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150 Cute Nicknames For Matthew

Are you looking for a nickname for Matthew? Maybe you just called your baby boy Matthew and now you need to find a suitable nickname? Maybe you have a nephew, brother or friend called Matthew and you need some ideas for the perfect nickname. 

Matthew is a popular boy’s name and if you are looking for a nickname that is more original than Matt or Matty, we have lots of ideas for you. 

Before we share our 150 cute nicknames for Matthew, let’s delve into the name’s meaning and its origins. 

The Meaning Of Matthew 

The name Matthew has several origins, it means ‘gift of God’ or just ‘gift’. 

The name Matthew is thought to stem from the Hebrew name Mattityahu, which means ‘gift of Yahweh’ or ‘gift of God’. However, it is also thought the name Matthew may have been inspired by and originated from the Greek name Matthaios. 

Matthew also has strong biblical origins as Matthew was one of Jesus’s apostles and writers of the new testament. 

During the 1980s and 1990s, Matthew was the third most popular boy’s name and in 2021 is still one of the most popular boy’s names beginning with M. 

Popular Nicknames For Matthew 

Matthew has become very popular over the years and although it is not used as often now as it was years ago, there’s a good chance you will know someone called Matthew.

Matthew is a long name and can easily be shortened into a nickname. Here is a list of the most popular nicknames for Matthew. 

  1. Matt 
  2. Matty 
  3. Math 
  4. Mato 
  5. Matts 
  6. Hew 
  7. Mateo 
  8. Matio
  9. Mathz
  10. Mattie 
  11. Mathieu 
  12. Hewy 
  13. Hewey 
  14. Teo 
  15. Thew 
  16. Theo 
  17. M
  18. Mattey 
  19. Maz 
  20. Maths 

Funny Nicknames For Matthew

Is your Matthew a bit of a joker? Is he always making people laugh and clowning around? Maybe you need to find a funny nickname to match his personality.

The best nicknames are born from experiences or events or are inspired by a person’s personality. If Matthew is funny, here is a list of funny nicknames that may suit him: 

  1. Mattato 
  2. Matt-Attack 
  3. Mattster 
  4. Mr Matt 
  5. Mattchew
  6. Mat Cat 
  7. Catty Matty 
  8. Match 
  9. Fat Matt 
  10. Mattricia 
  11. Matwho 
  12. M&M 
  13. Mattress 
  14. Machu 
  15. Matato Matata 
  16. Dark Matter 
  17. Mash 
  18. Rat Mat 
  19. Mat the Hat 
  20. Hew-waa-waa 
  21. Matty Moo Moo 
  22. Door Matt 
  23. Bath Matt 
  24. Welcome Matt 
  25. Hewmorous 
  26. Mattchu Pachu 
  27. Matt Class 
  28. Diplomatt 
  29. Acrimattic 
  30. Matticus Prime 
  31. Hew Are You 
  32. Mattematics 
  33. Maaaw 
  34. Minion 
  35. Mattasaurus 
  36. Manimal 
  37. Matt n Cheese 
  38. Mattdonalds 
  39. Mooty Booty 
  40. Tatty Matty 
  41. Mad Matt 
  42. My Mate Matt 
  43. Mookie Pookie 
  44. The Matt Hatter 
  45. Hatty 
  46. Mathical 
  47. Hewmungous

Cute & Unique Nicknames For Matthew 

Are you still feeling uninspired? Don’t panic, we have lots more cute nicknames for Matthew for you to choose from. Keep reading for our list of cute and unique nicknames for Matthew. 

  1. MattStar 
  2. Matty Baby 
  3. Master M 
  4. Matty Bee 
  5. Mattachussettes 
  6. Mattrick 
  7. Mattison 
  8. Baby M Hew 
  9. Emmy 
  10. Matty Boo Boo 
  11. Mattencesse 
  12. Matthusela
  13. Magical Matt 
  14. Major 
  15. Matted 
  16. Mysterious Matty 
  17. HewHew 
  18. Chewy 
  19. Aromattic 
  20. Mazzy
  21. MJ 
  22. Mattus 
  23. Mats 
  24. Mattaus 
  25. Matey 
  26. Mate 
  27. Matz 
  28. Matius 
  29. Mathias 
  30. May 
  31. Mew 
  32. Mao 
  33. Major Matty 
  34. MattBlue 
  35. Mac 
  36. Mack 
  37. Mack Daddy 
  38. Wehttam 
  39. Ati 
  40. Mathew 
  41. Huw 
  42. Huwston 
  43. Maddie 
  44. Mags 
  45. Little M 
  46. Mayo 
  47. Happy Matty 
  48. Makaio 
  49. Maitiu 
  50. Matthaios 
  51. Matta 
  52. Moo Moo 
  53. Watty 
  54. Matty Munchkin 
  55. Mattie Poo 
  56. Matty Bear 
  57. Matty Pop 
  58. Mattel 
  59. Bestie Matty 
  60. Manny 
  61. Matterhorn 
  62. Matta Cake 
  63. Mr Mattitude 
  64. Mojo 
  65. Mammy 
  66. Tat
  67. Matthaniel
  68. Matter of Fact 
  69. Master 
  70. Mattage 
  71. Mister Matt 
  72. Mattster 
  73. Munchkin 
  74. Mattie Babe 
  75. Little Monkey Matt 
  76. Hewy 
  77. Mattatattat 
  78. You Hew 
  79. Thewy  
  80. Mata 
  81. Matticus 
  82. Mattrick
  83. Mattador

International Variations Of The Name Matthew 

The name Matthew has been a popular girl’s name over the years and has several international variations. Here is a list of different ways Matthew is spelled across the globe:

  1. Maiu – Gaelic
  2. Mathuin – Irish
  3. Maitiu – Anglo-Saxon
  4. Matej – Czech
  5. Maitas – Celtic
  6. Matvei – Russian
  7. Mathias – Scandinavian
  8. Matthieu – French
  9. Mattathias – Greek
  10. Makaio – Hawaiian
  11. Matus – Slovak
  12. Matija – Serbian
  13. Mattaniah – Biblical
  14. Mate – Georgian
  15. Maciej – Polish
  16. Motya – Russian
  17. Matthijis – Dutch
  18. Mato – Croatian

Famous People Named Matthew 

With its origins stretching back thousands of years, it is no surprise that there have been several famous people with the name Matthew. Here is a list of some of the most popular famous people called Matthew.

  • Matthew McConaughey – American Hollywood actor.
  • Matthew Perry – An American actor, famously played Chandler Bing in Friends. 
  • Matthew Broderick – American actor and comedian.
  • Matt Dilon – American actor and director.
  • Matt LeBlanc – An American actor, famously played Joey in Friends.
  • Matt Smith – English actor and the 11th Doctor Who.
  • Matt Kemp – American professional baseball player.

The Final Thought 

If you have an amazing little man called Matthew in your life, we hope that you have found some great nickname inspiration in this article.

There are a wide variety of nicknames for Matthew, some are cute, others are more traditional and there are also a few funny ones in there too.

We hope that this article has given you lots of nickname ideas for your little Matthew. But nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event.

Nicknames often reflect the depth of your friendship or relationship with that person. This means that you may have a Matthew in your life with a completely unique nickname that actually has very little to do with his name.