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Popular Airline Stroller Policies

Traveling can be fun. However, most new moms get jitters when taking their babies on their first flight. The most common question asked is usually on whether you can have a stroller onboard the plane.

When planning a trip, it is essential to look up some of the popular airline stroller policies for you to travel comfortably with your baby. This article covers the different stroller policies on major airline brands in the US and abroad. Knowing what to expect might be helpful, plus it would help you avoid inconveniences.

Airlines around the world have different stroller policies. I know a friend who got restricted at the gate and had to board the aircraft without the stroller. The airline staff checked it as stowed luggage. Well, if she had known, she could have used a smart stroller or a baby carrier.

stroller at the airport

US Airliners vs. The rest of the world

A majority of US airlines have strict policies on strollers, wagons, and car seats. Some do not allow mothers to have them on board, while others are more flexible with their guidelines for bringing these items onboard.

I remember a particular incident that happened as I was traveling from the Midwest. A woman got into an argument with a flight attendant over a large baby stroller. The woman, who was in her mid-30s, had a bouncing baby boy and a young girl of about two years. Ideally, she thought the stroller was a convenient means of moving her babies around the airport and the plane. However, the flight attendant had a difficult time explaining to her that her airline policy did not accommodate using strollers in the flight. She would hear none of this and, boy! Was she furious!

passenger aircraft airlines

In comparison, other global Airline companies have some relaxed measures. Some will allow you to bring your stroller without counting it as extra baggage, and others have onboard nannies, family rooms, and even offer diapers in case your baby needs a change. (I have heard stories of Airline companies that provide baby food on board!)

Some people might ask why there is such a difference in policies between the US and the world. Lucky for you, that’s what we are here to find out.

NOTE: Different Airline companies are particular about where to check in your stroller. Some companies allow you to check in your baby stroller at the gate while others provide you with loaner strollers that you leave at the gate after use.

Checking in the stroller is rather easy. All you have to do is answer a few questions such as, how many pieces are the stroller? What is your final destination? In my experience, it is best just to answer all the questions honestly and seek clarification where you don’t understand.

(This includes directions on where to pick up your stroller after the flight and how to make sure it is on boar plane.)

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Alaska Airlines Stroller Policy

Alaska Airlines allows strollers and car seats to the gate but not onboard the aircraft. They will check them for free. You have the choice of checking them with your checked baggage and Pack ‘n Plays, or at the gate.

Alitalia Stroller Policy

Alitalia has an extensive network of regional and international flights. They also operate a lenient but beneficial policy on strollers. For instance, they ask passengers to attach details, including their names, addresses, phone numbers, on tags attached to their strollers. The airline will deliver the strollers for free to any destination.

Passengers using Alitalia flights can pick their car seats, baby strollers at the gate, or the tarmac once the plane arrives at the destination. For clarification, it is better to ask the air attendant.

Air Canada Stroller Policy

Air Canada is accomodating with strollers. Their stroller policy recommends that passengers should use foldable umbrella strollers when checking in. The dimensions should not be over 10 inches in diameter by a length of 36 inches.

The airline discourages using large baby strollers. Some airport designs cannot handle such without checking in. Although this comes at an extra fee, that is avoidable with the right amount of planning and foresight. Besides, such large strollers have limited space on the flight and may not fit in the flights’ baggage requirements.

AirFrance Stroller Policy

AirFrance is a highly esteemed Airline company with many stops all over the world. The company’s stroller policy allows you to carry strollers and car seats in the aircraft hold at no additional price. Sometimes you may bring your stroller into the passenger cabin, but this depends on the size of your stroller. The company encourages you to use foldable baby strollers not exceeding 5.9 Inches by11.8 by 39.4 inches. Other dimensions include 21.7 inches by 13.8 inches by 9.8 inches.

The airline requires you to cover your stroller and car seat, usually for security reasons. Some airports may restrict access to the boarding areas.

American Airlines Stroller Policy

American Airlines previously maintained a strict policy concerning baby strollers, car seats, which was until the famous twin incident that caused a lot of public pressure on the company, forcing it to reconsider its operating policy.

The airline has a relaxed policy on strollers and makes exceptions on small, lightweight, foldable baby strollers and car seats. For instance, they entitle a passenger to one stroller for free. If you have a stroller and a car seat, they allow only one. Besides, you must check in your stroller at the ticket counter if it weighs over 9 kilos.

British Airways Stroller Policy

The British airways maintain a detailed but moderate policy on strollers, pushchairs, etc. For instance, the company can accommodate small collapsible strollers. It can allow you to take pushchairs not exceeding 46 inches by 15 inches by 15 inches to the aircraft door, where it will be available for pickup once the plane lands.

The company has a stringent time deadline that insists for passengers to be at the airport an hour before the actual departure. You are to return large strollers that do not meet the company’s requirements are to the baggage area for convenience.

Delta Airlines Stroller Policy

Delta is one of the few American airline companies that offer excellent accommodation for your stroller. The company’s policy states the airline does not consider baby strollers and car seats as baggage. Therefore, you can check them in for free.

For convenience purposes, you can have them checked at the curb, gate, and the ticket counter.

KLM Airlines Stroller Policy

This major US airline company is rigorous on the type and amount of strollers that you can use. The company’s policy states that you may only use one stroller per child. Besides, you must hand it in at the gate or the baggage hold for transportation.

KLM insists that the stroller must be foldable, lightweight, and easy to carry. You should encase it in a protective cover. The company highly advises against using your stroller to carry extra baggage.

Lufthansa Stroller Policy

Lufthansa is a major European airline that serves regional and international markets across Europe, Asia, and America. The airline’s policy on strollers is rather lenient as compared to other airline companies.

The policy states that passengers can have their strollers, car seats, and other effects just before boarding. Once the flight is ready, a team of attendants will take care of storage and transport.

The team will return your belongings to you once the flight lands.

Porter Airlines Stroller Policy

Porter Airlines’ policy on strollers centers on two major issues. Weight and storage. The policy states that you may have your stroller checked in at no additional cost if the product is collapsible and weighs less than 50 pounds. Besides, the company allows only one stroller per child.

For convenience, you can have them checked in at the gate where the company’s attendants will take care of the packing and transport for you. You will find them at the drop off point once you arrive at your destination.

Qantas Airlines Stroller Policy

Qantas handles regional and international flights from the Australian mainland. The company offers an unconventional but effective approach to dealing with baby strollers.

The company’s policy states that strollers are available for use at any point of destination serviced by the airline. Therefore, there is no need t use your stroller if the company has enough strollers. You only need to have yours checked in at the right point before moving to an end of the pick up where you will find one ready for you.

Southwest Airlines Stroller Policy

Southwest airlines has a strict policy on baby strollers. The company entitles you to a single stroller and includes a one-child restraint system (CRS) for free. You can check them in at the curb, gate, or counter. However, the airline does not assume liabilities for any damage.

If you are looking to spend a little extra for more convenience, Southwest also offers reusable stroller bags and car seats at a onetime fee.

United Airlines Stroller Policy

United Airlines requires that most strollers and folding wagons be checked at the gate before departing. If they are large or non-collapsible, you’ll need to check these items at the check-in counter before heading to the gate.

If you have a compact folding stroller, you will be allowed to bring it on board along with your carry-on bag and personal item. They ask that it is collapsed ahead of time, not while boarding. Once onboard you can place it in an overhead bin or under the seat in front of you. If it can’t fit in those locations, you’ll need to check it at the gate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you have your stroller on a plane?

Well, this depends on the weight and size of your stroller. For instance, if your stroller is small and fits into the cabin. It is very much possible. You also have to consider the company’s policy on strollers, car seats, etc.

Should I pay for my stroller as baggage?

A majority of airlines offer free services for customers with young children. However, if the strollers are more significant than the required dimensions, they might include an additional charge to your ticket price. Some airlines might also offer alternative services, such as providing you with a stroller for a limited amount of time.

You have enough to deal with between planning and carrying all your luggage onto the plane. Not to mention keeping your baby or toddler busy and entertained during the flight. Taking some time to prepare ahead of time and know what to expect can make all the difference for your trip. The old mottle of always be prepared very much comes into play here. I hope you have a great vacation and that your time in the airport and airplane are smooth and easy.