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125 Christmas Baby Names For Boys and Girls To Increase Holiday Cheer

Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Reindeer, delicious food, and surprise gifts… Christmas is the most magical time of the year!

This festive time of year is even more magical when you have a beautiful bundle of joy on the way. So it is time to be thinking about a baby name, maybe a name inspired or associated with the holiday season.

Christmas provides an almost endless supply of baby names but it does depend on how Christmassy you want the name to be. You may decide that you want something subtle from a carol, hymn, or movie.

Or you may want to choose a name that screams CHRISTMAS from the rooftops. We have picked out some of our favorite Christmas inspired baby names both subtle and, well, not so subtle to give you some inspiration.

Christmas Baby Names For Girls


Abigail – In the Old Testament, Abigail was the name of King David’s third wife. The name means my father is joyful.

Amaryllis – A beautiful flower that is heavily associated with Christmas. The name has Greek origins and means to sparkle and was first used as an appellation of pastoral beauties.

Angel – Although this is a gender-neutral name it does sound better on girls. The name is of Greek origin and means messenger of God.

Angelina – This is a variation of Angel or Angela and means angel. 

Anya – Anya was Mrs. Claus’s first name in the movie Santa Claus. But the name has Russian origins and means grace.

Audrey – A name of English origin and means noble strength. It was also the name of the Griswold daughter in the movie National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.


Bell – An occupational name that means ringer of the bell and is of English origin. This name has been unused since 1915 after it was a huge hit at the turn of the last century.

Belle – Of French origin and means beauty. The name is most associated with Disney’s Beauty and the Beast hit movie. But it also appeared as the name of the long lost love of Scrooge in Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol.

Beth – As in a shortened form of Bethlehem, the city where Jesus Christ was born. The name is a diminutive of Elizabeth and means pledged to God.

Little girl with a toy crown


Cady – The name is associated with the French word cadeaux which means present.

Candy – Originated as a diminutive of Candace which means pure. But is now more associated with the sugary sweet as in a candy cane.

Carol – Why not name your daughter after the sweet chants of holiday carols that fill the streets at this time of year. This is a name of English origin and means free person or song.

Chiara – This Italian name means light and clear and has been borne by several Italian saints, including St. Chiara.

Christina – Derived from the word Christian and means follower of Christ. It was at its height of popularity in the 1980s.

Christmas – The name Christmas is a unisex name and it translates to the mass of the Christ, which we celebrate every year on the 25th of December.

Cindy – This is the name of a character from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is mostly used as a diminutive of Lucinda or Cynthia.

Clara – A name of Latin origin and means illustrious. In the Nutcracker, Clara is the name of the little girl.

Clarice – The name of the female reindeer who likes Rudolf just the way he is, even with his red nose. The name is of English origin and means illustrious or enlightened.


December – A name that is suitable for both boys and girls. December is of English origin and refers to those born in December.


Emmanuelle – This is an Old Testament Messiah name and is a Hebrew name that means God is with us.

Eve – This is a traditional Hebrew name and means enlivening.

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Faith – A name of English origin and means trust or belief.


Gabriella While Gabrielle is an expected Christmas name, Gabriella is a fresher and less predictable version. This name is of Italian origin and is the feminine form of Gabriel.

Ginger – As in gingerbread, one of the staples of Christmas cookie cooking. It means pure.

Gloria – Features in several Christmas hymns and carols. It is of Latin origin and means glory to god.


Hope – This is a virtue name and is of English origin. Hope means a desire for fulfillment.


Jeanette – The Christmas inspiration behind this name is the beautiful carol Bring a Torch, Jeanette Isabella. Jeanette is of English origin and means God is gracious.

Jemima – In the Bible, Jemima is the name of Job’s eldest daughter. The name is of Hebrew origin and means dove.

Jovie – The name is taken from one of the most-watched Christmas movies Elf, in which Buddy the elf falls in love with a girl named Jovie. The name means joyful.

Joy – A name of Latin origin and means happiness. The name is increasing in popularity, especially as a middle name.


Karen – Of Scandanavian origin and means pure. It is also the name of the girl who returned Frosty to the North Pole to prevent him from melting.

Happy little girl playing with bubbles


Lucy – English in origin and means light. The name conjures images of twinkling tree lights.


Marley – This is the name of the ghost in Mickey’s Christmas Carol and means pleasant wood.

Mary – No list of Christmas names would be complete without Mary. The name is of Hebrew origin and means of the sea/bitter/beloved.

Merry – This name was given to hundreds of girls in the 1950s who thought Mary was too common. The name is of English origin and means cheerful, happy.

Mitzi – This is the name of Rudolf’s mother and means rebellion. It is also a funkier form of Marie.


Natalia – Of French origin and means born at Christmas

Natalie – French in origin and means born on Christmas day. 

Natasha – This is the Russian version of Natalie and means born at Christmas. A diminutive form of Natalia.

Noel – A French term that means Christmas. One of the most popular Christmas carols of all time also has this term in it, The First Noel.

Nora – This name means light, by naming your Christmas baby this would allow you to capture the essence of the bright and festive season.


Olive – Olive means olive tree and is now forever associated with Christmas, thanks to the move olive the Other Reindeer.


Paloma – Featured in the song the 12 Days of Christmas, the name means dove.

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Rachel – This is the first name of the wife of Jacob and Joseph’s mother. It means ewe, as in the female sheep.


Seraphina – A unique and beautiful name that means fiery. the meaning makes you think of toasts by the fire which are synonymous with the holiday season.

Starr – The Christmas symbol, so the perfect name for your beautiful daughter. You could always lose the second r if you would prefer to keep it simple.

Stella – Means star which will refer to the star of Bethlehem mentioned in the Christmas tales.


Taraji – A name of Swahili origin and means hope and faith. This beautiful and unique name celebrates the spiritual side of the season without being too in your face.

Tiffany – Of English origin and means the appearance of God. The name is derived from the Medieval English form of Theophania.


Virginia – Meaning virginal or pure and is of Latin Origin. It also has a connection to the Virgin Mary. Virginia was also featured in the powerful newspaper editorial of 1987 with regard to the existence of Santa Claus.


Zuzu – This is the name of Jimmy Stewart’s daughter in It’s a Wonderful Life. A film that is definitely a special Christmas watch. Zuzu means lily.

Christmas Baby Names For Boys


Abner – A name with biblical reference and means father of light. It is of Hebrew origin and has been growing in popularity.

Alfredo – Of Italian origin and means elf counsel. It is also the Spanish and Italian form of the name Alfred.

Alonzo – Featured in the  Christmas movie Meet Me in St. Louis. It was the name of both the son and father in the Smith family. Alonzo means ready for battle and is of Spanish origin.

Arthur – A name of Welsh origin and means bear. It has begun to return to popularity and was featured in the film Arthur Christmas as the name of Mr. and Mrs. Claus’s younger son.

Augustus – Meaning great and of Latin origin. The name was also that of one of the kindest characters in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

Little boy plays piano


Balthazar – This is the name of one of the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to baby Jesus. Balthazar is of Arabic origin and means Baal protects the king.


Caleb – Caleb means devotion to God and due to its religious ties it makes an appealing Holiday name.

Charlie – A diminutive form of Charles and means free man. If you are a Charlie Brown fan then the classic Christmas movie A Charlie Brown Christmas may make the name perfect for you.

Christian – Of English origin and means follower of Christ. There is no clearer proclamation of your faith.

Christopher – St. Christopher, the patron saint of the travelers is believed to have carried baby Jesus across the river. The name is of Greek origin and means Christ-bearer.

Clark – A name of English origin and means scribe or secretary. It is also the name of the head of the dysfunctional Griswold family in National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Claus – Claus and its spelling variant Klaus would make a great name for a Christmas baby. It began as a nickname for the name Nicholas which may be where the name Santa Claus (St Nicholas) came from. The name is of German origin and means victory of the people.

Comet – The name of one of Santa’s reindeer. The name is of English origin and means Celestial being that shines brightly.

Cristobal – This is a unique name that is Christmas inspired and means bearer of Christ.


David – A name of Hebrew origin and means beloved. Poet Cecil Francis Alexander wrote a poem that inspired the classic carol Once in Royal David’s City. 

Toddler boy


Ebenezer – The name features in the classic Dicken’s tale A Christmas Carol as well as being the name of the biblical place that was set up by Samuel to commemorate his victory over the Philistines. The name is of Hebrew origin and means stone of help.

Elden – A name that means from the elves valley and is also one of the least used names.

Ember – Meaning hot ashes, the name exudes all things good and cheery that makes Christmas a favorite holiday for many. 

Emmanuel – The biblical name given to Messiah. A great one to put on the Christmas baby name list. The name is of Hebrew origin and means God is with us.


Felix – A name of Latin origin and means happy and prosperous. These are both great traits that we associate with Christmas.

Forest – English in origin and means from the woods. The name is taken from the traditional English carol ‘Down in Yon Forest.’

Frank – Meaning free or from France. It is a diminutive form of Francis. Frank can also be used as the shortened form of Frankincense, which is one of the gifts, Balthazar gave to Mother Mary on the birth of Jesus.

Frederick – Frederick or Fred Claus is the older brother of Santa Claus. The name is of English origin and means peaceful ruler.     


Gabriel – The Christmas story tells that Gabriel was the archangel who informed Mary that she was going to give birth to the Son of God. The name is of Hebrew origin and means God is my strength.        

Gaspar – A variation of the name of the wise man. It means treasurer and is not as common as Casper.

Geoffrey – English in origin and means God peace. The name dates back to the middle ages.


Jefferson – Christmas in Connecticut is a vintage Christmas movie that featured a hero named Jefferson. The name means son of Geoffrey.

Jesus – The name is a very obvious choice for any parents looking for a Christmas baby name. The name is pronounced as Hay-Zoos in Spanish and means God saves.

Joseph – Featured in the bible as the father of Jesus. This Hebrew name means God will increase and is famous in every English speaking country.

Baby Boy


Linus – A name of Greek origin and means flax colored. The name is probably most famous for its use in the Christmas film A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Luke – In the Old Testament, the Gospel of Luke gives the longest account of the nativity. It tells of the meeting between Mary and the angel Gabriel. The name means light-giving.


Malachi – If you are looking for a Christmas baby name with religious connotations, pick Malachi, which refers to the angels in the nativity scene. Malachi means messenger.

Melchior – This was the name of one of the Three Wise Men who visited Jesus. The name means city of the king.

Miles – An uncommon variant of Milo. Miles was also featured in the Christmas movie Elf and means soldier.


Natal – This Spanish name means birthday. Natal is the name of the place that Vasco de Gama spotted on Christmas Day 1497. 

Nicholas – The real name of Santa Claus is St. Nicholas and he is the patron saint of children. The name has Greek origins and means victory of the people.


Pax – This is a cool name ending in X and means peaceful. The name perfectly describes this time of year.


Ralphie – For many, this name will be recognized from the movie A Christmas Story. A super cute nickname for Ralph, and means wolf counsel.


Tannen – Tannenbaum is the German word for pine and is also featured in the carol, O Tannenbaum. The name has been shortened to give it a modern touch and means fir tree.

Timothy – This was the name given o the loyal disciple of St. Paul who was executed for denying worshipping Goddess Diana. It has also featured in the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. The name means honoring God.

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Waite – This Middle English name is associated with Christmas due to the practice of calling carolers Waits as the tradition began with a group of watchmen singing tunes. Waite means guard.

Wenceslas – A name of Slavic origin that means greater glory. Wenceslas is the name of the good king who attended the feast of Stephen.                                                                                                     

Baby Names Associated With New Year


Beatrice – A classic name of Latin origin and means she who brings happiness. The New Year brings new beginnings and the chance for great happiness and what baby doesn’t bring happiness.


Dangy – A Norse name with Scandanavian roots. It means a new day or brightness and originally appeared in Norse mythology.

Dawn – In the Northern Hemisphere the Winter Solstice brings long nights so the morning light is even more important. Dawn is of Anglo-Saxon origin and means awakening.


Epifanio – This is a very uncommon name and is Hispanic in origin meaning bringing lights. In the Catholic calendar, Epiphany refers to the season following Christmas.

Evangela – A Greek name in origin and means bearer of good news or brings good news. Which is something we all need considering the year we have had.


Fai – A name of Chinese origin and means growth, beginning, or brilliant light which is particularly timely during a time of year when there is little sunlight.


Garnet – This is quite literally a gem of a baby name which coincidentally the birthstone for January. The name originates from Old English and was a surname given to those who sold hinges.

Happy christmas kids with white sign - isolated


Halona – Halona is the goddess of the Ice Elves. Her ice stares are capable of freezing 

Hope – The name is a feminine name that is an Old English Puritan name and was originally derived from the world hopian. Hope is a Christian virtue name and is often paired with Faith and Charity. The New Year is an excellent time for hope.


January – A great name for a baby born in this month. It is a constant reminder of the month in which they were born and also that they were born in the first month of a new year. In Saxon January is the month of the wolf.


Kai – A strong and simple name that has Japanese origins and means forgiveness. This is a wonderful sentiment to start a new year.


Nara – This name is based on the Japanese word which means happy. This is also a great unisex name as it means man in Hindi. 

Navina – The Sanskrit name Navina means new or young and it also means beautiful and pleasant. It can also mean good news. All these sentiments are a great start for the new year.

Newman – The name means newcomer and is of English origin. A perfect name for a new baby especially for one born in the new year.


Zelig – This is a rare Yiddish version of the name Selig, which means happy and blessed.  That is surely what every parent feels like on the arrival of their child.

Baby Names Associated With Winter


Berry – Of English origin and refers to the small fruit that is abundantly found throughout the winter months.

Bianca – A name of Italian origin and means white.


Clementine – Although this name does not have a meaning related to Christmas, it is during this season these yummy oranges are abundant.

Children in hats and winter outfit


Eira – A name of Welsh origin and means snow. Eira is the feminine form of Aneirin meaning very snowy.


Frost – A perfectly cool name for a child born during the winter months. It has previously been used as a surname but is beginning to creep onto the first name scene. The name is of English origin and means the freezing of water.


Holly – This is a name of English origin and refers to the plant with red berries. This plant is synonymous with Christmas and is often used to decorate homes during the holidays.


Jack – Another great name associated with winter – Jack Frost. The name means God is gracious and is of English origin.

Juniper – Of Latin origin and means juniper berry, of the winter tree.


Lumi – A name of Finnish origin and means snow. It is a rare name in America but in Finland, it is in the top 50 names.


Neve – Meaning bright or snowy and is of Irish origin. This is a phonetic spelling of the Irish name Niamh. Niamh was the name of the daughter of the sea god in Irish legends and is also a Latin name meaning snowy.


Olwen – Welsh in origin and means white track or white footprint.


Quilo – This name means of the north wind.


Rudolph – Although this name is famously associated with a reindeer with a bright red nose, the name is actually of English origin and means famous wolf.

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Snow – English in origin and means frozen rain, light-haired.

Snowden – This is an English name that means from the snowy hill.


Whittaker – A name of English origin and means from the white or wheat field.

Winter – A unisex name of American origin and means the season winter.


Yukio – Of Japanese origin and means snow boy.

Yule – The origin of this name stems back to Old English and means winter solstice.

The Final Thought

So I hope that our list of Christmas inspired baby names has given you some inspiration for your own little bundle of Christmas joy.