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50 Navajo Girl and Boy Names With Meanings

As all parents know, trying to decide on your child’s name is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. Taking your family heritage is always a good place to begin and can be your way of preserving this link to the past for future generations.

Native American baby names are enormously descriptive, unique and often have very powerful meanings. Many of their names are linked to nature which means you can rarely go wrong.

Navajo Baby Names

By giving your little one a Navajo name, you’re undoubtedly choosing a name that has a beautiful, powerful, and positive meaning. Check out the list below to see if there are any that strike a chord.

Boy Names

Adriel – This name means ‘beaver’ or ‘symbol of skill.’

Bidziil – This is a Navajo name that means ‘he is strong.’

Chayton – This name means ‘falcon.’

Cochise – This is a strong name with a powerful meaning. It means ‘renowned warrior chief of the Chiricahua Apache.’

Dasan – This is another strong male name that means ‘chief.’

Elu – This name means ‘full of grace.’

Hania – This is a very cool name that means ‘spirit warrior.’

Jacy – This is a common male Native American name which means ‘the moon.’

Kosumi – This means ‘fishes for salmon with a spear.’

Kele – This name means ‘sparrow’ in Hopi.

Keekuk – This is a really solid name and means ‘one who is alert and watchful.’

Mato – This is a super sweet boy’s name and means ‘bear.’

Nahele – This boy’s name means ‘forest.’

Nayati – This name means ‘he who wrestles.’

Nitis – This is a popular male name, and it means ‘friend.’

Paco – A boy’s name meaning ‘eagle.’

Sahale – This name means ‘above’ or ‘high place.’

Seattle – It means ‘man of high status.’ It’s just like the city of the same name.

Shillah – A Navajo name that means ‘brother.’

Tahoma – This means ‘giver of the water.’

Tokala – This name means ‘fox.’ It’s a super sweet for a little boy.

Tyee – This is a really strong name and means ‘chief,’ ‘leader,’ or ‘big and superior.’

Wapi – This name means ‘lucky.’

native american girl on a horse

Girl Names

Aiyana – This name means ‘forever flowering.’

Bly – It means ‘tall’ or ‘high’ and it’s a great shorter name.

Chenoa – This means ‘white dove.’ A beautiful name with a beautiful meaning.

Enola – This name means ‘magnolia.’

Halona – It means ‘fortune.’

Istas – If your baby girl is born in the winter, this name may be perfect. It means ‘snow.’

Makawee  – This name means ‘generous,’ ‘abundant,’ ‘freely giving,’ and ‘motherly’ in Sioux.

Malia – This means ‘calm.’ It’s derived from the name Mary. Barack Obama’s daughter is called Malia.

Mitena – This is a common Native American girl’s name. It means ‘a new moon or coming soon.’

Nino – This is a common girl’s name in many cultures. It means ‘mighty’ or ‘fire.’

Nokomis – This unique name is a Chippewa girl’s name. It means ‘grandmother’ or ‘daughter of the moon.’

Odina – This Native American Algonquin name means ‘mountain.’

Olathe – This amazing girl’s name means ‘beautiful.’

Pocahontas – One of the most famous Native American names and it means ‘playful one.’

Sacajawea – This is another famous name. It means ‘a bird-woman.’

Sakari – This name means ‘sweet.’ This is a really cute name for a little girl.

Shysie – This name means ‘a silent little one.’

Tallulah – A beautiful name for a baby girl. It means ‘leaping water.’

Takoda – Similar to Dakoda, this name means ‘friend to all.’

Tayen – Another lovely girl’s name means ‘new moon.’

Winona – The same as actress Winona Rider. It means ‘the first daughter.’

Unisex Names

Abedabun – This is a variation of Cheyanne and means ‘the sight of day.’

Dakota – This is a popular name for both boys and girls across America and in fact many parts of the world. It means ‘friend.’

Kai – This is a super popular name and means ‘willow tree’ in Navajo.

Mika – This name is often used for both boys and girls and means ‘rabbit.’

Onacona – In Cherokee, this name means ‘white owl.’

Simi – This name means ‘the valley of the wind.’

The Final Thought

Choosing a baby name is one of the most difficult decisions that you’ll make. Sometimes, you need to look outside of your own culture. There are many beautiful names for both boys and girls that have some fantastic meanings.