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50 Names That Mean Anger

When it comes to choosing the perfect name for your little one it can be tricky. There are so many choices available. Do you choose a name with a great meaning? Do you go for an unusual name? Or do you pick one that has a darker meaning?

Names that mean anger

If you are thinking of an unusual baby name that has a meaning that is a little on the dark side then why not start with names that mean anger and see if any of them spark your interest.

Girls Names That Mean Anger

Aafreen – This is a name of Indian origin meaning ‘anger’.

Anima – A name of English origin meaning ‘anger’ and ‘passion’.

Diablo – Spanish origin and refers to people with an angry and evil personality.

Firosa – Of Greek origin and is related to anger, magic and witchcraft.

Hecate – A name from Greek mythology.

Lyssa – This is a name of Greek origin. In Greek mythology, Lyssa is a goddess connected to uncontrolled anger.

Nemesis – A name of Greek origin meaning ‘righteous anger’.

Rebel – Latin derived name meaning ‘angry’.

Shafi – Of Egyptian origin and means ‘angry woman’.

Ulyssa – Feminine form of the Latin ‘Ulysses’ which probably means ‘to be angry’.

Boys Names That Mean Anger

Abbaddon – This is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘destruction’ and ‘to ruin’.

Akopa – Hindi origin and means ‘without anger’.

Akrodhana – Means ‘free from anger’ and is of Hindi origin.

Akrosa – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘wild anger’.

Aparusa – This is a name of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘free from anger’.

Batzorig – Mongolian origin and means ‘livid’.

Dagger – Of English origin and refers anger and power.

Draco – Means ‘angry dragon’ and is of Greek origin.

Edhem – This is a name of Bosnian origin and means ‘angry’.

Eulises – A name of Greek origin meaning ‘angry’ or ‘wrathful’.

Fachnan – Irish origin and means ‘angry’.

Ganzorig – Of Mongolian origin and means ‘angry’.

Gunner – Means ‘angry’ or ‘bold warrior’ and is of Scandinavian origin.

Gusti – This is a name of Indonesian origin that means ‘angry prince’.

Hamill – A name of English origin meaning ‘frantic’.

Harbin – Old French and German origin and means ‘angry’.

Ikiryo – Of Japanese origin and means ‘the spirit of anger’.

Iwegbu – Means ‘anger destroys’ and is of African origin.

Jarogniew – This is a name of Slavic origin that means ‘angry’.

Jeeli – A name of Finnish origin that means ‘angry’.

Kasim – African origin and means ‘controller of anger’.

Kuppuswamy – Of Indian origin meaning ‘lord of anger’.

Lorcan – Means ‘angry’ and is of Irish origin.

Locke – This is a name of English origin meaning ‘livid’.

Mahakrodhah – A name of Sanskrit origin for boys with terrible anger.

Mayir – Hebrew origin and means ‘anger’.

Nirmanyu – Of Indian origin and means ‘free of anger’.

Napayshni – Means ‘angry’ and is of Native American origin.

Oden – This is a name of Norse origin meaning ‘anger’.

Odin – A name of Norse origin meaning ‘rage’.

Odysseus – Greek origin and means ‘to be angry’.

Olysseus – A variant of the Greek ‘Odysseus’.

Oulixes –  A contracted form of the Greek name ‘Oulixes’ which means ‘to be angry’.

Ragbhay – This is a name of Indian origin the means ‘fearful anger’.

Raivo – Possibly a diminutive of Raymond. It could also be related to the Old Estonian word ‘raivo’ meaning ‘fury, rage’. 

Terach – Hebrew origin and means ”wild and angry’.

Zbigniew – Of Polish origin and is derived from the Slavic words ‘zbyti’ meaning ‘to dispel’ and ‘gnyevu’ meaning ‘anger’. 

Gender-Neutral Names

Blaze – This is a name of Latin origin that means ‘fire, anger, and passion’.

Joal – A name derived from standard Hebrew.

Nico – Of Italian origin and means ‘people of anger and victory’.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our names that mean anger. Maybe one of our names has sparked a fire inside of you and you are now considering it as the perfect name for your little one.

If you are still not convinced about names that have dark meanings why not check out our names that mean death or our post on Gothic baby names.