun. It was also the family name of the Roman emperor Hadrian. 

Aibek – A combination of the Turkish words aye and beg which means the master of the moon.

Aku – A name from Babylonian mythology for the Moon God. It also has its origin in Finnish meaning revered or exalted.

Arche – This is the name given to the moon that orbits around the planet Jupiter.

Astennu – A name of Egyptian origin and means God of the moon. It was the most popular name in 1971.

Aten – The name of a group of asteroids.

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Badru – A name of Egyptian origin and means born during the full moon.

Blaze – Of English origin and means flame. This name has strong associations with the sun.


Chan – The name comes from the Sanskrit word Chand which means moon. It also has origins in both Spanish and Chinese languages.


Deimos – Is the name of one of the many moons on the planet Mars.


Eos – Eos is the family name given to a group of asteroids.


Hang – A Vietnamese name that means moon

Hilal – A name of Arabic origin and means new crescent moon.


Iah – From Egyptian mythology, Iah was the name of the moon god, who was later identified as Thoth.

Ilkay – A name of Turkish origin and means first moon. The name is made up of the elements ‘ilk’ meaning first and ‘ay’ meaning moon.

Io – This is the name of the most volcanic moon in the solar system.

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Jericho – A name of Arabic origin and means the city of moons.

Jupiter – The name of the chief Roman god, the equivalent to Zeus in Greek mythology. Jupiter is the name of the fifth planet from the sun. 


Kale – A version of the name Charles and comes from the Old English word ‘ceorl’ meaning free man. Kale is the name of one of the moons orbiting Jupiter.

Koray – A name of Turkish origin and means ember moon.


Mahruk – A name of African origin and means face of the moon.

Maramma – From Polynesian mythology, Maramma is the name of the moon god. It is also the Maori word for the moon.

Mars – A name that honors the Roman god of war from mythology.

Mayank – A popular Hindi name for the moon. It refers to an individual who is calm and serene like the moon.

Mercury – This is the name of the planet that is closest to the sun and is named after the Roman god of the message.

Meztli – A Nahuatl name for the moon.

Muraco – A name of American origin and means white moon.


Neptune – In astrology, it is the seventh planet from the sun. This makes it one of the coldest planets in our solar system. In Roman mythology, Neptune was the famed god of the sea and earthquakes. He is the Roman version of Poseidon.

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Pallas – Another name for a family of asteroids.

Phoebus – An alternative for Apollo.

Pluto – It comes from ancient Greece and means rich. In Roman mythology, he is the god of the underworld. In astronomy, Pluto is the name of a planet in the Kuiper belt. It was discovered in 1930 and was considered the ninth planet. However, Pluto has been reclassified as a dwarf planet.

Proteus – This is the name given to one of Neptune’s moons.

Pulan – A name of Chamorro origin and means moon.

Purnama – The name originates in the Javanese language and means full moon. Purnama was once a prominent name in Indonesia and India.


Saros – It comes from the term Saros Cycle which is a period where eclipses repeat themselves.

Saturn – In Roman mythology, he was the god of agriculture. Saturn is also the name of the sixth planet in the solar system.

Sky – A name of Scandinavian origin and means atmosphere seen from Earth.

Starr – Of American origin and means star.


Themis – A name of Greek origin and means law of nature or divine law. In astronomy, Themis refers to a group of asteroids.

Thule – This is the name given to the large asteroid discovered in 1888.

Triton – The name given to the moon orbiting Neptune.

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Vulcan – This is the name of a hypothetical planet that was debated by scientists in 1915. 

The Final Thought

There is such a vast wealth of names from many different languages and cultures that are associated with space, planets, and the galaxy it would be very difficult for you to not find a suitable name.

I hope that our vast list has given you some great options and inspiration. If not, keep searching the stars!