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Nuby Bottles Review For 2024

Nuby is a well-known brand in the baby world. They provide a wide range of products from teethers to toys and everything in between. But one of their key products is their wide range of bottles. 

Choosing the right bottle for your baby can be tricky and is very much trial and error. So to help you out we have put together a review of some of Nuby’s main bottles along with their pros and cons.

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About Nuby

Nuby was founded in 1970 by a family in Louisiana, USA. It was and still is a family-run business and its products are sold in over 155 countries worldwide.

The Nuby brand has a variety of products that cover feeding, weaning, soothing, play, bath, and nursery. All of their products are designed with family in mind and also in helping family life to be as stress-free as possible.

Nuby has a wide variety of baby bottles in their range. Their bottles offer anti-colic bottles that have wide necks for easy cleaning and a breast-shaped teat that mimics the natural shape of a mother’s nipple.

These design features help to ensure a smooth transition from breast to bottle and back again.

Nuby 3 Piece Comfort 360 Bottle

Nuby 3 Piece Comfort 360 Bottle, 9 Ounce

This is a new product by Nuby that is recommended by 96% of parents. Its purpose is to help reduce reflux and GERD whilst also combating colic symptoms.

The bottle includes a weighted 360° straw that allows for doctor-recommended upright feeding whilst also allowing your child to feed at whatever position is comfortable for them.

Pros Of Nuby Comfort         

  • Bottles include dual vent anti-colic valves.                      
  • Removable straw allows the bottle to be used even after your baby has outgrown reflux and colic symptoms.   
  • Allows children to learn how to hold a bottle independently.         
  • Great for babies who don’t like to tip back their bottles to drink.                                                             

Cons Of Nuby Comfort

  •  The attachment between nipple and straw makes the bottom of the nipple hard, some children might not drink from this.
  •  Some parents have complained about leakage whilst using these bottles.
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Nuby Non-drip Standard Bottle

Nuby 2-Pack Printed Non-Drip Standard Drip Bottle

This bottle has an anti-colic nipple to help prevent air ingestion and has a raised offset surfaces that assist with teething as they gently massage your infant’s gums.

The first and only Non-Drip nipple is designed with a pressure-sensitive valve to prevent drips and spills. They are dishwasher, microwave, steam sterilizer safe and are made from BPA free durable, break-resistant plastic.

Pros Of Non-Drip Bottle

  • The pressure-sensitive valve closes when no pressure is applied, making a completely leak-free bottle.
  • A great price compared to other higher-end brands.
  • These bottles come in an assortment of bright colors making them perfect for children.
  • The nipple is great for infants who are starting to teeth.

Cons Of Non-Drip Bottle

  • The complexity of the nipple can make it difficult to clean.
  • Some children may find the pressure-activated nipples confusing.
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Nuby Wide Neck Anti-Colic Air System

Nuby Wide Neck Bottle with Anti-Colic Air System, Colors/Prints May Vary, 1pk

This anti-colic air system was designed with the comfort of your baby in mind. This soft flex silicone nipple works to help prevent ingestion of air that could cause colic by having 3 valves that allow you to regulate the air swallowed during feeding.

The nipples also include small pimples that massage your child’s gums making them great for teething children.

Pros Of Anti-Colic 

  • The bottle’s wide neck and shape are the perfect size for little hands to grip with no problems.
  • Super easy to clean.
  • Faster flowing nipples make them perfect for children over 3 months.
  • The perfect transition between a bottle and a sippy cup.

Cons Of Anti-Colic

  • Tend to leak after a while.
  • Mould builds up quickly around the base of the nipple.
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Nuby Comfort 360 Silicone Bottle

Nuby Comfort 360 Silicone Bottle, 5 Ounce

This product is similar to the Nuby 3 piece comfort 360 bottles except it is made out of soft squeezable silicone to assist newborn feeding. Its purpose is to help reduce reflux and GERD whilst also combating colic symptoms.

The bottle includes a weighted 360° straw that allows for doctor-recommended upright feeding whilst also allowing your child to feed at whatever position is comfortable for them.

These bottles are designed to mimic a mother’s breast in that they are soft and squeezable – allowing parents to switch between bottle feeding and breastfeeding with few issues.

Pros Of Comfort 360 Silicone

  • The weighted straw makes it possible for babies to drink comfortably without their parents’ help.
  • A perfect transition from breastfeeding to bottles.
  • The silicone makes this a very durable, break-free bottle.

Cons Of Comfort 360 Silicone

  • Cleaning can be difficult because of the many different parts.
  • Leakage tends to happen when heating.
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Nuby Natural Touch

Nuby Natural Touch 3 Pack Bottles with Slow Flow Nipple & Bonus Ortho Pacifier- Neutral

With a wide breast-like shape and unique skin-like feel, this bottle is great for parents who breastfeed. Includes 3 advanced valves to allow air to flow back into the bottle to provide a continuous feed.     

Pros Of Natural Touch

  • The shape and texture encourage babies to latch on more easily for a stress-free and happier feed.
  • These bottles have a wide neck which makes bottle making easier.   
  • The wide neck also means that they are easier to clean. 
  •  Lower Prices compared to other brands.

Cons Of Natural Touch                                                        

  • The bottles are slightly bulky and can be difficult for babies to hold.           
  • The plastic becomes slightly deformed when heating.                                                                                          
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The Final Thought

No matter which Nuby bottle you decide on you will not be disappointed. Their range is intuitively and thoughtfully designed with parents and babies at the forefront.

Their bottles are also affordable while still offering design features previously only seen in high-end bottles.

Overall the Nuby bottles are going to be a good choice for almost any family whether you are bottle feeding, breastfeeding, or even combination feeding.