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95 Names That Mean Strong Spirit – Boys and Girls

A name can make a big difference in your life, especially in your younger years. Throughout our lives, we often become identified by our name. How often have you heard “he looks like a Bob” or “she looks like a Jane.”

This is why it’s so important that the name you choose for your baby is the right one. Try to choose names that have positive meanings and that don’t have any alternative meanings that may be a little embarrassing.

Names that mean or are associated with a strong spirit will always be great as they have that positive meaning that your child will hopefully identify with.

We have come up with a long list of names that mean strong spirit, names that will inspire your baby to be just that.

Boys Names That Mean Strong Spirit


Abir/Abeer – This is a name of Hebrew origin that means ‘strong, mighty, and courageous.’ The name may not directly translate to a strong spirit but it definitely has those attributes.

Amzi – A Hebrew name that means ‘strong.’ It is a biblical name with several references in the scripture. The name comes from the Hebrew verb ames which means ‘to be strong.’

Anders – This is an extremely popular Scandanavian name, in fact, the 4th most popular name. It is a variant of Andrew and means ‘strong and manly.’

Andrew/Andreas – Both are name’s of Greek origin that means ‘strong and manly.’ They are popular names in English-speaking countries especially in their shortened form of Andy or Drew.

Angus – This may sound familiar to you and you may associate it with a type of beef rather than the name for a little boy. But it comes from Gaelic origins which mean ‘strength.’

Archie/Archibald – Is a German name that means ‘truly brave.’ It is also seen in its Spanish form as Archibald.

Arnold – The name is of English origin and means ‘strong as an eagle.’ With namesakes such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, you can hope that your little one will embrace the name’s true meaning.

Arsenio – A Spanish name that means ‘strength.’ The name was made famous by talk show host and actor Arsenio Hall.

Autrey – An English name that means ‘noble strength.’ It is the masculine form of the name Audra, Audrie, and Audriana.

Aziz – The name is of Arabic origin and means ‘strong and beloved.’ It can be found throughout the Middle East, India, and Africa.

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Barrett – German origin and means ‘bear strength.’ Barrett is seen more like a surname these days.

Brady – This is another name that is better known as a surname such as the Brady Bunch and the Patriots quarterback. The name is of Irish origin and means ‘broad spirited.’

Brian – A name of Irish origin and means ‘strong, virtuous, and honorable.’ It is popular in English speaking countries but is seen as an old fashioned and not so cool name now.


Caden/Cade/Kade/Cadell – This is a battle-ready name that means ‘strong spirit.’ Caden and its variants are all Welsh in origin and mean ‘spirit of battle.’

Chasen – Hebrew origin and means ‘strong and mighty.’


Denzel – The name made famous by American actor Denzel Washington. The name Denzel is of Cornish origin and means ‘from the high stronghold.’


Egon – Yes, I know what you’re thinking, and yes, like the Ghostbuster. Egon is a name of German origin that means ‘strong with a sword.’

Emeric – This is a name that is popular in both France and the Cajun region of the United States. Its origins are French and means ‘power.’

Eldrid – This is a Norse name that means ‘fiery spirit.’

Ethan – This is a dignified name of Hebrew origins and means ‘strong and firm.’

Evander – This is a strong name of Scottish origin and means ‘a strong man or bow warrior.’ With a namesake like boxing legend Evander Holyfield, your little boy will be in good company.


Fergus – The name is found in Celtic lore and represents courage. Fergus is of Scottish roots and means ‘man of force.’

Fort – A name of French origin and means ‘strong.’


Griffin/Griffith – This name is of Latin origin and is used as a Celtic surname. It’s variant Griffith is Welsh and means ‘strong lord.’

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Haldis – A name of Greek origin and means ‘stone spirit.’

Hamzah – Arabic origin and means ‘powerful.’

Harvey – A name of French origin that means ‘strong spirit.’ Actually, its accurate meaning is ‘battle worthy.’

Hototo – A Hopi Native American name that means ‘warrior spirit who sings.’

Howard – This is seen as an old fashioned name of German origin and means ‘brave heart.’

Hugh – The name may be more associated with playboys such as Heffner and Grant but the name actually means ‘bright in mind and spirit or heart, mind, and soul.’


Imre – Hungarian in origin and means ‘strength.’ It is still a relatively popular name.


Jabber – This is one of the names used for Allah in Islam. It is of Arabic origin and means ‘powerful and almighty.’ 


Kenzo – This is a name of Japanese origin and means ‘strong and healthy.’ It has a really nice ring to it.

Kwan – A Korean name that means ‘strong.’


Mandla – It’s an African name that has its origins in Zulu. It means ‘strength.’

Maynard – A name of German origin that was made famous by the Tool frontman, It means ‘hardy, brave, and strong.’

Merrick – Welsh in origin and possibly derived from Maurice. Merrick means ‘fame and power.’

Monte/Montgomery – Like Python or the weedy, greedy boss of Homer Simpson. The name is of Norman origin and means ‘manpower.’


Narve – A Dutch name that means ‘healthy and strong.’


Oswald – An English name that means ‘divine power.’

Oz – Most commonly associated with the Wizard of Oz, but it’s more popularly known as Ozzie thanks to the Black Sabbath frontman. The name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘strong, powerful, and courageous.’


Pacome – Of French origin and means of ‘strong nature.’

Paresh – This is a popular Indian name that means ‘supreme spirit.’


Quillon – This name has its origins in old Latin and Greek and it means ‘strength and crossing swords.’

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Reggie/Reginald/Reynold – A name of English origin and means ‘counsel power.’

Richmond – German origin and means ‘powerful protector.’ This could be interpreted to mean ‘a strong spirit.’

Rock – Derived from the Italian name Rocco it is seen more as a nickname as sported by The Rock. But it can actually be used as a first name, that was made famous by Rock Hudson.

Rostam – This is a strong spirit name found in the Turkish region and translates to ‘strong, tall, and brave.’


Sosthenes – A name of Greek origin that is also a biblical name. It means ‘safe strength.’

Stone – This is one of the top names that mean ‘a strong spirit.’ It is of English origin and was more commonly used as a surname.


Takeo – A Japanese name that represents a strong spirit. Takeo translates to strong as bamboo.

Tormey – A name of old Irish origin and means ‘thunder spirit.’


Valdis – This strong name is of Teutonic origins and translates to spirited in war.

Valentine – This is a name that brings to mind images fo romance and love. But with its Latin roots, it means ‘health and strength.’


Warrick – English origin that means ‘a strong leader who defends.’

Willard – Another name that would be considered from a bygone era. It is of English origin and means ‘resolutely brave.’

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Girls Names That Mean Strong Spirit


Adira – This Hebrew name means ‘strong.’ So do not be fooled by its pleasant and sweet sound.

Aila – The name is of unknown origin, but is possibly derived from several other names. It is found across cultures. One of the meanings of Aila is from a strong place.

Alcie/Alsie/Elsie/Elsa/Alcina – Alcie is a Greek name that means ‘strong-willed.’ It’s not very common these days but the variations of the name such as Elsie and Elsa are growing in popularity.

Alma – Latin in origin and is a popular Celtic name. It does have several meanings but one is an independent spirit.

Amdis – Of Norse origin that means ‘eagle spirit.’

Asta – This is recognized as a Scandanavian name, but its roots are actually of Greek origin and means ‘divine strength.’

Audra/Audrie/Audrianna – Audrie and Audrianna are of English origins, while Audra is more closely associated with Scotland. They all have the same meaning of noble strength and are the feminine forms of Autrey.

Aziza – This is the feminine form of Aziz and of Arabic and Hebrew origin. It means ‘powerful and beloved.’


Bali – An ancient name of Sanskrit origin and means ‘strength.’ These days it will be more commonly known as the name of the Indonesian island – Bali.

Bedelia – A name of Irish origin and means ‘strength or exalted one.’

Bree – This is an old Irish name that is still popular today and means ‘strength.’

Briana – The feminine version of Brian. An Irish name that means ‘strong, virtuous, and honorable.’ Briana is not seen as an old fashioned name as its male version is. The English variant is Brianna, brought to fame by the character in Game of Thrones.

Bridget – It is the Anglo-Saxon version of Brighid and means ‘strength.’ For many people, the name brings images of the less than perfect character of the Bridget Jones movies.

Britta – Scandanavian name that could mean ‘strong spirit.’ It has Swedish origins and its meaning is ‘strength.’


Cyrene – A powerful name with ancient Greek origins. It means ‘supreme power’ and she is also an important figure in Greek mythology, the mystical nymph.

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Elda – A name with Italian origins and means ‘warrior.’


Hania – A Hopi Native American name that means ‘spirit warrior.’


Imara – A beautiful sounding name of Kiswahili origin. It simply means ‘firm.’

Irie – This is a popular Jamaican saying for positive and powerful. It has now become a beautiful girl’s name with roots in the Caribean.


Karla/Carla – It is more commonly spelled as Carla but with a K makes it a little cooler. Karla is a French name that could mean strong spirit, it actually translates to strong.

Keren – A name of Hebrew origin and means ‘strength and power.’


Luana – A name that is double-edged, it sounds graceful and beautiful but also has a fierce edge. Of German origin, it is surely one of the coolest names that mean ‘strong spirit.’ Its German translation is actually ‘graceful battle maiden.’


Marcella – A beautiful Italian name that means ‘warlike or strong.’

Matilda – This is a name of German origin that means ‘might, power, or battle.’

Maude – A somewhat old fashioned name with German origins. Maude means battle mighty giving this name the strong spirit meaning.

Mahogany – This is more commonly known as a beautiful rich colored type of wood. It is of Spanish origin and means ‘rich and strong.’


Nina – This is one of the multi-ethnic names than spans cultures all over the world. In its Native American origin, it means ‘strong.’ In Incan culture, it is the name of a fiery goddess.


Shakti – A name of Indian origin that is very popular in the Hindi culture. Shakti means ‘power.’

Solveig – A name with Scandanavian roots and means ‘the strong house.’


Tetsu – This is name has Japanese origin that represents the strong spirit. Tetsu translates to ‘strong as iron.’

Trudy/Trudi – A very powerful name that comes from German origin and means ‘universal strength.’

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Valda – Of Teutonic origins and the feminine variant of Valdis. This name translates to spirited in war.

Valentina – Latin origin meaning ‘health and strength.’ The name is the feminine form of Valentine.

Valerie/Valencia – Valerie is a French name and Valencia is its Spanish variation. Both names come from Latin origin and mean ‘strong and brave.’

Unisex Names That Mean Strong Spirit


Aimilios/Emilios – A unisex name of Greek origin that means strength. It was a name that was popular for some time in the Greek Isles and it is derived from the Latin aeumulus that means ‘rival.’

Aza/Asa – A unisex name of Arabic origin. It means ‘powerful.’


Donnelly – A unisex name that means ‘dark, brave one.’ It has strong Irish roots.


Enzi – A unisex name of Swahili origin meaning ‘powerful.’


Malin – This unisex English name means ‘strong, little warrior.’

The Final Thought

No matter whether you’re in search of a name that means strong-spirited or if you already have one picked out.

You will be in good company with this list that contains both traditional and unique names that are strong, powerful, and many that are shared with powerful people throughout history.