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225 Best European Boys Names With Meanings

When you think of Europe, you think of urban cities rich in culture and diversity, and this is an excellent inspiration when it comes to choosing your baby’s name.

Europe contains 44 countries, from the rural landscapes and concrete jungles of the United Kingdom, to the cobbled stones of Italy, to the glamorous principality of Monaco, Europe boasts some of the most diverse landscapes.

This means that there is a huge variety in names from one country to another, owing to rich cultural, historical, and mythological influence. So if you are thinking of a unique name for your little man, look no further!

To help you in your search for the perfect European name, we have compiled a list of some of our favorite options!

European Boys Names

 Adelmo- This German name means noble protector. 

Adorjan- Meaning a person from Hadria this Hungarian name is a unique option. 

Adrian- This Latin name gets its meaning from the Illyrian word ‘Adur’ which means water or sea. Another popular meaning for this name is dark one. 

Aelbert- This German variant of Alberts means bright and shiny. 

Akim- A popular Russian pick meaning God will establish. 

Albert- The meaning of this German name is noble and bright. 

Albin- This Czech name means white. 

Alejandro- This popular Spanish name is a variant of Alexander, and means defender of men or defender of people.

Alessio- This Italian name means defender and is a simpler form of Alessandro. 

Alfie- A Polish name meaning elf counsel. 

Alfred- This Swedish name means wise. 

Baby Boy Pulling on Window Handle

Alexei- A derivative of Alexander, this popular Russian name means man’s defender or warrior. 

Alex- A shortened form of Alexander, this name of Greek origin means helper of the people. 

Ambros- This name means immortal and is the perfect cool pick. 

Anders- This name, the Danish derivative of Andrew means manly. 

Andreas- This is the Greek variation of Andrew and means strong and manly. 

Andrin- This name means ruler of the home and is of Eastern European origin. 

Annar- This Norse name means one who is the father of the world. 

Antonio- A great choice for your new addition, meaning inestimable. 

Alojz- Named after a legendary Croatian warrior, meaning glorious in battle. 

Alvaro- Meaning elf warrior, this Spanish saint’s name is an uncommon option. 

Andreja- This Croatian name means manly. 

Anatoly- This Russian name is a beautiful choice that means sunrise. 

Antoine- A French name meaning priceless one. 

Anton- This variant of Anthony can be seen in German, Russian, and Scandinavian, and means a flourishing man.

Apollo- A Greek name meaning destroyer. Apollo is the Greek god of music, poetry, art, sun, and light among other things. Perfect for the creative parent.

Augusto- This Latin name means holy. 

Axel- Meaning father of peace, this Danish option is a cute choice.


Baptiste- This name comes from Greek and means dip. 

Basmus- This regal Swedish name means Kingly. 

Bazyli- A regal Polish name meaning kingly. 

Beau- Meaning handsome, this French name is perfect for your good-looking lad. 

Bence- This is the Hungarian variant of Vincent, meaning conquering.

Benito- A Portuguese version of the name Benedict, meaning blessed. A great option for avoiding the more common Benjamin or Ben. 

Bernardino- From Italian, this name means brave as a bear and is popular in Spain. 

Bjorn- Meaning bear, this Swedish pick is perfect for your tough little man.

Blaise- Taking inspiration from an ancient Christian martyr, this name despite its ancient origins has a contemporary feel.

Boaz- A Hebrew name meaning swiftness. 

Bogdan- A Polish name meaning God’s gift. 

Boris- Derived from the Russian Brosilav meaning fight or battle. 

Bram- A Dutch variant of Abraham, meaning father of multitudes, this name is associated with Irish-born Bram Stoker, author of the infamous Dracula.

Bruno- This German name means brown and has become a popular pick for autumn babies thanks to its color meaning. 

Burkhart- This German and Dutch name means strong as a castle. 

Caio- A Latin name meaning rejoice. 

Caleb- This Hebrew name means faithful, wholehearted, devotion, brave, and bold. 

Carlitos- This bold Spanish name means a boy who is endearing. 

boy toddler holding a book

Carlo- This Italian variant of Charles means free man.

Carlos- This Spanish name means strong. 

Carmine- A Latin name meaning vivid red. 

Casper- This Dutch form of Jasper means bringer of treasure.

Cesar- A Latin and Spanish choice meaning head of hair. 

Cillian- This classic Irish name has grown in popularity in recent years due to the actor Cillian Murphy. It means little church or strife. 

Clement- This Latin name means mild and merciful.

Conor- This Irish name means one who has desire. 

Constantine- This Latin pick means steadfast and was the name of a Roman Emperor. 

Cosmin- This popular Eastern European name means praise or solidarity with life in Greek and Romanian. 

Cyrilo- This Portuguese name means Lordly. Perfect for your special little guy!

Czeslaw- This Polish name can be divided into ‘ca’ meaning to await, and ‘slaw’ meaning glory.

Dalmat- This unique Croatian name means sheep. 

Damien- This Russian option means to tame. 

Daniel- A Hebrew name meaning prophet. 

Darijo- This unique Croatian name means to possess.

Dario- This Italian choice, meaning kingly or possess well, is popular in Italy, Spain, and Switzerland but hasn’t broken into the US yet, making it the perfect unique name.

Davide- This alternative to David means beloved. 

Davin- This Swedish name means pride of the Finn. 

Demetrio- Meaning someone who brings the rain, this Greek name is a unique and different choice. 

boy running

Diedrich- This German name means ruler of nations. 

Diego- A Spanish option meaning supplanter. 

Dominik- This popular Polish choice means belonging to God. 

Doncho- From Bulgarian, this name means priceless. Perfect for your little boy.

Dorian- Referencing a tribe, this name is of Greek origin. 

Dritan- Of Albanian origin, this name means light. 

Eden- This Hebrew name means place of pleasure or delight and is famed for its biblical associations. Though a popular choice for girls it is the perfect unisex name for your boy. 

Elias- This unique name has a host of literary associations and means ‘Yahweh is God’ in Greek. 

Elton- This English name meaning from the old town is best associated with famed musician Elton John. 

Emanuel- A Scandinavian name meaning God is with us. 

Emilio- This Italian and Spanish pick means rival. 

Emiliano- Similar to Emilio, this variation means work. 

Enrique- This German name means a person who rules an estate. 

Enzo- This Italian name is the short form of Vincenzo and Lorenzo, meaning estate ruler. It is the Italian version of Henry. 

Eryk- The Polish meaning of Eryk is lovable, the perfect description of your new baby. In Norse, it means eternal ruler. 

baby boy in the wilderness

Etienne- This French name means both crown and garland. 

Evan- The Welsh form of John, meaning the Lord is gracious. 

Everett- This unique Anglo-Saxon choice means wild boar or strong. 

Fabian- Meaning farmer, this is a very popular French name. 

Faris- Meaning knight or horseman, this name is of Arabic origin. 

Felix- Although often associated with our feline friends, this Swedish name meaning lucky is the perfect choice for your new addition. 

Ferdinand- This German name can be separated into two parts, with ‘Fardi’ meaning journey, and ‘Nanthi’ meaning venture. It has historically been the name of several emperors and kings.

Ferran- A Catalan boy’s name meaning baker. 

Florian- This Latin name means flowering. 

Gabrio- This Hebrew name means God is our strength. An interesting alternative to Gabe or Gabriel. 

Gael- A Welsh and Breton name meaning Gaelic. Perfect for Irish ancestry. 

Gennady- A traditional Russian name meaning noble or generous. 

Giacomo- This Italian variant of James mean supplanter. 

Gianni- This popular name means God is gracious and is derived from Hebrew. 

Giotto- This name rose in popularity after Giotto di Bondone, an Italian painter, and architect. 

Giovanni- This Italian name means God is gracious and is a classy, elegant option for your bundle of joy. 

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Grayson- Meaning steward, this trendy English name was previously used as a surname. 

Grgur- A Croatian name meaning a vigilant and watchful man. 

Grozdan- A Bulgarian name for a strong man or a shiny star. 

Gunnar- A Scandinavian name meaning bold warrior. 

Gunther- Although associated with the character from Friends, this impressive German name means battle warrior. 

Gustav- This popular Swedish and German name, meaning staff of the goths would be a unique choice for your baby. 

Hale- The meaning of this Latin name is hall. 

Haralambi- A Bulgarian pick meaning shine with happiness. 

Hardwin- Meaning brave friend, this is a strong English name, perfect for your baby. 

Hector- Meaning holding fast, this name has been a popular choice among Latinos for centuries. 

Hedeon- A unique name meaning having a stump for a hand. 

Helio- This popular Greek name refers to the sun God. 

Henrik- This Danish and Hungarian name meaning home-ruler is a  perfect choice for avoiding its more popular variation, Henry. 

Hugo- This Italian name refers to being intelligent, and is a cute choice for your baby boy. 

Iago- This Welsh name means someone who is a healer. It is also attributed to a character in Shakespeare’s Othello

Iker- This Basque name means visitation and is a popular pick in Spain.

Ioan- A Welsh name meaning God is gracious. 

Ingmar- Of Norse origin, this name means a famous son. 

Isak- This Russian variant of the Hebrew Isaac means laughter. 

active boy

Ismael- Meaning God will hear us, this name is derived from Hebrew. 

Ivo- This German name means yew wood or archer. 

Jack- This English name means God is gracious. 

Jan- This Nordic name, pronounced ‘Yahn’ means God has been gracious and is the Danish version of John. 

Jasper- This sophisticated name comes from both English and Persian and means bringer of treasure. 

Javier- This name has Basque roots and means new house or castle. It is associated with Bond actor Javier Bardem.

Jesper- Similar to Jasper, this Persian name means treasurer. 

Jetmir- An Albanian name meaning a good life. 

Jeton- This Albanian name means simply, life. 

Jules- This popular French name means youthful, and is the perfect pick for your baby boy. 

Kassiani- A sweet Greek name meaning cinnamon. 

King- This regal English name means monarch.

Klaus- Meaning people of victory, this German name is a variant of Claus. Perfect for a Christmas baby!

Kristoffer- This Scandinavian name means bearer of Christ and is a snazzier alternative to Christopher. 

Lars- This Scandinavian name means crowned with laurel and is a perfect choice to maintain an air of foreignness while still being familiar. 

Laszlo- This Hungarian name means glorious ruler and is a popular hipster option thanks to the ‘z’ in the middle.

Leandro- This Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian name means lion man.

boy posing

Leon- This Greek alternative to Leo, meaning Lion is super cool and a great choice for your baby. 

Leonardo- This extremely popular name is attributed to many famous faces, from DaVinci to DiCaprio. Meaning as strong as a lion, it is seen in Italy, Spain, and Portugal. 

Levi- This Hebrew name means joined in harmony.

Levin- A German name meaning dear friend. 

Lincoln- This Latin name can mean both Roman colony at the pool and lakeside colony, and is the name of a city in England. 

Linus- This charming Greek name means flax. 

Lotte- This German name means masculine and also free man. 

Luan- A Portuguese name meaning moon. 

Luis- The meaning of this name is a famous warrior and it has French origins. 

Luke- This Greek name means light-giving and is a very popular choice for boys. 

Marceau- A French name meaning little warrior. 

Marcel- This French name means little warrior and is the male version of Marcella. 

Marco- This name of Latin origin refers to someone who is at war. 

Marius- This Latin name is a variation of the Roman Mars, the god of war, and is a popular pick for theatre fans thanks to the character featured in Les Miserables. 

Matteo- This Italian version of Matthew means gift of God, and is perfect for parents wanting a unique twist on a classic name. 

Maxim- This French variant of Maximus means greatest. 

active boy

Mikel- This European form of Michael means who is like God.

Milan- A Slavic boy’s name meaning gracious or dear. 

Mislav- From Croatia, this name means thinking of glory.

Nael- This French diminutive of Nathaniel means gift of God. 

Nathaniel- Nathaniel means gift of God, or God has given and comes from Hebrew. 

Neor- This English name means dew and signifies new beginnings, making it the perfect choice for your new baby. 

Nikolai- This is the Russian variant of the older-sounding Nicholas and means people of victory. 

Nils- This Scandinavian variant means people of victory is a more youthful option than Nicholas.

Noah- This Hebrew name means harmony, and is growing in popularity worldwide.  

Noel- This French name, meaning Christmas, is perfect for your December baby.

Odhran- Pronounced ‘ore-an’, this Irish name means pale green.

Olav- A Norse name meaning ancestor’s relic. This name has grown in popularity due to the snowman from Disney’s Frozen, Olaf. 

Olezka- Meaning saint, this Russian name is a unique take on noble names. 

Oliver- Meaning the olive tree, this English name symbolizes dignity, beauty, and fruitfulness in biblical terms.

Oriol- A Catalan name meaning golden. 

Oscar- This name meaning someone who loves deer is a popular Irish choice.

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Otis- Meaning wealth or son of Otto, this German name is a familiar choice worldwide. 

Otto- This German name means wealthy. 

Owen- This Welsh name means well-born, young warrior, or noble, and is a great choice.

Paolo- This Italian version of Paul would be a great option for your baby, meaning small. 

Patricio- This classy name of Portuguese origin, meaning a person from a noble background, is a favorite in Spain. 

Patrick- Meaning one who has noble lineage, this name is derived from Latin. Despite this, it is often associated with Ireland thanks to their patron Saint Patrick. 

Pavel- A Russian name that means small. 

Peter- Meaning stone, this Greek name is seen in the Bible as one of Christ’s disciples. 

Philipe- This Spanish and Portuguese alternative to Philip means horse lover. 

Pietro- This Greek variant of Peter means rock, and has been seen recently in the Marvel universe. 

Primin- This name meaning firstborn, is the perfect English name for first-time parents. 

Rafal- A Spanish name meaning God has healed. 

Ras- This Dutch name means duke. 

Raymond- This name meaning wise protector has been dormant for a while, making it the perfect unique pick. 

Remy- This unisex French name meaning oarsman or remedy rose in popularity after the 2009 release of Disney’s Ratatouille.

Rhett- This Dutch option means advice. 

boy reading

Rhys- This Welsh name meaning ardor is a popular choice in Scotland, Ireland, and England, as well as its homeland. 

Rian- This Irish name is derived from the Gaelic word ‘ri’ meaning King. 

Roberto- This name meaning a person who is famous and bright is of Germanic origin. 

Rocco- This Italian name means rest, as is a firm favorite of new parents.

Ruben- Meaning behold, a son, this name is of Hebrew origin. 

Rui- This Portuguese form of Rodrigo means famous ruler. 

Sacha- This popular unisex name is means defending warrior and is the French version of Sasha. Its most famous bearer is the actor Sacha Baron Cohen. 

Sancho- This Latin name refers to a person who is sincere. 

Salvador- A Spanish name meaning savior. 

Seigfried- A popular German choice meaning victory and peace. 

Senan- This Irish name means a wise person and is a beautiful choice for your new bundle of joy. 

Sergio- A Spanish and Italian name referencing a tribe. 

Sixten- A Norse name referring to a stone of victory. 

Stefan- An elegant name meaning crown. 

Sven- This Scandinavian name means youth, and has become best known in recent years thanks to Kristoff’s reindeer in Disney’s Frozen. 

Tadhg- An Irish name meaning poet or philosopher. This name is pronounced ‘tige’, like the first syllable of tiger. 

Tai- Despite its Asian origins, this name has grown in popularity and in Romanian, means yours. 

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Talon- This French name refers to the claw of a bird. 

Teo- The variation of Teodoro comes from Spanish and means gift of God. 

Theo- A form of Theodore, this Greek name means divine gift. 

Thiago- A Portuguese name meaning supplanter. 

Thor- This Norse name means thunder and has grown in popularity thanks to the Marvel character of the same name. 

Tihalt- A German name meaning people’s prince. 

Timeo- Meaning honor, this name is seen in both Italian and Greek cultures. 

Timo- This variation of Timothy can be seen in Norwegian, Finnish, German, and Dutch, and means honoring God. 

Tobias- Of Hebrew origin, this name means Jehovah is good. 

Tyson- This French name means firebrand.

Ulrich- Parents are sure to love this German name meaning prosperity. 

Urban- A bold boy’s name of Latin origin, meaning of the city. 

Valentin- Of French, Scandinavian, and German origin, meaning strength and health. 

Valentino- This Spanish name refers to a boy who is brave. 

Victor- This name symbolizes Christ’s victory over death and is the name of several saints. 

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Viggo- This Scandinavian pick means war and is attached to the actor Viggo Mortensen of Lord of the Rings fame. 

Vito- This name meaning life is a great Latin choice. 

Willard- Meaning someone who is bold, this German name is sure to be a hit. 

Willem- A Dutch name meaning resolute protector.

Wyatt- This name from Old English means war, heard, brave, strong, or hardy. 

Xander- Meaning defender of the people, this sassy name is a variant of Alexander. 

Xiomar- Meaning famous in battle, this Spanish name is very popular in Germany. 

Yacine- A beautiful Arabic choice, meaning happiness. 

Yuri- A Russian name meaning farmer. 

Zacarias- A different take on the popular Zack, this Portuguese name means God has remembered. 

Zalan- A Hungarian name meaning thrower.  

Zane- Meaning gift from God, this Hebrew name is a variant of John.  

The Final Thought

Despite combining all the countries of Europe into one list, each country has a rich history and culture with numerous unique names to pick from.

With all these choices, it is important to bear in mind the meaning as well as the importance of the name in the cultures they are derived from. 

If nothing on this list sparked your interest, why not take a look at our lists of names from Canada, France, or  Cuba to help you find your perfect pick for your new addition.