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Ash Name Meaning and 15 Names That Mean Ash

The name Ash has origins in both English and Hebrew. Although typically a boy’s name, it does have a unisex vibe that seems to sit well with new parents.

In English, Ash means from the Ash tree, while in Hebrew, the name means ‘happy.’ The name is referenced in the Old Testament, Asher was the second son of Jacob and Zylpah.

As well as being a stand-alone name Ash can be a short form of any name beginning with the syllable “Ash”, such as Asher, Ashby, or Ashton. Some of these names have different meanings even though they contain the same syllable – Ash.

Asher is of Hebrew origin and means blessed or happy. Actor Judd Nelson’s middle name is Asher, as well as playwright Arthur Miller.

Asher Keddie is an Australian actress which may be one of the reasons for its increased popularity for girls. Ashby is of English origin and means ash tree farm.

Ashton is also of English origin and means ash tree town. The most famous person with the name Ashton is actor Ashton Kutcher.

Other Names With The Same Meaning As Ash

If you really love the meaning of the name Ash but are not so keen on the actual name, we have put together a few alternatives that have a similar meaning to Ash that you may love.

Aesc – Of Anglo-Saxon origin and means ash tree in Old English. This was the nickname of a 5th-century king of Kent, whose birth name was Oeric.

Ascelin – Derived from a diminutive of the Germanic element asc meaning ash tree.

Asco – Of Ancient Germanic origins and means ash tree.

Ask – Derived from Old Norse askr “ash tree”. In Norse mythology, Ask and his wife Embla were the first humans created by the gods.

Denish – A trendy English name that means happy or joyful.

Fane – If you are looking for a name that will have a happy and cheery disposition then this name is the one. It means happy and joyous.

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Felix – A name of Latin origin and very popular in European countries. It means happy or lucky. The name Felix is believed to have a lucky omen and was also the name of many saints.

Feliciano – A stylish Italian version of Felix and means happy or fortunate.

Gil – A Hebrew name meaning happiness. The name is pronounced as zheel.

Macario – A super cute Spanish name that means happy and blessed. Another variant of the name is Makarios.

Melia – From the ancient Greek word that means ash tree. There were several Melias throughout Greek mythology and the Meliae (plural) were said to be nymphs associated with the ash tree.

Nario – A name of Italian origin and means cheerful and happy.

Oron – A friendly name that means happy.

Selig – A Jewish name meaning happy or fortunate. Selig is a Yiddish word and quite a unique name.

Saeed – A Turkish-Arabic name that means happy. Saeed is also the masculine version of the name Saida.

The Final Thought

If you find a name that has a meaning that really touches you but you are not that keen on the name then there are always other options. There is a huge range of names with very similar meanings around such as Ash, you just need to know where to look.