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30 Names Meaning Wild For Baby Boys and Girls

Very often even before they are born you get a strange sense that your baby is going to be a little feisty and even a bit of a wild one.

Or what may be worse is that you were this child and there is a pretty good chance that your little one is going to follow in your footsteps.

Whichever may be the case why not embrace this zest for adventure and life and give your baby a name that means wild!

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite names that have wild in their meaning. So no matter if you will have a wild little boy or an adventurous little girl we have got you sorted when it comes to naming choices.

Girl Names That Mean Wild


Alanza – This name has German roots and means ready for battle.

Artemis – This familiar Greek goddess was the ruler of the hunt and wild animals amongst other things.

Artio – This was the Gaulish goddess of the wilderness.

Averil – A name of Old English origin and means wild boar.


Beda – Of Old English origins and means battle maid


Chanda – A Hindi name that means hot, fierce, passionate.

Cybele – An ancient mother goddess whose companions included wild animals.

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Earnestine – Of Old German origins and means serious, battle to the death.


Fauve – This French name means wild.


Hilda – A name of Old German origins and means battle.


Ignacia – Meaning ardent, burning, and of Latin roots.

Imelda – A beautiful name that means universal battle.


Kelly – A very traditional name that means war.


Matilda – This name has Old German roots and means mighty in battle.


Olinda – A Greek name that means wild fig.


Rhea – She was the Greek goddess of the mountain wilds.

Rhona – Similar to a German name and means battle gods.


Zelda – An old German name that means dark battle.

Boy Names That Mean Wild


Aran – This is the name of the son of Dishan in the Old Testament and is of Hebrew origin. The name means wild goat.

Averil – A name of English origin and means wild boar.

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Babunaj – Of Indian origin and means wild ivy.

Bram – This is an English name made famous by Bram Stoker who was the author of Dracula. The name is actually an abbreviation of Abraham and means a thicket of wild gorse.


Denzel – African-American name that means wild one.

Desierto – A name of Latin origin and means wild.


Everly – A name of English origin and is pronounced as EV-er-lee. The name means wild boar in woodland clearing.

Everton – An English place name that means wild boar settlement.


Jaala – In the old Testament, this is the name of a servant of Solomon and means wild goat.


Lugalbanda – A name that comes from Sumerian mythology and means king, young, wild, fierce.


Olindo – This name has origins in both literature and Italian. It was the name used by the 16th-century Italian poet Torquato Tasso for the lover of Sophronia in his epic poem Jerusalem Delivered. It may also be a variant of the Italian name, Olinto meaning wild fig.


Sheridan – A name of Irish origin and means searcher. This is one of those surname names that never made it onto the popular list, although it was very lightly used around the turn of the 20th century.

Sverre – Of Dutch origin and means wild.


Terach – Hebrew in origin and means wild goat, silly old fool. It is a biblical name as Terach was the father of Abraham.

The Final Thought

No matter if you are raising your little boy in the wilderness or if you hope your daughter will be living a wild life in the city, giving them a name that fits perfectly with their personality will give them the perfect start to their wild journey!!