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101 Cute Nicknames For Robert

Do you have a friend or relative called Robert and you want to find a nickname for him? But you also want to step away from the very traditional nicknames of Bob or Bobby.

In this article, we have put together some of the most popular nicknames for Robert, some are traditional and there are other less common ones. 

But first of all, let’s take a quick look at where the name Robert comes from and its meaning.

The Meaning Of Robert

Robert is a boy’s name of both German and English origin and means bright fame.

The name Robert was derived from the ancient Germanic name Hrodebert and is made of the elements hrod meaning fame and bertha meaning bright.

Robert was first introduced to Britain by the Normans, which replaced the Old English equivalent Hreodbeorht.

Robert was in the top 25 names for an entire century, ensuring that it solidified its true classic status. Although its popularity has wained as it is considered a less than a stylish name, it is still widely used as a family name.

The nicknames that come from Robert such as Bob and Bobby, are also classic and many would say are even stuck in the past. But there are some nicknames for Robert that are considered more modern and some that are even considered cute.

Popular Nicknames For Robert

Robert is a classic name that has been in the top 25 names for over a century. 

  1. Bert
  2. Bertie
  3. Beto
  4. Bob
  5. Bobby
  6. Nob
  7. Obert
  8. Rab
  9. Rabbie
  10. Raby
  11. Robbie
  12. Rip
  13. Ro
  14. Rob
  15. Robb
  16. Robt
  17. Robbert
  18. Roberti
  19. Robertus
  20. Roberto
  21. Roberta
  22. Robbies
  23. Robeson
  24. Robi
  25. Robbie
  26. Robby
  27. Robin

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Funny Nicknames For Robert

Here we have some funny interpretations of the name Robert. Nicknames are often subjective and personal so they re a chance to express your personal relationship with the person or an experience you have shared.

  1. Billy Bob
  2. Bob the builder
  3. Bob Marley
  4. Bobbert
  5. Bobert
  6. Bobel head
  7. Bobbit
  8. Bobo
  9. Bobolink – like the bird
  10. Boob
  11. Booby
  12. Bubba
  13. Dob
  14. Dobby – A reference to the house-elf in the Harry Potter Series
  15. Dobbin
  16. Hob
  17. No Woman, No Cry – A reference to the hit single by Bob Marley “No Woman, No Cry”.
  18. Rabbit
  19. Rocky
  20. Roe
  21. Reboot
  22. Riobard
  23. Robbercik
  24. Robban
  25. Robbyboby
  26. Roberta
  27. Robetina
  28. Robertine
  29. Ricky-Bobby
  30. Roopertti
  31. Ropke
  32. Rotbtyht
  33. Rovertos
  34. Ruby
  35. Ruppretta
  36. Ruprette
  37. Scmobert
  38. Roboboo
  39. Robber
  40. Robster
  41. Robby the Nobby
  42. Schobert
  43. Sponge BOB – After the cartoon character, sponge bob square pants.
  44. Trebor – Robert spelled backward.

Famous People Named Robert

It will not surprise you that a name that spent almost a century in the top 25 has some notable name bearers. Here are some of those famous Roberts from past and present.

  • Robert I and II – Kings of France.
  • Robert I – Duke of Normandy and father of William the Conqueror.
  • Robert the Bruce – King of Scotland.
  • Robert Downey Jr. – American actor famous for his role as Iron Man in the Marvel films.
  • Robert Redford – American actor.
  • Robert Mueller – American attorney and the 6th director of the FBI.
  • Robert Pattinson – British actor famous for his role as the vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight series.
  • Robert Edward Howard – Famous Pulp Fiction writer and poet. He was also the creator of Conan the Barbarian.

This is just a small example of those famous people called Robert, there are plenty more to be found.

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Why Is Bob A Nickname For Robert

One of the most common and well-known nicknames for Robert is Bob. But how did this come about? 

The most plausible explanation is that it is a hypocorism, this is a pet name, nickname, or term of endearment of Rob, which is short for Robert.

These kinds of rhyming names were popular in the middle ages and so Robert became Rob, Hob, Dob, Nob, or Bob.

International Variations of Robert

Our world is made up of hundreds and thousands of different languages. so it is not surprising that there are quite a few variations of the name Robert from these different languages.

These are also some great options for unusual nicknames too. Here are a few that we liked and their language of origin.

  1. Boris – Bulgarian
  2. Hob – Medieval English
  3. Hopcyn – Welsh
  4. Hrodebert – Old High German
  5. Raivo – Estonian
  6. Raibeart – Scottish
  7. Rhobert – Welsh
  8. Robban – Swedish
  9. Robbercik – Polish
  10. Robrecht – Old Dutch
  11. Robere – Old French
  12. Robertinho – Portuguese
  13. Robertino – Italian
  14. Roberto – Spanish
  15. Robertus – Latin
  16. Robi – Hungarian, Croatian, Romanian, Serbian
  17. Robinet – French
  18. Robus – Means little Robert in Polish
  19. Roibeard – Irish
  20. Riobard
  21. Rodbeart
  22. Roopertti – Finnish
  23. Ropke – Low German
  24. Rotbtyht – Old English
  25. Rotebert – Germanic
  26. Rovertos – Greek
  27. Rubert – Old Dutch
  28. Rudebert
  29. Rudebet
  30. Rupert – Dutch, German

The Final Thought

There are plenty of options for nicknames for Robert available. They range from cute to the more traditional Bob. But nicknames also tend to be very personal and usually are the result of a story or event that you have been involved in.

They often reflect the depth of your friendship or relationship with that person. With this in mind, you may have some less common nicknames for Robert’s in your life.