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50+ Names That Mean Poet for Boys and Girls

Many parents are looking for names that are both unique and have beautiful meanings. Finding a name that has a link to poetry may give you the chance to express your love of all things lyrical.

There are many names that mean poet, some directly mean poet while others are indirectly related to poets. We have put together some of our favorite names that are poet related or inspired.

Here is our list of 50+ names to inspire your choice for the perfect name for your little one.

Poetic Names For Girls

Allegra – A name of Italian origin and means cheerful. the name was given by Lord Byron to his daughter and is now associated with a musical term, Allegro.

Amanda – English in origin and means worthy of being loved.  This is an almost poetic meaning for a name.

Amaryllis – Of Greek origin and means sparkling. It was used by poets to depict a country girl.

angelica – Means like an angel and is of Latin origin. 

Anthea – A name of Greek origin and means lady of flowers. It was also one of the names of the Greek goddess, Hera.

Apollonia – Latin origin and means belonging to Apollo. Apollo was the god of light, music, and poetry.

Bedelia – Of Celtic origin and means strength. This is a variation of Brighid and she was the Celtic goddess of Poetry and fire.

Calliope – A name of Greek origin and means beautiful voice. She was also a mythological muse for epic poetry.

Ceridwen – This name is a merger between Cerdd meaning poetry and Gwen meaning fair. Ceridwen was the Welsh goddess of poetic inspiration.

Clio – Of Greek origin and means celebrate.


Dymphna – Gaelic origin and means little poet.

Eavan – Meaning fair radiance and of Irish origin. This is also the name of Irish poet Eavan Boland.

Edda – A name of Norse origin and means poetry.

Edith – English in origin and means happy warfare. Famous British poet Dame Edith Sitwell shared the name.

Erato – Of Greek origin and was the mythological muse of poetry.

Evangeline – Means bringer of good news and is of Greek origin.

Jane – A Hebrew origin and means Yahweh is gracious/merciful. It is also the name of the mother of author and poet Oscar Wilde, Jane Wilde.

Leighanna – Means gracious or poetic and is of English origin.

Lirit – Of Hebrew origin and means poetic.

Lirita – Hebrew in origin is another form of Lirit meaning poetic.

Lucasta – A name of English origin and is a fictional name. It was first used by British poet, Richard Lovelace in a poem of the same name.

Marilis – Greek in origin and is a poetic allusion to country girl.

Naazima – Of Arabic origin and means poetess or matron.

Rawiyah – Means one who transmits old Arabic poetry and is of Arabic origin.

Sha’ira – A name of Arabic origin and means poetess.

Terpsichore – Greek in origin and she was a mythological muse for dancers and lyric poets.

Thi – Of Vietnamese origin and means poetry.

Thy – This is a variant of Thi, Vietnamese origin, and means poetry.

Williamina – A name of German origin and this feminine version of William so ties back to the famous poets such s William Wordsworth and William Shakespear.

Poetic Names For Boys

Accius – A name of Roman origin and was the name of a poet in the Roman empire.

Aeschylus – Of Latin origin and was the name of a poet in ancient Athens.

Boy in spectacles and suit lying on a floor

Albion – Irish in origin and means white cliffs. It is an old name that the Irish had for Britain.

Alcaeus – The name of a Greek poet and is of Latin origin.

Baird – A name of Scottish origin and is the name of an ancient Celtic singer and poet.

Banjo – English in origin and was the name adopted by a popular Australian poet – Banjo Patterson.

Bill – Of German origin and a diminutive form of William. This is a name that has been shared by many famous poets such as William Wordsworth and William Shakespeare just to mention two.

Bragi – A name of Scandanavian origin and is the Norse god of poetry.

Byron – This was the family name of the British noble and poet Lord Byron. The name is of English origin.

Caedmon – The name of the earliest recorded English poet and is of Anglo Saxon origin.

Callimarhlls – Of Latin origin and means name of a poet.

Dantae – Italian in origin and means enduring. It was also the name of the poet Dante Alighieri.

Devan – With origins in both Celtic and Gaelic, the name means poet or writer of poetry.

Dylan – The name of one of the most famous Welsh poets – Dylan Thomas. The name means son of the wave or born near the sea.

Edgar – A name of English origin and means wealthy man holding a spear. It was also the name of the famous poet Edgar Allen Poe.

Erin – Gaelic in origin and means peace. 

Ezra – Of Hebrew origin and means helper. It was also the name of the famous poet Ezra Pound.

Gerrard – Means bold spear and is of English origin. It was the name of the famous British poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins.

Homer – A name of Greek origin and means security. Homer is one of the most popular ancient Greek poets and he famously wrote The Iliad and The Odyssey.

Joaquin – This is a shortening of the Hebrew name Jehoiachin and means Jehovah has established. Famous namesakes include explorer and poet Joaquin Miller.

Kavi – Of Indian origin and means a wise man or poet.

Nagachandra – A name of Indian origin and was the name of a 12th century Kannada poet.

Patrick – Of Latin origin and means nobleman. It is also the name of Irish poet Patrick Kavanagh.

Riordan – Celtic in origin and means king’s poet or royal poet.

Seamus – Means supplanter or philosopher and is of Irish and Gaelic origin. It is also the name of an Irish poet Seamus Heaney.

Taliesin – The name of a 6th-century poet and is of Welsh origin.

Valmiki – A name of Indian origin and means name of a poet.

The Final Thought

That’s the end of our list and there are some great choices for beautiful and unique names. Many have deep connections with famous poets and lyricists so choosing the perfect name for your little one should be easy.