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30 Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Ideas For Husbands

One of the most meaningful times in our lives is the day we officially find out we’re growing a little babe in our womb. The flutters, the emotions, and the internal talk run high. Rightfully so!

You have so many things to think about, so let’s take a deep breath and think about how we can officially tell our significant other as well.

Getting them to the same page as us about our newfound surprise can be a lot of fun! The best part about adding a new baby to the household is that we can have all the little details go just the way we’d like it to.

Mom’s new job is to prepare her body, mind, and the family dynamic to accept and love the baby to come. The next best step after finding out your pregnant is to tell the other parent-to-be that he’s pregnant too.

Here’s a list of ideas for you to consider that include funny to witty to the more formal way to let your significant other know he’s got a baby on the way.

Pick a way to tell your significant-other that suits your relationship, and your mood these days to have it feel the most real. And lastly, congratulations on your new baby!

1. Typed Proposal of a New Baby on Board

If you’ve ever been in college for business, you’ve likely had to create a mock proposal at some point in time. Mock proposals serve the purpose of a letter of intent. Such as when you’re requesting support from a business you’d like to partner with.

This is a clever way if your partner is also interested in business and will understand the wit behind this way of introducing you’re pregnant.

You’ll want to type this up and maybe add an adorable little baby graphic to go along with your request.

2. For Sweet-tooths and Candy Lovers

If you’re like any kid that went to public schools, then you probably remember it being Valentine’s day.


The excitement leading up to it, the rosy blushes brought about by the boy giving girls the sweetest stuffed animals, and the girls running away from their crushing boy as soon as they discovered his crush.

Along with these sweet memories of elementary school Valentine’s day, you might remember making a candy bar poster board where you make a message out of certain candy bars.

This takes some creativity but is one of the tastiest ideas on our list. Plus, he gets to eat all those delicious candy bars after using it as your baby announcement to your husband.

Come up with an outline of what you’d like your message to say, and what candy bars you need before you hit the store. Don’t forget to buy a few tasty candies for you to enjoy while putting together this project.

3. Paint Your Pregnant Belly To Reveal

Paint your stomach to reveal that your baby is being loaded in your belly. If your stomach is still flat and you’re newly pregnant, you can write just a “Loading 20% pregnancy.”

Another way is to adjust it as needed to the percentage of pregnancy you are around. Or simply use a marker to write “I’m pregnant, Baby on Board,” or a message that you feel will get through to your partner the best.

4. Teensy Tiny Letter to Husband for Pregnancy Announcement

If you’ve ever made paper dolls, this will throw you into that zone. There’s a teeny-tiny-card in a teeny-tiny-box that makes a big statement about your teeny-tiny-baby. How fun is that.

You can make this yourself if you like to get extra crafty, or it’s available pre-made online by certain suppliers.

5. Caution There’s A Nursery In Progress

When a baby comes along, so does a nursery. You have to get the nursery set up before the baby comes.

And what better time to surprise your husband with a pregnancy announcement than to get his mind wrapped around setting up the nursery too?

Go out and buy some of that bright yellow caution tape, put it over the guest room of your house with it. Then hang a note on the door that says:

“Nursery Under Construction – Opening(insert due date)”

Before your husband comes home from work, set it all up for him to notice. Be sure to grab the camera to get a picture of his face when he finds out he’s going to be a dad!

6. Offer A Funny Card As A Baby Announcement To Husband

We relieve and give cards for birthdays, anniversaries, and other meaningful holidays. So why not put together a funny card for the announcement of your surprise pregnancy?

Your partner will surely enjoy the touch of humor behind this surprise pregnancy announcement. On the front of the card, you can write “Roses are red, violets are blue, the secret is out, another baby is due!”

Or check out for many more poems they have ready for your special occasion.

7. A Message In A Ring Box Announcement

Make use of that old ring box that’s been lying around, you can charm it up for this special baby announcement to your husband.

ring in a heart shaped box

Add glitter, sparkles, or whatever you would like to make it unique, then add a small bead or seed with a message showing the size of your baby!

It’ll be more intriguing to show him this way since they can see exactly how small the baby in your belly is. Surprising your significant other with your surprise baby this way will surely be followed by a big hug!

You can add in a little poem to go on the top inside of the ring box, making it a keepsake item for the baby book one day.

8. Two Hearts That Beat For You

A classic rhyme amongst the pregnant mother community goes a little something like this:

“Roses are red, violets are blue, inside me – beat two hearts for you!”

Place a vase of flowers on the table for your partner to see when they walk in the door. Or take them out to dinner, handing them a bouquet of flowers with your note.

9. It’s Time To Babyproof The House For Our New Baby!

If there’s an old phone lying around, you can put a cute little note on it that says:

“Looks like it’s time to babyproof the house”

Slip it in the back pockets of his jeans if you get the chance to, or in his briefcase before he leaves to work.

10. Gameday Surprise Baby

If your partner is a big fan of sports, this is the way for you two. Search online to find attire for your favorite teams, order a few shirts, hats, and other fun team gear. Then write a little note that says:

“Congrats baby, you’re going to be a daddy and soon you’ll have our child to cheer on your favorite team with you!”

Write this in his favorite color and customize it to be special to the individual you’re surprising. They’ll surely appreciate the extra thought behind the little details.

While your significant other is away some time on game day prepare all the supplies to be presented to him before the game. This works even better if you find out your pregnant around the time of super bowl.

If you aren’t pregnant around that time then don’t worry, any game day is just as exciting for your significant other if he’s an avid sports lover.

Plan to have the revealing display be presented during the game! It’ll be even more surprising if your partner discovers the note in a casual spot around the house (like as he’s going back for snacks or on the way to the bathroom).

11. Customized Coffee Mug Announcement

This will be a no brainer if you know your husband enjoys coffee or tea more than anything else in the world. You’ll have options to design a custom mug for your father to be.

Design a mug that says whatever you’d it do, but something along the lines of “Congrats you’re going to be a daddy” or “Baby on the way hip hip – hooray!”

12. Cupcake Baby Surprise Announcement

Make a batch of cupcakes (for you both to enjoy later) with one giant black letter on each one. Making up the final message to say:

“Surprise you are going to be a daddy soon!”

Have them ready for him right when he walks in the house. Place a bunch of newborn diapers and pacifiers around it to have him get the message right away.

The best part is that you both get to sit down and enjoy the cupcakes together, all three of you.

13. Message In A Bottle For Your Hubby

Find a miniature glass bottle at an arts and crafts store, the dollar store, or at your usual shopping center like a tiny glass bottle with a cork top.

message in a bottle

Write a tiny note in it that reveals your surprise pregnancy, stuff it in the jar and sprinkle a bit of confetti in it, for an adorable little display of your pregnancy.

Make sure the note sits just right so that your partner can read it from the outside. That way he doesn’t have to fondle with opening the bottle just to get the message.

14. Chocolate Box With A Sweet Pregnancy Message

The internet is overflowing with creative ideas for spouses to let their non-pregnant partners know they’re now expecting.

From cute cards for your husband’s pregnancy announcement to the countless other creative endeavors, you can find just about everything online.

You can include a box of chocolates that says “You are going to be a daddy” specially made for chocolate lovers.

It’s funny that we might bring our significant other chocolates to let them know they have a baby on the way while they might have brought us chocolate on our period.

15. Poster Board On The Front Door Surprise Pregnancy Reveal

Balloons and a big bright board is what you’ll need to make this surprise pregnancy announcement to your husband complete. Choose a color that either of you loves for the poster board, and write in big bold letters:

“Roses are Red Violets are Blue, I’m Having a Baby and the Father is You!”

Attach a few cute balloons to it, and the pregnancy test stick that tested positive. Then hang it on your front door for when your partner gets home.

16. Picture Frame Surprise Pregnancy

You’ll need a picture frame that’s set in deeply, so you can add the pregnancy stick, some ribbon, and a few more keepsakes along with it. So, if you have a knack for scrapbooking this will be perfect for you.

Write all over the picture frame with a suitable colored sharpie, to reveal your pregnancy. Then on the inside add the pregnancy stick, and all the other cute pregnant mementos you found to go with it. Stickers and ribbons are galore!

17. Promote Your Husband To Daddy-of-the-House

Put together a promotion box for the soon-to-be-parent of the house. Go out and get some “Best Daddy in the World” supplies like onesies, pacifiers, and whatever ‘daddy-to-be’ items you can find in newborn sizes.

Next, it’ll be time to deck out a nice briefcase or super-sturdy cardboard box with a display that clearly promotes your husband to the daddy of the house.

His new promotion to the daddy of the house will make him feel like a leader of your newfound pregnancy as much as you are mamma! It’s always a plus when getting him on the same page as you.

He’ll enjoy the thoughtfulness of this gift, especially because you can take it right over to him with a big kiss and watch his face when he opens it up!

18. Congrats Your A DILF Poster Board

Put together a poster board or felt letter board that reads,

“Congratulations you’re going to be an amazing DILF!”

There’s nothing hotter than hormones during pregnancy, and this poster board will suit the amplified attraction you have toward your husband now.

You have to keep it active to keep the love life active now that you two will have a baby in the mix. Best to start now, while you’re pregnant, and set the love train in motion again.

19. A New Toolbox For To Announce The Daddy-to-be

You’ll want to gather some baby supplies before starting this project.


The items you’ll want to throw in the surprise toolbox are things like diapers, wipes, a teether, nose suction for baby, baby nail clippers, baby wash and lotion, hand sanitizer, and whatever else you can think up.

Write a checklist for all the things you think he’ll need to prepare for the new baby. And then write a personalized note from ‘baby to daddy.’

20. Spoonfeed Him That You’re Expecting

Order an engraved spoon for your significant other to eat with. Next time you serve him a plate of dinner, give him the spoon that says “we’re expecting” or “I’m pregnant” on it.

He’ll be sure to get this surprise pregnancy announcement unless he’s too hungry that is and skips over reading the spoon at all.

21. Have Him Scratch Away Your Surprise Pregnancy

Once again referring to the vast online world, these scratch offs aren’t the typical scratch-off games you can buy with a dollar for the possibility of winning $5,000. But these will reveal to your husband that he’s won a new baby.

Your surprise baby on the way is the greatest prize of them all.

22. Does Your Partner Love Their Video Games?

For the video game nerds who got their partner pregnant, this will be as surprising as your surprise pregnancy!

If you know your partner will get the witty humor on this adorable gamer baby shirt, then this idea can be a fun way to introduce a surprise pregnancy to your significant other.

Pick their favorite game colors, then go to a shirt printing shop in the local mall to ask if they can fulfill the printing needs. You can also find an online retailer to help you design a customized onesie. The onesie should say:

“Player 3 has entered the game”

You can set it up in a surprise box for them to open with all the bells and whistles to go with it.

Your baby gets to eventually wear the onesie once born, too. Keeping the excitement lasting throughout the pregnancy, and the first few months of your babies life.

23. Make A Simple Card That Reveals Your Pregnancy

A simple white card in an envelope will do the trick, you can write three simple words on it.

“You + me = three” and then another card that says “we did it” that follows.

What better surprise announcement to your husband!

24. Box of Donuts Surprise Pregnancy Announcement


If your husband has a knack for donuts, this could be perfect for him. Inside the donut box write the words,

“Eat up Daddy, Mommy can’t be the only one with a belly.”

Soon to be daddy’s who also love donuts will be pleasantly happy that they get to eat for two right along with you!

25. The Pregnant Shirt for Mamma-to-be

Your shirt can say it all, with the ‘Preggers’ white tee. Put it on and the games begin. See how long it takes him to notice the message. The soon-to-be daddy in your house will be sure to grab your belly soon enough.

26. Older Sibling Pregnancy Reveal

If you already have older kids, grab a picture frame, and get your other kids on board. In the frame type up a message that says:

“Only child. Expires: [enter the due date.]”

Then have your child bring it to daddy at a convenient time. The best part about this surprise pregnancy announcement is that your other child gets to be involved with the pregnancy reveal too!

27. If Things Just Got Real For Your Family Dynamic

If you already know that this is going to be quite the surprise for him and you alike, turn to the ‘Sh*t just got real’ pregnancy announcement.

Make a cute homemade card, decorate it with pregnancy vibes all over it, and then write on the inside

“Sh*t just got real, I love you, Daddy! Baby is due…”

After this, you two can start planning for what the future ahead brings.

28. An Adorable Bookmark For Your Partner

This bookmark makes it possible to announce your surprise pregnancy to your husband as he sits down for one of his favorite activities reading.

A bookmark is a great way to reveal a pregnancy because his mind will already be calm, and ready to ‘go over’ things in his head. It’s also a keepsake for the years to come or throw it in the baby book eventually.

29. Adorable Keychain Pregnancy Reveal

A sweet customized keychain is an awesome way to give the gift of a baby to your partner. One pendant on it will have the letter “D” engraved in it, and the other pendant will say “We’re pregnant.”

He’ll have this on his keyring for years to come.

30. Homemade Surprise Pregnancy Box

Maybe you already have a certain color theme in mind for this pregnancy, if so the homemade surprise box will be perfect for your family.

Use what supplies you have at home, and settle into your arts and crafty mamma mode. You might enjoy designing a box of your own for your pregnancy announcement to your husband more than you ever expected.

Be sure to keep the pregnancy stick, this works best if you get the one that states “pregnant” on it.

surprise box

Eventually, those run out of batteries, so if this is going to take you a bit to make it you can use a sharpie to write “pregnant” on it in place of the statement it originally had.

Include a few cute stuffed animals, baby blankets, ribbon, and tassels to make it adorable as ever. You can go to an arts and crafts shop if you want to get extra fancy or the Dollar Store is filled with good art supplies.

Find a nice cardboard box to deck out with congratulatory enthusiasm!

In Conclusion

The truth is, that no matter how you tell your significant other that you’re pregnant, it will be the best surprise!!

The surprise pregnancy reveals on this list range from clever, to funny, to witty idea’s to make your special surprise a once in a lifetime memory for each of you. Feel free to infuse any of the ideas on this list with a personal streak of creativity.