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150 Amazing Warlock, Wizard and Witch Baby Names

Names with a magical twist have been increasing in popularity thanks in part to TV series such as Game of Thrones, Supernatural, and Once Upon a Time.

With these types of TV series becoming more and more popular, it’s also apparent that these warlock, wizard, and witch names will also gain momentum.

To help you find the perfect magical name we have created a list of 150 magic-related names to see if one can put a spell on you!

Warlock Names for Boys


Abraham – This name is mentioned in The Book of Abramelin, Abraham was an Egyptian mage who taught magic to the Abraham of Worms. He did produce manuscripts of Abramelin’s magical system, the process involved both the use of good and evil spirits. Abraham means father of multitudes.

Alastor – This is the Scottish form of Alexander. Alastor Moody is known for being the sheriff type persona of the wizarding world. The name is featured in the Harry Potter series as he is hired to defend against the dark art Professor.

Alatar – This one is a shout out to all the Lord of the Rings fans. In this world, Alatar who is also known as Morinehtar was an immortal Istar wizard sent to the Middle Earth to help in the fight against Sauron. Alatar means after comer.

Albus – With its origin in Latin and meaning ‘white’ or ‘bright.’ It has been made famous by JK Rowling’s Harry Potter Series as the first name of the headmaster Dumbledore.

Ambrose – This is another name that derives from Latin and means ‘immortal one.’ It was the name of one of the four doctors of the early Christian church. He’s known for starting the practice of musical chant during religious services. Ambrose has made appearances as a character name in many supernatural novels, movies, and TV series such as The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Aspen – This is most known for being the name of the famous ski city. There have been several occasions where the name has been used as the name of fictional warlock or witch characters.

Atlantes – Atlantes features in the medieval poem Orlando Furioso as a powerful sorcerer. He built a castle in the Pyrenees to keep captured ladies and knights as a diversion for Ruggiero. It was a way to prevent Ruggiero so that he would not convert to Christianity.


Bellamy – With connections in French, Irish, and English and meaning ‘fine friend.’ The name is featured as one of the main characters in the hit show The 100 and in the book The Witch and the Warlock.

Birch – This name is rarely used as a first name and is primarily a surname. It’s considered the national tree of Russia and many have worshipped the tree as a goddess. It has links to the supernatural in several cultures and it is often used to make wands.

Blaise – This name is connected with a Christian martyr. But it’s also steeped in history as the name of Merlin’s master and a well-known warlock in Arthurian legend. The meaning of the name is ‘to lisp.’


Christian – This is the name of a modern-day warlock named Christian Day. He resides in Salem and has written a book related to witchcraft.

Charon – This is considered a Greek version of Haro’s. He’s the boatman of the River Styx who in his boat ferries souls to the underworld.

magician child


Draco – With its origins in Latin and it means ‘dragon’ or ‘serpent.’ It’s another name that features in the Harry Potter series with a character named Draco Malfoy. Draco is also the name of a constellation of stars.

Domingo – If you’re looking for a warlock name, this may be the perfect fit. It has Spanish origins and means lord or master.

Dune – With English origins and is a word used to describe a mound of sand that has been created by the wind. The name has been used in the fiction book Warlock: A Novel of Ancient Egypt.


Eliphas – In the 19th century, Eliphas talked about Christian belief systems and is accountable for the mystical arts of today. The name is believed to have African origins. It means ‘universal gifted person’ or ‘god-fearing.’ The name Eliphas Levi Zahed was taken by a member of the occult known as Alphonse Louis Constant. He wrote about the mystical arts and is the reason that we know them as such today.


Fabian – This is a name that was once only attached to Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night. It’s now only associated with the Harry Potter series as the name of one of the most loved wizards of Hogwarts. The name means ‘bean grower.’


Gandalf – This name was made famous by J.R.R Tolkien’s novel The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Gandalf is a member of the Istar order and the leader of the army of the West and the Fellowship of the Ring. The name means wand elf.

Ganondorf – Is also known as the Dark Lord and is the antagonist of the Legend of the Zelda series. He’s gifted with powerful magic and sorcery. The name means ‘descendant of the fair-headed man.’

George – George means ‘farmer.’ George Pickingill was a tall 19th-century man with long sharp fingernails, these made him look like a warlock. George was a practitioner of folk magic and this added to his image as a warlock. George was also the name of a man hanged for witchcraft in Salem.

Gerald – The name means ‘ruler of the spear’ and is connected to the man who is responsible for popularizing Paganism and Wicca in the 50s and 60s. It’s believed that he was a warlock and an author.

Gwydion – This is the name of a magician and trickster that features in the welsh mythology called Mabinogi. It means ‘born of trees’ but does have an alternative spelling as Gwyddien.


Harry – A name that has been made increasingly popular by the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling. It’s a derivative of Henry and means ‘estate ruler.’

Herne – He’s the lord of wild things and also features in English mythology as a figure associated with a ghost in Berkshire county. He is related to a Pagan-Horned God.


Icarus – Is a figure in Greek mythology. The story of Icarus goes that he received a pair of waxwings and decided to fly close to the sun. But of course, his wings melted and he fell to the ground. This is also the name of another Harry Potter character, Icarus Nott.


James – This name has both English and Hebrew heritage and means ‘supplanter.’ James was also one of the twelve apostles and it is a name that features heavily in Scottish history. And of course, it’s featured in Harry Potter as the name of Harry’s dad, James Potter who was an English pure-blood wizard.

boy dressed as harry potter


Kingsley – Featured in the Harry Potter series as the fearless Auror who is protecting Harry.


Leo – In Greek mythology, it is the Nemean Lion killed by Hercules. Leo means ‘lion’ and is also a sign of the zodiac.

Linden – English in origin and means ‘linden tree hill.’ In both Pagan and Wicca cultures, the linden tree is very important. Lindon is the name of a land in J.R.R Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings.

Lucius – It is a name with Roman origins and means ‘light.’ Lucius is the name of Draco Malfoy’s dad in Harry Potter, and he’s a powerful and evil wizard.


Mark – Is Latin for ‘warlike.’ It is best known as the name of the Apostle and gospel author. The name is associated with Mark Eadiciccoi a wicked warlock. He claims to be a psychic, medium, and witch and is making big waves in the Pagan community of New York City.

Max – This is a name derived from the Latin Maximillus that means ‘the greatest.’ The fantasy film The Princess Bride featured Billy Crystal as Miracle Max the miracle worker and medicine man.

Merlin – This name was first made famous by the best known Merlin, who was the sorcerer and mentor to King Arthur. The name is of Welsh origins and means ‘sea fortress.’

Morpheus – He is the Greek god of sleep and dreams. It comes from the Greek word morphe and it also refers to the shapes seen in dreams.


Neville – The name originated in France and means ‘new town.’ Another name that has been made famous by the Harry Potter series and the wizard student Neville of Hogwarts.

Nicholas – A name with Latin origin and means ‘people of victory.’ The roots of Nicholas can be traced back to the Greek name Nike, goddess of victory. It is a name that is often used both in literature and history and was featured in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina where it was the name of a warlock supervillain.


Ommin – This is the name of the Sith sorcerer and a descendant of the Dark Lord of the Sith Freedom Nadd from Star Wars. 

Oscar – The meaning of the name is ‘God spear’ and has been used by celebrities such as High Jackman for his son. Oscar is also the real name of the famous Wizard of Oz. This name is increasing in popularity.

Ollivander – This is the name given to the proprietor of the Diagon Alley’s wand shop in the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.


Pallando – Also known as Pallando the Blue was one of five wizards sent to Middle Earth to rescue people from the tyranny of Sauron. He also played a very important role in the victory of the Army of the West and War of the Ring.

Peter – Peter was one of the most prominent figures in Christianity as Saint Peter the keeper of the Gates of Heaven. It’s a favorite name used in literature across decades from Peter Pan, Peter Rabbit, and Harry Potter.

Percy – Its origins are French as a surname derived from Percy-en-Auge. The name features in several mythological novels such as Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson Stories. It can be used as a nickname for Percival.

Phoenix – This is the name given to a mythological bird that rises from the ashes. The bird has been a symbol of immortality and has been used in many books and movies from the supernatural genre. It is not currently a very widely used first name but one of the most famous namesakes is the Joker and Gladiator actor Joaquin Phoenix.

Phineas – This name is of Hebrew origin and means ‘oracle.’ It is another name featured in the Harry Potter series as the name of the former headmaster of Hogwarts.

Prospero – For literature lovers, this name will always be kept alive by Shakespeare’s Tempest. Prospero had a normal life until Antonio tried to take over the throne. Due to this, he learned sorcery from books and used it to control the other characters. Prospero means ‘prosper.’

Puck – According to English folklore, Puck is also known as Robin Goodfellow. He is a nature sprite, demon, or fairy. The name was then adopted by Shakespeare for his play A Midsummer’s Night Dream. More recently the name was given a fresh lease of life by the character of the same name in Glee.

boy dressed for halloween as a wizard


Radagast – This is the name of the character featured in The Lord of the Rings. He is also known as brown or Aiwendil and is one of the five Istari wizards sent to Middle Earth. Radagast held a low profile and was only concerned with the well-being of plants and animals.

Raven – Raven Grimmassi who is best known for his work on Stregheria, is also the co-directing elder for the Willow tradition of witchcraft. Currently, his best-known work is Old World Witchcraft: Ancient Ways for Modern Days. The name actually means crow.

Raymond – Raymond Buckland who is also known as the Father of American Wicca took the teachings of Gerald Gardner to the mainstream world. He also converted it into his own variation called Seax-Wicca. The meaning of Raymond is ‘a guard’ or ‘protector.’

Remus – A name of Latin origin and is the name of the twin who founded Rome with his brother Romulus. This is a unique name that’s not often used. But it is used for a character in the Harry Potter series, Remus Lupin.

Rincewind – This is a fictional character that appears in the Discworld novels. He is a failed student at the Unseen University who is born with the spirit of a wizard. He is known for turning minor problems into disasters.

Robin – Made famous by the English outlaw who stole from the rich to give to the poor. The name is derived from the old Germanic for fame and bright. The name has been used for a fictional character in the web novel, Warlock of the Magus World

Ron – This is a variant of Ronald or Ronson and has been made famous by the Harry Potter series. Ron Weasley is a prominent character in the series as Harry’s best friend.

Rubeus – Derived from the Latin word Rubeo which means ‘red.’ It is also a name used in the Harry Potter series, Rubeus Hagrid is a half-wizard, half-giant.


Saruman – This is the name of a wizard who resided in the Middle Earth during the third age. He is a member of the White Council and would make a great wizard name for a little boy. The name translates to ‘man of kill.’

Salem – This name originates from Hebrew and means ‘peace.’ The name also has references in a variety of mythological stories. Salem is also the name of the town where the most famous witch trials took place.

Scott – Scott Cunnigham is a renowned author of Neo-Wicca books. He was skilled at finding meanings of some of the most challenging and abstract Wicca and Pagan concepts. The name means a ‘Gaelic speaker.’

Seamus – This is the Irish variant of James and means ‘supplanter.’ Seamus is another Harry Potter character. Featured in the books he is one of Harry’s half-blood wizard friends Seamus Finnigan.

Severus – With Latin origins and means ‘stern.’ The name did appear in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park but most people will recognize it from the stern wizard in the Harry Potter series Severus Snape.


Talon – This name has its origins in French and means ‘claw of a bird of prey.’ The name is also mentioned in mythological folklores of France.


Zephyr – Is the name of the Greek god of the west wind. The name appears quite often as a warlock name in video games as well as children’s books.

toddler dressed as a witch

Witch Names for Girls


Agate – With French origins and means ‘good woman.’ This is also the name of the stone agate that is used for healing and many believe that it has magical powers. It is often used in witchcraft.

Agnes – Agnes Waterhouse is one of the most famous witches England has ever seen. She was accused of some terrible crimes such as cursing people, causing multiple deaths through the use of black magic, and having dealings with the devil. She was in fact the first witch to be sentenced to death by a secular court. Kind of ironically, Agnes means ‘pure’ or ‘holy.’

Alcina – This is the name of a Greek sorceress and the titular character from the opera by Handel.

Alice – Dame Alice Kyteler was a wealthy woman whose husbands kept dying and leaving everything to her. She was one of the first witches of Ireland. In 1324, the church put Alice on trial for heading a society of sorcerers. But Alice disappeared, leaving her son and servant to be charged instead of her. The meaning of Alice is ‘noble.’

Alizon – This name refers to the Pendle Witches, who were a group of healer women hanged in 1612. Alizon, her mother Elizabeth, and grandmother Demdike were all arrested on the charge of witchcraft. But many people believed that they were hung not because they were witches but because they were healers and catholic something which to a Protestant king didn’t matter. The name means ‘son of Alice.’

Allegra – It is an Italian name that means ‘joyful, happy, or lively.’ It is also the name given the illegitimate daughter of British poet George Gordon, the stepsister of Mary Shelly the author of Frankenstein. The name is often considered a pagan name.

Andromeda – From Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Cassiopeia who was transformed into a constellation by Zeus. This is a name that is featured in the Harry Potter books, Andromeda Tonks, a pure-blood English witch.

Angela – Angela de la Barthe was one of the most notorious witches of the 13the century. She was burned for committing awful deeds such as giving birth to a snake-wolf demon which supposedly ate the children of the village. But really Angela was a woman who was mentally ill and the only real crime she committed was to take the side of Gnostic Christianity, a religious sect disapproved by the Catholics. The name means ‘angel.’

Ariadne – The name has Greek origins and means ‘most holy.’ The name is known as high fruitful mother and is a fertility goddess of the moon. The spelling of the name has been changed to Ariana which is a more popular variation.

Astra – With Greek origins and translates to of the stars. Due to its association with the stars, it has been used in several comic books, fantasy, supernatural, and sci-fi characters. Princess Astra from Doctor Who is one namesake.

Aurelia – Is of Latin origin and means the golden one. The name is also that of a wind witch who dwelled in the mountains tending to the wild birds.

Alcina – Was a mythical Greek witch who was a sorceress ruling over magical islands. The name is used in an Italian poem where she is a mistress of sensual pleasures and alluring enchantments.

Asterope – Originating from Greek mythology where it was the name of nymphs of the evening and golden light. The direct translation is ‘starry face’ but the name actually means ‘lightning.’


Baymorda – A name made famous by the 1988 movie Willow. She’s the antagonist in the film, where she takes you to far corners of your imagination.

Beatrix – Originating in both Dutch and Latin and means ‘she who brings happiness or blessing.’ It was the name of a midwife during the late 1500s and early 1600s who was convicted of witchcraft.

Belinda – This is a pagan name of European origin. The name has several translations and one of these is a beautiful snake. The name was popular in the 17th century due to its snake meaning as snakes symbolized immortality and wisdom.

Bessie – Bessie Dunlop was a Scottish psychic and a witch. She not only had the power to cure sick children and animals but she could also communicate with the fairies of Elphame. The witch hunters tortured her and even slashed her mouth until she confessed her magic. Bessie is the Greek form of Elizabeth and means ‘oath to God.’

Bridget – This name originated in Ireland and means ‘exalted one’ or ‘strength.’ One of the very first women to be executed during the Salem witch trials during 1692 was called Bridget Bishop.

girl wearing a witch uniform


Cassandra – From Greek mythology, it’s the name given to the princess of Troy. She was the daughter of King Priam and Queen Hec. Cassandra was able to make accurate prophecies and was not believed by anyone.

Celeste – Comes from Latin and means heavenly. Celeste was the name of a dark witch character in the series The Vampire Diaries.

Cerys – Of Welsh origins and means ‘love.’ This is a very popular name in the UK but doesn’t seem to have caught on in the US. The name is also associated with the world of witches.

Charlotte – It’s the feminine version of Charles and has been a royal name for many years. Most recently would be the birth of Princess Charlotte, daughter of Prince William and Kate Midleton. The name has also featured as an anime witch from the Puella Magi series.

Circe – From Greek legend, she was a sorceress who converted human beings into wolves, lions, and swine with drugs. The name means ‘bird.’

Clementine – Has origins in French and Latin and means ‘mild’ and ‘merciful.’ The history of the name with a connection to witches has for the most part come from literature.


Dahlia – It’s a name of Scandinavian origin and means ‘Dahl’s flower.’ There is a witch character in the TV series The Originals called Dahlia. She’s a powerful and dark character.

Diana – With Roman origins, she’s known as the goddess of the moon. But in European mythology, she is the queen of the witches.


Edith – Of English origin and means ‘prosperous in war.’ Edith Woodford Grimes was the name of an English Wiccan. This is an old name that is now being revived by parents.

Elizabeth – With origins in Hebrew, it translates to ‘pledged to god.’ Elizabeth Howe was one of the women who was accused and executed during the Salem witch trials.

Elsie – Scottish in origin and means ‘pledged to God.’ This could be an alternative to the super popular Elsa due to the success of Disney’s Frozen.

Eris – This was the name of the Greek goddess of discord and strife. She started events that caused the Trojan war after she wasn’t invited to a wedding that all the other Olympians were. Due to the nature of the name Eris, she is often worshipped by Wiccans.

Evanora – The name is derived from a Hebrew word Chava which means ‘life.’ This is the name of the main character in the movie Oz and in the film, she portrays the Wicked Witch of the East.


Garnet – This is the name of a type of stone that is believed to have magical powers. It comes from the French and means pomegranate. The stones are associated with blood magic and relating it to the goddess Persephone. It’s rumored that the stones are drops of Persephone’s blood. These stones are then given by witches to kindred.

Ginevra – With Italian origins and means ‘white shadow’ or ‘white wave.’ This is another name brought to popularity by the Harry Potter series and the character Ginevra “Ginny” Molly Weasley.

Glinda – Is the Good Witch from the South in the Oz novels written by Frank Baum. The fictional character first appeared in the book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the 1900s. The name means ‘fair’ or ‘good’. The name has popped up particularly in Europe. 

Gwen – Gwen Ellis was the first woman to be hanged for witchcraft. She was originally a healer and herbalist until the paranoia and fear of witches began to sweep Europe.

Gwendolyn – Welsh origins and means ‘white ring.’ Gwendolen was a fairy mistress of King Arthur. It’s also the name of famed poet Gwendolyn Brooks. She was the first African-American to win the Pulitzer Prize.

boy wearing in blue wizard hat


Hazel – In European mythology, the Hazel tree has branches that are the magical keeper of wisdom and also symbolize fertility.

Hecate – Is the goddess of witchcraft. The name means ‘far-reaching power’ and ‘universal keeper of keys.’

Hilda – Of German origin and means ‘battle woman.’ It is the shortened version of Brunhilda. She was a Valkyrie in Teutonic legend. The name also features in the series Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Hermione – This is a name made famous by the Harry Potter series. The character becomes the best friend of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley.

Holly – This name has English origins and is another nature name.  Holly is a sacred tree of Wiccan and witchcraft. It would also make a fantastic seasonal name for a baby born in December.

Hyacinth – The name appears in Greek mythology. She was a young spartan killed by Apollo. The legend goes that from the blood beautiful, fragrant flowers bloomed. The name means ‘blue larkspur’ or ‘precious stone.’


Jadis – A name made famous by The Chronicles of Narnia. She portrays a sorceress that fights the rebellious war against her sister. The name is believed to be derived from the French word jadis that means long ago or the Persian word jadu that means ‘witch.’

Jasmine – The name is of Arabic origin and is mystical in its properties. The flower is aromatic and known to be magical. It is often used in witchcraft.

Jinx – This is a name that is considered bad luck. Ever since the 17th century, it has been popular in superstition and folklore. It is also used as a spell for bringing bad luck.`

Joan – Joan Peterson a healer of medieval times. She was believed to have learned the curing powers from a walking squirrel. However, when a patient refused to pay Joan for her healing services, she cursed him. After this time, the man fell into strange fits.

girl dressed as a witch


Kotake – This name is from the Legend of Zelda series and is one of the recurring legends.


Laurie – Laurie Cabot, is one of the influential forces in popularizing wizardry and witchcraft in the US. Cabot is one of the most high profile witches in the world. The name Laurie is a diminutive of Laura and means ‘bay laurel.’

Lamia – Featured in Greek mythology, as the monster or the spent. This Libyan queen was once cursed by Hera and converted into a child devouring serpent.

Larissa – In Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Pelasgian and wife of Cyzicus. It is a Greek sea nymph.

Leanne – Leanne means ‘dweller by the wood.’ Leanne Marrama is the high priestess of the Raven Moon Coven. She is one of the most sought after sorcerers or psychic readers at the Annual Psychic Fair held in Salem.

Locasta – It is a literary name from the Good Witch of the North in the Wizard of Oz books. It was Locasta that introduced Dorothy to Oz and sent her to meet the Wizard.

Lucia – She was a martyr from the fourth century. She took food to Christians hiding in the catacombs. Santa Lucia is celebrated today in predominantly Scandanavia, where she represents the return of the sun after a long dark winter. Lucia means ‘light.’


Maleficent – The meaning of this name is ‘prone to evil.’  This is the name given to the witch in Sleeping Beauty. It would definitely give your little girl a very distinctive name.

Margaret – Margaret Barclay was a witch in the 18th century. She was said to possess the power to control the weather. Using this power, she wrecked ships and conjured storms. But if she had been in the 21st century, she would have been one of the most powerful and rich people in the world. Margaret means ‘pearl.’

Margery – Margery Jourdemayne was a real-life medieval witch. She was also known as the Old Mother Madge. She had extraordinary powers that meant she could even resurrect the dead. But women of the Middle Ages were supposed to meek, she was burned alive. They said that she was plotting the assassination of Henry VI along with Eleanor. Margery means ‘pearl.’

Mary – One of the most well-known witches is Mary Poppins, yet she was portrayed as a kind, gentle and sweet witch. Mary is a biblical name that is still widely used to this day. Mary means ‘bitter.’

Matilda – This is an English variant of the German Mathilda and means ‘battle mighty.’ Many celebrities have used this name such as Gordon Ramsey chose the name for his daughter in 2002. One of the most famous Matildas has to be the little girl in the Roald Dahl book who finds out that she has psychokinetic powers.

Medea – This is a traditional Greek name and means ‘middle.’ The name appears in Greek mythology as the enchantress who helped Jason, the leader of the Argonauts obtain the Golden Fleece from her father. She then went on to marry Jason and apparently continued to use her magical powers to help him attain his ambitions.

Minerva – The name of the Roman goddess of invention and wisdom. The name was brought back to popularity by the Harry Potter books that featured the character Minerva who is a witch and the Deputy Headmistress of Hogwarts. The name means ‘of the mind.’

Mira – With Latin origins and means ‘admirable, peace, world, or female ruler.’ This name is popular in Spanish speaking countries and the Middle East. 

Moll – Moll Dyer was a 17th-century herbal healer who was eventually accused of and convicted of witchcraft and burnt. Moll means ‘bitter’ and is the pet form of the name Mary, but it can also be used as a cute alternative to Molly.

Morgan – Morgan le Fay was a powerful witch who featured in the Arthurian legend. She was also an enchantress and the antagonist of King Arthur. Morgan is a traditional welsh name and means ‘circle of sea.’


Nora – With Irish origins and means light. The name is often used in mythical books and TV series such as The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.

witch girl brewing a potion


Ondine – According to legend, she was the spirit of the waters. German legend states that Ondine was a nymph who fell in love with a mortal. When she discovered he had been unfaithful, she cursed him. Ondine’s curse isn’t the name of an often fatal respiratory condition.

Ophelia – Is Greek in origin and means ‘help.’ Most people will associate the name with Shakespeare’s tragic heroine in Hamlet. The name began to gain popularity after it was used for the fictional witch in the Japanese animated series Puella Magi.


Phoebe – In Greek mythology, she’s the daughter of Uranus and Gaye. She is also identified with the moon. The name was also used in the TV series Charmed about there sisters who are witches. In the series, Phoebe has the power of premonition which helps her to see into the past and the future. The name means ‘radiant or shining one.’

Poppy – Of Latin origins and means ‘red flower.’ This is another name made popular by the Harry Potter series. Poppy is a witch and matron at Hogwarts.

Priscilla – Priscilla Gould was the head of a family in Salem. Her children were all accused of witchcraft during the 1962 witch trials. 


Rowena – This name has German origins and means ‘joy’ or ‘fame.’ It became more popular after the use of the name in the Harry Potter series.


Selene – In contemporary witchcraft, she is one of the tri-goddesses along with Hecate and Diana.

Selma – With German origins and meaning ‘godly helmet.’ Selma appeared in the Nanny McPhee movie as the name of the main protagonist. 

Sylvia – The name has origins in both Latin and French. In Latin, it means ‘the spirit of the wood’, and the Mythological God of forests is associated with it.


Tamsin – Means ‘twin’ and is associated with one of the witches of England Tamsin Blight. It is said that she was very good at taking away curses and spells.

Theodora – This is a name that has been used by several literary characters including the Wicked Witch of the West in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. The meaning of Theodora is ‘gift of God.’

Titania – In William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, she is the queen of the fairies. 


Ursula – Was a prophet and sorcerer. She had a very bizarre look as witches go. Her head was enormous, cheeks were hollow, limbs crooked and her eyes glowed like embers. 


Vera – Its origins are Russian and Latin and it translates to ‘faith or verity.’ The name has been used mostly in manga or anime video games and comic franchises.

Vesta – This name has Roman origins and is the name given to the Roman goddess who is related to the Greek goddess Hestia. Vesta is the goddess of the hearth.


Willow – A willow is a tree associated with elegance and grace. The name was used in the series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and has since become a favorite with celebrities. In the series, the character Willow starts off shy but learns witchcraft and so grows in confidence. 


Zelda – Of German origin and means ‘gray fighting maid.’ The character Zelda Spellman recently appeared in the series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Final Thought

There are some amazing names here that have such a fabulous story behind them. I’m sure that you’ll find a name that’s not only mystical but has a great tale to tell for your little wizard or witch.