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90 Bright Names That Mean Sun for Boys and Girls

The sun is synonymous with birth and life. Full of happiness and cheer, all traits that you would love for your little one. Your baby may be due in the summer months and you are looking for a name that represents this.

So we have put together a list of names that mean sun or are associated with the sun.

Many of the names are unique and the list covers a variety of different cultures, there should be something to suit everyone’s tastes. Take a look at the list we have compiled and see if there is anything that sparks your fancy.

Girl Names That Mean Sun


Aelia – An Ancient Roman name that means ‘sun.’

Aeliana – Of Latin origin and means ‘sun.’

Aine – Named after the Irish sun goddess.

Apolline – A name of French origin and means of the God Apollo. Apollo is the name of the God of sun and light.


Cyra – A name of Persian origin and means ‘sun, throne, or lord.’


Elanor – Sindarin origin that means ‘star sun.’

Eldora – Greek in origin and means ‘gift from the sun.’

Ellen – A name of Greek origin and means ‘sunrays, shining light.’

Eliane – Name with Greek, Hebrew, and Latin origins meaning ‘sun.’


Helen – Greek origin, meaning ‘ray of sun, shining light.’

Helia – A name of Greek origin and means ‘sun.’

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Idalia – Italian in origin and means ‘behold the sun.’


Kalinda – A name of Hindi origin meaning ‘sun.’

Kalindi – Hindi in origin and it means ‘sun.’


Liane – An English name meaning ‘daughter of the sun.’


Malina – Named after the goddess of the sun from Inuit mythology.

Mirri – Of Australian Aboriginal origin meaning ‘the sun.’


Salana – A name of Latin origin and it means ‘sun.’

Savita – Indian in origin, meaning ‘sun.’

Siria – With Spanish and Persian origin and it means ‘bright sun.’

Solana – Spanish in origin and it means ‘sunshine’

Solara – A name of Latin origin, meaning ‘of the sun.’

Soleil – The French name for the sun.

Sunna – Germanic origin, meaning ‘sun.’ It was the name for the German goddess who personified the sun.

Sunniva – In Old English and meaning ‘sun gift.’ Saint Sunniva is the patron saint of Western Norway.

Suree – Arabic in origin and it means ‘sun.’

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Thea – This is an Anglicized spelling of Theia. In Greek mythology, she is the goddess of the sun, dawn, and moon.

Boys Names That Mean Sun


Aarush – A name of Sanskrit origin that means ‘the first ray of sun.’

Aditya – In Hinduism, it means ‘sun.’

Aelius – A Roman family name derived from the Greek word meaning ‘sun.’

Aftab – The name originated in Africa and it means ‘the sun.’

Aiden – Celtic origin and it means ‘the fire of the sun.’

Anatole – Greek origin and it means ‘from the east, the rising sun.’

Apollo – Greek in origin and named after the Greek Sun God.

Arun – Of Hindi and Cambodian origin, it means ‘sun.’ In Hinduism, Arun is the name of the charioteer of the solar deity.


Baskara – Of Indonesian origin and it means ‘sun.’

Blaze – A Latin name meaning fire, representing the blaze of the sun.


Cymbeline – A name of Greek origin, meaning ‘sun lord.’

Cyrus – Persian in origin and it means ‘sun.’

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Dismas – Meaning sunset and of Greek origin.

Domingo – Spanish origin and means born on a Sunday.


Eleodoro – A Spanish name that means ‘gift from the sun.’

Elio – Italian in origin and it means ‘sunny and spirited.’


Finlo – A name of Manx origin, meaning ‘fair Lugh.’ Lugh was the name for a God of the sun.


Gisli – A Scandinavian name for a ray of sunshine.


Helio – A name of Spanish origin and it means ‘the sun.’

Heulfryn – Of Welsh origin and it means ‘sunny hill.’

Horus – A name that means ‘sun god’ and of Egyptian origin. 


Ishan – An interesting Hindu name meaning ‘sun.’ Its roots are in a Sanskrit word which means invisible power.


Kiran – An Indian name that means ‘sunbeam.’

Kwasi – African in origin meaning born on a Sunday.

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Levant – This name refers to the direction of the rising sun.


Phoebus – This is a great alternative name for Apollo.


Ra – This is the name of the Egyptian sun god. He became an important god in the Egyptian dynasty in the 25th and 24th century BC.

Ravi – Named after the Hindi sun god.


Samson – A word in Hebrew, meaning ‘sun.’

Sol – Spanish in origin and it means ‘sun.’

Soniva – With both Norwegian and Hebrew origins, it means sun gift, sun.

Sulien – This name means ‘sun born.’

Surya – This is the name of the Hindu god of the sun.

Unisex Names That Mean Sun


Arpiar – A name of American origin and it means ‘sunny.’


Bobby – Germanic origin and it means ‘bright, shining.’ There are variations in the spelling of this name such as Bobbie.



Dayton – A name of English origin, meaning ‘bright and sunny town.’


Halo – Greek origin, meaning ‘divine aura.’


Lucian – A name of French origin, meaning ‘light.’


Misae – American in origin, meaning ‘white-hot sun.’


Naolin – A name of Spanish origin and it means ‘Aztec God of the sun.’


Robin – Of English origin and it means ‘bright fame.’


Sandya – A name of Hindi origin and it means ‘sunset time, name of God.’

Solaris – Latin in origin and it means ‘of the sun.’

Solstice – A name of English origin and it means ‘when the sun stands still.’

Sunday – This was used by Nicole Kidman for her daughter and literally means born on a Sunday.

Suvan – A name of Hindi origin and it means ‘the sun.’

Names Inspired By The Sun


Alba – Latin origin and it means ‘sunrise.’

Alina – Greek in origin and it means ‘light’

Anshul – This name means ‘sunbeam’ and it has grown its popularity over the years.

Arunika – A Sanskrit name, meaning ‘early morning sunlight.’

Aurora – Named after the Roman Goddess of sunrise.

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Dawn – Old English origin and it means ‘daybreak, awakening.’


Easter – A Christian name for where the sun rises.

Elaine – This is the Scottish form of Helen and means shining light. It is one of the names of the heroines of the Arthurian legend. Elaine fell in love with Sir Lancelot and later became the mother of Sir Galahad.

Elidi – With Greek origins and it means ‘gift of the sun.’


Freyr – One of the most important gods in Norse mythology. He is the God of peace, sunlight, and fertility.


Idalia – This Greek name comes from Idalion a Greek city, meaning ‘I see the sun.’


Nanala – Hawaiian name, meaning ‘sunflower.’


Oriana – Latin name for sunrise.


Phoebe – A name of Greek origin that means ‘brilliant, radiant.’


Sharik – An Arabic name meaning one on whom the sun shines.

Shirley – An English name meaning ‘bright meadow.’

Siria – With Spanish and Persian origin and it means ‘bright sun.’

Sunniva – A Norweigian name, meaning ‘sun gift.’


Zia – Arabic in origin and it means ‘light, splendor.’

The Final Thought

With so many fabulous names that mean sun, there’s sure to be one that you like. These names come from many different cultures and languages but all have a happy and cheery tone to them.

It’s perfect for your little one, especially when setting the tone for the rest of their life.