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100+ Best Magical Boy Names

Many parents are looking for a unique name for their little one. They’re stepping away from the traditional names and are looking for those less used, even rare baby names.

If you are looking for a name that is a little different than those names that have magical meanings, are linked with legends, mythology and witchcraft are all sure to provide some great options.

We have put together a list of our favorite magical, wizardry names to give you some inspiration for a truly unique baby name.

Magical Baby Boy Names


Aelfdene – Pronounced as Ay-a-lef-den, comes from English origins and means from the Elfin valley.

Aladdin – An Arabic name that means ‘height of religion.’ The story of Aladdin is an old Middle Eastern tale that will now always be associated with Disney and this may lower its appeal as a suitable name.

Alfred – A name of English origin and it means wise counselor. Although many may associate the name with a bygone era it is still a popular name and throughout history, Alfred was the name of kings, poets, inventors, and movie directors.

Alvaro – This name has both Spanish and Germanic origins and one translation means cautious. In the Germanic language, the name means ‘army of elves.’

Alvin – An English name meaning noble friend or friend of the elves. Thanks to Alvin and the Chipmunks the name is widely used in sports, music, and even movies.

Ambrose – It comes from the Latin and means immortal one. It was the name of an important doctor of the Christian church during the fourth century.

Argus – A name of Greek origin and means watchful guardian. According to Greek mythology, Argus was a creature with one hundred eyes. Argus is also a character in the Harry Potter series – Argus Filch.

boy wearing a wizard hat

Arion – Another name from Greek mythology and means melodious. According to the Greek legends, Arion was an immortal horse, who some believed had the power of speech.

Aslan – Derived from the Old Turkic and means lion. The name found fame as that of the heroic lion in the C.S. Lewis series, The Chronicles of Narnia.


Basil – Pronounced BA-zil and has Greek origins. It means regal. The plant is often regarded as a magic herb for portions.

Bayard – This name means russet-haired and has English roots. It is pronounced bye-yard and was the name of a legendary French bay horse, featured in the Chanson de Geste. The horse was magical and could alter its size to fit its rider.

Borak – A name of Arabic origins and means lightning. The name stems from Al Borak, a legendary horse that is rumored to have carried the prophet, Muhammad from the Earth to the seventh heaven.


Caspian – Of Iranian origin, the name is a geographical name of the sea located between Asia and Europe. Prince Caspian is a protagonist in The Chronicles of Narnia Series.

Cedric – With Celtic origins and means bounty. The name has a long literary history and was first used by Sir Walter Scott in 1819, as the name for the noble character’s father in Ivanhoe.

Cleon – A name of Greek origin and means renowned or glorious. Shakespeare used the name but the character was henpecked and weak.

Cosmo – Of Greek origin and means order or beauty.


Draco – Means dragon but the name gained popularity after the Harry Potter character Draco Malfoy.

Dylan – A name of Welsh origin and means son of the sea. The name was also famously used for the cute and energetic hippie from the British TV show the Magic Roundabout.

boy dressed as harry potter


Easton – Of Old English origin and means island of stone, but it also means magical power.

Edward – This is a name of Norse origin and means rich guard. However, the name flew to popularity due to the character in the Twilight series.

Eric – This popular Scandanavian name means eternal ruler. It is also the name of the Prince from the Little Mermaid.


Finn – This is the name of the central character in The Snow Queen folklore, which is the inspiration behind the movie Frozen. It means white or fair.

Flynn – This name means son of the red-haired one and is also the name of the male lead in Disney’s Tangled.


Gandalf – An Old Norse name meaning wand elf. It is also the name of the wizard from Tolkien’s masterpiece Lord of the Rings.


Hansel – This instantly brings images of the fairytale Hansel and Gretal. The name is rarely used and means God is gracious.


Jack – Meaning God is gracious. But Jack is also a colorful figure that appears in the folklore of Robin hood.

Jareth – This is the name of the Goblin King from the fantasy movie Labyrinth.


Magus – This name has the first syllable of the word magic in it and it happens to mean sorcerer.


Oberon – The English form of the French name Auberon and means elf ruler. In Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, Oberon was the king of the fairies.


Peter – This name has Greek origins and means rock. But for most, it is associated with Peter Pan the mischievous boy who can fly.

150 Amazing Warlock, Wizard and Witch Baby Names


Regin – The name comes from Norse mythology where Regin was a blacksmith who was well versed in dark magic. Regin means a mythical blacksmith.


Terence – Although of Latin origins the name is more synonymous with the Irish neighborhoods of New York and Boston and means smooth. But it was also the name of the Sparrowman from Tinkerbell.

Triton – Perhaps one of the most famous mermen of all time. Another name that has become associated with Disney films, this one being Ariel. Triton means son of Poseidon.

Tyrion – The name means one who is from the Land of Eoghan. The name is a literary name brought forward by Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin.


Zephyr – Originating from Greek mythology, where Zephyr is the Greek god of the west wind.

Famous Magician Namesakes for Boys

If you would prefer a more common name for your little boy, but still want to make reference to your love of all things magic, you could name them after a famous magician.

Blaine – After master illusionist David Blaine.

Burton – For magician Lance Burton

Copper – For magician David Copperfield

Dante – In memory of Dante the Magician.

David – After David Blaine or David Copperfield

Harry – In memory of Harry Houdini or Harry Jansen (Dante the magician)

Lance – After master magician Lance Burton.

Penn – For Penn Jillette, of the duo Penn and Teller.

Roy – In memory of Roy Horn, of the duo Siegfried and Roy

Siegfried – For Siegfried Fischbacher, of Siegfried and Roy

Teller – For Raymond Teller, of the duo Penn and Teller.

Male Witch Names Inspired by Wicca

Wiccan names are often inspired by the natural or spiritual world.

Blaze – Means an outburst of flames.

Clay – Refers to a person who worked with or lived near clay.

Drake – Means dragon.

Jet – Referencing a jet aircraft.

Lumin – Meaning light

Omen – Referring to something that predicts the future.

Oshun – An alternate spelling of ocean.

Smolder – Meaning to smoke and burn slowly.

Wicce – An old version of the word Wicca.

Wizard-like Names For boys

Bruxo – A name of Portuguese origin and means wizard.

Burvis – Of Latvian origin meaning wizard.

Cyfrin – Welsh in origin and means mystic.

Dewin – A name of Welsh origin and means sorcerer.

Gladur – Icelandic origin and means magic.

boy wearing in blue wizard hat

Mago – With origins in Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian and means magician.

Sahir – An Arabic name meaning sorcerer or wizard.

Sihir – Indonesian for witchcraft.

Sorgin – Of Basque origin and means sorcerer

Taikuri – Finnish in origin and means magician.

Tovenaar – With origins in Dutch meaning magician, wizard, or sorcerer.

Velho – Finnish word for a wizard.

Magical and Mystical Boy Names From Mythology

If you are looking for a magical name for your little man then there is no better place to look than in the mythology of not only your own heritage but others too.

Anulap – The Polynesian god of magic and knowledge. He is the husband of the creator goddess Ligobubfanu.

Amatheon – Welsh magician; brother of Gwydion. In Welsh Mythology he is believed to be responsible for Gad Goddeu or Battle of Trees between the Lord of the otherworld and the Children of Don.

Hermes – Hermes is a Greek messenger god, swift and cunning. He is portrayed with winged feet, wearing a winged helmet, and carrying a caduceus which is a serpent entwined magic wand. He is considered a magical deity in Greek Mythology.

Odin – The Norse god of magic, wisdom, and war. Old Norse texts portray Odin as one-eyed and long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear.

Taliesin – Welsh god of magic. Taliesin was a poet and bard of great renown, his wit and inspiration came from his spectacular rebirth at the hands of the white with Ceridwen.

Vanir – Norse magicians and sorcerers. Vanir is a group of gods associated with health, fertility, wisdom, and the ability to see the future.

Woden – Anglo Saxon god of magic and healing. He is the only pre-Christian deity to be mentioned in the surviving Anglo Saxon charms.

magician child

Popular Boy Names That Sound Magical

There are a few popular boys’ names that although are not magical or witchy in any way they just seem to have that vibe to them.

Archer – An occupational name of English origin that means bowman, one who excels at archery.

Asher – Of Hebrew origin and means blessed, happy.

Atlas – Meaning support or prop and of Greek origin.

Chance – A name of English origin and means fortune, luck.

Cohen – Biblical name of Hebrew origin and means priest.

Damian – Of Greek origin and means to tame or subdue.

Declan – A name of Irish origin and means full of goodness.

Ezra – A biblical name of Hebrew origin and means help.

Gael – A name of Irish origin and means a Gaelic person.

Gideon – Of Hebrew origin and means woodsman. In the Bible, Gideon had a direct message from God to deliver Israel from Midian.

Holden – Meaning from the hollow in the valley and is of English origin.

Legend – This is a literary name or English origin and means history, story, and myth.

Luca – The name is of Italian origin and means a person from Lucania. But it is also the English form of the Greek name Loukas.

Maverick – Of American origin and means wildly independent.

Orion – In Greek mythology, Orion was a hunter and it is also a name of a constellation of stars. It is Greek in origin and means mountain dweller.

baby bad breath in morning

Phoenix – A name of Greek origin and means blood red. Most people will associate the name with the magical bird that rises from the ashes.

Thiago – Meaning supplanter and if Latin origin.

Walker – Originally an English surname from the Old English word wealcere. A wealcere was a person who scoured and thickened raw cloth by trampling on it in water. Of English origin and means fuller of cloth.

Waylon – English in origin and means land by the road.

Zayn – A name of Arabic origin and means beautiful, ornamental.

Real Male Witch Names

George (Burroughs) – He was a man hanged for witchcraft in Salem.

Giles (Corey) – An accused witch in Salem who died from his punishment.

John (Willard and Proctor) – Both men were hanged for witchcraft in Salem.

Jon (Jonssons) – A famous man prosecuted for witchcraft in Iceland.

Samuel (Wardwell) – A man hanged for witchcraft in Salem.

Wilmot (Redd) – Another man hanged for witchcraft in Salem.

The Final Thought

whether you are considering a magical name because you love all things magic or you just want a unique name or you want a name with a magical meaning, you can’t go far wrong.

The magical names on our list can cover all those reasons and some of them even embrace the traditional names that just seem to have a magical vibe!