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100+ Names That Mean Death – Male and Female With Meanings

Many people may think that it is somewhat unkind to give your child a name that is associated with death, darkness, and destruction. But what we forget is that many of those names are often inspired by powerful people, places, and events.

100+ Names That Mean Death - Male and Female With Meanings

So why not try to capture the immensely strong spirit of your little one by giving them a name that has a dark edge and will most definitely set them apart from the Olivia’s and Noah’s of the world.

Here are our favorite dark and deadly names for you to consider for your little bundle of trouble.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Death

Abiba – A name of African origin and means the first child born after the death of a grandmother.

Achlys – Greek in origin and means darkness.

Adaliah – Means one that draws water poverty cloud death and is of Israeli origin.

Adrienne – Of Latin origin and means the dark one.

Angerona – A name from Roman mythology, she was the Roman goddess of the winter solstice, death, and silence.

Atropos – From Greek Mythology it means inevitable and inflexible. Atropos would choose the manner of death and then cut the person’s life thread.

Bacia – Means family deaths ruined the house, of Ugandan origin.

Bashemath – Israeli in origin and means confusion of death.

Clotho – In Greek mythology Clotho was responsible for spinning the thread of life.

Dabria – Of English origin and means an angel of death.

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Desdemona – A name made famous by Shakespeare’s play Othello. The name is of Greek origin and means from the devil and is associated with misery and terrible luck.

Deyanira – This name hails from the epic tragedies of Greek mythologies, her name translates to man destroyer.

Ereshkigal – Means lady of the great earth. In Sumerian mythology, she was the goddess of death and the underworld.

Ernaline – Both Celtic and Norwegian origin and means capable or serious or battle to the death.

Freyja – Means a name given to the lady of love, beauty, and death. Is of both Norse and Scandinavian origin.

Hecate – In Greek mythology, she was a goddess associated with witchcraft, crossroads, tombs, demons, and the underworld.

Ilamatecuhtil – Aztec in origin and means Aztec fertility and death goddess.

Keket – Of Egyptian origin and means goddess of darkness.

Khaalida – A name of Arabic origin and means deathless or immortal.

Kritanta – Indian in origin and means god of death.

Lachesis – Means apportioner and she was responsible for deciding how long each person had to live.

Libitina – From Roman mythology and is the Roman goddess of funerals and death.

Loralai – Loralai is the name of the siren of German legends, who sat on the rock and lured sailors to their deaths.

Loreley – Of German origin and means a song of the beautiful woman that leads man to death.

Louhi – In Finnish mythology, Louhi was another name of the death goddess Loviatar.

Mara – Derived from the Hebrew Marah which means bitterness or sorrow. In Swedish Mara means nightmare and in Sanskrit it means death.

Marah – A variant of Mara and is of Israeli origin.

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Marama – Means moon in Maori. In Maori and Polynesian mythology she was the goddess of the moon and death.

Morana – A name of Slavic origin and means a goddess of winter and death.

Morrigan – Irish in origin and means a great emperor queen or the goddess of death and war.

Naenia – The name means incantation, dirge in Latin. It was also the name of the Roman goddess of funerals.

Nephthys – This was the name of an Egyptian goddess associated with the air, death, and mourning. She was also the wife of the desert god Seth.

Omisha – Means spirit of birth and death and is of Hindi origin. 

Persefoni – From the Old Greek and means bringer of death. It is of Greek origin.

Tanda – A name of Native American origin and means the seer of life and death.

Thana – Means death and comes from Arabic origins.

Valdis – Derived from the Old Norse valr meaning the dead and dis meaning goddess.

Baby Boy Names That Mean Death

Achmetha – A name of Israeli origin and means brother of death.

Aeron – You may be led to believe that this name means berry, which is true, but it also comes from the ancient Celtic goddess of battle and slaughter.

Andulbaith – Of Arabic and Urdu origin and means servant of resurrecting or slave of one who raises death.

Ahimoth – Israeli in origin and means brother of death.

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Ajal – A name of Arabic origin and means specified term or period, an hour of death; death; fate or destiny.

Amara – The name has a variety of origins such as African, German, Indian, and more. Amara means immortal being; one who is blessed without end or death; blessed with eternal life; Grace or bitterness.

Anpu – Anpu is of unknown origin and means they are God of death.

Arius – Means deathless or the name of a settlement and is of Greek origin.

Athanasius – Of Ancient Greek origin and means immortal, or death.

Azrail – A name of Hebrew and Israeli origin and means the angel of death.

Azvameth – Israeli in origin and means strong death.

Baladan – Of Israeli origin and means the son of death.

Berodach – Means the son of death and is of Israeli origin.

Bram – Although the name means father of multitudes it is on this list because of its association with the gothic and in particular Bram Stokers Dracula.

Bhishak – Of Indian origin and means the healer; Vishnu; who cures the disease of birth and death cycles.

Cain – A biblical character who killed his brother making him known as the first murderer.

Charon – In Greek mythology, Charon was the operator of the ferry that brought the newly dead over the River Acheron into Hades.

Claeg – English in origin and means one who is subjected to death; mortal.

Clay – Of both English and German origin meaning mortal; one who is subjected to death.

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Dearil – A name of German and Scottish origin meaning call of death; red-haired.

Ernesh – Means sincere; battle of the death; determined; honest and is of Indian origin.

Erysichthon – Of Greek origin and means someone who has been cursed with an insatiable hunger which finally leads to his death.

Gifflet – English in origin and according to one Arthurian legend Gifflet throws the Excalibur sword into the lake after King Arthur’s death.

Hades – In Greek mythology, Hades was the dark god of the underworld.

Hazarmaveth – Means dwelling of death and is of Israeli origin.

Janardan – A name of Indian origin and means liberator from the cycle of birth and death.

Javaraya – Means god of death and is of Indian origin.

Jeevak – Of Indian origin and refers to the period of time from the present until death.

Jeremoth – A name of Israeli origin and means one that fears death.

Jerimoth – Of Israeli origin and means he that fears or rejects death.

Kalabhiti – Indian in origin and means of whom death is afraid; long-lived; immortal; eternal or forever.

Kalakuta – A name of Sanskrit origin and means potion of death.

Kalaraja – Sanskrit in origin and means lord of death.

Kalayavan – Means as horrible as death and is of Indian origin.

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Kaliya – Of Indian origin and means of death or of time.

Kek – A name of Egyptian origin and means god of darkness.

Kenelm – English in origin and means man of the elmwood.

Kritanta – Of Indian origin and means god of death.

Lawliet – Japanese origin and denotes a character in the Japanese series Death Note.

Mabuz – Means ruler of death castle and is of Scottish origin.

Menahem – A name of Yiddish origin and means one who consoles; the name was given to a child born after the death of an older sibling.

Meremoth – Israeli in origin and means bitterness myrrh of death.

Methusael – Means he who demands his death and is of Israeli origin.

Methuselah – Biblical origin and means to bring death.

Morte – French in origin and means dead.

Mot – Semitic Mythology in origin and means death in Ugaritic.

Mrithun – Of Indian origin and means made of Earth, lord of death.

Mritunjay – A name of Indian origin and means once who can conquer death or victory over death.

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Mritunjoy – Sanskrit in origin and means one who wins over the death.

Mrityuanjaya – Means is victorious over death and is of Sanskrit origin.

Mrityunjai – Of Sanskrit origin and means the one who has never been defeated by death.

Nirnasha – A name of Indian origin and means one who can never die or deathless.

Odon – Hungarian in origin and means the person of enduring fame, not subject to death and who is the personification of a force.

Osiris – In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was the god of the dead and the judge of the underworld.

Rashn – Modern Persian form of Avestan Rashnu meaning justice. in Zoroastrianism, this was the name of a Yazata who judged the souls of the dead.

Runihara – Means destroyer and is of Egyptian origin.

Samael – According to Jewish myth, Samael is a fallen angel. He is actually better known as the Grim Reaper.

Sephtis – Of Persian origin and means eternal death.

Than – Greek in origin and means death.

Thanatos – Means he who brings death and is of Greek origin.

Tuwile – Of African and Kenyan origin meaning death is invincible.

Vladimir – Although the name means great ruler, the name is forever associated with a vampire.

Wolfe – English in origin and means wolf or deadly beast.

Yama – Means twin in Sanskrit but is also the name of the Hindu god of death.

Yamajit – A name of Indian origin and means one of the many names of Lord Shiva signifying him as the conqueror of death.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our list of deathly names for your newborn. If you are on the lookout for a bleak and dark name for your little one then I am sure we have provided you with plenty of inspiration.