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132 Unique Names That Mean Colorful – For Baby Boys and Girls

Many parents are taken by the idea of naming their child after a color. There are some beautiful color names that are actual colors such as Scarlet or Hazel.

Then there are also names that are slightly less obvious and their meanings are connected to colors. Take a look at our collection of names that are associated with colors and see if any take your fancy!

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Traditional Color Names for Boys and Girls

Scarlett – From the English word for the color red and is a variant of Scarlett.  Scarlett is from the surname that denoted a person who sold or made clothes made of scarlet (a kind of cloth, possibly from Persia). The name was made famous by the literary character Scarlett O’Hara in the novel Gone with the Wind.

Forest – This is a boy’s name of French origin meaning ‘woodsman or woods.’ This name also has strong associations with the deep green of a lush forest.

Primrose – Of English origin and means ‘first rose.’ It was brought back to popularity when featured in the Hunger Games series and was connected to a soft shade of yellow.

Lilac – This name has Latin origins and means a bluish-purple color. The color was named after the flower of the same name.

Cole – It is a name of English origin from Middle English and it means coal-black, charcoal, which is why it’s associated with these colors.

Hazel – From the English word hazel for the tree or the light brown color. It is a name derived from Old English hoesel and was first used as a given name in the 19th century.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Blue

From navy to cyan, to indigo, blue has such a tremendous range. This range is also reflected in baby names that are associated with this color.

When you think of blue it often reminds people of the cold but these baby names are filled with meanings that show warmth and natural beauty in the world around us.

baby in blue towel

Check out some of our favorites below and see if we can inspire you to choose a blue name. 

Girls’ names associated with the color blue

Afina – With its Romanian origin, it means blueberry. Although in Hebrew, it has a very different meaning altogether and actually means a young female deer.

Amrin – This is the perfect name choice for a little girl. Amrin refers to a royal girl who’s very gentle and softspoken. It does also refer to the ‘blue sky.’

Bluesette – This name has been inspired by the jazz scene. It’s the name of a blues song and a great choice if the parents are into jazz.

Claramay – This name means a mixture of two colors, the combination of blue and pink.

Hinto – This name has Native American origins and is used to describe a person with beautiful deep blue eyes.

Marilee – This beautiful little girls’ name means star of the sea and is made up of the different names from there different cultures. The Welsh name Mari, the English name Marilyn, and the Latin name Mary.

Sapphire – This name is definitely not as common as some of its fellow gem names such as Ruby, and Pearl. Never the less it is a beautiful and unique name.

Boys’ names associated with the color blue

Aouli – This beautiful name means ‘a beautiful feeling.’ The name also resonates with the vast blue sky.

Azraq – This was the name of the companion of Prophet Mohammad and actually means the color blue.

Chandraneel – A very unique and beautiful name that means a precious blue gem.

Clodwal – Another unique name that refers to someone who is icy cold or is considered to be a blue man. Although the name is beautiful and unique the meaning gives a rather dark sense of someone who is unfeeling and lacking in emotion.

Firuzeh – This fantastic name is used to refer to the greenish-blue colored gemstone. It is also known as the turquoise color.

Indeevar – Its origins are Hindu and the meaning is ‘blessing, blue lotus.’

Jainil – This name comes with some great history attached to it. It symbolizes the triumph of Lord Vishnu as the victory of blue and is also known as the victorious god.

Jalaneel – If you want your little boy to grow up with a cool personality, how about a name that literally means the blue color of the sea or the color of seawater.

Linnaeus – This is a great name for a little boy named after a blue flower or a twinflower.

Manikaant – This is often referred to as the brightly colored shining blue jewel. It also means someone who has a bejeweled throat like a snake.

Marlais – This baby boy’s name has Welsh origins and means blue.

Nabhas – This name is used to refer to someone who resembles the blue sky.

Nabhendu – This gorgeous name refers to the beautiful moon in the blue sky.

Nakesha – A name filled with nobility and grandeur, meaning the monarch of the blue havens. Perfect if you want your little one to grow up as a leader.

Neelambuj – This is considered a sacred name and it refers to a holy blue colored lotus.

Viorel – This beautiful and unique name means a bluebell flower.

Unisex names associated with the color blue

Azure – This is the medieval name for the precious stone lapis lazuli. This stone is used to create the pigment of vivid-blue that is used for painting. This isn’t a common name but it’ll give your little one a unique and beautiful name. As a unisex name, it has been used in series such as Laddertop and was used in Barbie Fairytopia, although it was the more feminine version Azura used here.

Blue – This is a name that can be spelled in various ways and has been used by countless celebrities each spelling it a different way. Beyonce and Jay Z named their daughter Blue Ivy, while John Travolta named his daughter Ella Bleu and then Alicia Silverstone chose a different spelling using Bear Blu for her son.

Indigo – This name could fall into either blue or purple due to its deep blue-purple color. It is a name that has been used by celebrities such as Lou Diamond Phillips who named his daughter Indigo. And the musical connections continue with Duke Ellington’s jazz composition Mood Indigo and the indie rock-folk duo Indigo girls. It also gives great options for some super cute nicknames such as ‘Indie’ and ‘Indy.’

Ocean – Although another great example of a unisex name, it does have its own gender-specific forms. Forest Whitaker named his son Ocean Alexander. The feminine version of Oceane is very popular in France at the moment. It is pronounced oh-see-EN. Oceanus is also the name of the mythical sea Titan who features in Rome’s Trevi Fountain.

Sky – This name has often been used both as a first name or middle name for both boys and girls. It does have various spellings such as Skye (like the Scottish island). It to has seen fame when both David Copperfield and Sanjay Gupta chose the name for their daughters.

Teal – A very uncommon name meaning that your child would have a very unique name. It is a shade of blue-green and is also the name of Gilmore Girls actress Teal Redmann.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Red

The color red can be as basic as ‘red’ or as exotic as ‘cerise’ with every variation in between. The choices of names also share this variation with everything from the very basic to the very exotic.

baby in red

If you’re looking for a unique and exotic name for your little one that has been inspired by the color red then check out the list below.

Girls’ names associated with the color red

Akako – This is a very popular name in Japanese cultures and actually translates to the actual color red.

Alhambra – This is a unique name and is rarely used then this is the one for you. The name means red and has Spanish origins but in Spain, the name translates to Red City.

Blaze – This is an amazing name for a little girl that literally sets itself on fire. This name has a strong association with the color red.

Cerise – This is the French word for cherry and it has a soft and feminine sound. Your little one is also less likely to be teased using the French version as opposed to the English version Cherry.

Crimson – A strong and rather impressive name for a little girl that means rich deep red color.

Garnet – Another gemstone but far less common than Ruby. But yet it is a name that has been used for centuries. It is the birthstone of January and it takes its name from the French word for pomegranate.

Ginger – Although usually more of a nickname for those with red hair, it also makes a fantastic first name. With English origins, it has some very famous namesakes.

Keira – This is derived from the name Clara and actually means little red one. 

Poppy – A very popular choice in the UK, more than the USA. This refers to the flower of the same name and comes from Latin origin meaning red flower. Poppy is unlike most floral names that are sweet, feminine, and almost delicate. It has a lot of spunk and would make an especially good choice for a little redhead baby girl.

Rose – This is a very classic name that means rose, a flower in its Latin origin. It does not actually refer to any color only to the flower itself but most people associate the color red with this name. There is also evidence to suggest it was a Norman variation of the Germanic name Hrodohaidis, meaning famous type. It has also inspired many variations such as Rosie, Rosa, Rosalind, and Rosetta.

Ruby – This is a popular name taken from the gemstone of the same name. The name of the gemstone comes from the Latin ruber, which means red. Ruby is the birthstone for the month of July and first came into wide use during the late Victorian era.

Scarlet – The meaning of this name is red or one who sells or wears scarlet cloth. It grew in popularity after it was used by Margaret Mitchell for her heroine in Gone With the Wind, Scarlett O’Hara. The name can be spelled with one t or two and does evoke a feeling of a sassy, determined girl.

Boys’ names associated with the color red

Auburn – Most color names are reserved for girls but this is the perfect name for a little boy. This name has originated from the actual word for the color auburn and refers to a reddish-brown color.

Carmine – The meaning of this beautiful name is vivid red. It is a classic Italian name shared by Batman’s Carmine Falcone. It is also the name of a common red dye.

Russell – This name means redheaded or fox-colored. It is probably one of the most common red based names for boys. There are also a few famous Russel’s, such as the actor Russell Crowe and Russell Brand the comedian.

Roux – This name comes from the Latin word Roux which means brownish-red or russet. It is also a cooking term for a mixture of butter and flour. It was also the name of Johnny Depp’s character in ‘Chocolate’. The correct pronunciation is ‘Roo.’

Rusty – This was originally a surname that came from the Old French word Rousel, which was further derived from the Latin word russus which means red.

Titian – This was the pseudonym of Italian artist Tiziano Vecelli. He became so well known for painting women using this particular shade of red, a bright auburn color, tinted with gold that it became named after him. This is a very uncommon and unique red inspired name for a little boy.

Unisex names associated with the color red

Flannery – This is an Irish name which means ‘red hair’. The writer Flannery O’Connor has this name making it a great unisex option.

Phoenix – This is traditionally considered a boys name that means dark red but over the years it has gained popularity as a very cool unisex name. The name refers to the mythical bird that rose from the ashes and is a symbol of immortality. It has also been associated with a host of celebrities such as the late River Phoenix and as the name of the child of the ex-Spice Girl.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Purple

These names are a beautiful representation of what the color purple stands for. The names are inspired from every shade of purple from the light hue of lilac to the vibrant violet and everything in between.

baby in purple

Girls’ names associated with the color purple

Hyacinth – It means The Flower and is of Greek origin. From the Greek word, hyakinthos was the name of a youth loved by Apollo. When he died a flower sprouted from his blood and was named after him. Now this name is more commonly used as that of a baby girl.

Lavender – This name has Latin origins and means light purple like the flower of the same name. There are a few spelling variations such as Lavandar, or Lavynder. It is not a very common name and as of 2018, Lavender has never cracked the top 1000 names. According to Crayola, Lavender was first introduced as a crayon color in 1972.

Lilac – With Arabic and French origins this name means pale bluish-violet, like the flower. Again there are a few variations on the spelling such as Lilach, Lilak, Lylac, or Leilac. Although it is not a very popular name and has not appeared in the top 1000 names between 1900 to 2018. But the purple lilac is the state flower of New Hampshire.

Mauve – Of Latin and French origin meaning pale blue-purple-pink. This is another name that has never hit the top 1000 popular names. The name is also the name given to a synthetic dye discovered in 1856 by English chemist Sir William Henry Perkin. It was so popular in the art that the 1890s are called the Mauve Decade.

Violet – From the Old French Violette and derived from the Latin viola. The name has been in use since the Middle Ages but it did not become popular until the middle of the 19th century when the use of flower names came into fashion. It was then again brought to popularity when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner choose the name for their daughter in 2015 and it entered the top 50 girls’ names in the US. The name has also starred in a range of children’s literature and movies such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and The Incredibles.

Boys’ names associated with the color purple

Kovidar – This unique name has Sanskrit origins and is used to describe the purple orchid tree.

Morado – This name takes its inspiration from the color purple and names associated with purple.

Porfirio – With Greek origins it refers to a purple stone and was the name of several early saints.

Tyrian – This name was brought to popularity by the TV series Game of Thrones. It refers to a shade of purple dye that was used by the ancient Phoenicians.

Viorel – Derived from the word viorea, this name has Romanian origins and is used for the alpine squill flower that is also known as the sweet violet flower.

Unisex names associated with the color purple

Amethyst – This is an uncommon gemstone name but it occasionally used. It is the birthstone of February and is of Greek origin. It means purple quartz gemstone and is considered a good choice for those parents looking for a unisex baby name. It comes from the Greek word meaning ‘not intoxicated’ and it was believed that the stone prevented you from being drunk.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Orange

This color is associated with autumn and autumnal colors, leaves falling, and the sense that summer has come to an end. But these names do not need to signify the end of a fantastic season but more the birth of the next chapter.

baby in orange

Girls’ names associated with the color orange

Amber – This name refers to the fossilized tree resin which is featured heavily in the Jurassic Park films where the blood is extracted from the prehistoric mosquito encased in a piece of amber. Amber is also a gemstone that is often used for jewelry.

Clementine – This name has its origins in many languages such as French, German, Latin, and American. It means mercy but personally I feel it brings the bright, orange fruit to mind. 

Ginger – Ginger is of English origin and means reddish-orange color. This is not a very popular name but was made famous by Ginger Rogers.

Peaches – A name of English origin and unlike other fruit names such as Apple that are just coming into fashion, Peaches is an old fashioned name that was reserved for spangled showgirls. The name may now be considered an outrageous choice for a name.

Boys’ names associated with the color orange

Copper – This name comes from the Latin word Cuprum meaning from the island of Cyprus. In Ancient Rome, most copper was mined in Cyprus.

Rusty – A shortened version of Ruston, it is often used as a nickname for someone with ginger hair or a ruddy complexion. It does make for a super cool first name too.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Yellow/Gold.

This color is associated with sunny summer days filled with fun and laughter. With fields of sunflowers blowing gentle in the breeze. With these things in mind, this is why many parents choose a name that is also associated with this color.

baby in yellow

Girls’ names associated with the color yellow/gold

Aurelia – This is a beautiful and unique name with Latin origin and means the golden one. This name was very common in the Roman Empire and is currently experiencing a rise in popularity in the US.

Marigold – This name refers to a yellow flower and is of English origin. It actually means a golden flower. This is a name that was once only found in English novels and aristocratic nurseries. It is now beginning to work its way into mainstream names. This is more than likely due to its association with a sunny, golden happy feeling. It has appeared in several children’s books such as Magic for Marigold, Once Upon a Marigold, and Marigold in Godmother’s House.

Primrose – This name conjures up images of gentle, and soft flowers. It is of English origin and means first rose. This name was once only found in British novels and was considered a little too prim for most American parents but some parents have stepped up and helped to bring this name into the mainstream. Along with the help of the character Primrose “Prim” Evergreen in the Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins.

Saffron – For most people, this name is associated with Indian cooking and intense yellow color. The name is of English origin and means yellow flower. However, the flower is actually a purple crocus that blooms in the fall. It gets its name due to the three stigmas that are yellow and prized for its flavor and color.

Xanthe – This name means golden and is of Greek origin. It originated in Greek mythology as a female version of Xanthos.

Boys’ names associated with the color yellow/gold

Aneirin – This boy’s name is of Welsh origin and means very golden or noble. It is the original form of the more common Aneurin which was mistakenly spelled and used after the 17th century. He was one of the first great Welsh poets who flourished in the 6th century. He is said to be the Prince of Bards.

Juane – This is a variation on the Spanish name Juan and also resembles the French word jaune which means yellow.

Xanthos – This name is sometimes spelled Xanthus. It is an ancient Greek name often featuring in Greek mythology. It means yellow, fair hair, and blonde. It is also an alternative name for Apollo.

Unisex names associated with the color yellow/golden

Blane – A unisex name meaning yellow. It was the surname of a 7th-century Scottish saint but it does have some issues with sounding a little feminine and almost soap opera-ish.

Dandelion – This is a unisex name meaning lion’s tooth. For most people, it is associated with the bright yellow weed but it is a creative name.

Sunny – Traditionally a girl’s name of English origin and means sunshine, happiness, and of a cheerful temperament. But this is a name that could be used for either boys or girls.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Black

When you think of names associated with the color black, you may be thinking of meanings that are dark and a little solemn.

However, there are some beautiful names that are associated with the color black that have some really interesting meanings that are not dark at all.

baby in black

Girls’ names associated with the color black

Ebony – You may be surprised to learn that this name has English origins. It means a deeply dark wood that is often used to make fine furniture. It is a name that was favored by African-American parents due to its associations with blackness and beauty. Its popularity has been falling since the eighties.

Melanie – A name derived from Latin and Greek and literally means black or dark. It was the name of a Roman saint who gave all her wealth to charity in the 5th century. The name was very common in France during the middle ages and was introduced to England from there. Interest in the name was revived by the character Melanie Wilkes from the novel Gone with the Wind in 1936 and two Spice Girls.

Raven – Its origins are in the bird of the same name. It was once a name that was a symbol of pride for both African American and Wiccan parents, it is now finding new life in the superhero world. Raven Darkholme is the real name of Mystique, the heroine from the X-Men films played by Jennifer Lawrence.

Sable – With its origins in the animal of the same name which is hunted for its dark black fur. It was most famously used as a girl’s name in the hit soap opera Dynasty as the character Sable Colby.

Boys’ names associated with the color black

Cole – This name has English origins and means swarthy, coal-black. It is a name that embodies a richness and depth of character and it has long been associated with the songwriter Cole Porter. The name is very popular in Scotland. Famous for its appearance in the children’s song Old King Cole which makes reference to an actual real British King. It was also the name of the little boy in The Sixth Sense, ok that does give it a slight solemn association.

Jet – This is one of the few gem names that are given to boys. It refers to a black precious stone. Now, it also brings to mind a high-speed aircraft. It is of English origin and mostly used in English speaking countries. The name has been used by both John Travolta and George Lucas for their sons, although spelled Jett.

Unisex names associated with the color black

Onyx – Another gemstone name meaning black gemstone and is of English origins. This is a name that can be used for either gender

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Grey/Silver

Grey names are associated with storms and unhappiness while silver names bring to mind shiny jewelry and clean cold metallic lines.

baby in gray

Girls’ names associated with the color grey/silver

Gin – This name means silver and is very popular in Japan. Although anywhere else it would have more associations with the alcoholic beverage rather than the beautiful girls’ name that it is in Japan.

Boys’ names associated with the color grey/silver

Ash – With its origins in English and a diminutive if Asher it means ash tree. This is a name with southern charm and it has a great natural appeal.

Grayson – Another name of English origin and meaning the son of the bailiff. Grayson has been in the top 1000 names since 1984 and is now more popular than ever. There are some parents who are changing the spelling in order to adopt the name for their daughters – Gracen or Gracyn.

Unisex names associated with the color grey/silver

Arian – This name has its origins in the Welsh language and means silver or actually means ‘money’ in welsh. It is derived from the Greek mythological horse named Arion. There are variations of the name such as Aryan but this spelling does have associations with the Nazi movement. 

Silver – This is a word name and means silver. It is a name that can be used for either sex and rose in popularity in the hippie era.

Sterling – Another great unisex name and is of English origin and means of the highest quality. This is a name that is associated with British currency and silver markets. The name does have some recent TV associations such as character Roger STerling on Man Men and actor Sterling K. Brown on This is US.

Stone – Is a word name that is growing in popularity. Although some may think of it as a harsh and severe name, increasing numbers of parents are going for that slate, steely, flinty single-syllable name.

Storm – Another word name that is growing in popularity thanks to the Marvel superhero of the same name. She was also the first major black female comic book heroine. there are a few celebrity parents who have dared to use this name for their children like Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx whose daughter Storm Brieann was born in 1994 and now of course Kylie Jenner has a little Stormi of her own we can see this becoming increasingly popular.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Pink

Any name associated with the color pink is most often also connected to girls. Even in this time of no prejudice, it would still be considered a favorite color amongst little ladies although it is my 3-year-old son’s favorite color.

baby in pink

Girls’ names associated with the color pink

Coral – This was a name that was first used during the Victorian craze for jewel names. It is of English origin and means reef formation but is associated with the light pinkish/orange color. The name itself is not so popular but there are some pretty variations of the name which are more widely used such as Cora or Coraline. 

Linnea – A name of Swedish origin and means twinflower or lime tree. It is a beautiful name that is derived from the renowned 18th-century Swedish botanist Carl Linnaeus who developed the Linnean system of classifying plants and animals. This name is hugely popular in Sweden and Norway ranking in the top 8. 

Rosa – This girl’s name has Spanish, Italian, and Latin origins and means rose, a flower. This is the more exotic cousin of Rose and is the most classic name in Portugal, Spain, and Italy which is also favored by upper-class Brits. This name has been on the popularity charts for every year that has been counted. It was especially popular through the beginning of the 20th century.

Rouge – This is a powder that is often used on the cheek or lips. It can have more of a red tone but is traditionally more of a pinkish tone.

Sakura – Japanese origin meaning cherry blossom. It was rarely used in Japan until the 1990s. It draws its popularity from the fact that it is connected to Japanese culture without sounding old fashioned and frumpy.

Boys’ names associated with the color pink

Almog – With Hebrew origins and means coral. This instinctively associates it with underwater and the pink coral.

Bradan – Ancient Irish origins and meaning salmon. This of course associates the name with the pink color of the salmon.

Koralo – Esperanto for coral but ultimately originates from the Latin corallium.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Green

Names that are associated with the color green often spark feelings of new life, spring, and of course a rare and precious gemstone. Check out some of our favorite green inspired names below.

baby in green

Girls’ names associated with the color green

Beryl – A Greek name meaning sea-green jewel. The name is a dated British favorite that never really caught on in the US. Some interesting namesakes are British writer Beryl Bainbridge and British aviatrix, Beryl Markham.

Clover – Originating from Old English and means key it is also the name of a flower. Clover is a less used name if you are wanting to go down the route of flower names such as Rose or Lily. It has become a new celeb favorite, Chosen by both Neal McDonough and Natasha Gregson Wagner, who used it to honor her mother Natalie Wood, whose most iconic film was Inside Daisy Clover.

Emerald – This has to be one of the most obvious green names. Emerald is a gemstone that is green in color and is more prized than diamonds. It is the birthstone of the month of May. It is also associated with the nickname given to Ireland “the Emerald Isle.”

Esme – It recently gained attention as it featured in the Twilight series as the name of Edward and Bella’s daughter Esme Cullen. It has its origins as the shorter French version of the name Emerald and is also the name of both Michael J. Fox and Katey Segal’s daughters.

Esmeralda – This is the Spanish and Portuguese take on the Emerald name. For any Disney fans, it is most commonly associated with The Hunchback of Notre Dame, as the name of the gypsy heroine and it gained more fans after the release of the animated film. This name has been popular for a long time with Hispanic parents. Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling named their first daughter Esmeralda.

Jade – One of the most popular green inspired names in the US. It is of Spanish origin and means stone of the side. A Precious green stone that is said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty. It grew in popularity after Mick and Bianca Jagger chose it for their daughter’s name in 1971. It was also used by the famous chef Giada de Laurentiis for his daughter which is actually the English translation of his own name.

Olive – A beautiful name of English origin meaning olive tree. This name has been hugely overshadowed by the more trendy Olivia but is now fighting its way back to popularity. Isla Fisher and Sacha Baron Cohen chose it for their daughter along with Drew Barrymore and country singer Jake Owen helping Olive to become a more stylish name.

Boys’ names associated with the color green

Forest – A name of French origin that means woodsman or woods. There is a variation in the spelling as Forrest that is used by actor Forrest Whitaker and this does push the meaning more toward the woods, deep green trees, and away from the woodsman meaning.

Hunter – A very masculine name with English origin meaning one who hunts. It is one of the names of a group of boys names that combines macho imagery with a softer side of masculinity. One of the most famous examples of this name would be attached to gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson but it is also the name of Scarlett Johansson’s twin brother.

Unisex names associated with the color green

Kelly – Long used as both a name for boys and girls but is now more used as a name for a baby girl. It has Irish origins and means bright headed. Famous namesakes such as singer Kelly Clarkson, actress Kelly Preston, and actress Kelly McGillis.

Sage – Although classed as a name for a little girl I can see no reason why it would not make a super cool name for a little boy. With its origins in Latin and meaning wise, it is also the name of the herb. It entered the top 100 names in the early 1900s for both sexes but is more commonly used for girls.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color White

Names that are associated in any way with the color white bring to mind images of purity, which is the way every parent sees their baby. White names are also a cool and trendy choice for those winter babies too.

baby in white

Girls’ names associated with the color white

Alaska – A girl’s name of Native American origin meaning great land. The number of girls names Alaska has doubled in the past five years and is certain to continue to rise as more parents use place names for their children’s names.

Alba – Of Latin origin and meaning white. The name is making a revival due to it being brought to the forefront by actress turned baby product mogul Jessica Alba. 

Bianca – A beautiful name of Italian origin and means white. The name has been featured in two Shakespeare plays, Othello and The Taming of the Shrew. It is also a favorite of the Spanish speaking community, as the meaning relates to white it is the first choice for those winter babies.

Blanca – This is the Spanish variation of Bianca. It is a super popular choice among Hispanic parents. It is more colorful than Blanche but not as upbeat as Bianca.

Opal – With its origins in Sanskrit and meaning gem it has become a popular girl’s name. It is the birthstone of the month of October and has a white iridescent color with streaks of blue, green, and pink in it when exposed to the light.  The ancient Greeks believed that opals were formed by the tears of joy wept by Zeus when he defeated the titans, and that opal gave people prophetic powers. The Romans considered it a symbol of hope and good fortune and it was a favorite gem of Queen Victoria.

Pearl – Another of the gem names that have been polished up for a new generation. It is the birthstone of the month of June and has a white pearlized color to it. It was a very popular name in the late 19th century but then went into a steep decline in popularity. The name is now showing signs of a revival as celebrities choose the name for their little ones. Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson named their daughter Pearl Minnie, followed by Jack Osbourne, and then a few have chosen it as the middle name.

Boys’ names associated with the color white

Albion – Is of Latin origin and is a variation of the name Alban. It means white or man from Alba. It is also the original name for Great Britain. A variation of this name Alben was the name of Harry Truman’s Vice President, Alben Barkley.

Unisex names associated with the color white

Snow – A truly magical name for a winter baby with English origins. This name is one of many winter names and gives a brisk, fresh, pure, and magical feeling. It is a rare first name but it has been seen as a surname, the most recent being the dreamy character Jon Snow in Game of Thrones.

Baby Names Inspired By The Color Brown

Names associated with the color brown fill you with images of autumn leaves, freshly plowed fields. They are names that are strongly associated with nature and growth.

baby in brown

Girls’ names associated with the color brown

Fawn – This is a females name that means a young deer. A Fawn is a doe-eyed and gentle baby deer.  Very much like that baby deer, the name carries with it the potential for a new life. It has featured at the bottom of the top 1000 names throughout the 60s and 70s. The name still holds its place in the 21st century thanks to its warmth and connection with the natural world.

Hazel – A girl’s name of English origin and means the hazelnut tree. Historically a wand of hazel symbolized protection and authority. Julia Roberts named one of her twins Hazel in 2004 and there was outcry as it was thought of as another crazy celebrity name. But Hazel brings to mind a pleasantly hazy, old fashioned image of the name. It is perfect as another autumnal aby name with its links to nature and the great outdoors.

Sienna – A name that has come from the Italian place name from orange-red color clay. The historic Tuscan city is spelled Siena but it has not stopped the name becoming increasingly popular. Cable newsperson Campbell Brown chose Sienna for her daughter as did Kevin James.

Boys’ names associated with the color brown

Bruno – A boy’s name of German origin and means brown. It is popular in Europe and South America. Due to its color meaning, it is perfect for a baby boy born in any of the autumn months. British cookbook writer Nigella Lawson has a son named Bruno. The singer-songwriter Bruno Mars, who was raised in Hawaii was given the name Peter at birth but was then given the nickname Bruno at around two years old and I guess it stuck! 

Unisex names associated with the color brown

Coco – This is a unisex name that is associated either with high fashion as in Coco Channel or delicious chocolate. In recent years it has been used by celebrities such as Courtney Cox for her daughter Coco Riley. It was a name that was ridiculed but there is the strong possibility that this name is moving into the mainstream.

Umber – A name that is suitable for either a baby boy or girl. It is a color name referring to the rich brown hue. It is often misheard as Amber, so be prepared to correct people for the rest of your baby’s life.

Baby Name Inspired By Rainbow

baby in rainbow

Iris – This is the perfect name for a little girl with its origins in both the flower name and also in Greek and means rainbow. In Greek mythology, Iris was the Goddess of the rainbow, a messenger for Zeus and Hera who rode the rainbow as a multicolored bridge from heaven to earth.

The Final Thought

As you can see from our list of baby names inspired by colors, there is a wealth of different options available to parents. From the truly unique to the more common names, there’s surely something that will suit everyone.