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100+ Best Polynesian Girl and Boy Names With Meanings

The Pacific Island includes over 20,000 islands that are in the Pacific Ocean.

These are classified as Melanesia – which includes Fiji and New Guinea; Polynesia – which includes New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands; and Micronesia – which includes the islands of Kiribati, Nauru, and the Marianas.

This also means that their baby names are hugely diverse. Their names are symbolic of the gods and their unique heritage.

So if you are thinking of a unique name for your little one, then looking at some Polynesian names may be a really good option.

So to help you in your search for the perfect Polynesian name we have put together some of our favorite choices.

Polynesian Girl Names

Anahera – A Maori name that means angel.

Apikalia – This name is a form of Abigail that is used in Hawaii and other Polynesian islands. It means my fathers joy.

Aroha – The name means love.

Haukea – It comes from the Hawaiin word for snow and white.

Heirani – A Paumotu name from the islands known as Tuamotu Archipelago and it means crown, garland, heaven, and sky.

Iolana – This Hawaiian name means to soar.

Kahurangi – A gender neutral Maori name that means precious or blue.

Kai – Another gender neutral name and it means sea.

Kailani – Means ocean, sea, heaven, or sky.

Kalina – Hawaiian name that means pure.

Keahi – A gender-neutral name that means fire.

Kiri – Means skin of the tree or fruit and is of Maori origin.

Lani – A Hawaiian name that means heaven, sky, majesty, or royalty.

Makana – This Hawaiian name means gift.

Marama – The Maori word for light and in some Polynesian myths she is the goddess of the moon.

Mele – Means song and is of Hawaiian origin.

Moerani – A gender-neutral Tahitian name that means sleep and heaven.

Ngaio – This Maori name means from a species of tree.

Ngaire – Pronounced as Ny-ree and means wetland.

Nikora – Means victory of the people and is predominantly used by people of Maori heritage in New Zealand.

Pele – A Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, Pele was said to be responsible for creating the Hawaiian islands.

Tiare – Tahitian name that means flower.

Vaihere – This Tahitian name means water or loved.

Waimarie – Means good luck in Maori.

Whetu – Pronounced as feh-too, it means water and is of Maori origin.

Polynesian Boy Names

Aimata – A Tahitian name that means in possession of the eldest.

Aitoarii – The name means royal warrior and is of Tahitian origin.

Akamu – This is a form of Adam used in the Pacific Islands.

Aluluei – A name of unknown meaning, but on the Caroline Islands, it is the name of the god of sailors, and on the Marshall Islands he is the god of navigation.

Anaru – The Hawaiian form of Andrew.

Ariihau – Means king of peace and is of Tahitian origin.

Enoha – The name means bird.

Eteroa – This was the original name of the island now known as Rurutu, the most northerly island in the chain.

Hinano – Tahitian name that means pandanus flower or pandanus blossom.

Hone – Means God is gracious.

Kaipo – A Pacific Islander name that means sweetheart.

Kanaloa – This is the name given to the Hawaiian god of the ocean.

Kane – In Hawaiian mythology, Kane is the highest god who is involved in the creation of the universe.

Kaoriki – The name comes from the Marquesas Islands and means little onion.

Ku – Means standing or upright and is the name of one of the four major Hawaiian deities.

Lasa – In Tongo, Lasu is a mythological hero who captures the first elf king. The name means tame.

Lono – The Hawaiian god of agriculture and rain.

Maevarau – Means welcome wishes and is pronounced as may-VAR-ew.

Makemake – Pronounced as Mahkee-Mahkee and means like or would like.

Maui – This name is of unknown meaning.

Nikau – The Maori name of the tree, Rhopalostulis sapida.

Rangi – A Maori word that means heaven, sky.

Taika – Means tiger and is of Maori origin.

Tane – The Maori god of the forests and birds, meaning man.

Temuera – The name means powerful leader.

Samoan Girl Names

Amataga – This name means beginning in Samoan.

Atami – A name from Samoa that means clever.

Elisapeta – The Samoan form of Elizabeth.

Fiafia – Means be happy in Samoan.

Filemu – This name means peacefulness in Samoan.

Fiva – Samoan for fever.

Kenese – The Samoan form of Genesis.

Lagi – Means heaven in Samoan.

Loimata – This name means tears in Samoan.

Luni – Samoan for June.

Lupelele – The Samoan word for flying dove.

Lupesina – This name comes from the Samoan words for dove and silver.

Manaia – Means nice, beautiful or good in Samoan.

Manamea – Samoan for sweetheart.

Mataalii – This is the Samoan form of the Maori name Matariki and are the names for the constellation known as Pleiades in English.

Nuanua – The Samoan for rainbow.

Olaga – Means life in Samoan.

Olioli – The Samoan word for joy.

Onosa’i – In Samoan, this means to be patient or patience.

Penina – This name means pearl in Samoan.

Rongomai Whenua – Means mother earth in Samoan.

Salamasina – The name is of unknown meaning. But Queen Salamasina held four aristocratic titles and is still held in high regard by modern Samoans.

Saofa’i – The translation of this name is sit down.

Sina – Means white or grey-haired.

Teuila – This is the Samoan name for a flower that is called red ginger in English.

Samoan Boy Names

Aleki – The Samoan form of Alexander and means defending men.

Alofa – Means love in Samoan.

Artorian – Although a strong sounding name, there is no actual known meaning for this name.

Enele – No reliable meaning for this name can be found.

Fetu – The literal translation of this name is star. But it is also a short form of the name Fetuilelagi which means God of the night.

Haych – This is a common nickname in Samoa so may be a good option for a real first name.

Hemi – The Samoan form of James.

Iakopo – A form of Jacob used in Samoa.

Iosefa – This is a form of Joseph in Samoan.

Keola – Means life, health, or well being.

Laki – Laki translates to English as lucky.

Maleko – A Samoan form of Mark and it means male.

Malosi – Means strength in Samoan.

Noa – This Samoan word means just.

Puleleiite – The name translates to management, but the more accurate meaning would be the ruler who can tell the future.

Semis – This name is another form of James used in Samoa.

Siaosi – A form of George used in Samoa.

Sione – This is a form of John that is often used in Samoa and means God is gracious.

Tala – Samoan for story.

Taito – In Samoa, this name is a form of Titus, while the same name is used in Finland and it means skill, knowledge.

Tuala – The literal translation of this name is towels.

Tusitala – This Samoan name means the teller of tales or write stories.

Uati – Means to watch.

Vaea – The meaning of this name is unknown, but it may mean king or chief.

Vasa – Samoan name that means ocean or sea.

The Final Thought

Although we choose to group all the Pacific Islands together, they are made up of over 25,000 islands all with an amazing religious, cultural and social diversity.

This diversity provides a huge variety of names but you should consider their native meaning and the cultural and spiritual importance attached to them.

But if you have come to the end of our list and have still not found your perfect unique name then why not check out some anime names or some names that have beautiful and spiritual meanings.