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125 Amazing Nicknames For Jasmine

Do you have a friend or relative named Jasmine, and you want a less traditional name to call them to show your strong connection. In this article, we will be covering 125 nicknames for Jasmine. We’ve got a great variety from formal to hilarious choices. 

Before we get into the nicknames, let’s have a look at the history behind the name Jasmine.

The Meaning Of Jasmine

As the English name, Jasmine refers to the popular plant of the same name. But, if you look back to its origins, it is a Persian name with great popularity in the Western world with several variations.

It is recognized globally but mainly noted in the US, Turkey, Brazil, and Belgium. It has such popularity around the globe meaning that it also has several variations in spelling and pronunciations that could offer you a more unique version of the name.

Popular Nicknames For Jasmine

You may want to choose a more popular nickname for Jasmine. There are some more obvious choices plus a few hidden gems here.

  1. Jaz
  2. Jazz
  3. Jas
  4. Jass
  5. Jazzie
  6. Jinny
  7. Jasmina
  8. Jessamine
  9. Jaslyn
  10. Jaslynn
  11. Jazmin
  12. Jasmyne
  13. Yasmin
  14. Mina
  15. Minn

Beautiful Nicknames For Jasmine

Maybe you want something that shows just how beautiful your Jasmine is from only a nickname? These options are perfect to highlight just that.

  1. Jess
  2. Missy
  3. Jenny
  4. Jen
  5. Maj
  6. Jane
  7. Jenna
  8. Jenga
  9. Jessy
  10. Asami
  11. Jessica
  12. Annie
  13. Mimi
  14. Jazz
  15. Jimmy
  16. Jinny
  17. Minnie
  18. Chaz
  19. Jace
  20. Jazeline
  21. Jabbie
  22. Jasme
  23. JamJam
  24. Jassy Rose
  25. Jaz Joy
  26. Missy J
  27. Baby Jas
  28. Jassy Jewel
  29. Princess Jasmine
  30. Jazlin 
  31. Kissy
  32. Jiggy
  33. Josie
  34. Jiippie

Cool Nicknames For Jasmine

Do you find all the usual suspect nicknames just aren’t cool enough for your Jasmine? This list of cool nicknames will be sure to show just how awesome your Jasmine is. If she doesn’t leave a lasting impression, her nickname definitely will!

  1. J Star
  2. Jigglypuff
  3. Mimosas
  4. Minion
  5. Jazz 
  6. J-Lo
  7. MJ
  8. Jim
  9. Muse
  10. Jammies
  11. Joey
  12. Agent J
  13. Aj
  14. Jazzmaster
  15. J-J
  16. Big J
  17. Jabawoki
  18. Jabz
  19. Jasper
  20. Jazeline
  21. Princess Jasmine
  22. Jazzykins
  23. Yasmin
  24. Yamin
  25. Yasmine
  26. JazzySue
  27. Hazeline
  28. Jazzy Blue
  29. Jazzmataz
  30. Gaz
  31. Jazzmanian Devil
  32. Jazu

Mean Nicknames for Jasmine

Nicknames can stick, and unfortunately, these can have a real impact on your peers. Here are some names you might want to avoid to not torment someone named Jasmine.

  1. Stressy Jassie
  2. Stinky J
  3. Joker
  4. Jitz
  5. Jassaster
  6. Jas The Joke
  7. Jiggly Jas
  8. Jastest
  9. Jasikes
  10. Jassiwho
  11. Jerk Jas
  12. Mess
  13. Usejas
  14. Jumpy Jas

Funny Nicknames For Jasmine

Got a joking Jasmine on your hands? These nicknames are sure to have you rolling with laughter and perfectly summarise that hilarious person in your life! If they’re always making your day brighter through laughter, a good nickname is the least they deserve!

  1. Lil Jazz
  2. Jasabee
  3. Jumbo
  4. Juju Bean
  5. Jaguar 
  6. Jazaronie
  7. Jazzaminion
  8. Jo-Jo
  9. Jazzycakes
  10. Jumping Jazz
  11. Jazzmundo
  12. Mini J
  13. Big Jazz
  14. Jazzy Shoes
  15. Jazz hands
  16. JellyJazz
  17. Jiggles
  18. Jazzysaurus
  19. Joking Jazz
  20. Jello
  21. Jora
  22. Jasmicant
  23. Jasipoo
  24. Jas the Jingle
  25. Jasadoo
  26. J-D
  27. Pigtail
  28. Pork Chop
  29. String Bean
  30. J-Twinkle
  31. Jae-ritto
  32. Barbie J
  33. Charming J
  34. Cookie
  35. Kissy

Famous People Named Jasmine

Considering the popularity of the name from 1986-2008 being so high, there is no surprise there are several popular people named Jasmine!

  • Jasmine Villegas- American singer also known as “Jasmine V”.
  • Jasmine Guy- American actress and singer.
  • Jazmyn Foberg- American gymnast.
  • Jazzmine Raycole Dillinggam-  American actress better known as Jazz Raycole.

Fictional Characters Named Jasmine

There are also several notable characters in the fictional universe named Jasmine. 

Most famous is Jasmine from the hit Disney movie, Aladdin. Originally released in 1992, then remastered in 2019 this movie is usually the first thing that springs to people’s minds when they hear the name Jasmine.

There have also been characters named Jasmine in Buffy, Pokemon, How I Met Your Mother or Pretty Little Liars.

International Variations

As this name is such a popular name used worldwide, this means there are a lot of variations in the spelling of Jasmine. Maybe you want something to honor a heritage or are just curious about what Jasmine is spelled and pronounced like in other countries?

Here’s a list of the international variations of Jasmine! 

  • Yasmine/ Yasmina-  Arabic
  • Jasmijn- Dutch
  • Jasmin- French
  • Jazmin/ Yazmin- Spanish
  • Jasmina/ Jasminka- Slovenian
  • Jázmin- Hungarian
  • Jessamine- English
  • Yasemin- Turkish
  • Yasmin- Arabic, Persian & Portuguese
  • Hasmik- Armenian

The Final Thought

If you have someone called Jasmine in your life, hopefully, this article has helped to give you some inspiration for a great nickname. There are lots of options and variations here from the more cutesy to just hilarious.

Nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event. Nicknames often reflect the depth of your relationship with that person.

This means that you may have a Jasmine in your life with a completely unique nickname that actually has very little to do with their name.