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5 Tips When Traveling to Mexico With a Baby or Toddler

Taking your baby on the road for the first time can be exciting! It has the potential to be one of the best times of your life or your worst nightmare. These five tips will help you make sure that you have an amazing time with your little one!

Always Keep Safety In Mind

When you’re traveling with a baby, it’s always important to keep safety in mind before anything else.

Taking your little one to Mexico doesn’t necessarily put them in danger, but it can. There are also other factors that you’ll need to take into consideration. 

Search For A Travel Advisory

If you have yet to venture out of the country, it’s critical that you understand the importance of a travel advisory.

When a country is deemed not safe for tourists, there will be an advisory warning for citizens of other countries against traveling there. Make sure to double-check before planning your vacation. 

Know Which Areas Are Safe

Certain areas in Mexico are generally considered safe. There are also certain areas that are generally considered dangerous. Typically, tourist-centered areas like Cancun are considered safe.

Mexico is packed with areas that are not safe for tourists. Check on which activities you want to do, and make sure that the areas you’ll be traveling through are safe for you and your little one. 

Bring Plenty Of Sunscreen

Once you’re in Mexico and enjoying those beautiful beaches, you won’t want to head indoors.

The sun’s rays tend to get a bit hotter once you head south, so it’s important to bring plenty of sunblock with you for both you and your little one. You can buy sunscreen in Mexico, but you’ll want to make sure that you bring some with you too. 

Don’t Drink The Water

Most places, and people, will recommend that you don’t drink the water. It’s typically safe for things like bathing, but not safe for you to consume.

You’ll need to use bottled water for bottles, brushing teeth, and anything that involves ingesting water. Most places that do not have safe drinking water have more than enough bottled water for sale. 

Speak With Your Pediatrician

Before hitting the road, it’s important to speak with your pediatrician. Your little one might require special vaccinations.

Even if they don’t a pediatrician might be full of useful tips about keeping your little one safe both on the way there and after you get there. 

Don’t Walk At Night

Most well-lit touristy areas near beaches and the best hotels are considered safe. However, you might want to avoid walking around at night. If you can’t resist, stay on well-lit streets and don’t take shortcuts through alleys.

The crime rate in Mexico is a bit higher than it is in the area that you might live in. You’ll want to stick to the same rules that you would if you were on the rough side of town. 

Leave The Flashy Jewelry At Home

Don’t wear your bling when you’re on vacation. This shouts to strangers that you have money and plenty of it. While the necklace might go with your outfit, this makes you a target for robbers too. 

Plan Your Vacation In Detail

Traveling with a baby instantly makes everything take longer. It can make walking from one location to another a pain in the butt, too.

Make sure that you plan your vacation in detail to guarantee that it goes smoothly, and to make sure that both you and your family are safe. 

Know How You’ll Get From One Spot To Another

You can’t instantly assume that taxis will be waiting for you at the airport. If they are, it’s best not to trust them.

Some taxis are sure to be safe, but there might be one or two that are waiting to prey on tourists or will see you as an easy person to rob. Instead, make sure that you double-check recommendations online, and have your transportation planned accordingly. 

Don’t forget to plan for transportation to and from attractions that you’ll want to visit. You’re going to need more than just a ride from the airport.

Some people consider hiring a local guide to help them with this part. Others rent a car once they are in Mexico if they choose to fly. Renting a car and driving to Mexico is another great idea.


Consider Where You’ll Want To Go

Visiting the ancient Mayan ruins will make a great day out for you and the baby! Consider checking out one of Mexico’s beautiful beaches for a relaxing day with your little one.

Mexico is packed with cool archeological sites, rivers, beaches, and awesome ideas for day trips. Check this article on TripAdvisor for a comprehensive list of cool things you can do in Mexico with your kids in tow. 

Have An Entertainment Plan

Babies and toddlers get bored pretty quickly. Make sure that you have a way to entertain them so you, and everyone else, won’t have to listen to a loud, screaming child during the long car ride, lines to attractions, or while you’re waiting at the airport.

Some great ideas are: 

  • Toys
  • Books
  • Tablet

A kid-proof tablet is an awesome idea as long as you’re okay with your little one having a bit of screen time. It’s great to limit screen time, especially in younger children, but I think vacations are an awesome exception to the rule.

Keep in mind that you might have to deal with a bit of a fit when you get home and go back to the old rules, though. 

Singing songs and telling stories are other great ideas if your little one gets bored with toys. However, keep in mind that you need a backup plan in case you have to stop singing to talk to someone. 

Plan For Some Downtime

If you’ve never been to Mexico, it can be tempting to go from one fun tourist spot to another one. However, this isn’t ideal for babies. Little ones can get overstimulated easily.

They are also going to need naps. Because of this, it can be helpful to plan for some downtime to make sure that your little one has time to relax and to take those much-needed naps. You’re going to need some relaxation too!

Think About A Resort With A Baby Club

Baby clubs are a spectacular idea if you’re comfortable leaving your little one with someone else. If they take naps easily, drop them off for their afternoon slumber while you check out some not so kid-friendly attractions, like ziplining.

You can also drop them off to take a nap yourself! This article covers some of the best resorts that offer this service. 

Invest In Adequate Travel Insurance

All travel insurance policies are not created equally. Some will cover the basics, but others will cover everything. Make sure that you read the fine print on your travel insurance policy.

You’ll also want to make sure that travel insurance covers medical care. Private care in Mexico is higher quality than public care, and that’s where you’ll want to take your baby if they are sick.

If your insurance doesn’t cover that, you’re going to be stuck with public medical services. 

Know The Best Spots To Take Your Baby

mexico ruins

There are plenty of places that you’ll want to go to, but it’s important that these are baby-friendly places.

Climbing hundreds of steps to ancient ruins with your little one on your hip is going to make for a miserable day. Instead, check out these awesome ideas for you and your little one. 

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum, Mexico is a quaint spot for the family. The beach is beautiful and tourist-friendly. You can trust that your kids won’t be the only kids there.

The town is full of boutiques and restaurants that will make for a great day trip. As a bonus, the town and beach are a few miles apart so you can enjoy a relaxing walk or bike ride from one to the other. 

Mexico City Attractions

If you’re traveling with children that are old enough to explore, stopping by Mexico city or enjoying a few days here should be on the list. Mexico City is known for its wonderful children’s attractions.

Spend the day at the zoo. Stop by the bustling city to enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine. Then, enjoy the afternoon at the aquarium. There is even a hands-on children’s museum that kids will love!


Mexico is known for its unique cuisine, but they have plenty of other options available too! Italian restaurants and other cuisines can be found in large cities, particularly Mexico City.

Wherever you’re staying, make sure to visit the restaurants. It’s a great opportunity for your little one to check out some new foods, and a new environment! Children are always welcome in Mexico, and almost all of their restaurants are child-friendly. 

Chapultepec Park

This budget-friendly family activity is a great idea! This park can be found in Mexico City, is free, and there’s plenty of space for little ones to roam.

Rent a paddleboat to take out on the lake, or simply let your baby crawl through the grass to enjoy some relaxation. Parks like this are scattered throughout Mexico and are always a great idea for an afternoon with little ones. 

Turtle Farm


Turtle Farm, which is occasionally called Tortugranja by the locals, is located on a small island off of Cancun. This farm will let you see adult turtles and baby ones alike. Pick up some pellets so that your toddler can feed them!

Keep Your Travel Documents With You

When you leave the country, make sure that you keep your travel documents in your person. If only one parent is going, it’s important to keep your little one’s passport or letter of consent on your person too.

The cases of parental abduction are always on the rise, so you want to make sure that you have the documents necessary to prove that isn’t the case for your person. 

You’ll also want to keep them in your person as you travel into the country. Not only will you need to show them, but you’ll also want to make sure that if your luggage gets lost your passports don’t get lost with it.

It can take a day or two for an airport to find lost luggage, so you need to keep that in mind. Instead, put them in your purse. Try to wear a crossbody bag for extra comfort and to prevent it from being accidentally left somewhere. 

Take What You Need (Hint: You Don’t Need To Bring Bottled Water)

what to pack

Most websites are going to tell you that you’ll need your own water, food, and to bring all of your baby gear (stroller, playpen, car seat, etc.) with you.

On an airplane. It can make the mere thought of traveling with a baby seem overwhelming. Thankfully, that’s not really necessary. 

Mexico Has Bottled Water Too

If the water is not safe to drink in a particular area, don’t stress. You can pick up some bottled water.

It might be a good idea to bring a bottle or two with you in case you want to rest before going out to buy some. However, that’s not actually necessary. 

You Can Purchase Baby Food

The baby food in Mexico usually comes in different flavors than it does in the United States. You can expect to see more tropical flavors of fruit available, for example.

Because of this, you might want to bring a few jars if your little one is a picky eater. If they aren’t, you can buy baby food when you get there. 

Baby Gear Can Be Rented

There are several locations throughout Mexico that will let you rent baby gear. Make sure that you pick a convenient location that is close to your hotel to rent baby gear.

If possible, rent it in advance so that it’s waiting on you. Then, take what you need for the trip to Mexico. (Usually, that’s just a car seat.)

Baby Carriers Are Perfect

If you have a baby carrier that you and your little one are already adjusted to, make sure to pack it. Day trips through crowded streets can be a hassle with a stroller.

A baby carrier will make them more fun for both you and your little one! If you don’t own one, consider picking one up before the trip. 

Pack Pedialyte

Children, by nature, have stomachs that are more sensitive than most adults. It’s a great idea to let them try new foods, but you’ll have to keep in mind that they might get diarrhea too.

Make sure to pack a bottle of Pedialyte just in case. The combination of heat and diarrhea can make your little one dehydrated, and result in a trip to the hospital. 

In Conclusion

To make sure that you have a stress-free vacation with your little one, it’s important to plan ahead, stay safe, and bring what you’re going to need.

However, don’t overpack! This is just going to make things a hassle. Then, enjoy some fun in the sun with your little one!