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105 Unique Aztec Names for Boys and Girls

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Aztec culture was built on a diverse mix of both ethnicity and tribes. But it was very much dominated by the Mexicas who are the indigenous people of Mexico.

These names are derived from the language of the Aztec people called Nahuatl, which means these names are often called Nahuatl names.

We have put together some of our favorite Aztec names along with their meanings to show you the diversity of the language. 

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Aztec Names for Girls

One of the traditions of the Aztecs was to name their daughters after one of the many goddesses that they worshipped. Their names were also inspired by the marvels of the universe and nature.

Another tradition of the Aztecs was to name their daughters in the order of their birth such as a younger daughter or older sister.


Aceuecucyoticihuati – This is the name of the Aztec goddess of the ocean.

Ahuic – This was the name of the Aztec goddess of the running water in rivers, streams, and waves.

Amoxtli – An Aztec name that means ‘book.’

Anacaona – It means ‘golden flower’ and can also be shortened to Ana. It’s pronounced ahh-nuh-cuh-oo-na.

Apozanolotl – This is the name that’s derived from deities. It was the name of the Aztec goddess of purity.

Atlacoya – This was the name of the Aztec goddess of drought.

Atlatonin – This was the name of the Aztec mother goddess and shows a powerful image of a woman.

Atzi – This name is inspired by the rain and is a short and snappy Aztec name.

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Chalchihuitlcue – This means ‘she of the robe of green jewels.’

Chalmecacihuilt – It’s the name of the Aztec goddess of the underworld.

Chantico – This name means ‘she who dwells in the house.’

Chicomecoatl – The means ‘seven snakes.’

Chiconahui – This is the name of the Aztec hearth goddess.

Chimalma – This name means ‘shield-bearer.’

Chipahua – An Aztec name that means ‘clean.’

Cihuaton – A name that’s Aztec in origin and means ‘little women.’

Citlalic – An Aztec name that means ‘rising star.’

Citlalicue – This name means ‘star garment.’


Etapalli – A name of Aztec origin and means ‘wing.’

Eztli – An Aztec name meaning ‘blood.’ It’s a name that can be used for either boys or girls.


Huixtocihuatl – This is an Aztec name that comes from the Aztec goddess of fertility.


Itzpapalotl – A name of Aztec origin. It’s a warrior name that means ‘obsidian butterfly.’ It is pronounced itz-pa-palotl.


Metztli – A name that’s Aztec in origin and it means ‘goddess of night.’

Macuilxochitl – A name that’s Aztec in origin and it means ‘five flowers.’

Mixcoatl – This name means ‘serpent of the sky’ and it’s the name of Aztec origin.

Miyaoaxochitl – A name that’s Aztec in origin and means ‘maize tassel flower.’

Mizquixaual – This name means ‘mesquite face paint’ and it’s of Aztec origin.

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Nahuatl – This can be used as a unisex name and it means ‘goddess of water and river.’

Necahual – A name of Aztec origin and it means ‘survivor.’

Nenetl – This name means ‘doll’ and it’s of Aztec origin.

Nochtli – A name that’s Aztec in origin and it means ‘prickly pear fruit.’


Patli – A name of Aztec origin and it means ‘medicine.’


Quetzalli – A name that means ‘a large beautiful feather’ and it’s of Aztec origin.


Tayanna – An Aztec name that means ‘sunray.’

Teicuih – A name that means ‘younger sister’ and is of Aztec origin.

Teiuc – It’s an Aztec name that means ‘the second born.’

Tiachinolli – This name means ‘fire.’

Tiazohtzin – It’s an Aztec name that means ‘little necklace of flowers.’

Tonalnan – It means ‘mother of light.’

Tonantzin – This name means ‘mother earth’ or ‘the mother goddess.’

Tozi – This is the name of the Aztec goddess of healing and sweet water.


Xilonen – A name of Aztec origin that means ‘hairy one.’

Xiloxoch – This name means ‘calliandra.’

Xitllali – A name of Aztec origin and it means ‘goddess of the moon.’

Xiuhcoatl – The name means ‘precious light.’

Xochiquetzal – This name means ‘goddess of love’ and is pronounced as sho-chee-KEHT-sash.

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Yaretzl – A name that means ‘you will always be loved.’

Yolihuanl – A name that means ‘source of life.’

Yoloxochitl – A name that means ‘flower of the heart.’


Zyanya – A name of Aztec origin and it means ‘forever’ or ‘always.’

Aztec Names for Boys


Acalan – This is a name derived from a small narrow long rowing boat.

Acatl – This name is inspired by nature and it means ‘a giant reed.’

Acamapichtli – This name means ‘a handful of reeds.’ It’s pronounced as ah-cah-mah-peesh-lee.

Ahuatzi – This is a nature-inspired Aztec name that means ‘small oak.’

Axayacatl – This name means ‘a water mask’ and it’s pronounced as ah-shah-yahk-ahl.


Camactli – This name means ‘god of hunting and is pronounced as cah-mahsh-lee.

Centeotl – This name’s meaning is ‘god of maize’ and is pronounced as sen-tay-ohl.

Chicahua – It’s an Aztec name that means ‘strong.’

Chimalli – This name symbolizes safety and means ‘shield.’

Chimalpopoca – This name means ‘smokes like a shield’ and is pronounced as cheem-ahl-poh-pohkah.

Citalee – This means ‘star’ and is a symbol of light.

Cuallee – This name translates to good and can also be spelled as Cuallea.

Cuauhtemoc – A name that’s Aztec in origin and means ‘descends like an eagle.’ It’s pronounced as kwo-tehm-ohk.

Cuetzpallee – This is another name derived from nature and means ‘lizard.’ An alternative spelling is Cuetzpallea.

Cuitlahuac – This may be a name you would like to take a rain check on as it means ‘excrement owner.’ It’s pronounced as kwee-tah-wahk.

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Ehecatl – This name means ‘god of wind’ and is pronounced as ay-hay-kut.

Eztli – This can be used for both boys and girls and it means ‘blood.’


Guatemoc – An Aztec name that means ‘the falling eagle’ or ‘descending eagle’ in Nahuatl. It can be spelled in different ways while still keeping the same meaning such as Cuathemoc, Cuauhtemotzin, or Guatimozin.


Huitzilin – Another nature-inspired name that means ‘hummingbird.’

Huitzilihuitl – A name that’s Aztec in origin and means ‘hummingbird feather.’ It is pronounced as weets-eel-ee-weel.

Huitziloochtli – This name means ‘god of sun and war’ and it’s pronounced as Wee-tsee-loh-POCH-tlee.


Ilhicamina – This is a powerful name for an Aztec boy and it means ‘he who shoots arrows at the sky.’

Itzcali – This is a popular name and it means ‘the house of beauty.’

Itzcoatl – A name that means ‘obsidian snake’ and it’s pronounced eets-koh-ahl.

Itzli – A name that means ‘second lord of the night’ and it’s pronounced as eet-shlee.


Matlalihuitl – This name means ‘a greenish-blue feather.’ It’s inspired by birds and feathers. These were considered very important in the Aztec culture.

Mictlantecuhtli – This was the name of the Aztec Lord of Mictlan.

Moctezuma – This means ‘he who frowns like a lord’ and it’s pronounced as mohk-tay-soomah.

Montezuma – This name is inspired by the archer Lord in an angry state. He was the last ruler of Aztec.


Nahuatl – This name has come from the goddess of water and rivers. It’s a unisex name and is suitable for both boys and girls.

Netzahualcoyotl – A long Aztec name that’s inspired by nature and means ‘hungry coyote.’

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Ohtli – It means ‘a person who is a champion.’

Ometecuhtli – A name that means ‘creator God’ and it’s pronounced as oh-meht-eh-koot-lee.

Opochtli – A name that means ‘God who protects near water’ and it’s pronounced as oh-pohch-lee.


Patlee – A name of Aztec origin and means ‘medicine.’ It symbolizes a healer.


Quetzalcoatl – A name that means ‘creator of the world’ and pronounced as Keht-sahl-COH-atl.


Tezcatlipoca – This is the god of the night sky. It’s pronounced as tesh-tehl-tih-poh-kah.

Tizoc – The name’s meaning is ‘he has bled people’ and it’s pronounced as tee-sohk.

Tlaloc – The name of the god of rain and it’s pronounced as CHA-lok.

Tlanextic – This name means ‘light of dawn.’

Tlanextli – This is an alternative to Tlanextic and means ‘radiance of splendor.’

Tlilpotonqui – This is a rare name and it means ‘feathered in black.’

Tochtlee – A name that means ‘rabbit’ and it’s another great nature-inspired name.

Toltecatl – This name means ‘an artist’ or ‘a creative person.’

Tonatiuh – This is the name of the fierce war of god, and it’s pronounced as toh-nah-tee-oo.

Tonauac – This name means ‘one who possesses light.’

Tupack – This Aztec name means ‘warrior.’

Tupoc – This is an alternative spelling for Tupack and it means ‘warrior.’

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Xipilli – A name that means ‘the jeweled prince.’

Xiutecuhtli – This name means ‘gentleman of the fire.’

Xochipilli – The name of the god of love and it’s pronounced as shoh-chee-pee-lee.

Xolotl – The name of the god of fire, and it’s pronounced as shoh-loht.


Yaotl – It means ‘combatant, soldier, warrior, defender, fighter, or rival.’

Yaotyl – This means ‘rival’ and can also be spelled as Yaotel.


Zipactonal – A name that means ‘harmonic light.’

The Final Thought

Aztec names are very unique and have some fantastic meanings but it can often be difficult to find the perfect Aztec name for your little one.

Much of what we know about the Aztecs culture and language has been translated from Aztec codices, phonetic symbols, and pictographs which means that they’re open to a certain amount of interpretation.

Hopefully, our list has given you a good starting point to finding that perfect Aztec name for your baby.

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