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45 Baby Names That Mean Traveler or Wanderer

Visiting different countries can be invaluable and for those parents who want to instill in their children this sense of worldliness may be looking for a name that expresses this want to travel.

That’s why they may look for baby names that mean traveler or wanderer. Fortunately, there are plenty of great names for them to choose from all that carry either of those meanings. 

Names That Mean Traveler

There are many names for both boys and girls that can be associated with traveling as it has become very fashionable to use country names for actual names.

But we have given you names that actually mean traveler. They range from traditional in many cultures to very unique, take a look, and see if there are any that take your fancy.

Boys Names

Charaka – Has Indian origins. It means ‘vagabond’ or ‘traveler.’

Emin – Emin Pasha of Germany is known as one of the greatest adventurers of the Ottoman Empire.

Faramund – Arabic origins and means protector of travelers.

Ferdinand – With Spanish origins and meaning ‘journey.’

Kymani – Eastern African in origin and means adventurous traveler.

Nerio – Greek origins and means ‘sea traveler.’

Nestor – Origins in Greek and means homecoming, traveler, or voyager.

Peregrine – Of Latin origin and means ‘traveler.’

Romer – German origin and means ‘pilgrim.’

Somerled – Scandanavian origin and means ‘summer traveler.’

Tripp – With its origins in English and it means ‘a journey.’

Vettel – Norwegian origins and means ‘winter traveler.’

Girls Names

Asra – Arabic origins and means ‘travel at night.’

Barbara – With English origins and means ‘a traveler from a foreign land.’

Beatrix – With origins in German, Hungarian, Dutch, English, and Late Roman and means ‘voyager’ or ‘traveler.’

Fernanda – Spanish origins and means ‘journey.’

Gypsy – Of English origins and means ‘bohemian traveler.’

Njeri – Eastern African origins and means ‘traveling one.’

Peregrina – Latin origins and means ‘pilgrim’ or ‘traveler.’

Saira – With Urdu origins and means ‘traveler.’

Sojourner – This name has its roots in Sojourner Truth, the African American women’s rights activist. This name means a ‘traveler.’

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Names That Mean Wanderer

The word wanderer is not a compliment and doesn’t have great associations. But there are some great names that have this meaning and they come from many different origins. You’re sure to find one that suits you.

Boys Names

Arvad – Hebrew origin and means ‘wanderer.’

Doran – Of Irish origin and means ‘wanderer.’

Faron – English origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Gipsy – English origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Igashu – Native American in origin and means ‘wanderer’ or ‘seeker.’

Lokachari – Sanskrit origins and means the ‘wanderer over there.’

Noah – Hebrew origins and means ‘wandering.’

Polo – Tibetan origin and means ‘brave wanderer.’

Rover – English origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Scott – Scottish origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Stian – Of Norse origins and meaning ‘wanderer.’

Stig – Ancient Scandanavian origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Tarka – It is a literary name and means ‘wandering like water.’

Wendel – With Dutch and German origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Zulan – Zulu origins and means the ‘wanderer.’

Girls Names

Alissa – Phoenician origin and means ‘virgin’ and ‘wanderer.’

Deedra – with American origins and means ‘sorrowful’ or ‘wanderer.’

Elissa – With Greek origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Gitana – Spanish origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Lawanda – American origins and means ‘little wanderer.’

Peregrine – With Latin origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Traviata – Italian in origin and means ‘wanderer.’

Vanda – With both German and Spanish origins and means ‘wanderer.’

Wanda – German origins and means ‘wanderer.’

The Final Thought

We have provided a great list of names that mean traveler or wanderer. These names range from unique to more traditional and you’re sure to find a baby name that means wanderer or traveler that is perfect for your little one.