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75 Baby Names That Mean Fate, Destiny, Luck or Fortune

Every parent wishes for their child to have good luck, fortune, fate, and destiny. We wish for them to lead a charmed life so why not bestow upon them a name that will set them up for that life.

Girls Names That Mean Luck, Fortune, Fate, or Destiny

Arianwen – This name is rarely used outside of Wales. It is prominent in Welsh legend and means white, fair, blessed.

Beatrix – The name has largely been associated with Author Beatrix Potter, the creator of Peter Rabbit and Beatrix has been Queen of the Netherlands since 1980. The name is of Latin origin and means she who brings happiness; blessed.

Bedisa – A rare name that means fate or destiny.

Clover – Flower name of Old English origin and means key.

Dalia – Of Hebrew origin and she is the goddess of fate, childbirth, and weaving.

Destiny – American in origin and means fate.

Evangeline – An old name with romantic flavor. The name is of Greek origin and means bearer of good news.

Fausta – The name is of Italian origin and means lucky.

Faustina – This name has several namesakes: the wife of ancient Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, a famous opera singer, and two Catholic saints. The name is of Latin origin and means fortunate one.

Fayola – African in origin and means good fortune or lucky.

Felice – Of Latin origin and means fortunate, happy.

Felicia – A very popular name in the Hispanic community around a decade ago, not so much now. The name is of Lain origin and means lucky.

Felicity – Of Latin origin and means good fortune, happy.


Fortuna – Meaning luck or fortune and is of Spanish origin.

Halona – Halona means fortunate and is of Native American origin.

Jade – The name Jade has been rising in popularity recently and is said to transmit wisdom, clarity, justice, courage, and modesty. The name is of Spanish origin and means stone of the side.

Kiaria – Not to be confused with Kaira or Kiera. A name of Japanese origin and means fortunate. It is quite a rare name.

Kismet – A word name that means fate. It may well be fated to be the next Destiny.

Laima – From Latvian laime which means luck, fate. This was the name of the Latvian and Lithuanian goddess of fate, luck, pregnancy, and childbirth.

Lakshmi – Often heard in India, this is the name of the Hindu goddess of abundance, beauty, and prosperity. The name is of Sanskrit origin and means a lucky omen.

Machiko – The name means fortunate child and is of Japanese origin.

Megumi – An Asian name that is not widely known in the west. It is of Japanese origin and means blessing.

Moira – This is the anglicized form of Maire and coincides with the Greek word Moira, which means fate or destiny.

Octavia – Of Latin origin and means eighth. The ancient Roman name could be a great substitute for the overused Olivia.

Ottilie – The name has German roots and means fortunate in battle.

Phylicia – A more up-to-date version of Phylicia which means luck.

Sadiya – The name is one of the more frequently used Arabic names in Muslim countries. It means lucky or fortunate.

Serendipity – A unique virtue name of English origin and means unexpected good fortune.

Seven – An English word and number name. Seven is considered a lucky number in many cultures.

Shreya – An Indian name with several positive meanings – fortunate, auspicious, beautiful and is of Sanskrit origin.

Syntyche – This is an ancient Greek name that means fate or fortunate. The name is mentioned in Paul’s epistle in the New Testament.

Taaliyah – In Arabic, the name means fortunate or lucky. It is a rather unique name that has not been overused.

Urd – In Norse mythology, Urd was the name of one of the three Norns or the goddess of destiny. Urd along with the other two Norns decides the fate of the people.

Ventura – A short form of the name Bonaventura. The name is of Spanish origin and means good fortune.

Winifred – One of the few vintage names that have yet to gain favor with a new wave of parents. The name is of Welsh origin and means blessed peacemaking.

Yuki – This Japanese name means snow in one dialect and lucky in another.

Zada – A popular name in Syria and pronounced ZAE-dah. It is of Arabic origin and means fortunate, prosperous.

Zaida – An Arabic name that is pronounced as zah-EE-Dah. It is especially popular in Syria and means prosperous or fortunate.

Boys Names That Mean Luck, Fortune, Fate, or Destiny

Arley – Of English origin and means from the rabbit meadow.

Asher – In the Bible, Asher was one of Jacob’s twelve sons. The name is of Hebrew origin and means fortunate, blessed, happy one.

Barack – The name of the 44th president, which he inherited from his Kenyan father. The name is related to the Swahili word baraka which means blessing. 

Behrooz – A Persian name that means good fortune

Bennett – Medieval form of Benedict and of English origin. The name means blessed.

Bonaventure – A name of English origin and means good luck.

Boniface – Means well-doer and is of English origin.

Boone – This name definitely has a western, cowboy feel to it. It is of English origin from French and means a blessing.

Chance – A French variation of Chauncey. Means fortunate, luck.

Edmund – The name is rising in popularity and is of English origin. It means fortunate protector.

Fate – Short form of Lafayette and of French origin. The name means faith.

Faust – The legendary Faust sold his soul to the devil, I can’t imagine that there are many parents who would give this name to their child. But the name Fausto commonly heard in Italy and Spain. Of Latin origin and means fortunate one.

Fausto – Spanish in origin and means lucky.

Felix – Originally a Roman surname but was adopted as a nickname by the Roman Sulla. The name is of Latin origin and means happy, fortunate.

Fisher – 

Fortunato – Of Spanish origin and means fortune.

Gadiel – A lesser-known archangel and of Hebrew, Arabic origins. The name means God is my fortune.

Hannibal – This name is unfortunately associated with the first name of Lecter the fictional cannibal. But the name means god of fertility and fortune. It is of Punic and Assyrian origin.

Kader – Of Arabic origin and means power.

Karma – A name of Indian origin and means fate. 

Lucky – Means fortunate and is of American origin.

Madoc – Also spelled Madog, which was the name of an early Welshman, Madog ap Owain Gwynedd. He is reputed to have been the first European to discover North America in 1155. The name is of Welsh origin and means fortunate, benefactor’s son.

Merritt – Meaning deserving of fortune although if you long towards its Anglican origins it also means from the boundary gate.

Octavian – A variation of Octavius, it is of Latin origin and means eighth.

Onni – This is the number 1 boy’s name in Finland, yet it is largely unknown in the English-speaking world. It means happiness, luck.

Parvaiz – A rare and ancient name of Persian origin. The name means lucky or happy.

Prosper – Of Latin origin and means fortune.

Qismat – Means fate and is of Arabic origin.

Sa’Id – A popular Arabic name that means happy. A great upbeat name for your little boy.

Saad – Means fortunate and is a fairly popular name in both the Arabic and Asian worlds.

Sadah – This name has been soaring in popularity in the last few decades. It means luck and fortune and is of Arabic origin.

Septimus – Of Latin origin and means the seventh son. In many cultures, seven is considered a lucky number.

Takeo – This is a common name in Japan, greatly appreciated for its powerful meaning, strong as bamboo.

Veasna – A classic name that dates back centuries. In Khmer language, the name means opportunity or good fortune.

Venturi – This was originally a surname but is consistently used as a first name as well. Venturi means fortune.

Venturo – Spanish in origin and means faithful.

Yuki – Of Japanese origin and means snow or lucky.

The Final Thought

That brings us to the end of our list. We hope that our collection of names that mean luck, fate, fortune, and destiny will help you to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy.