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287 Popular Korean Boy Names With Meanings

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Choosing a name for your baby is a really important choice. The more choices you have, the better chance you have of finding the perfect name.

If you’re looking for cute Korean boy names, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve assembled a robust list of the most popular Korean boy names with their meanings. Most names are south Korean in origin. 

Korean Boy Names

When choosing a good male Korean name, you want to keep several things in mind. First, does the meaning match the qualities you hope for in your baby?

Is it masculine or more on the feminine side? Is it a regular name or something a bit more obscure? Some of these things may not matter now, but when your baby boy grows up, it could have an impact on some level.

In the end, it’s your choice, and we hope that our list of 287 Korean boy names is more than enough to help you make a decision. Good luck!

Table of Contents

List of Korean Boy Names from A to Z


Beom-seok – Beom means model, rule, or pattern and Seok means like a rock. Hence, the name means ‘pattern of a rock.’

Beom-soo – Beom means model, rule, or pattern. Soo means to repair or to decorate. 

Byung-chul – grasp, hold; bundle; authority; wise, sagacious

Byung-ho – bright, luminous, glorious; great, numerous, vast

Byung-hoon – soldier, together, authority; to teach or merit


Byung-joon – soldier, together, authority; talented or handsome

Byung-woo – soldier, together, authority; eaves, house, and universe

Byung-wook – soldier, together, authority; dawn and a rising sun


Chan-woo – vivid, illuminating; bright and help, protect, bless

Chan-young – This name can mean bright flower or shining hero

Chang-ho – flourish, proser; heaven, summer, sky

Chang-hoon – spear, lance, and javelin; teaching, instruction, and guidance

Chang-nam – ‘Nam’ means south. So combined with ‘Chang’ that means spear or lance, Chang-nam can mean ‘south spear.’

Chang-woo – This name can mean ‘blessed spear.’

Cheol-min – ‘Cheol’ means wise or sage and ‘min’ means quick or sharp. This name is perfect for a smart child.

Chi-won – ‘Chi’ means send or present, and ‘won’ means distant or far.

Chul – Firm

Chul-soo – wise, sagacious and ear of grain; flowering, luxuriant; refined, elegant, graceful

Chul-soon – This name means honest, wise man.

Chul-woo – This name can mean ‘iron world’ or ‘wise universe.’

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Dae-hyun – This name means ‘great and honor.’

Dae-sung – This name’s mean ‘complete and big.’

Dae-won – This name has different meanings. It can mean ‘Yahweh is gracious,’ ‘great spring,’ or ‘great origin.’

Deok-su – virtue, ethics, morality and to defend, to protect, to guard

Do-hun – This name means ‘law and merit.’

Do-hyun – This name means ‘virtuous or able path.’

Do-won – This name means ‘circle or round city.’

Dong-chan – ‘Dong’ means east and ‘chan’ means to praise, approve, or applaud.

Dong-chul – This name means firm or strong east. 

Dong-geun – east, root, foundation

Dong-gun – This name means ‘east sky.’

Dong-ha – This name means ‘east river.’



Dong-hyuk – This name means ‘shining east.’

Dong-il – This name means ‘east sun.’

Dong-jun – This name can mean ‘king of the east.’

Dong-soo – This name can mean ‘east water or east shore.’

Dong-suk – This name can mean ‘pure east.’

Dong-won – This name can mean ‘eastern origin.’

Dong-woo – This name can mean the ‘eastern world.’

Dong-wook – This name can mean ‘eastern dawn.’


Eun-seong – ‘Eun’ means abundant or flourishing and ‘seong’ means sincere or true.


Geun – near, close or root; foundation

Gun – to construct

Gyeong-tae – ‘Gyeong’ means age or seven, and ‘tae’ means large and great.

Gyeong-taek – ‘Gyeong’ means shining or glowing, and ‘taek’ means pool or pond.

Gyeong-wan – ‘Gyeong’ means shining or glowing, and ‘wan’ means pure or complete. Combined, this name can mean ‘pure shining.’

korean baby names

Korean boy names can be difficult to choose. You want to make sure you’re selecting a Korean male name that exhibits the qualities you hope to instill in your child.

The best thing you can do is look over all the options, keep a list of your favorites, and sleep on it. After mulling it over for a while, usually, the perfect name will settle at the top in your brain.

If you’re having a hard time deciding from your shortlist of Korean boy names, ask friends and family what they think.

You’re sure to get helpful suggestions and perhaps they will help you think about it in a way that’s different from your approach. These insights will surely help you pick from your favorite Korean male names.


Ha-joon – ‘Ha’ means summer or grand and ‘joon’ means talented or handsome. Combined, this name can mean ‘handsome summer.’

Hae-il – ‘Hae’ means sea and ‘il’ means day or sun.

Han-bin – fence; Korea and cultivated, well-bred

Han-jae – ‘Han’ means vast or wide and ‘jae’ means to rule.

Hee-chul – A name can mean ‘iron’ or ‘happiness.’

Ho – tiger, brave, or fierce

Ho-jin – tiger; brave, fierce or bright, clear

Ho-jun – ‘Ho’ means summer, sky, and heaven while ‘jun’ means talented or handsome.

Ho-sung – This name can mean ‘bright victory.’

Hong-gi – ‘Hong’ means vast, immense, or flood, while ‘gi’ means foundation or base.

Hoon – May mean ‘to merit’ or ‘teach.’

Hye-seong – comet, star, blessing

Hyuk – This name can mean ‘leather’ or ‘shining.’

Hyuk-jae – ‘Hyuk’ means flames, leather, or shining. ‘Jae’ means ability or talent. Combined, the name can mean ‘shining ability.’

Hyun-ho – ‘Hyun’ means dark or mysterious and ‘ho’ means great, vast, or abundant.

Hyun-jun – ‘Hyun’ means worthy or wise, and ‘jun’ means talented and handsome.

Hyun-seok – ‘Hyun’ means worthy or wise. ‘Seok’ means stone or strong.

Hyun-seung – ‘Hyun’ means worthy or wise. ‘Seung’ means to win or to inherit. Combined, the name can mean ‘worthy of inheritance.’

Hyun-shik – This name can mean ‘wisdom and clear; honest.’

Hyun-tae – ‘Hyun’ can also mean dark and mysterious, and ‘tae’ means great.

Hyun-woo – This name means ‘wealth,’ ‘good luck,’ and strength.

Hyun-wook – For this name, ‘Hyun’ means current, present, or existing, and ‘wook’ means brilliance, radiant, or rising sun.

Hyung-joon – This name means ‘person with outstanding talent.’

Hyung-min – ‘Hyung’ means elder brother. ‘Min’ can also mean beautiful gemstone, heaven, or gem.

Hyung-won – ‘Hyung’ means older brother, and ‘won’ means distant or far. Combined, this name can mean ‘far older brother.’

Hyungsik – This name means ‘put effort for justice.’

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Il – one, sun, day

Il-sung – ‘Il’ means one, and ‘sung’ means accomplishment or achievement. Combined, this name can mean one accomplishment.

In-sik – ‘In’ means benevolence, while ‘sik’ means to plant or to put. Combined, this name can mean ‘to plant benevolence.’


Jae-beom – ‘Jae’ means official, and ‘beom’ means tiger.

Jae-bong – ‘Jae’ means official, and ‘bong’ is the name of a mythical bird.

Jae-geun – ‘Jae’ can mean existence, and ‘geun’ means root, base, stump.

Jae-gyu – ‘Jae’ means in or at, and ‘gyu’ means stride. Combined, this name can mean ‘to walk in.’

Jae-ho – ‘Jae’ means in or at, and ‘ho’ means arc or lake.

Jae-hyuk – ‘Jae’ means official, and ‘hyuk’ means leather or shining.

Jae-hyun – ‘Jae’ means respect, and ‘hyuk’ means virtuous.

Jae-jin – be at, in, on; consist in, rest and precious, valuable, rare

Jae-joon – ‘Jae’ means mountain pass, or ‘joon’ means great man, approve, high, and deepen.



Jae-seong – ‘Jae’ means located at or to exist, but it can also mean kill or rule. ‘Seong’ means honest or true.

Jae-seop – ‘Jae’ means in or at, but it can also mean talent or timber. ‘Seop’ means wade, experience, or blaze.

Jae-suk – ‘Jae’ means official, and ‘seok’ can mean cutting in one powerful stroke.

Jae-won – to slaughter; to rule and spring; source, head



Jae-woong – ‘Jae’ means official, and ‘woong’ means hero or bear.

Jae-yong – ‘Jae’ means official, and ‘yong’ means use.

Jeong-hun – ‘Jeong’ means correct or right, and ‘hun’ means rank or meritorious deed.

Jeong-jin – ‘Jeong’ means to hit or political affairs, and ‘jin’ means progression or true.

Jeong-suk – ‘Jeong’ means chaste, loyal, or virtuous, and ‘suk’ means charming, good, or pure.

Jeong-ho – ‘Jeong’ means right and correct, and ‘ho’ means excellent or great. 

Jeong-mo – ‘Jeong’ means a feeling of connection or intimacy, and ‘mo’ means mother or wool.

Jeong-myung – ‘Jeong’ means anchor or attachment, and ‘myung’ means a person’s name.

Ji-hun – wisdom, intellect or will, purpose, ambition combined with a meritorious deed, rank

Ji-hwan – ‘Ji’ means determination, intention or will, and ‘hwan’ means shining or lustrous. Combined, this name can mean ‘shining determination.’

Ji-seok – ‘Ji’ means determination, intention or will, and ‘seok’ means three.

Ji-tae – wisdom, intellect, reason combined with peaceful, calm, peace, easy

Ji-woon – ‘Ji’ means determination, intention or will, and ‘woon’ means luck.

Ji-woong – intelligence, knowledge, or wisdom

Jin-hwan – advance, make progress, enter and shining, brilliant, lustrous

Jin-hyuk – ‘Jin’ means truth, and ‘hyuk’ means shining or leather.

Jin-kyu – ‘Jin’ also means precious, and ‘kyu’ means standard.

Jin-sun – ‘Jin’ means to raise or excite, and ‘sun’ means to lead or guide.




Jong-hyeon – ‘Jong’ means ancestry, root or, knowledge, and ‘hyeon’ can mean to weep or to shine or clever.

Jong-hyuk – ‘Jong’ means straight or upright, and ‘hyuk’ means leather and shining.

Jong-il – This name means ‘one day’ or ‘one man.’

Jong-soo – fundamental knowledge or root, ancestry combined with to bear fruit, to blossom

Jong-up – ‘Jong’ means bells or chimes, and ‘up’ means art, business, or profession.

Jong-yul – ‘Jong’ means bells or chimes, and ‘yul’ means ten or heat.

Joo-hwan – ‘Joo’ means pearl, bead, or jewel, and ‘hwan’ means shining or brilliant. Combined, this name can mean ‘shining pearl or jewel.’

Jooheon – ‘Joo’ means pearl, bead, or jewel, and ‘heon’ means silver, money, or wealth.


Joon-ki – ‘Joon’ means standard, and ‘ki’ means foundation or basis.


Joon-tae – This name means ‘great standard.’

Joong-ki – ‘Joong’ means handsome or standard, and ‘gi’ means the action or process of.

Jun-ha – approve, permit

Jun-ho – ‘Jun’ means handsome and talented, and ‘ho’ means bright, sky, or heaven.

Jun-sang – ‘Jun’ means king or talented, and ‘sang’ means yet and still.

Jun-seo –‘Jun’ means king or talented, and ‘seo’ means to unfold, easy, or auspicious.

Jun-seok – ‘Jun’ means king or talented, and ‘seok’ means pure or virtuous.

Jun-su – This name means ‘always observed and superior talent and elegance.’

Jun-young – ‘Jun’ means beautiful or person of outstanding talent, and ‘young’ means long or forever. Combined, this name can mean ‘forever beautiful.’


Jung-hwan – This name means ‘righteous, beauty, and honest.’


Jung-nam – This name means ‘a person of outstanding talent’ and ‘righteous man.’

Jung-sik – ‘Jung’ means warm feelings, and ‘sik’ means rule.

Jung-woo – This name means ‘right space.’

Junsu – observance

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Kang-min – ‘Kang’ means river, and ‘min’ means jade. Combined, this name can mean ‘jade river.’

Ki-ha – foundation, base, basis combined with river, stream, or summer.

Ki-jung – ‘Ki’ means foundation or basis, and ‘jung’ means upright and erect.

Ki-moon – ‘Ki’ means the action and process of, and ‘moon’ means door, gate, or window.

Ki-nam – ‘Ki’ means the action and process of, and ‘nam’ means man or husband.





Kun-woo – ‘Kun’ means to establish or to build, and ‘woo’ means world or universe. Combined, this name means ‘to build a world.’

Kwang-ho – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘ho’ means great or vast. Combined, this name can mean ‘vast or great light.’

Kwang-hoon – light and rank

Kwang-hwan – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘hwan’ means happiness, shine, or blaze.


Kwang-hyun – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘hyun’ means worthy or wise.

Kwang-jo – This name means ‘castle of light.’

Kwang-min – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘min’ means quick or clever.

Kwang-seok – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘seok’ means stone.

Kwang-seon – This means ‘light and goodness.’

Kwang-sik – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘sik’ means to plant. Combined, this name means ‘to plant light.’

Kwang-su – ‘Kwang’ means light, and ‘su’ means water or shore. 

Kyu-chul – ‘Kyu’ means standard, and ‘chul’ means firm. Combined, this name means ‘firm standard.’

Kyuhyun – worthy like jade

Kyung-chul – This name means ‘firm honor or respect.’

Kyung-gu – ‘Kyung’ means view or vista, and ‘gu’ means to request or wish.


Kyung-hwan – ‘Kyung’ means passing or a happy event, and ‘hwan’ means egg, change, or shine.

Kyung-jae – ‘Kyung’ means passing or a happy event and ‘jae’ means mountain pass.

Kyung-joon – ‘Kyung’ means passing or a happy event, and ‘joon’ means great man, approve, or high.



Kyung-soo – This name means ‘bright and flowering.’

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Man-seok – ‘Man’ means only or even, and ‘seok’ means stone.

Man-sik – ‘Man’ means only or even, and ‘sik’ means wisdom and clear.


Min-chul – ‘Min’ means people or the nation, and ‘chul’ means firm. Combined, this name means ‘firm nation.’

Min-ho – This name means ‘brightness and goodness.

Min-hyeok – ‘Min’ means sensitive, keen, or jade, and ‘hyeok’ means bright or luminous.

Min-jun – ‘Min’ means clever or sharp, and ‘jun’ means handsome and talented.

Min-ki – This name means ‘brightness, energy, and vigor.’

Min-kyu – This name means ‘gentle or affable.’

Min-seok – This name can mean ‘three jade.’

Min-woo – This name means ‘jade house’ or ‘jade universe.’

Moon-sik – ‘Moon’ means writing, and ‘sik’ means to plant.

Moon-soo – ‘Moon’ means writing, and ‘soo’ means water or waterside.

Mu-yeol – This name roughly means ‘bravery and fierceness in battle.’

Myung-bak – ‘Myung’ means bright or brilliance, ‘bak’ means gourd.

Myung-hoon – ‘Myung’ means bright or brilliance, ‘hoon’ means to teach or merit.

Myung-hwan – ‘Myung’ means bright or brilliance, ‘hwan’ means brilliant or lustrous.

Myung-jun – This name roughly means ‘bright and handsome.’

Myung-soo – ‘Myung’ means bright or brilliance, ‘soo’ means water or shore. Combined, this name means ‘brilliant shore.’

Myung-yong – This name can mean ‘bright dragon.’


Nam-gi – This name roughly means ‘southern rise.’

Nam-il – This name roughly means ‘southern sun.’

Nam-kyu – This name means ‘south and standard.’

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Oh-seong – ‘Oh’ means five, and ‘seong’ means star or planet. Combined, this name means ‘five stars or planets.’


Sang-chul – This name means ‘helpful and wise.’

Sang-hoon – ‘Sang’ means still or yet, and ‘hun’ means meritorious deed or rank.

Sang-hyun – ‘Sang’ means still or yet, and ‘hyun’ means dark and mysterious.

Sang-jun – This name means ‘still handsome or talented.’

Sang-won – ‘Sang’ means yet and still, ‘won’ means distant or far.

Sang-woo – This name means ‘working man.’

Sang-wook – This name roughly means ‘one who’s healthy and well always.’

Se-hun – This name means ‘meritorious deed.’

Seong-il – ‘Seong’ means completed or finished, and ‘il’ means sun or day.

Se-yoon – ‘Se’ means world or lineage or generation, and ‘yoon’ means governor.

Seo-jun – ‘Seo’ means felicitous omen or open up, and ‘jun’ means handsome or talented.

Seok-ho – ‘Seok’ means strong or stone, and ‘ho’ means summer, sky, or heaven.

Seong-jin – ‘Seong’ means finished or completed and ‘jin’ means town or marketplace.

Seok-ju – ‘Seok’ means strong or stone, and ‘ju’ means share or stock or something important.

Seong-hoon – ‘Seong’ means to succeed or accomplish, and ‘hoon’ means merit or teach.

Seung-chul – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘chul’ means firm.

Seung-gi – This name roughly means ‘the sun rising.’

Seung-heon – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘hoon’ means silver, money, or wealth.

Seung-ho – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘ho’ means great or abundant. This name can roughly mean ‘great victory.’

Seung-hoon – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘hoon’ means to teach or to merit.

Seung-hwan – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘hwan’ means shining, brilliant, or lustrous.

Seung-jae – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘jae’ talent or ability or wealth.

Seung-jun – This name means ‘excellence, genius.’

Seong-keun – ‘Seong’ means star or planet and ‘keun’ means root or base.

Seung-soo –‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘soo’ means water, shore, or bank.

Seung-won – ‘Seung’ means to win or to beat or inherit, and ‘won’ means meadow or origin.



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Si-woo – ‘Si’ means excellent, great, or good, and ‘woo’ means universe, world, or expand.

Soo-geun – ‘Soo’ means water or shore, and ‘geun’ means foundation.

Suk-won – ‘Suk’ means good or pure or charming, and ‘won’ means distant and far.

Sung-bin – ‘Sung’ means to succeed or accomplish, and ‘bin’ means bright. Combined, this name can mean bright accomplishment.

Sung-chul – ‘Sung’ means accomplishment and nature, and ‘chul’ means firm.

Sung-ha – ‘Sung’ means accomplishment and nature, and ‘ha’ means how or what.

Sung-ho – ‘Sung’ means prosper and ‘ho’ means arc, lake, or number.

Sung-jae – ‘Sung’ means star and ‘jae’ means material and timber talent.

Sung-ki – ‘Sung’ means holy or saint and ‘ki’ means foundation or basis.

Sung-min – ‘Sung’ means inherit or inheritance or agreement and ‘min’ means nimble or agile.

Sung-mo – ‘Sung’ means anger, rage, or wrath, and ‘mo’ means mother or wool.

Sung-nam – ‘Sung’ means anger, rage, or wrath, and ‘mo’ means mother or wool.

Sung-soo – ‘Sung’ means sincerity and loyalty, and ‘soo’ means outstanding or remarkable.

Sung-won – ‘Sung’ means holy or saint and ‘won’ means spring or source.

Sung-woo – ‘Sung’ means holy or saint and ‘woo’ means house or universe.

Sung-yong – This name means ‘becoming the dragon.’


Tae – The name means ‘great.’

Tae-ho – This name means ‘glorious goodness.’

Tae-il – This name means ‘great sun’ or ‘great day.’

Tae-joon –‘Tae’ means great and ‘joon’ means handsome or standard.

Tae-min – ‘Tae’ means great and ‘min’ means people or subjects or citizens.

Tae-soo – ‘Tae’ means great and ‘soo’ means water or waterside. 

Tae-suk – ‘Tae’ means great and ‘suk’ means good, virtuous, or charming.

Tae-sung – ‘Tae’ means great and ‘sung’ means accomplish or succeed.

Tae-woo – This name means ‘great world’ or ‘great universe.’

Tae-wook – ‘Tae’ means great and ‘wook’ means rising sun or brilliance.

Tae-woong – This name means ‘great hero.’

Tae-yong – This name means ‘beauty, happy, leader, strong.’

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Won-chul – ‘Won’ means spring or source, and ‘chul’ means wise or sage.

Won-ho – ‘Won’ means circle or one, and ‘ho’ means arc or lake or number.

Won-il – ‘Won’ means circle or one, and ‘il’ means work or job.

Won-jae – ‘Won’ means circle or one, and ‘jae’ means again.

Won-sik – This name means ‘the head of the family.’

Won-Sul – ‘Won’ means circle or one, and ‘sul’ means opinion or theory.

Won-yong – ‘Won’ means circle or one, and ‘yong’ means dragon.

Woo-jin – ‘Woo’ means suddenly, and ‘jin’ means progression or pressing.

Woo-sung – ‘Woo’ means suddenly, and ‘sung’ means anger, rage, or wrath.


Woong – This name means ‘hero’ or ‘bear.’


Ye-jun – ‘Ye’ means talent or craft, and ‘jun’ means talented and handsome.

Yeon-seok – ‘Yeon’ means to stretch and to extend, ‘seok’ means three.

Yeong-jun – ‘Yeong’ means forever and eternal, and ‘jun’ means great man.

Yo-han – This name is the Korean variant of ‘John.’ ‘Yo’ means shine, glory, or glorious as sun. ‘Han’ means the Chinese people or language.

Yong-gi – ‘Yong’ means dragon, and ‘gi’ means foundation or base.

Yong-ho – ‘Yong’ means dragon, and ‘ho’ means great or numerous.

Yong-joon – ‘Yong’ means dragon, and ‘joon’ means talented or handsome.

Yong-nam – This name means ‘south dragon.’

Yoong-gun – This name roughly means ‘sky dragon.’

Yoo-suk – ‘Yoo’ means abundant or rich, and ‘suk’ means three.

Yoon-sung – ‘Yoon’ means governor, and ‘sung’ means anger or rage.

Young-chul – ‘Young’ means to shine or light up, and ‘chul’ means sage or wise.

Young-gi – ‘Young’ means glory and prosper, and ‘gi’ means to rise or stand up.

Young-ho – ‘Young’ means dive and swim, and ‘ho’ means vast and abundant.

Young-hoon – ‘Young’ means deep or forever, and ‘hoon’ means teaching.

Young-hwan – ‘Young’ means deep or forever, and ‘hwan’ means bright.

Young-jae – This name means ‘prosperity’ or ‘eternal and respect.’

Young-sik – ‘Young’ means deep or forever, and ‘sik’ means to put or plant.

Young-tae – ‘Young’ means forever or deep, and ‘tae’ means great.

Young-wook – This name roughly means ‘forever rising sun.’

Yun-seok – ‘Yun’ means governor, and ‘seok’ means strong or stone.

Unique Korean Boy Names

Having a Korean boy and want to choose a name that will stand out? South Korean names are rich in culture and meaning. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, check out this list of unique Korean boy names.

Do Hyun – Virtuous and able.

Joon Woo – Divine intervention, protection, or rain.

Seo Joon – Auspicious and handsome.

Yoo Joon –  Yoo means Tenderness, Friend, Qualified, and Courage.

Baek Hyeon – Baek means older brother and Hyeon means virtuous. 

Bon-Hwa – One who is glorious.

Bong – A mythical bird, most likely a phoenix.

Bora – Snow, Excellent or Brave.

Dong-Min – Cleverness.

Hanuel – Heavenly.

Korean City Names Used as Boy Names

Using city names is pretty common in the west. Names such as Dallas, Austin, Eugene, and Houston as pretty popular. The same thing goes with Korean city names. When you’re looking for Korean boy names, you may want to consider city names as they are quite unique and sound nice.

Seol – The capital city.

Busan – The second largest city in Korea.

Incheon – The third largest city in Korea.

Daegu – It means large hill. Nicknames include apple city and textile city.

Daejeon – Know as Asia’s Silicon Valley.

Gwangju – The sixth largest city in Korea. 

Suwon – The capital of South Korea’s most populous province. 

Ulson – Nicknamed the Hyundai City, Ulsan is a seaside metropolitan city with around 1.2 million people.

Jinhae – Know for it’s cherry blossom festival. 

Jeju-Do – A volcanic island in Korea. It has a reputation for strength because of the female divers who gather abalone for up to 6 hours a day in the cold sea without any gear.

Celebrity Korean Boy Names

We all know celebrities and we love them. We can’t help but be fascinated by them. Some people love their celebrities so much that they would name their children after them. If that’s you, maybe you’ll find a great candidate from our list of celebrity Korean boy names.

Jin – A member of the boy band BTS. 

Suga – A member of the boy band BTS.

Jimin – A member of the boy band BTS.

Moon – President of South Korea.

Park – Park Jae-sang better known as Psy, the singer/rapper.

Yesung – A singer, songwriter, actor, and radio personality. 

Kim – A popular name among several Olympic gold medal winners including Kim Kwang-Sun, Kim Jae-yup, and Kim Young-nam.

Lee – Popular actor Lee Tae-hwan also models and sings.

Won – Another popular actor Won Bin that is highly recognizable. 

Yoo – Yoo Jae-Suk is a popular comedian, host, and tv personality. 

When it comes to picking names, especially Korean boy names, you have many different directions you can go. Do you pick a popular name, a unique name, go for a city name, or a celebrity name? It’s mind-boggling and can be almost impossible to decide. 

We’ve provided hundreds of different Korean boy names, so you undoubtedly have way more options than you need. We hope it’s been helpful and we’re sure you’ll be happy with whatever name you end up with. 

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