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125+ Cool Female Alien Names

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Alien names that are suitable for girls tend to be fierce, futuristic and pulled from the stars.

They tend to be unique and shine brighter than their earthly counterparts. Here are some of our favorite intergalactic names that are perfect for your little star.

Adhara –  A name that is of Arabic origins and means virgins. It is also the name of one of the brightest stars in the sky.

Aizza – Of Arabic origin and means saffron, crocus.

Alcyone – Pronounced as Al-cy-o-ne and is from Greek mythology. Alcyone was the daughter of Awilus and married to Ceyx. Alcyone is now known for being one of the brightest stars in the Pleiades.

Alisz – German in origin and means noble, exalted.

Aliz – A name of German origin and means noble, exalted.

Allexa – Of Greek origin and means man’s defender.

Alpha – The name stems from Greek and is the first letter of the alphabet. In astronomy, Alpha is used as the name for the brightest star in every constellation.

Alula – Means the first leap and is of Arabic origin.

Alya – The name derives from Russia, Turkey and Arabic-speaking countries and it means heavens, exalted, and highborn.

Amalthea – From Greek mythology and means tender goddess.

Andromenda – A name that has Greek origin and means advising like a man. Andromeda was the daughter of Cassiopeia, who Athena made into a constellation.

Aquarius – Another name from Greek that refers to the constellation between Pisces and Capricorn.

Ariel – The name means lion of god and is of Hebrew origin.

Astra – Means of the stars and is of Greek origins.

Astrea – Of Latin origin and means star. 

Aurora – This name comes from Latin origins and means ‘the dawn’. It stems from the Roman goddess of sunrise. It also relates to the scientific phenomenon that causes the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

Aza – Arabic in origin and means comfort.

Azhar – A name of Arabic origin and means flowers.

Azizi – Of Hebrew origin and means beloved, precious, mighty.

Azzurra – Means sky blue and is of Spanish origin.

Bazeelle – Greek in origin and means royal, regal.

Belinda – This name translates to ‘pretty one’ or ‘serpent and comes from German and Spanish roots. Belinda was a goddess who ruled over heaven and earth according to Babylonian mythology. This is also the name of one of Uranus’ moons.

Bellatrix –  Bellatrix is one of the stars in the Orion constellation and is of Latin origin. This name has received attention lately due to the evil character in J.K Rowlings’ ‘Harry Potter’. This name means ‘female warrior’.

Bianca – A name stemming from Italian roots that means ‘white’. This was the name given to one of Uranus’ moons when it was discovered by the Voyager 2.

Bozi – Of Hebrew origin and means devoted to God.

Calypso – Derived from Greek and means ‘she who hides’. According to Greek mythology, Calypso was an island nymph who imprisoned Odysseus. Saturn also has a moon with the same name.

Canopa – The name means ‘my brightest star’, in allusion to Canopus, the bright star of the southern sky, in the constellation Argo.

Capella – Capella is the name of the 11th brightest star. In Roman mythology, this was the name of the goat that nursed Jupiter. The name is also mentioned in Persian and Aboriginal legends.

Cassiopeia – The name of a queen of great vanity in Greek mythology. Both Cassiopeia and her daughter, Andromeda, were transformed into constellations for offending Poseiden.

Celeste – This name means ‘of the heavens’ and is of Latin origin. 

Celestia – Of Latin origin and means heavenly.

Celestial – Another name of Latin origin and means heavenly.

Chandra – Chandra is the name of the moon goddess in Hindu.

Charon – This is a name from mythology that means ‘of keen gaze’. This name has two different pronunciations, kare-on, in Greek Mythology and share-on in astronomy. In Greek Mythology this is the name of the ferrymen of dead souls and in astronomy, this is one of Pluto’s moons.

Chepziba – Hebrew in origin and means my delight in her.

Chetanzi – A name of Native American origin and means yellow hawk.

Cinzia – Greek in origin and means from Mount Kynthos.

Cordelia – This name has both Latin and Celtic origins and means ‘daughter of the sea’. This was the name of one of King Leah’s daughters who was known for her sympathetic nature. This is also one of Uranus’ moons.

Corona – Of Spanish origin and means ‘crown’. This is the name for an aura of plasma floating around the sun. 

Cressida – A name of Greek origin that translates to ‘gold’‘. This name can be seen in both Greek Mythology, Shakespearean literature and is also one of Uranus’ smaller moons.

Cybele – Means ‘mother of all gods’. Cybele was the goddess of health, nature, and fertility in Greek Mythology. Astronomers also gave this name to the largest asteroid in our solar system.

Danica – This name is of Slavic origin and means ‘morning star’.

Despina – Of Greek origin and means ‘lady’. This is derived from the Greek mythological name Despiona who was the daughter of Demeter and Poseidon. One of Neptune’s moons also shares this name.

Dione – A name of Greek origin that means ‘divine queen’. This was the name of Aphrodite’s mother and has been given to a moon near Saturn.

Ditza – Hebrew in origin and means joy.

Elara – This is a name of Greek roots. In astronomy this is one of Jupiter’s moons but in Greek Mythology, this is the name of one of Zeus’ lovers who birthed a giant baby.

Electra – Of Greek origin and means ‘bright’ or ‘shining’. Astronomers named a giant star found in the Taurus constellation Electra.

Elexa – The name is of unknown origin and is a variant of Alexis.

Ellysa – A name of Hebrew origin and means God’s promise; God is my oath.

Eris – This is the mythological name for the goddess of discord and strife. This also recently became the name of a dwarf planet.

Erzillia – Spanish in origin and means delicate.

Eudoxia – Of Greek origin and means good thought.

Exavyera – Means bright, splendid; new house and is of Spanish origin.

Faye – A name of English origin and signifies fairy. It is also the name of a famous astronomer, Herve Faye.

Flora – Of Scottish origin and means flower. Flora is also the name of an asteroid orbiting the sun.

Galatea – With Greek origins and means she who is milk white. It is the name of a moon that circles Neptune. But it is better known from the legendary sculptor, Pygmalion who carved his perfect woman out of ivory, which in turn gave her very pale skin. After he fell in love with his creation, Aphrodite brought her to life and names her Galatea.

Galaxy – American in origin and is the name given to a star system.

Gamora – This is a created name that was made famous by the Marvel movies Guardians of the Galaxy.

Garaitz – Of Spanish origin and means victory.

Gemini – A name of Latin roots and means twins.

Genesis – Means the beginning and is of Greek origin.

Hazal – English in origin and means the hazel tree.

Helene – Of French origin and means bright or shining one. It is also the name of a moon that belongs to Saturn, that was discovered in 1980.

Hephzia – A name of Hebrew origin and means my delight is in her.

Hesper – The name is of Greek origin and means evening; evening star.

Hilda – Means battle woman and is of German origin. The name is a short form of Brunhilda who was a Valkyrie of Teutonic legend and it is the name of a group of asteroids.

Hoshi – Japanese in origin and means star.

Hydra – A name of Greek origin and means water serpent.

Ida – Of German origin and means industrious one. Ida is the name given to an asteroid in the Kronis family.

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Indu – Originating from Hindi and means moon.

Iratze – This name is of Spanish origin and makes a reference to the Virgin Mary.

Juliet – With origins in both French and English, it means youthful. In astronomy, Juliet is the name of a moon near Uranus.

Kamaria – A Swahili word that means moonlight.

Kazia – Of Hebrew origin and means cassia tree.

Kozue – Japanese in origin and means tree branches.

Lacerta – Means lizard and is of Greek origin.

Larissa – A name that has origins in both Greek and Russian and means citadel. In mythology, She was a nymph, while today it is the name of a moon of Neptune.

Lexa – Greek in origin and means man’s defender.

Luna – Of Italian origin and she was the Roman goddess of the moon.

Lyra – Means lyre and is of Greek origin.

Matxalen – A name of Hebrew origin and means from the tower.

Nebula – Of Latin origin and means mist.

Neoma – Means new moon and is of Greek origin.

Nova – Latin in origin and means new. In astrology, nova is a star that suddenly grows in brightness before fading.

Otzarah – A name of Hebrew origin and means wealth, treasure.

Oz – Of Hebrew origin and means strength, courage.

Ozanka – Slavic in origin and means wall germander flower.

Ozara – Means wealth, treasure, and is of Hebrew origin.

Paniz – A name of Persian origin and means candy.

Paza – Hebrew in origin and means golden.

Pazit – Means golden and is of Hebrew origin.

Rhea – A name of Greek origin and means a flowing stream. In Greek mythology, Rhea was the earth mother of all gods. It is also the second largest moon orbiting Saturn.

Sadira – Persian in origin and means lotus tree.

Selena – Of Latin origin and means moon goddess. It is a very popular name in the Latino community.

Seren – Means star and is of Welsh origin.

Sidra – A name of Latin origin and means of the stars.

Skylar – English in origin and means noble scholar.

Starbuck – Means from the river where stakes were and is of English origin.

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Stella – Derived from Latin roots and means star. The poet Sir Philip Sidney first used the name in his work Astrophel and Stella.

Thalassa – Of Greek origin and means the sea. Thalassa is one of the moons of Neptune, which was discovered and named in 1989. 

Tiza – Spanish in origin and means chalk.

Trella – A name of Spanish origin and means star.

Venus – Latin in origin, Venus was the Roman goddess of love and beauty. It is also the second planet from the sun.

Xalbadora – Of Spanish origin and means savior.

Xalvadora – Means savior and is of Spanish origin.

Xanadu – This is the name of a Mongolian city and is of Asian origin.

Xandy – American in origin and means defender of the people.

Xannon – Means ancient god and is of American origin.

Xantara – A name of American origin and means protector of the Earth.

Xanthe – Of Greek origin and means yellow, blonde.

Xanthippe – Historically the wife of Socrates and the symbol of a nagging wife. 

Xaria – American in origin and is a respelling of Zaria.

Xarissa – A created name with American origin.

Xava – Means the new house and is of American origin.

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Xavyera – Spanish in origin and means bright, splendid; new house.

Xeresa – Of Spanish origin and refers to ‘The maid from Xeres’, a city in pain that is now called Jerez.

Ynez – A name of Spanish origin and means chaste.

Yzobelle – Hebrew in origin and means God’s promise.

Zabrina – Of Celtic origin and is a variant spelling of Sabrina.

Zacharee – Means God has remembered and is of Hebrew origin.

Zada – A name of Arabic origin and means prosperous, fortunate.

Zagiri – Armenian in origin and means flower.

Zali – Of Hebrew origin and means special.

Zanda – Means man’s defender and is of Greek origin.

Zaniah – An Arabic name the means corner. It is also a triple star system in the constellation of Virgo.

Zarifa – Arabic in origin and means moves with grace.

The Final Thought

It is true that once you try to name a baby you really do realize how many people you dislike. Your partner will mention a name and you will instantly associate it with someone you dislike and that is another name ruined. 

Alien names has such a broad category that covers not only space names but actually any name that is particularly out of the ordinary.

When you do decide on the perfect name do try to avoid passing or following some wacky celebrity name and if you do decide to use a unique and unusual name, do your research on its meaning thoroughly.

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