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How To Warm Baby Bottles or Breast Milk On The Go

Warming a baby bottle at home is easy. You simply put the bottle in your bottle warmer or a cup of warm water and wait. When you’re on the go, it’s not that simple.

You can’t walk into the kitchen to your trusty bottle warmer. There isn’t a faucet in your car with warm water. However, there are some other great ideas that will help you warm up breastmilk or a bottle when you’re not home. 

Invest In A Portable Bottle Warmer

If you have a bottle warmer at home that you love, picking up a portable one is a must. They are small so they fit perfectly in a diaper bag. Most of them work by using a cigarette lighter.

They work similarly to the same bottle warmer that you have at home. Simply put the bottle in and press a button. There are different brands of portable bottle warmers so you can make sure that the bottle fits properly inside of the warmer. 

Leave The Breastmilk Out At Room Temperature

Breast milk can safely be left at room temperature for a couple of hours. This is usually the same amount of time it takes for it to become room temperature.

If your little one is on a feeding schedule, you will know that they are going to be hungry soon. Moms that are stuck in the car can need to make sure that the air conditioning isn’t on. 

Get Some Hot Water From A Nearby Restaurant

If you’re out and about, pop into a restaurant to ask them for a cup or bowl of hot water. Most restaurants have disposable dishes, and they won’t tell you no to hot water for your baby’s bottle

You can also ask them for a plastic cup and then head to the bathroom to fill it up with hot water from the faucet. 

Put A Thermos Full Of Hot Water In The Diaper Bag

If you don’t have a portable bottle warmer, you need hot water to heat up the bottle. A thermos that keeps water hot is a great way to do just that. Yeti cups are the best at keeping things, like water, hot for long periods of time. 

Hold The Bottle Under Warm Water

If you don’t have a cup of warm water, holding the bottle under warm water will work just as well. Most restaurants and department stores have warm water in the bathrooms.

Take your little one inside with you and hold the bottle under the water until it’s warm. There might be a bench outside the restroom that you can use to sit comfortably while feeding your little one too. 

Consider Trying A Cold Bottle

Babies don’t need warm bottles. Typically, this is a preference. Some little ones will instantly reject a cold bottle, however, some won’t mind.

Try giving your little one a cold bottle to see if you can get away with it. You might not need a bottle warmer or a way to warm a bottle after all. 

Pick Up Some Pre-Mixed Bottles

They sell pre-mixed bottles like the ones that they give you at the hospital. Pre-mixed bottles are available in certain types of formula in 2-3 ounce bottles.

Making sure that you have a few of these in the diaper bag will instantly make traveling with a baby easier. 

Hot Hands Will Work In A Pinch

Hot Hands are known for keeping your hands cozy during harsh winter weather, but they can also be spectacular for warming bottles on the go. These are small gel packs.

When they are activated, which you do by shaking them, they get hot. They can stay hot for up to ten hours.

As a bonus, they have a shelf life of up to five years. They’re extremely budget-friendly. Pick up a few packs and toss them in the diaper bag just in case you need them. 

If you’re out and about, simply open a pack and give them a shake to activate them. Then, wrap them around the bottle. As they heat up, they’ll also warm the bottle. 

In Conclusion

These tips are all great ideas to help you warm up a bottle away from home. Hot hands will get expensive if you have to keep using them, but this is a great idea in an emergency.