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150 Danish Boy Names With Meanings in 2024

Denmark is a country rich in culture and history. Its capital city Copenhagen is home to grand royal palaces, the beautiful Nyhavn harbor, and the classic ‘Little Mermaid’ statue- a tourist magnet.

They also boast a hugely diverse variety of baby names, oozing that cool, European charm. You’re bound to find something perfect for your new addition. 

To help in your search, we have compiled a list of 150 of our favorite Danish boy names. 

Danish Boy Names With Meanings

Aksel- Meaning father is peace.

Albert- Derived from the German Adalbert meaning noble and bright. 

Aleksander- Meaning defender of men.

Alf- This quirky choice means elf. 

Alfred- Meaning eagle or ruler, this strong Norse name is a perfect pick.

Amberson- A strong name meaning power or vigor.

Anders- Meaning manly, this name is the Danish derivative of Andrew. 

Anton- A popular choice meaning priceless. 

Aren- A sweet pick meaning eagle.

Arne- Another option meaning eagle is an interesting choice for your new addition. 

Arthur- Meaning courageous or noble. 

Asbjorn- A unique choice meaning divine bear or God of bears. 

Asger- This name meaning Odin’s spear has strong godly associations. 

Aslak- Another with godly associations, this name means God and battle. 

Asmund- Meaning divine protection.

boy in the sea

August- Meaning esteemed or venerable. 

Axel- This name is a sweet choice meaning father of peace. 

Balduin- The Danish form of Bartholomew, meaning farmer or son of a farmer. 

Beorhtel-  A sweet pick meaning he who shines with a bright light. 

Bendt- This unusual choice means the blessed one and is a great choice for your new baby.

Bertram- This Danish pick means glorious raven.

Birger- This name means guardian and would be a cute choice for any baby boy. 

Birk- This name is the Danish version of Bjork and means birch tree. 

Bjarke- A tough name meaning bear.

Bjarne- Another pick meaning bear. 

Bjorn- Another sweet name also meaning bear. 

Bo- A charming name meaning settler. 

Brede- Meaning glacier, this name is perfect for the baby born in the colder months. 

Carl- A popular choice in Denmark meaning free man. 

Casper- A sweet Scandinavian pick that’s popular in Denmark, meaning king of treasure.

Christer- Meaning Christian man. 

Christian- Meaning carrier of the cross. This Danish name is a great choice that is still familiar to a number of countries.

baby boy in a crib

Christoffer- The Danish Christopher meaning he who holds Christ in his hands. 

Dag- A short name choice meaning day.

Dedric- Meaning the people’s ruler. 

Dierk- A charming option meaning ruler of the people.

Edvard- A Danish name meaning wealthy guard.

Edvin- Meaning rich or wealthy friend, this is a trendier take on the older-sounding Edwin.

Einar- Meaning one who fights alone.

Elias- A Biblical pick meaning the strong lord or God of Lord. 

Elliot- Despite its Greek origins, this name is a popular choice in Denmark, meaning my God is Jehovah or God is high. 

Eluf- Meaning eternal heir.

Emil- A tough name meaning industrious.

Enok- A lovely choice meaning dedicated or faithful.

Erik- A regal name for your little man, this choice means sole rule. 

Erling- Meaning nobleman’s offspring.

Esben- Meaning God of bears.

Felix- A very popular Danish name meaning the lucky one.

Folke- Meaning from the people, this is a cute choice for your baby. 

Franz- A sweet pick meaning free.

baby boy happy under the sun

Frederik- Meaning peaceful ruler. 

Fritjof- Meaning one who steals peace.

Frode- The name of the legendary Danish king in several classic texts including Beowulf, this name means wise and clever. 

Gamel- Meaning old, this is a unique choice for a new baby. 

Georg- Meaning a farming man, this is an alternative to the more popular George. 

Gorm- Meaning one who honors God. 

Gregers- Meaning awake or watchful. 

Gudbrand- Meaning sword of the divine.

Gudmund- Meaning God is protecting.

Gunne- Meaning army this is a bold choice. 

Hagen- A lovely option for your baby, meaning highest son.

Haki- Meaning justice or right. 

Halfdan- This name means the half Dane. 

Harald- Meaning army and ruler. 

Heimericus- Meaning one who is a part of a tribe. 

Heimo- A charming choice meaning home. 

Helge- A noble name meaning the holy one. 

Hemming- Meaning changing shapes.

baby boy

Henrik- This name meaning home-ruler is the perfect alternative to the more popular Henry.

Hjalmar- Meaning fighter with a helmet.

Holger- Meaning island of spears.

Ib- Meaning following after. 

Ingolf- This name means Ing’s wolf. 

Jan- The Danish version of John, this name, pronounced ‘Yahn’, means God has been gracious. 

Jannik- A sweet choice meaning God is merciful.

Jakob- The Danish form of Jacob, meaning supplanting or seizing by the heel. 

Jeppe- This unique choice also means following after. 

Jerrik- This regal pick means King forever. 

Jesper- Meaning king of treasure. A more unusual take on Jasper.

Johan- Meaning God is gracious. 

Joren- A sweet pick meaning farmer.

Jorg- A cute choice meaning farming man.

Jorgen- Another name meaning farmer. There are several variants of this name, leaving plenty of opportunities to be original!

Jory- Another, shorter choice meaning farmer.

Jozef- Meaning he will add, this is a great pick for hipster parents who prefer the more alternative spelling. 

baby boy in bed

Kai- A popular Danish pick meaning earth.

Kare- Perfect for your curly-haired boy, meaning the one with curled hair. 

Keld- A sweet option meaning large pot.

Kennet- A perfect choice for your newborn, meaning handsome one.

Kjeld- A variant of Keld, also meaning large pot.

Knud- Meaning knot. 

Kresten- A noble pick meaning Christian man. 

Lasse- Meaning city of laurels.

Lauge- Meaning fellow or partner. 

Lars- A familiar Danish choice meaning victory.

Lauritz- Meaning laurel. Another form of the name is Laurits. 

Leif- A sweet name meaning descendent.

Lucas- A more familiar Danish choice meaning bright and shining.

Mads- This widely used name is Hebrew and means master’s gift. 

Madsen- Meaning gift of God, this variant of Matthew is slightly more original than its familiar counterpart.

Magnus- A Danish name meaning great. A perfect choice for your baby boy!

Malthe- A popular name in Denmark meaning power or ruler. 

Mathias- Meaning gift of God. 

baby boy on the floor

Mikkel- A Danish name also meaning gift of God.

Milas- A Latin name popular in Danish countries meaning soldier. 

Mogens- A wonderful choice meaning greatness.

Nikolaj- Meaning people’s triumph.

Njal- Meaning giant. 

Noah- Popular worldwide, this name means rest and comfort.

Nohr- A short, sharp name meaning narrow.

Odin- Meaning wealthy, this name would be a great pick for any superhero fans. The name of the Viking God, this name has become more popular recently thanks to the Thor films. 

Oliver- Another popular choice in Denmark, meaning of the olive tree.

Oluf- Meaning descendent of, this would be a great choice with a family middle name.

Orn- A unique pick meaning eagle.

Oscar- Meaning divine spear, this Danish pick is popular worldwide.

Osvald- This name means God’s rule. 

Palle- A sweet option meaning tiny or petite. 

Peder- An alternative to Peter, meaning rock.

Pontus- Meaning of the sea, this name is perfect for parents who love the water.

Rasmus- Meaning dear or dearest. 

Reno- Meaning the one who was reborn, this is a powerful pick for your newborn.

boy lying down on the grass smiling

Rikke- Meaning peaceful ruler.

Roar- A cute choice meaning fame. 

Rolf- Meaning legendary wolf. 

Ruben- Meaning see my son, this is perfect for the proud parents of a new baby boy.

Rune- A pick for the fantasy fan, meaning secret. 

Salomon- A sweet choice meaning peace.

Sibbi- Meaning a victorious hero or a warrior who won.

Soren- A unique Danish pick meaning stern.

Stefan- Meaning man with a crown. 

Sten- A bold name meaning rock. 

Stig- A unique choice meaning route. This name is associated with the character from the car show Top Gear.

Sune- The perfect choice for your baby boy meaning son. 

Svante- A lively choice meaning celebrating people.

Svend- A nice choice meaning simply, boy. 

Torbjorn- Meaning bear of Thor. 

Tore- A strong name meaning fighter of Thor.

Thor- A great pick for superhero fans, this name has strong roots in Norse mythology and means thunder.

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Trygve- A charming choice meaning reliable. 

Tue- A short name meaning peaceful man.

Tyge- Meaning one who hits the mark. 

Ulf- A delightful choice meaning wolf. 

Ulrik- Meaning rich heritage. 

Valdemar- A nice choice meaning renowned ruler. 

Valter- Meaning army rule. 

Victor- Meaning victorious.

 Viggo- Meaning battle or fight, this name is popular in Danish countries.

Villads- Meaning desiring battle. 

Vilmar- Meaning is known for strong will.

Wilamar- A variant of Vilmar, also meaning known for strong will.

The Final Thought

Denmark is a country overflowing with culture and character, and there are plenty of choices when it comes to picking a great name for your baby.

However, as you go about making your choice, it’s important to bear in mind the rich historical and mythological associations that some of these names have. If you do this, then you’re sure to find a name that fits your newborn perfectly.

If you are loving the choice of names from Denmark then why not take a look at the options from other European countries such as Norway or France.