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25 Names That Mean Home

The birth of a new baby marks a new beginning, the start of a journey. A new baby will often complete a family, turning a house into a home.

If you would like to honor their role in completing your home by giving them a name that has the word home or means home in its meaning then you have come to the right place.

We have put together some of our favorite names from around the world along with their relationship to the meaning of home.

Girls Names That Mean Home

Abequa – A name of Native American origin and means she stays home.

Alea – Of Israeli origin and means immigrant to a new home.

Bridget – Is of Celtic origin and has various meanings such as strength, peaceful, homely, and devoted.

Cardea – Greek in origin and means goddess of protecting the home.

Domele – A name of Latin origin and means mistress of the home.

Eden – Of Hebrew origin and has a variety of different meanings and references, one of which is the famous biblical garden of Eden, the first home of Adam and Eve.

Freda – Teutonic in origin and means peace, home-loving, placid, and intellectual.

Hagan – This name is a non-gendered name with Celtic origins and means ruler of the home.

Harriet – Of English origin and means rules the home. It is the feminine version of Harry which comes from Henry. It is also a variant of Henrietta.

Henka – A name of Polish origin and means bless the home. It is also the Polish form of Henrietta.

Jetje – Teutonic in origin and means ruler of the home.

Kalias – This is a name of Hindu origin and is also suitable for both boys and girls. It means home of the lord.

Laralaine – Latin in origin and means protection. The name is derived from ‘Lares’, which refers to an individual Roman household Gods who were protectors of home and fields.

Olympia – Of Greek origin and means from the home of the gods, referring to Olympus.

Boys Names That Mean Home

Aethelstun – A name of English origin and means from the Elfs home.

Anrai – Of Irish origin and means rules the home. It is a variant of Einri.

Barnham – English in origin and is a variant of Barnum meaning from the Baron’s home.

Chalmer – A name of Teutonic origin and means lord of the home.

Denton – Of English origin and means happy home.

Duriel – Hebrew in origin and means God is my home.

Eanraig – A name of Gaelic origin and means home ruler or ruler of an enclosure. It is also the Gaelic form of Henry.

Ellsworth – English in origin and means great man’s house.

Enrico – Of Hispanic origin and is a form of Hen ruler of the home.

Graeme – A name of Scottish origin and is a variant of the Lincolnshire place name Grantham, meaning Grant’s homestead or farmhouse.

Hal – German in origin and means home or house ruler. It is also a diminutive of Henry.

Harry – Of English origin and is a variant of Henry meaning home or house protector. It can also be a diminutive of Harold meaning army commander or weald bearer.

The Final Thought

Although many of the names above do not exactly mean home they are sure to give you a good place to start your search.

Our list consists of names from various cultures and languages allowing you the opportunity to discover names that you may not have otherwise considered for your little one.