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How to Get Baby Oil Out of Hair, Clothing, Carpet, And More!

Baby oil is a necessity in my house. It can be used to shave with to prevent razor bumps, to keep skin amazingly soft, help reduce eczema and it works as a wonderful moisturizer for hair.

Unfortunately, it’s so amazing that it can be a pain to get out of hair, clothing carpet, and just about anything once you get a drop on it.

This is because baby oil is comprised of an oil that doesn’t dissolve in water like other oils and things around the house do. Instead, you’ll need to tackle it like you would a tough grease stain. Dish soap and other household cleaners will do the trick!

How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Hair

Putting baby oil in your hair is a great idea. It can serve as a home remedy for lice and works as a great moisturizer. It can be a bit difficult to wash the baby oil out, though.

Most ways that we get baby oil out of hair tend to dry out the hair, which defeats the purpose of baby oil, to begin with. This method will teach you how to get baby oil out of hair without causing damage to your hair. 

Dish Soap In Small Amounts At A Time

Dish soap, particularly Dawn dish soap, is wonderful for getting baby oil out of hair. If you use too much, it can dry out your hair and make it look damaged.

That’s why it’s important to use small amounts of dish soap at a time. Use one capful of dish soap, and mix it with your regular shampoo to lessen the damage. Then, wash your hair as you normally would using warm water. 

Repeat As Necessary

It may take 2 to 3 washes to remove the majority of dish soap out of your hair. Remember that it’s a great idea to leave a small amount of baby oil in the hair. This can serve as a moisturizer for the hair and can make it easier to style. 

Baby Powder

Baby powder can also help remove baby oil from the hair. You can use this in combination with the above-mentioned method. Apply 1-2 tablespoons baby powder to your hair and gently massage it into the hair.

The baby powder will help absorb the baby oil. Then, wash your hair as you normally would remove the baby powder.

If there’s still a lot of oil in the hair, you can use dish soap and shampoo to wash out the baby powder to remove a bit more of the oil in the first wash. 

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is wonderful if you’re wondering how to get baby oil out of hair. Dry shampoo is designed for those days that you have excess oil and either don’t have time to wash your hair or don’t want to (overwashing is really bad for your hair.)

Before trying the dish soap method, you can spritz your hair with dry shampoo. Then, brush it through your hair. This works well for small amounts of baby oil, but will only work partially on large amounts of baby oil.

If there is a lot of baby oil in your hair, you’ll need to use more than just one dry shampoo treatment. 

How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Clothing

how to get baby oil out of clothing

A single drop of baby oil can quickly result in what looks like a grease stain on your favorite clothing. These stains can be tough to treat, but there are a few different ways that you can help get rid of these stubborn stains. 

Hot Water

When it’s time to wash your clothing, use the hottest water possible. Make sure not to shrink your clothing, but remember that hot water helps remove grease. Just like it helps remove grease from dishes, it can help remove baby oil from clothing. 

Start With Corn Starch Or Baby Powder

Both of these powders are extremely absorbent. Before working the stain with dish soap, sprinkle a bit of corn starch or baby powder on the stain.

Gently rub it into the stain. You can use a gentle sponge to work the baby powder into the stain. After that, brush away the remaining baby powder or corn starch with the sponge.

This might not remove all of the baby oil from clothing, but it can remove a small portion of it. 

With A Dish Soap Scrub

Before throwing your clothes in the washer, put a dab of dish soap on the baby oil stain. Then, gently massage the soap into the clothing.

After that, rinse the clothing with warm water and soap. If the fabric is rough, such as jeans or another material that does not wear easily, you can also scrub it with a sponge or toothbrush to help remove the baby oil. 

Pre-Treat With Stain Remover

After the above steps, it’s time to toss it into the washer. First, pre-treat the stain with the stain remover you usually use. For my household, this is Shout.

Shout takes out grease stains, baby food, spaghetti sauce, and almost anything else my children spill on themselves. Then, it’s safe to wash clothes. 

Air Dry Them

After your clothes are done washing, avoid the dryer. Once you dry clothing on high heat, it will set the stain in the clothing. After that, it’s almost impossible to get out.

Instead, let your clothing air dry. You can do this on a clothing line if you have one. If not, you can hang them on the back of a chair, the couch, or simply lay them on top of the dryer. A fan can help them dry faster. 

Check The Stain

Then, it’s time to check the stain. If the stain is still present, start back at the first step. Then, repeat the steps to remove more of the stain. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. 

How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Carpet

stained carpet

Getting baby oil out of carpet can be a challenge as water will not be enough. However, it’s not impossible. There are a few steps that you’ll need to take, and then you can enjoy a beautiful carpet again. 

Scrape Away Extra Oil

If there is extra oil on the surface of the carpet, scrape it off so that you have less to remove. You want to have access to the oil that is on the carpet without having to go through the layers on top of the carpet.

Use a few paper towels to wipe away oil that is sitting on top of the carpet. You can also use a spoon, plastic putty tool (a metal one might damage the fabric), or a towel to scrape away excess oil. 


Next, you need to put an absorbant on top of the oil. This is typically a baby powder, corn starch or other powder you might have that will readily absorb oils.

After sprinkling the powder on the oil, it should settle into the carpet and absorb the oil. Then, simply vacuum it up. 

Blot, Don’t Wipe Or Rub

After removing the absorbent powder, there may still be a little baby oil on the carpet. Blot this with a towel or paper towel. It’s always important to blot the stain instead of wiping or rubbing it.

Rubbing it will push the oil deeper into the carpet. Wiping it can push the stain into the surrounding carpet, which will make the spot of oil significantly wider than it already is. 


After removing the excess oil by blotting, repeat the process with absorbent powder again. Repeat this as necessary until there is no more baby oil on the carpet. 

How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Sheets

Most of us wind up changing the baby on the bed and getting them dressed on our bed. This is especially true during the early days when we share a room with our little ones.

Unfortunately, this also means that you’re bound to spill a drop or two of baby oil on your sheets. The great thing is that sheets tend to be a bit more forgiving than other things, such as clothing, provided they are cotton sheets. 

Avoid The Dryer

Just like with clothes, it’s important to always avoid the dryer until you know that the stain is gone. Instead, air dry your sheets to double-check. 

Wash It Out

If you have durable sheets, you can try to wash it out. The sooner you wash your sheets after they are stained, the easier the stain will come out.

Start by pre-treating the stain with your standard pre-treatment. Then, pour a capful of dishwashing liquid, such as Dawn, into the washing machine when you wash your sheets.

If they can withstand being washed repeatedly, do this a few times and it should take the stain out. It’s almost effortless! 

Pre-Treat With Dawn

Because Dawn is wonderful at removing tough grease from dishes, it’s also wonderful at removing grease from clothes and shoes, like those baby oil stains.

To pre-treat, the stain with Dawn, squeeze a small bit of Dawn onto the stain. Gently rub the stain to work the dish soap into the sheets.

Then, rinse it clean with warm water to remove either all or a portion of the baby oil. Repeat this as many times as you deem necessary. 

How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Pool

swimming pool

Among its many uses, most people with a pool have discovered that baby oil is awesome for helping you slide quicker, whether that be on a slip n slide or a slide that leads to the pool.

It can be a lot of fun, but it can create quite a dilemma. You see, once you have oil on your body and get in a swimming pool, the baby oil will get in the water.

The next day, you will discover that the water and oil have separated, leading to a nice layer of oil on top of the water. There are a few things you can do to get rid of the oil in your pool though. 

Absorbant Balls

These work just like baking soda does on carpet. You throw them into the pool. Then, they soak up the oil. All you have to do after that is scoop them out with a net.

This is a rather expensive option for larger pools, but they will work for a small amount of oil or baby pools. 

How To Get Baby Oil Out Of Your Pool Filter

If you wound up with baby oil in your pool, there’s a good chance it has made it’s way to the filter. It’s important to clean the filter to make sure that it doesn’t get clogged as well, which will cause you more problems later on down the road.

This should be in addition to getting baby oil out of the pool. 

The Most Cost Effective Way To Get Baby Oil Out Of Your Pool

While the other method will work and is very popular, it can be costly. If you are strapped for cash and have some extra time on your hands, this method will work.

Pick up some diapers, I recommend Little Swimmers because they are designed to be in the water. Then, put them over the skimmer that you have for your pool.

If you don’t have one, it’s time to pick one up. These will come in handy more than just this time. Make sure that the absorbent part that is found on the inside is on the outside, and skim your pool. It will take some time, but the diaper will slowly soak up the oil. 

Baby oil is so versatile that it can be used for a variety of things, making it all the more likely that you will wind up with a baby oil stain on your clothes or sheets at some point in time.

If you’re wondering how to get baby oil out of hair, clothing, it’s always important to remember that you’ll need a degreaser and more than likely something to absorb the oil.