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100 Unique Nicknames For Victoria

Have you recently had a baby and named her Victoria? Are you now looking for a unique nickname for your little Victoria? There are lots of nicknames for Victoria, some are obvious and others are more interesting and unique. 

Nicknames often stem from a particular event or personality trait; sometimes nicknames are imaginative and for some people, their nickname is just something that rhymes with their actual name.

If you are struggling to find inspiration for your Victoria’s nickname, we have 100 name ideas right here in this article. 

Before we reveal our 100 unique nicknames for Victoria, let’s take a look at the name’s origin and meaning. 

The Meaning of Victoria

Victoria is a female name of Latin origin. The name Victoria means ‘victory’. The masculine variant of Victoria is Victor. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory and is the equivalent of the Greek goddess Nike. 

The name Victoria is also often associated with Queen Victoria, the British monarch who ruled over the United Kingdom for 64 years, from 1837 to 1901. It is a classic and beautiful name and was ranked the thirty-fourth most popular girls name by the Social Security Administration in 2020.

Short Nicknames For Victoria

Victoria is an easy name to shorten for a nickname. Lots of the short nicknames for Victoria are really cute and make sweet names all on their own. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can shorten the name Victoria.

  1. Vic
  2. Vick
  3. Vix
  4. Tor
  5. Vee
  6. Via
  7. Tia
  8. Ria
  9. Kit
  10. Ora

Popular Nicknames For Victoria

Many people named Victoria use one of the more popular nicknames. Victoria is quite long and using a shortened version seems to be a popular choice. Here are some of the most common nicknames for the name Victoria:

  1. Vicky
  2. Vicks
  3. Tori
  4. Torey
  5. Toria
  6. Kiki
  7. Rita
  8. Toree
  9. Vicci
  10. Rorie

Funny Nicknames For Victoria 

In this article, we will be going over 130 middle names for Peyton, 65 for a girl, and 65 for a boy so you can cover both options for your new bundle of joy.

Is the Victoria in your life a little goofball? Is she always cracking jokes and making you laugh. Maybe you need a funny nickname to match your Victoria’s sense of humor.

Maybe you like to joke around and want to make your Victoria laugh when you say her nickname.  Either way, here is a list of some funny nicknames for Victoria to inspire you:

  1. Tricky Vicky 
  2. Sticky Vicky 
  3. Your Majesty 
  4. Your Highness 
  5. Queen Vee
  6. Queenie 
  7. Vickles Pickles 
  8. Tortia 
  9. Story 
  10. Victoria’s Secret 
  11. Icky Vicky 
  12. Your Grace
  13. Plum 
  14. Wiki 
  15. Icky

Unique Nicknames For Victoria

Still feeling uninspired? If you want a nickname for Victoria that is more creative than Vicky and not as comical as Queen Vee or Victoria’s Secret, we have some interesting and unique nicknames for Victoria too. Here is a lit of our favorites. 

  1. Vittie
  2. Thora
  3. Trina 
  4. Drina
  5. Roo
  6. Miss Vee
  7. VeeVee
  8. Raya
  9. Vi CoCo
  10. Vicky Bear
  11. Vixxy 
  12. Victory 
  13. Victorious 
  14. Vicky V
  15. Vicki Miki 
  16. Viking 
  17. Viketa 
  18. Story Tory
  19. Victoriya 
  20. Vikyska
  21. Vico 
  22. Victor
  23. Viva 
  24. Ori 
  25. KiKa
  26. Toia
  27. Kia 
  28. Kita
  29. Oria Oreo 
  30. Tova 
  31. Queen
  32. Vittoria
  33. Vevo 
  34. Vixy Vee 
  35. Cora 
  36. CoCo
  37. Toya 
  38. Vickucha
  39. Trixie 
  40. Vix Trix
  41. Vinny
  42. Torito
  43. Tora 
  44. Victory Vee 
  45. Vicky T 
  46. Storee 
  47. Clicky 
  48. Victoriana 
  49. Vickstar 
  50. Vicster 
  51. Toy 
  52. Viqtoria 
  53. Ia 
  54. Victoriin 
  55. Oria 
  56. Victorie 
  57. Victoire 
  58. Viktorka 
  59. Bhictoria 
  60. Rory 
  61. Wikitoria 
  62. Vivavious V
  63. Victorian 
  64. Victorilala 
  65. Ory 
  66. Vivi 

Famous People Called Victoria 

55 Most Romantic Names For Girls (Dreamy Baby Names)

The name Victoria is of Latin origin and has been around since the 4th Century, it was borne from a North African saint and martyr. Victoria was a very rare name in the English-speaking world until the 19th century when Queen Victoria began her rule of Great Britain.

A name so old and so beautiful has of course belonged to a fair few celebrities over the years. Here is a list of some of the most famous people called Victoria:

  • Victoria Beckham – Member of the British girl group the Spice Girls and wife of soccer player David Beckham.
  • Nicki Minaj – American rap and pop artist (given name Victoria).
  • Queen Victoria – Queen of England between the years 1837 to 1901.
  • Victoria Wood – An English comedian, author, actress, singer, and pianist.
  • Victoria Justice – American actress and singer.

International Variations Of Victoria

The name Victoria has been a popular girl’s name over the years and has several international variations. Here is a list of different ways Victoria is spelled across the globe:

  • Victoire – French
  • Viktoria – Russian
  • Viktoriya – Russian
  • Vittoria – Italian
  • Toya – Spanish

The Final Thought 

If you have an amazing lady called Victoria in your life, we hope that you have found some great nickname inspiration in this article. There are a wide variety of nicknames for Victoria, some are cute, others are more traditional and there are also a few funny ones in there too.

Nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event. Nicknames often reflect the depth of your relationship with that person.

This means that you may have a Victoria in your life with a completely unique nickname that actually has very little to do with her name.