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12 Best High Chairs for Small Spaces and Compact Storage

The items of baby gear in your house can begin to take over any extra space you may have had. When you don’t have a lot of room to start, this can become even more of a challenge. This could have you looking for the smallest high chair you can find.

High chairs for small spaces are also a good idea even if you have room for a full-sized one. This allows you to not have every inch of your home taken up by a piece of baby gear.

If you’re thinking of getting a small high chair, here are some ideas of what to look for as well as our 12 top picks.

Short On Time? Here Are Top Five Choices

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What To Look For In High Chairs for Small Spaces

As you search for the best high chairs for small spaces, you want to keep several things in mind. These include:


Anytime you’re talking about kids’ products, safety always comes first. You’ll notice that the smaller high chairs have a wide base. This is to prevent kids from toppling over.

You’ll want to check that your high chair has a secure base and safety straps. Look for a secure food table too. You want the food table to be easily accessible and sturdy for your baby.


Since you’re looking for a high chair that will fit in a tight spot, you don’t want it to be heavy. It needs to fit in a tight space so you won’t want to break your back when moving it around.

Highchairs that are made from plastic or aluminum, but are still sturdy, are your best bet.


You want to find high chairs for small spaces that are also adjustable. If you don’t have a lot of room, you may need to move the chair around.

You want it to be adjustable so that it’s easy to handle. High chairs that can be raised to different heights and have a removable tray may be the best choice.


If you’re trying to fit a high chair in a tight space, you’ll want it to be collapsible. This will allow you to put the high chair away easily when you’re not using it.

If it needs to be upright all the time, it’s going to take up space even when your baby isn’t sitting in it.

12 Best High Chairs For Small Spaces and Compact Storage

Now that you know what to look for in high chairs for small spaces, let’s take a look at our top 12 picks.

  1. Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster High Chair
  2. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat
  3. Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair
  4. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair
  5. Graco Slim Snacker High Chair
  6. Infantino 4-in-1 Highchair
  7. JOOVY Nook High Chair
  8. Graco DuoDiner DLX High Chair
  9. ciao! Baby Portable High Chair
  10. Primo Cozy TOT Deluxe Convertible High Chair
  11. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair
  12. Bloom Nano Flat-Fold/Foldable High Chair

1. Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster High Chair

Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster

Graco has a winner here with the Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster High Chair. This one is made to stick with your child as they grow. The chair has a true infant cradle design so that baby can get the hang of sitting on their own and eating.

It has head and body support to keep your baby comfortable during feedings. As your baby grows, you can take the support piece out.

Parents love that the seat rotates. This allows the baby to be part of the action during family meals. There are safety straps that hook onto the chair as well as a strap to hold the baby in place.

The feeding tray is removable and dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning. The pads in the seat also come off and can be put in the washing machine.

This seat also turns into a booster that is hooked onto a chair. This chair virtually takes up no space because it works with your regular dining chairs.

You don’t have to make room for another piece of baby gear with this high chair. The maximum weight recommendation is 50 pounds, so keep that in mind as you shop.

For the price, you’re getting a chair that you’ll have around for a long time.


  • Grows with child
  • Has 3 different seating settings
  • Washable, removable tray
  • Great price


  • We really couldn’t find any!
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2. Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat

If you’re looking for the smallest high chair, it doesn’t get much smaller than this one from Fisher-Price. I can tell you from personal experience that this high chair is a lifesaver when you’re looking to save space and want a high chair that’s portable.

I used this chair with both of my children when they were little and we all loved it. It was comfy for them and easy for us to clean. Plus, you can take it anywhere so you don’t have to worry about using shared high chairs at restaurants.

All you have to do is securely strap the booster seat to a dining or kitchen chair. Snap on the tray, secure your baby with the adjustable strap, and your baby is ready to eat.

There are even a built-in sippy cup holder and tray inserts. The tray is dishwasher safer which comes in handy. As your child gets older, you can take the tray off and have them sit at the table.

One of the best things with this seat is that you can not only use it in your house but you can bring it just about anywhere. Whether you’re going to a restaurant, party, or to someone’s house, this chair folds up for easy portability.

It has a strap that makes it easy to carry. The price is also right for all that this chair has to offer.

The only downside is that there is no plush padding to make the seat more comfortable for the baby. But, it does make it easier to clean. Just wipe it down and you’re done.


  • Portable and foldable
  • Takes up no extra space
  • Priced right
  • Dishwasher safe tray


  • No padding for seat
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3. Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair

Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair, Multicolor

Here’s another choice from Fisher-Price if you’re looking for high chairs for small spaces. This has all the features of a full-size high chair but takes up half the space.

It simply hooks onto a dining room or kitchen chair so that your baby is right at the table with you. As your baby gets older, you can adjust the design. 

When you buy this high chair, you won’t have to get another one as your baby grows. It goes from an infant high chair to a toddler booster seat. When they have enough upper body support, they can use the booster part of the seat.

There are two height adjustments and three recline positions. The 5-point-harness keeps your baby securely in the seat.

The tray, which is dishwasher safe, also has a deep dish design. This is helpful because it prevents your child from pushing the food off the tray and making a mess! The plush seat pad is also machine washable.

You can also take this high chair with you to restaurants, but it’s not as compact as the other Fisher-Price model we told you about. 


  • Attaches to a regular chair
  • Grows with the baby
  • Tray and seat pad are washable
  • Secure 5-point harness
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can fold up to take restaurants, but not as compact as other models
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4. Cosco Simple Fold High Chair

Cosco Simple Fold High Chair with 3-Position Tray (Elephant Squares)

If you want a traditional high chair and not something that hooks onto a regular chair, this one from Cosco is a good choice. When it comes to high chairs for small spaces, this one fits the bill because it’s not super wide and folds up easily.

The high chair is freestanding but can be folded up in seconds. This makes it easy to store without taking up a lot of space.

While you can’t take this high chair to a restaurant, you can take it to grandma’s house because it will fit easily in the back seat or trunk.

The seat also has a 3-point harness to keep your baby secure. The tray and seat pads are removable and washable. While this seat doesn’t take up a lot of space, the base is wide for support which could be too large depending on the space you have.


  • Foldable
  • Washable tray and seat pads
  • Priced right
  • 3-point safety harness


  • Base is wide
  • Can’t be taken into restaurants
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5. Graco Slim Snacker High Chair

Graco Slim Snacker Highchair, Gala

When you’re looking for the smallest high chair, consider this one from Graco. It has a slim design so it won’t take up a lot of space in your dining room or kitchen. It also folds quickly and can be stored flat when you’re not using it.

There is also a three-position reclining seat, footrest, and seat pad to keep your baby comfy when she eats. We all know that if the baby isn’t comfy, she’s going to let you know about it!

No matter what position your baby is in, the three-point harness and five-point harness will keep her secure. When it comes to cleaning, just wipe down the tray. You can also either wipe down the seat or take the cover off to wash it. 

This seat has a little bonus with a large mesh storage basket on the bottom. You can stash some extra spoons or bowls here for quick feeding.

While this seat isn’t super expensive, it is pricier than some other free-standing models, and certainly more than the booster seats that hook on to regular chairs.


  • Folds easy for storage
  • 3 position reclining seat
  • Large mesh storage basket


  • Slighting more expensive than other free-standing models
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6. Infantino 4-in-1 Highchair

Infantino 4-in-1 Highchair, Space-Saver, Multi-Stage Booster & Toddler Chair with Multi-Use, Dishwasher Safe, Meal Mat (Fox)

One look at this high chair and your baby is going to want to sit in it because it’s so cute. The fox design is an attention grabber for both parents and kids. Besides the fun design, this high chair from Infantino has a lot going for it.

It boasts a two-position recline that supports early infant feeding and moves up as your baby gets more strength to hold themselves up.

It is also has a 4-in-1 highchair. It can be used free-standing or can attach to a chair. It has two front wheels that make it easy to move from room to room. 

Your baby will like the soft cushion and you’ll like the fact that is non-fabric and easy-to-wipe clean. One really great thing about this seat is that the tray has a meal mat insert with built-in plates. This is to help reduce spills and mess.

Since the high chair can be strapped onto regular chairs, it is very portable. You could bring it to restaurants if you want.

You’ll notice that the price tag is much higher than some other high chairs, but there are many features here that can make it worth your money.


  • Fun design
  • Wheels for easy moving
  • Can be used free-standing or attached to a chair


  • More expensive than other models
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7. JOOVY Nook High Chair

JOOVY Nook High Chair, Charcoal

When it comes to being portable and foldable, it doesn’t get much smaller than this high chair from JOOVY. It is as compact as they come while still being a freestanding high chair.

It folds up easily and even has a carry handle if you want to move it room to room or bring it to grandma’s house for the weekend.

This high chair has four adjustable positions to make it comfortable for your baby. The tray is removable and swings open so it’s easy to get your baby in and out. There’s also a dishwasher-safe tray insert and leatherette seat that’s easy to wipe down.

This chair is recommended for kids 6 months old and up to 50 pounds. So, you should be able to get a lot of use out of it.

You’ll probably notice that this model is more expensive than many of the others on the list. If you want one that’s very foldable and portable, then it may be worth the money.


  • Foldable & portable
  • Carry handle
  • Good for children up to 50 pounds


  • More expensive than some others
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8. Graco DuoDiner DLX High Chair

Graco DuoDiner DLX 6 in 1 High Chair | Converts to Dining Booster Seat, Youth Stool, and More, Kagen

This Graco model is a good choice for when you’re looking for high chairs for small spaces because it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It folds up fairly compactly and can be stored just about anywhere. 

When you invest in this chair, you get a 6-in-1 convertible high chair that grows with your child. It starts off as an infant high chair that reclines to give your baby plenty of space. There is body support and soft strap covers so your baby is safe.

When they get a little older and can support their body better, they can graduate to the toddler booster high chair. Next, they move into a regular booster. If you have two kids, you can use part of the seat as a youth stool and the other as a booster.

No matter which stage you’re using, you can take advantage of the wipeable plastic tray, and the easy-clean seat pad. You can either wipe the seat or take the material off and throw it in the washing machine. It depends on how big of a mess you have to clean!

While this high chair is in the more expensive price range, it does have a variety of positions and features that makes it worth the money. 


  • Chair converts to three positions
  • Folds up compactly
  • Material is machine washable


  • On the expensive side
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9. ciao! baby Portable High Chair

ciao! baby Portable High Chair for Babies and Toddlers, Fold Up Travel High Chair with Tray, Black

When you’re looking for small high chairs that are portable and usable for camping and other outdoor activities, this one from ciao! baby is one to look at.

It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to bring along anywhere. It folds and unfolds easily, locking into place for your baby.

The chair is made from nylon fabric that you can wipe down and the tray has clear vinyl that is easy to clean. There are even a built-in feeding tray and cup holder.

Your baby will be safe with the five-point harness. Since it comes with a convenient carrying bag, you don’t have to worry about dropping it or it unfolding when you travel.

While this chair is lightweight and portable, there are few things to keep in mind. First, it is only recommended for babies up to 35 pounds. Second, you can’t bring this into a restaurant. Also, it has no extra support.

But, if you’re looking for a simple high chair that’s portable, this could be a solid choice.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Foldable and portable
  • Easy to clean


  • Good for babies only up to 35 pounds
  • No extra support
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10. Primo Cozy TOT Deluxe Convertible High Chair

Primo Cozy TOT Deluxe Convertible Folding High Chair & Toddler Chair, Teal/White

This high chair from Primo Cozy is one to consider if you’re looking for some of the smallest high chairs. It’s a simple design that’s also ergonomic. The three-point safety harness will keep your child secure while they’re eating and sitting.

When you fold this high chair down, it folds to only 9 inches wide, so it’s easy and convenient for storage and travel. You can even convert it into a toddler chair when you’re not using it as a high chair

The seat is adjustable, so it should fit all children 6 months to 3 years old. The feeding tray is detachable and is dishwasher safe.

There are a couple of downsides to this chair. There isn’t any padding for the seat and it is a little on the expensive side. If you think your child will get uncomfortable without a plush seat, then you may want to skip this chair.

But, if you’re looking for something simple and compact, this could be the way to go.


  • 3-point safety harness
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Adjustable seat
  • Converts to a toddler chair


  • No seat padding
  • A bit expensive
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11. Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On High Chair

Mountain Buggy Pod Clip-On Highchair, Chili

Some parents don’t want a traditional high chair and would rather have something that’s completely portable. This clip-on high chair certainly checks that box. It clamps on to most tables, so it can be used indoors and outdoors.

However, it’s not recommended for glass top tables or any single pedestal tables. It has padded back support for your baby as well as a shoulder harness system to keep your baby in place.

When it comes to portability, you’re not going to get one that’s much more compact. It only weighs just about two pounds and can even fit into a diaper bag or purse. 

Keep in mind that this seat only holds up to 33 pounds. So, you may not be able to use it for that long depending on how fast your baby grows. Also, this one is a bit expensive considering that there aren’t many features.

When you don’t have a lot of space and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a traditional high chair, this one could be a great choice.


  • Compact
  • Can fold to fit in a diaper bag
  • Padded back support
  • Shoulder harness


  • Only holds up to 33 pounds
  • Pricey for what it offers
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12. Bloom Nano Flat-Fold/Foldable High Chair

Bloom Nano Flat-Fold/Foldable Baby High Chair - Matt Black/Black

Trendy and sleek, this high chair from Bloom is simple and compact. If you’re a minimalist, this chair could be for you if you don’t mind the price tag.

This one is the most expensive on the list with very few features. It folds up to 18cm or 7″ for easy storage. If you’re really pressed for space, this is one of the smallest high chairs you’re going to find. It does adjust to two positions for your baby’s comfort level.

There isn’t much padding here, but the leatherette seat upholstery is easy to clean. If you want something simple and sleek and don’t mind that there isn’t much padding, this one could be a good choice for your baby.


  • Easy to clean
  • Extremely compact
  • Sleek design


  • Expensive
  • No padded seat
  • Not many features
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The Bottom Line

As you go down the list of the best high chairs for small spaces, you need to consider which features are most important.

Some people want something that can convert into different types of chairs that grow with their baby while others want something lightweight and extremely portable.

We chose the Graco Swivi Seat 3-in-1 Booster High Chair as our top pick because it’s a good deal for the money and grows with your baby. The rotating seat is a nice feature so that your baby can feel as though he’s part of dinner time.

Since you can attach this seat to a regular chair, it really takes up no extra space. It’s also easy to clean when meals get messy, which they will!

Remember that when you’re looking for the smallest high chair, you want to keep the space you have in mind as well as features like portability and comfort.

Once you have your most important features in mind, you’ll be able to narrow down the list and find the right one for your baby.