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Graco Backless Turbobooster Car Seat Review For 2024

Car seats can cause parents a huge headache. Not only are they a huge source of anxiety for parents, but getting the right seat can also make traveling in the car with your children a far more enjoyable experience.

There is so much conflicting advice around car seats. So many different types of seats, forward-facing or rear-facing, LATCH or no LATCH, and the list goes on.

You would think that by the time you have navigated the car seat journey to the booster seat stage it would be plain sailing. But it’s not and the stress just starts again.

If you are on the lookout for a booster seat we recommend the Graco Turbobooster backless booster seat.

The seat is suitable for children from 4-10 years of age, from 40-100 pounds, and up to a height of 57 inches. It is available in a variety of designs offering your child to keep their individuality. 

Check out our review of this booster seat below.

Key Car Seat Features


Your children need to enjoy the ride, especially on long car journeys.


You want a seat that looks good in your car especially if you have more than one seat in there. But your child must alos like their seat, make them feel special and they are far more likely to use it without putting up a fight.

Ability to transfer

Changing car seats from one vehicle to another is a pain. So you need to ensure that the seat will fit in all the vehicles that it is going to be used in. Do not assume because they are backless and are not secured to the vehicle that it will fit every vehicle.


This goes without saying, every parent wants to ensure their child is safe while traveling in a car and will protect them in the event of an accident.


While this is more than likely going to be the last stop in your car seat journey, the seat still needs to be able to handle the constant stresses and strains that children place on things.

The Graco Backless Turbobooster Car Seat

Graco Backless Turbobooster, Emory


This seat comes with height adjustable armrests, that are comfortably padded. This is a great comfort feature especially as children come in all different sizes. It makes their journey just a little bit more comfortable.

It also has two cup holders, perfect for keeping your little one hydrated on car journeys. But they could be used to store anything from snacks to a favorite little toy and of course a drink.

The one drawback is that the booster seat is not as well padded as others. This can be a little uncomfortable for your child on long car journeys


The Graco Turbobooster seat is available in a range of different designs allowing your child to still feel like an individual. Some designs do cost a little more than others. Most of the colors are quite neutral so would look good in most vehicles. 

Ability to transfer

If this booster seat is being purchased in order to be shared between vehicles, then the Turbobooster is quick and easy to move around.

Although this seat is not latched into your car you still need to check that it fits the vehicle correctly. I know we have had issues with vehicles that have sporty styled seats and the booster seats do not fit correctly.

The Turbobooster weighs next to nothing and is only 16 inches wide so you should easily be able to fit multiple car seats in your rear set.


This seat comes with Graco ProtectPlus that combines the most rigorous crash tests that help to protect your little one in frontal, side, rear and rollover crash.

Graco Backless Turbobooster, Emory

The backless Turbobooster also meets or exceeds the child restraint criteria for a frontal crash test under the US FMVSS 213.  This means that the booster seats meet or exceed all US safety standards, reassuring parents.

The Turbobooster also comes with lap belt guides to ensure that the belts are always correctly positioned.

The booster seat is designed for children from 40 – 100pounds and up to 57 inches tall. The recommended age is from 4 – 10 years old but this would of course depend on the weight and height of each individual child.


The Graco Turbobooster has a lifespan of 10 years from the date of manufacture. After this time it will need to be disposed of.

The seat pad is fully removable and machine washable which is fantastic as we all know how messy kids can be. This also ensures that your booster seat remains looking in top condition.


  • Height-adjustable armrests offer a comfortable ride to users.
  • Machine washable and easy to clean removable cushions.
  • Affordable


  • Padding is thin and hard.
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When can my child go from a high back booster to a backless booster?

From the time that a child surpasses the weight or height limits on their car seat to around 8-12 years of age. You would need to check the weight and height limits of your individual car seat.

Can a 4-year-old use a backless booster seat?

To sit in a booster seat, children should be able to sit correctly in the booster seat for the entire duration of a trip. They must have exceeded the height or weight limits on their 5 point harness car seat. Ideally, you would expect a child to be around 5 years old before they went into a backless booster seat.

How long are backless Graco Turboboosters good for?

The backless Graco Turbobooster seat has a life span of 10 years as long as it has not been involved in any accidents. Once the ten years are reached the seat will need to be disposed of.

Do backless booster seats need to be anchored?

Booster seats are not tightly installed in the vehicle in the way that a car seat is. Booster seats are held in place by the child’s weight and the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belts. These seats are designed to boost children up so that the adult seatbelt fits correctly.

The Final Thought

The Graco Turbobooster seat is of great value and a good choice for a backless booster seat.

The only thing you may want to consider is that if you do a lot of long journeys with your children this seat may not provide them with the most comfortable ride due to the thin padding.