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65 Best Names That Mean Pride

Choosing a baby name is never easy. It is a big responsibility, your child will have their name forever and you don’t want to choose something they are going to dislike as they grow up.

Equally, you don’t want to choose a name that every other parent in the hospital is giving to their newborn babies.

Names that have a relevant meaning are a popular choice for parents and you can find beautiful and less popular names this way. You might want to give your new baby a name that means love or strong or brave, for example.

If you are thinking about giving your baby a name that means ‘pride’, we have got you covered. We have put together some of our favorite names that mean pride for you to choose from.

You may want your baby’s name to mean Pride for religious or cultural reasons or the feeling of pride may be particularly significant to you and your family.

Girl’s Names That Mean Pride.

Aanu – Hindi in origin and means ‘full of pride’. 

Adanna – Of Western African Igbo origin and it means ‘father’s pride’. The name Adanna is given to celebrate a loving daughter of a father.

 Abhimanini – Means ‘proud of herself’ and is of Indian origin, Abhimanini 

Aelin – A name of  Old English origin and means ‘swift and strong, clever and proud’. 

Antheia – Derived from Greek Mythology, Antheia means beautiful, resurrection and mercy and has meaningful links to ‘pride’. 

Ashmitaa – Hindi in origin and simply means ‘pride’. 

Ashviqua – The origin of this name is unknown but it is a unique choice for a baby girl and is believed to mean ‘love and pride’. 

Athenais – This name originates from Ancient Greek and it means ‘God’s favor, bright, resurrection and full of pride’. 

Baysan – From Arabic origin and means ‘to walk with pride’. 

Buhaisah – Also from Arabic origin, meaning ‘one who walks around with pride’. 

Darpana – Of Hindi origin meaning ‘a mirror’ and ‘inducing pride’.

Fakhr – A name of Arabic origin, this baby girl name means ‘honor, pride, and glory – something to feel proud about. 

Fakhriyya – Comes from Arabic origin and means ‘pride and glow’. 

Faridha – Arabic in origin, Faridha means ‘proud, unique, matchless and pride’. 

Garvita – This girl’s name is of Hindi origin and means ‘to be proud of’. 

Gauravi – Of Hindi origins and means ‘ honor and pride’. 

Iftikar – From Arabic origin meaning ‘contemplation, thought and pride’. 

Gursheen – This name is of Indian origin and means ‘Guru’s pride’. 

Jasveen – Another name of Indian origin simply meaning ‘pride’

Jehannaz – A baby girl name of Hindi origin meaning ‘pride of the universe’.

Jiona – Swahili girl’s name that means ‘to glow with pride’. 

Kheiloe – Of Hawaiian origin, Kheiloe means ‘one’s pride and joy’. 

Maysa – Arabic in origin, Maysa is a popular name choice amongst Muslim parents and it means ‘walking with pride’. 

Minu – This is a Persian girl’s name meaning ‘gem, precious stone and paradise’. This name can also be used if you are looking for a name that means pride, as this is another meaning it has – ‘fish which moves with ease everywhere bestowing love and peace over her surroundings getting pride to all’.

Naz – A name of Turkish origin, Naz means ‘delicacy and pride’. 


Nazish – Girls name of Persian origin meaning ‘pride’. 

Shahnaz – A name derived from Iranian culture meaning ‘King’s Pride’. 

Sumayah – Of Arabic origin meaning ‘Pride’.

Tischa – Indian in origin, Tischa means ‘joy and pride’. 

Udumelue – This girls name is from Igbo origins and means ‘crowned with honor and pride’. 

Ugoeze – Another name with Igbo origins, Ugoeze means ‘King’s pride or King’s favorite’. 

Urenna – Also from Igbo origins, this name means ‘father’s pride’. 

Boys Names That Mean Pride

Aan – A name of Indian origin meaning ‘pride and respect’. 

Abhiman – Originating from Hindu culture. Abhiman means ‘pride, majestic and magnificent’.

Abhimanee – A variation of Abhiman, this name also originates from Hindi and means ‘full of pride’.

Anuka – This is a unisex name and the meaning of Anuka is ‘wishful and maintains family’s pride’.  

Ashaan – Baby boy name meaning ‘Pride’, originating from Indian culture. 

Ashmit – This name is also of Indian origins and it simply means ‘pride’. 

Avesh – A name of Indian origins, Avesh has several meanings including ‘pride, zeal, and anger’. 

Bharam – Urdu origin, this name means ‘pride, esteem, and reputation’. 

Dallin – Of English heritage and means ‘the people’s pride’. 

Darrold – With origins in both English and Christian Darrold means ‘pride and honor’. 

Diederik – This is a Dutch name from Christianity meaning ‘a born ruler, full of pride and power’. 

Fahruddin – Of Arabic and Bosnian origins, Fahruddin means ‘pride of faith’. 

Fakarrudin – A name from the Muslim religion meaning ‘pride of religion’. 

Garvish – Indian in origin, Garvish means ‘superiority, vanity, and pride’. 

Garypreet –  Means honor and pride and of Indian culture.

Gaurav – Of Hindi origin, Gaurav is a boy’s name that means ‘pride’.

Ghamandjeet – Also originating from India, Ghamandjeet means ‘victory of pride’.

Gourab – Another boy’s name meaning ‘pride and happy’, Gourab is from Bengali origins.

Haben – Of African origins, this name simply means ‘pride’. 

Iaan – A name that means ‘pride’, from Indian origins. 

Jesh – This name originates from India and means ‘pride of money’. 

Levaughn – Of Greek origin, Levaughn means ‘pride and joy’. 

Morey – Irish in origin and the Judaism religion, Morey means ‘a noble person who is the reason for pride’. 

Nazrat – A name of Urdu origin, Nazrat means ‘one who is of great pride’. 

Nitiman – Originating for Hindi culture, this name means ‘one who is a pride of morality’. 

Rajas – A boy’s name of Oriya origins that means ‘mastery, fame, and pride’. 

Shaan – Of Oriya origin, Shaan means ‘pride’. 

Shahnaaz – Originating in India, Shahnaaz means ‘pride of the King’. 

Shernaz – From the Urdu culture, Shernaz means ‘pride of a lion’. 

Sinhadarp – This name originates from Sanskrit and means ‘having a lion’s pride’. 

Tajudinn – An Arabic boy’s name meaning ‘pride and honor of the religion’. 

Ugoulo – Of Igbo origins meaning ‘pride of the home’. 

Zeehan  Tthis name originates from Indian culture. Zeehan means ‘one with glory and pride’. 

The Final Thought

If you are looking for a baby name that means pride, we hope you have found some inspiration in this article. There are lovely names here from different cultures and religions that mean ‘pride’.

If you are looking for a name with a strong connection to your culture or just one that sounds good and means ‘pride’, there are lots of boy’s and girl’s names to choose from.

Perhaps ‘pride’ isn’t the word for you? If you are looking for a baby name that has a different meaning, you can read our post on baby names that mean sacrifice and baby names that mean home for further name inspiration.