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20 Names That Mean Stubborn – Boy and Girl Names

When you think about choosing the name for your baby, I’m pretty sure that ‘stubborn’ was not part of the ‘must-have’ list. But the word stubborn and its associations can be looked at in many different ways from positive, negative, and funny!

Names That Mean Stubborn - Boy and Girl Names

Names that have this meaning or one that is associated with it depict a sense of strength, willpower, and unwavering determination.

As a parent, I’m sure that these are all qualities that you’d like your child to have. Here are some of our favorite selection that meanings are related to ‘stubborn.’

Names That Mean Stubborn

When you think of the meaning of a child’s name stubborn is probably not the word that first comes to your mind as it doesn’t have positive associations as they all seem to be related to goats!

But maybe it’s simply a bad choice of word. What you actually want is a name that means strong-willed. Take a look at our list that includes a few different stands on the meaning of ‘stubborn.’ See what you think!

Boys Names

Brefew – A name with Persian origins, and it means ‘strong-willed.’

Capri – A name with Italian origins. It means ‘stubborn’ or ‘goat.’

Conley – An Irish name that means ‘strong-willed’ or ‘wise.’

Connor – A name that originated from Ireland. It means ‘much wanted’ and ‘strong-willed.’

Jamarreon – A name with American origins. Its meaning is ‘strong-willed.’

Konnyr – A name with Irish origins. It means ‘strong-willed’ or ‘wise hound.’

Liam – A name with Irish in origin. It means ‘strong-willed warrior’ and ‘protector.’

Sujeed – A name that has an Indian origin. It means ‘stubborn for doing something good.’

Tiergan – A name with origins in Ireland. It means ‘strong-willed.’

William – A name with German origins. Its meanings are ‘strong-willed warrior’ or ‘resolute protection.’

Girls Names

Alcie, Alcina – Both names are of Greek origin, and it means ‘strong-willed.’

Capri – An Italian name that means ‘stubborn’ or ‘goat.’

Cornelia – This is the feminine form of Cornelius. It has origins in Irish and means ‘strong-willed’ or ‘wise.’

Imala – A name of Native American origin. Its meaning is ‘strong-minded.’

Isa, Isana, and Isane – All of these names have German origin, and all means ‘strong-willed.’

Kelleeka, Kelina – Both have Scottish origins and meaning ‘strong-willed,’ ‘caring,’ and ‘loving good charm.’

Miriam, Mirit – Names with origins in Israeli and Hebrew. The name means ‘strong-willed wished for.’

Teela – A name with an American origin and means ‘strong-willed.’

Teiran – A name of German in origin. It means ‘strong-willed’ and ‘determined.’

Valcadash – Its origins are in English, and it means ‘bright,’ ‘strong-willed,’ and ‘hairy.’

The Final Thought

There are some beautiful and unique names on our list. They may not have the exact meaning of stubborn but they have meanings that are associated with it.

If you want to give your child a name that has a strong and powerful meaning, I don’t think that you can go far wrong with any of these names.

There seems to be an equal amount of male and female names to choose from unlike names with other meanings that are either heavily female or male. So whether you are expecting a little boy or a little girl you will have a great choice!