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Can You Wear Your Baby Through Airport Security? What You Need To Know

When you first begin to travel, you’re bound to be full of questions. One of them is going to be whether or not you can wear your little one through airport security.

While it’s convenient to wear your baby through the airport, and it instantly helps you rest assured that they won’t be kidnapped, you’re going to have to go through some extra security measures if you won’t move the baby while going through security. 

You’re Allowed To Wear Your Baby Through Airport Security

No one can make you hand over your baby if you’re wearing a baby wrap. They are not going to deny your flight to you. In fact, they won’t even be rude to you. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on doing this. 

They Would Prefer That You Remove The Baby

Airport security would probably prefer that you do simply because it makes their job easier. You’re less likely to hold up the line, too.

When you do wear your baby through airport security, you have to go through additional security measures.

How time-consuming those depend on the results. If you simply don’t have somewhere to sit the baby down, officials won’t mind giving you a helping hand. 

You’ll Be Fine Going Through The Metal Detector

When you walk through the metal detector, you’re not going to need to remove the baby. If you have a soft baby carrier that is made of cloth, it shouldn’t set off the alarm.

However, if you have one that has metal in it, you’re more likely to make the alarm go off. This can mean that you’ll have to step aside while they use a wand to make sure that the metal in the baby carrier is what sets the alarm off. 

Additional Security Measures

Regardless of whether you set off the metal detector or not, you’ll find yourself going through additional security measures. Try not to take this personally.

Although you’re innocent, people have used babies and baby carriers to smuggle drugs into prisons, chemicals onto planes, and much more. Because of that, it’s important that security take extra precautions. 

You more than likely won’t have to go through the body machine, which is nice. However, you may have to let security officials swab your hands to make sure that you have not come into contact with certain chemicals. This doesn’t take long. 

You may also have to let them do a pat-down. This is to make sure that you aren’t carrying anything on the plane that you aren’t supposed to. Security officials are considerate when doing this, and it’s over pretty quickly. 

TSA Guidelines For Children Under 12

While this can seem a little concerning, it’s important to understand that extra steps are taken to make sure that parents are still comfortable flying. For example, children under the age of 12 are not going to be separated from their parents. Other guidelines include: 

  • They don’t have to take off their shoes as adults do
  • They can also leave on light jackets and headwear
  • They try to reduce the likelihood of having to do a pat-down, especially when it comes to any children

The entire process is geared to make sure that children feel more comfortable when they are flying. They don’t want to scare children, but still, need to take steps to make sure that everyone is safe. 

Babies Have To Be Removed From Carseats, Strollers, Etc. 

Although you’ll be fine walking through with your baby in a baby wrap, children cannot be carried through security in a car seat. They also cannot be pushed through in a stroller. 

All Baby Equipment Must Be Emptied And X-Rayed Or Inspected

Just like you have to empty your own things, you’ll also need to empty everything in the stroller or car seat.

All of your baby’s things will need to be put on the X-ray belt to be properly scanned before boarding the plane. This includes backpacks, booster seats, and literally everything else. 

Some items are simply not going to fit on the belt though. For example, strollers that aren’t umbrella strollers might not make the cut.

You still need to empty the contents onto the X-ray belt. Then, TSA staff will carefully examine the baby gear. After they make sure that it’s safe, you’re more than welcome to put your baby back into it. 

Baby Foods And Drinks Are Allowed, But May Need Additional Screening

If you’re traveling with a baby, it makes sense that you would also need to bring formula, possibly baby food, and other items, like teethers or snacks.

The longer it is until your destination, the more you will need to bring. TSA rules permit you to bring these items on a plane and have them in your carry-on. 

Because they need additional screening or testing, you’ll need to notify TSA officers that you have them before walking through. You’ll also need to remove them from your bag. 

How officers screen them may vary depending on whether they are open or closed, and current security threats in the area. Some airports will simply run them through the X-ray to make sure there is nothing in the liquid or powder.

Others might ask you to pour out a sample of the liquid, such as if your breastmilk is stored in bottles, to make sure that it has not come into contact with chemicals that are known to create bombs, etc.

This can assure TSA employees that you are not hiding anything in with your baby’s food or drinks. 

In Conclusion

Taking your baby through airport security doesn’t have to be stressful for you or your little one. You are more than welcome to wear them through for most of the walk.

However, you need to keep in mind that you may be subject to a pat-down just to take extra precautions. This is not personal, and an additional safety measure to keep you and your little one safe, as well as everyone else on the plane.