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Names That Mean Rabbit, Bunny, or Easter

When you think of rabbits, bunnies, and Easter, your mind pictures cute parades, Easter eggs, and all things cute, fluffy, and pure.

So, of course, you’d want your child’s name to mean any or all of these things. We’re going to look at some of the best baby names that have these meanings.

Names That Mean Rabbit, Bunny, or Easter

Names That Mean Rabbit/Bunny

Rabbits are cute and fluffy and are widely associated with spring and new beginnings. This is why they are the perfect names for a baby.

Here are some of the best names we have found that mean rabbit. 

Boys Names

Arledge – English origin that means ‘dweller at the rabbit lake’.

Bunny – With Indian origins and meaning ‘cute little rabbit’.

Coello – Galician origins and meaning ‘rabbit’.

Hare – English origin and meaning ‘rabbit’.

Leveret – With French origins and meaning ‘young rabbit’.

Shash – Indian origin and meaning ‘hare’ or ‘rabbit’.

Sikyatavo – Native American origin meaning ‘yellow rabbit’.

Usagi – Japanese origin meaning rabbit. It is pronounced as OO-SA-GYEE

Girls Names

Arley – with English origins and meaning ‘from the rabbit meadow’.

Buffy – American origins and meaning ‘little rabbit’.

Bunny – With origins in both American and English meaning ‘little rabbit’.

Coella – Galacian origins meaning ‘rabbit’.

Lulu – With Native American origins and meaning ‘rabbit’.

Muyal – Indian origins and meaning ‘rabbit’.

Rabbit – American origins meaning ‘a rabbit’.

baby easter

Names That Mean Easter

There aren’t very many names that have the literal meaning of ‘easter’. But there are many names that are associated with the celebration and that time of year. Here are some of our favorites.

Boys Names

Ash – Ash Wednesday is the feast that signifies the start of Lent and is held while preparing for Easter.

Bunny – This is more of a common name and means ‘baby rabbit.’

Birch– This name has close connections with the Easter traditions. Making it perfect for an Easter themed name.

Caldwell – It is English in origin and means ‘cold spring’.

Joseph – It is a spiritual name that means ‘increase’ but is very much inspired by the Easter story.

Jesus – A very common Easter name and is used in many Latin American cultures. It is a very religious Easter-themed baby name.

Nicodemus – This is the name of the Pharisee who helped prepare Jesus for burial.

Pascal – derived from the Latin paschalis and means ‘relating to Easter’.

Girls Names

April – This is a cute Easter baby name and means ‘opening’.

Acacia – This is the name of a plant that means ‘immortality’ and ‘revivification’, which are both important themes of Easter.

Anastasia – This name comes from the word ‘anastasis’ which means revival and is therefore the perfect Easter inspired baby name.

Bethany – This is the name of a town that is situated very near to Jesus’ rise to heaven.

Easter – With origins in both English and German. It’s a name that has been used for several hundred years but is now rarely used as a name and is now associated with the holiday of the same name. But the meaning of this name is actually ‘Goddess of Fertility’ or ‘spring’.

Evangeline – It means ‘good news’ and is a name that is both holy and cheerful.

Oona – This is an Irish variant fo the name Una which means ‘lamb’.

Tazia – This has Italian origins and is a form of Anastasia which means ‘one who will be reborn’.

The Final Thought

Baby-names that are associated with Easter and spring come with expectations of new beginnings, fresh starts, and hope.

There is no wonder that people wish to name their children after such occasions. So, why not give your beautiful spring baby an inspiring and uplifting name!