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15 Best Outdoor Activities For Babies and Infants

Playing outside is great for both you and your baby. Sunlight can give both you and your little one plenty of Vitamin D, and all of the benefits that come with it.

There are also ample opportunities for your little ones to learn outside to help with their development. These activities are great ways to spend some time outside, even in colder weather!

1. Go For A Walk To Enjoy Outside Time With Your Baby

Going for a walk with your little one is great for both of you! Toddlers that can walk on their own and are willing to hold your hand will enjoy the independence that they will begin to learn.

They can also sit on a push along trike to begin to learn the basics of peddling a bicycle.

Babies will find the fresh air and sunlight mesmerizing as they get pushed along in a stroller. Walking is a great form of aerobic exercise for yourself as well!

2. Play On An Activity Gym

They have activity gyms for every age and stage. Newborn babies can play on an activity mat while outside. Older toddlers will enjoy their own personal playground.

They also make swing sets that have an infant swing to grow with your baby. Your little one can enjoy the infant swing when they are younger, and upgrade to the older swing and slide when they grow a little bit!

3. Learn To Climb With A Slide

A large plastic slide is a perfect way to help your little one climb! If your baby is old enough to lift one leg up, they can learn to climb the steps.

Then, you can help them sit down to go down the slide. If the grass is soft enough, you can let them go down face first!

4. Learn About Textures By Feeling Grass Or Snow

It’s important for babies to learn about different textures, and to use their senses. Babies use their senses, especially touch and taste, to learn about everything around them. Learning about different textures encourages this.

Take your baby outside and let them feel the ground. They can learn what grass feels like. Let them feel how cold and wet snow is!

Babies can also learn what gravel, light rain, and the leaves feel like. Little ones will enjoy exploring the backyard by touching different things. 

5. Blow Bubbles

Both younger babies and toddlers will enjoy blowing bubbles! Babies will love the mesmerizing, shiny glow of bubbles and be delighted watching you blow them.

Toddlers will learn how to hold the wand to create their own bubbles! Most two years old love to pop bubbles! (When I worked at a daycare in the toddler room, we had a bubble machine for them.

It never failed to make them all smile and laugh while they ran around the room popping bubbles.)

6. Play With Water

If your little one loves water, they’ll love playing with water outside. Pick up a splash pad for smaller children to enjoy, or a water table. If that’s not an option, you’re not out of luck!

Kiddie pools are pretty inexpensive. You can also get a few stacking cups full of water and a water pitcher. Children like to learn how to pour things!

7. Explore Your Backyard

Your backyard is full of things that infants will find fascinating. Look at the trees and grass.

Enjoy the feel of the wind on your face. Let your little one explore what a rock feels like. They can also enjoy the feel of dirt, flowers, and everything else in your backyard. 

8. Learn About Weather And Seasons

If your baby is more of a toddler you can begin to tell them about the weather and the seasons. This a great time to lay the groundwork to help them learn how to dress appropriately for the weather.

They can learn to identify parts of the weather, such as sunny, rainy, or windy. Teaching about the seasons early on can give little ones a head start in kindergarten, too.

Babies are a bit too young to understand the difference between the seasons. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t talk to them about them!

Babies will enjoy hearing the sound of your voice. They’ll also enjoy the different sights and sounds that each season provides. 

9. Play With A Ball

Babies love playing with balls! Babies that are not quite a year old yet can take their toys outside to play with. You can get bigger babies their own balls to learn to roll, kick, and throw too. 

10. Go Barefoot

Going barefoot helps babies continue to learn about the world through touch. They will be able to explore what it feels like to walk on grass versus concrete. If your baby has never been outside barefoot, they’ll love the experience!

11. Color Leaves

As the leaves fall from the trees, pick up a few of them to color! You can use crayons, markers, or paint to create your own art project. There is even edible finger paint available for babies. 

12. Eat

Enjoy a meal outside. Babies can sit on a blanket and enjoy finger foods. Even little ones that are too young to eat baby snacks can eat outside. You can feed them either a bottle or baby food outside. 

13. Tummy Time

Take tummy time outside so that your baby can enjoy the benefits of fresh air and sunlight! Simply lay a blanket on the ground with their favorite tummy time toys.

Water mats, tummy time pillows, boppy pillows, and mirror tummy time toys are all great ideas. If you’re looking to spend more quality time with your baby, check out these mommy and me tummy time exercises

14. Set Up A Playpen And Read A Book

If you’re ready for some relaxation, take your little one out in the yard in their playpen! Give them plenty of toys, and relax nearby while enjoying a good book.

Your little one will still enjoy the sunshine, and you’ll get some much-needed relaxation time. 

15. Play With Toys

There is no hard and fast parenting rule that states that you have to have “outside toys” for babies. You can take any toy outside.

If your baby is just getting used to being outside, grab a few of their favorite toys for them to play within the grass. They’ll instantly start to have a new view about being outside!

In Conclusion

Being outside provides both you and your baby with a wealth of benefits. Enjoy some of your usual indoor activities outside if you’re out of fresh ideas. Or, pick up some toys.

Focusing on development and exploration is always a favorite, and only require a few minutes out of the day.