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75+ Unique Thai Girl Names for Babies with Meanings

Thailand is a beautiful, exotic, and inspiring country. So there’s no reason that their baby names would not be the same. In our opinion, Thailand has some of the most exquisite girl names in the world.

Thai babies tend to have a first name, a nickname, and a surname. Most Thai babies are given a nickname at birth by their parents and it’s very common that people will be known by their nicknames rather than their first name.

It’s so common that friends will not know a person’s first name, only their nickname.

This tradition was thought to protect a newborn from evil spirits. By using a nickname instead of the child’s real name, it was thought to confuse the evil spirits and stop them from taking the baby.

Here is our list of unique Thai girl names for you to whet your appetite.

Thai Names Related To Nature

Thailand is an amazing country with an abundance of exotic nature, so it’s no surprise that baby names for Thai girls are the same.

Aranya – Means ‘bountiful forest.’ This Thai girl’s name signifies abundance and fertility.

Buppha – Means ‘flower.’

Busaba – This lovely Thai girl’s name means ‘floral.’

Dok Mai – This name translates to the flower of a plant.

Dok Phi Sua – This name translates to a carnation flower.

Dok Ban Yen – This name means ‘petunia flower.’ It is a very colorful, and dainty bloom.

Gun – Means ‘grape.’

Kannika – This translates as a beautiful flower.

Karawek – This is a bird found in Thailand.

Khaji – Translates as green.

Khlew Wan – Translates as green sweet.

Kohsoom – Translates as a lotus flower.

thai girl in a garden

Kulap – Means the ‘flower rose.’

Kwang – The Thai word for deer.

Malai – Means ‘a garland of flowers’ in Thai.

Malee – Means ‘jasmine flower.’

Malivalaya – Means ‘climbing jasmine flower.’

Phueng – Means ‘bee.’

Som – Means ‘orange.’

Taeng – Means ‘melon.’

Ubon – Means ‘the lotus flower.’

Thai Names Associated With The Moon and Stars

Many Thai baby girl names are very poetic. They’re often inspired by the moon and stars. Here are some of our favorites.

Ambhom – Translates as the sky.

Chanthira – Translates as the moon.

Dao – Means ‘star.’

Dara – Means ‘evening star.’

Duanphen – Means ‘a full moon.’

Junta – This is another name that means ‘star.’

Pen Chan – Means ‘full moon.’

Pensri – Means the ‘beauty of the moon.’

Saengdao – Means ‘starlight.’

Thai Names Associated With Precious Stones

Names that are inspired by gems are really popular all over the world and Thailand is no exception. 

Busarakham – Meaning ‘yellow sapphire.’

Chatmanee – Means ‘jewel.’

Chinda – This name’s meaning is ‘precious stone.’

Kaew – Means ‘gem.’

Kamlai – Means ‘bracelet.’ It’s a popular name.

Kanchana – Means ‘gold.’

Ploy – Means ‘precious gemstone.’

Manee – Means ‘precious stone.’

thai girl

Nin – Means ‘sapphire.’

Naak – Means ‘golden.’

Ngoen – Means ‘silver.’

Naowarat – Means ‘nine gems.’

Phailin – Meaning ‘sapphire.’

Ratana – Means ‘crystal.’

Ratanaporn – Meaning ‘crystal blessing.’

Rutna – Meaning ‘gem.’

Sroy – Meaning ‘chain’ as in a piece of jewelry.

Waen – Meaning ‘ring.’

Thai Names To Lift Your Soul

Some of these Thai names are so magical and so perfect for your little angel.

Achara – It comes from a Tamil word and means ‘goddess or angel.’

Apinya – Means ‘magical power.’

Apsara – Translates as angelic.

Fa Ying – A beautiful name that means ‘celestial princess.’

Mekhala – Means ‘goddess of the moon.’

Names That Are Associated With Physical Attributes

Many of the beautiful names for girls in Thailand describe physical attributes. Check out some of these below.

Anong – Means ‘gorgeous woman.’

Boonsri – Means ‘beautiful.’

Chailail – Meaning ‘pretty.’ A perfect name for a pretty little baby girl.

Chaveevan – Means ‘beautiful complexion.’

Chimlin – This means ‘cute.’ Such a sweet name for a little baby girl.

Chirawan – Means ‘eternal beauty.’

Chomechai – This translates as beautiful girl.

Chomesri – Translates as gathering beauty.

thai girl outdoor

Hanuman – Means ‘monkey god.’ Not exactly a physical attribute that you would want your daughter to have but perfect for that little cheeky monkey in your life.

Karnchana – Means ‘beautiful girl.’

Lawan – Means ‘beautiful.’

Phawta – Means ‘pleasing to the eye.’ Some may find this a little offensive.

Thai Names Associated With Positive Qualities

Thailand is a country full of culture and their names often reflect this. Parents often choose names associated with positive physical traits and qualities. Here are a few that we really liked.

Chaem Choi – This translates to gracefulness.

 Chai Charoen – Meaning ‘triumphant.’

Chuachan – Meaning ‘generous.’

Chuasiri – For anyone that is really proud of their family and wants this to be passed on to their little girl, this is the perfect name. Meaning ‘good family.’

Chuenchai – Meaning ‘refreshing.’

Churai – Meaning ‘good heart.’

Dang – Means ‘red.’

Han – If as parents you want your little girl to change the world and do great things, you may want to think about giving her a name that inspires this. Han means ‘audacious,’ meaning that she is brave and willing to take risks.

Hansa – Meaning ‘supreme happiness,’ what a great name for your little one.

Hathai – A gorgeous name that translates to heart.

Hom – This is a beautiful name that’s simple and means ‘fragrant.’

Kalaya – Translates as good lady.

Kamala – Means ‘of the heart.’

Kamon – Means ‘from the heart.’

Kanda – Means ‘darling.’

Kanya – This translates to ‘woman with youth.’ Perfect for a little girl.

Kwanjal – Means ‘sweetheart.’

thai girl smiling

Lamai – Means ‘soft.’

Madee – Means ‘good beginning.’

Mae Noi – Translates as little mother. Maybe the perfect name for your firstborn daughter.

Muan Nang – Translates as ladylike.

Ngam Chit – Means ‘good heart.’ This is an attribute that all parents hope that their children will have.

Phairoh – This name means ‘sweet and pleasant sounding.’

Piti – Meaning ‘joyful.’

Preeda – Means ‘joyful.’ It’s another simple and beautiful name.

Sukhonn – This name means ‘lovely fragrance.’

Waan – This means ‘sweet.’

The Final Thought

Thailand is a beautiful country full of culture and amazing history, so it’s no wonder that their names represent the same. Many of the names we have listed above may have meanings that would imply an old fashioned look on women and girls.

But maybe they should be accepted at their face value, beautiful names that have amazing meaning and come from a country full of new experiences.