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15 Beach Essentials For Babies

Taking your baby to the beach especially for the first time can be so exciting. Do not be fooled into thinking that you will get a relaxing day to sit back and put your feet up.

However, you will get to watch your baby experience all the wonders of the beach for the first time. But for the day to go well, there are a few beach essentials that you are going to need.

We have put together a list of our favorite essentials for your baby’s day at the beach. So why not gather all your beach gear and pack up the car its time to hit the beach!

So, What Are We Going To Need For The Beach…

This is not going to be a light trip, you are going to be packing a lot of extras for your baby. Your baby’s skin is super sensitive and you are going to have to take extra precautions in order to take care of it in the sun.

Your beach essentials are going to have to include some way of providing shade for your baby while they are on the beach.

It is also advised that you keep your baby covered as much as possible in the sun. This offers better protection for your baby and you won’t have to deal with a squirmy baby while trying to apply sunscreen.

Our Baby Beach Essentials

1. Beach Shelter

Your baby has very sensitive skin and will not be able to be out in the sun all day long no matter what sun protection you put on them.

They will need some sort of shelter and protection from the sun’s rays that will also provide them with a safe place to take a nap.

2. Good Sunscreen

A must have for your baby while at the beach is a sunscreen with high SPF, especially one that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.

3. Hats and SPF Swimsuits

A sun hat may not be your baby’s favorite thing to wear but it will protect their face and head with shade while they are still able to enjoy the summer sun.

A sunsuit whether it be a two-piece or a one-piece will also provide great protection for their skin while in the sun.

4. Swim Diapers

My advice would be to never go to the pool or beach without swim diapers! Remember that swim diapers do not work in the same way as regular diapers, so if your baby pees it is going to leak out but they will also hold in poo.

They are available as a disposable diaper and also a reusable one.

5. Towel

Obviously I know but you would be surprised how many parents have forgotten a towel. Really important to dry off after a swim and keep warm from the cool water or breeze.

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have for any beach trip. They will protect your baby’s eyes not only from the sun but also from the glare off the water.

There is a pretty good chance that your baby is not going to be very happy about wearing sunglasses so it is a good idea to look for ones that come with a strap to hold them on their head.

7. Baby Water Shoes

Sand gets hot and their feet are super sensitive. Water shoes are a great option, offering protection from the hot sand and protect the tops of their feet from the sun. They are lightweight enough that they can be used in the water and dry quickly.

8. Baby Carrier

A baby carrier that is lightweight and quick-drying is the perfect addition to your beach essentials. These are great for taking your baby into the water while still keeping them close.

There are no worries about having to hold on to them and provides reassurance to them too.

9. Beach Toys

Even with so much to do at the beach babies can easily become bored. Most of the time they are too small to truly enjoy the fun of wave jumping.

So, be sure to bring plenty to keep them entertained – beach toys are a great option. toys that can be used to build sandcastles, dig holes, or even collect seashells. Giving them plenty of options will ensure that the experience is fun for everyone.

10. Sand Proof Beach Blanket

These are the best thing ever and perfect for keeping sand off your baby and all your belongings. Most are quite large and offer plenty of space for your little one to crawl around but not getting covered in sand.

11. Cool Bag

An insulated cooler bag is a beach essential, especially when you have a baby with you.  It can be used to keep food and milk cool and prevent spoiling.

12. Portable Booster Chair

If your baby is eating solid food, this chair can provide them with a break from the hot sun when set up in the shade for a snack.

13. Floaties

A floatation device will make your time at the beach a little more enjoyable. If your baby is not walking then it would be best to look for a floatation device that has leg holes for them to sit in. If they are running around, look for arm floaties.

14. Beach Tote and Separate Wet Bag.

These are great as they are big enough to carry everything in from towels to toys, snacks, and spare clothes. Now having a separate tote bag that you can be designate as the ‘wet bag’, where all the wet towels, swimsuits, or shoes can be popped in.

15. Cornstarch or Talc-free Baby Powder

You may be thinking that this is a strange item to have on a beach essentials list, but trust me it is a lifesaver. We all know how difficult sand is to get off your skin and it is often very painful.

Well by placing cornstarch or talc-free baby powder on your skin it dries out the sand and can then be easily wiped away.

How Can I Feed My Baby On The Beach?

If you are breastfeeding then it is easy to do on the beach. All you need is to find somewhere sheltered such as your beach shelter.

If you are formula feeding there is a little bit more to think about. The easiest option is to take the ready-made formula milk. These can be offered to your baby straight from the carton.

If your baby does prefer their milk warm you could always make a feed as and when you need it. Take some freshly boiled water in a vacuum flask, this will keep warm for about 4 hours.

You can then easily make a feed by adding the water and formula powder to a sterilized bottle.

If your baby is eating solids then the greatest challenge of eating at the beach is keeping the sand off everything. But if you have packed your sand proof blanket and booster chair then there should be no problem at all.

Remember that it is difficult to heat food on the beach so you are going to be looking to pack foods that are more lunch box friendly and can be eaten cold.

Take along a selection of finger foods for your baby. Depending on their age and tastes, here are some good options:

  • banana
  • unsalted breadsticks
  • cooked carrot sticks
  • pieces of nectarine or peach
  • chunks of cheese
  • cooked pasta spirals
  • rice cakes
  • raisins

Can You Take A Newborn To The Beach?

Taking your baby to the beach is a great opportunity for them to experience the outdoor environment.

But do take note that children under 6 months old should be kept in the shade and protected from direct sunlight. It only requires around 10-15 minutes in direct sunlight for those with fair skin to burn.

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that babies under 6 months of age must be sheltered from exposure to the sun to prevent sunburns.

Infants can not regulate their body temperature as adults can and if left in a hot environment they will quickly feel the effects of heat stress.

You can still take your newborn to the beach but it is going to require a little more planning and preparation. Here are a few things to consider when taking your newborn to the beach:

  • Choose a safe and clean spot on the beach. It shouldn’t be too close to the water’s edge as you will have to move your camp as the tide comes in.
  • Ensure that you have blankets and towels that your newborn can lie on.
  • If you take a beach shelter, line it with towels and ensure that it does not get too hot inside.

If you follow our beach essentials list then you should have everything that you will need to have a relaxing and fun day at the beach no matter what age your little one is.

baby with sand on feet at beach


How do I keep sand off my baby at the beach?

The common kitchen staple cornstarch is a fantastic way to remove sand from your baby’s skin.

All you need to do is sprinkle it onto exposed arms and legs and watch as it dries the sand up, making it easy to simply wipe off. Talc-free baby powder works well too.

Can I take my baby to the water at the beach?

It is fine to take your baby into a river, lake, or ocean from around 2 months old, but you will need to ensure that they do not get too cold.

Choose a spot where the water is warm and clear. Be aware of currents that may prevent you from holding your baby properly, and don’t let them drink the water.

The Final Thought

The beach is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the beautiful environment that we live in with your baby.

But to ensure that you have a fun-filled and relaxing day, it is best that you plan ahead and check that you have everything that you will need for your beach day!